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photo cards australia fake id passport photo uncertainty level fake id california fake id instate Tanks captured by Kurdish militias in Tel Tamer fake id laws minnesota fake id forum 2015 oregon fake id fake id marijuana fake id places in montreal The first port of call for new arrivals to the Islamic State is a network of dormitories in Syria ,The eastern sky appeared of a blood red color," wrote a resident of South Carolina's Sullivan Island. "The sea reflected the phenomenon, and no one could look at it without thinking of the passage in the Bible which says, 'the sea was turned to blood.' The shells on the beach, reflecting light, resembled coals of fire. new hampshire id card fake id bitcoin caught where to get fake ids in nyc Newspaper accounts from places far away from the Northern Lights ,A telegraph manager in Pittsburgh reported that the currents flowing through the wires were so powerful that platinum contacts began to melt and streams of fire" poured from the circuits. Even when workers disconnected the batteries that powered the telegraph lines, they were able to send messages by the powerful current still flowing through the wires. Some telegraph stations reported that those powerful surges ignited their telegraph paper. It is named for Richard Carrington, an amateur astronomer who, on Sept. 1, 1859, at his London home, spotted two huge fireballs erupting from the sunspots he had been sketching. ,Within five minutes, the fireballs disappeared from Carrington's view, but within a few hours, they had made an impact on the entire world. ,The Carrington Event made headlines 155 years ago, but life got back to normal fairly quickly afterwards. In ante bellum America, dependence on technology was slight, and the event was more of an oddity than anything else for most people something to write about in your diary or to tell your grandchildren. ,Today, however, a solar flare event of the magnitude of the Carrington Event could cripple life as we know it, disabling power grids and satellites and disrupting communications. Some estimates are that it could cause trillions of dollars in damage and take as much as a decade for technology to recover from the devastation. ,So what exactly did Richard Carrington see, and how likely is it for this type of event to reoccur ,Carrington witnessed a white light solar flare, a huge magnetic explosion on the sun. Astronomers now know that the sun goes through 11 year cycles of increased and decreased explosive activity. During the increased level, called solar maximum, the sun's surface is dotted with sunspots, and a variety of gigantic magnetic whirlwinds can frequently erupt. ,Occasionally, however, these flare ups can explode outward from the sun, hurling massive amounts of charged particles into space and towards the earth. ,Since energetic particles leave a record in nitrates in ice cores, it is possible for scientists to find evidence of geomagnetic storms by examining Arctic ice. Current information suggests that the Carrington flares were a once in 500 years event. However, many scientists caution that we don have enough information to rule out another massive event in our lifetime. Indeed, there have been a few major events in recent decadesincluding: ,August 4, 1972 a huge solar flare knocked out long distance telephone communication across Illinois, causing AT to redesign its power system for transatlantic cables. ,March 13, 1989 A large flare disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Qubec generating station, leaving nearly six million people without power for nine hours. ,October 19 through November 7, 2003 The storms interfered with satellite communications, produced a brief power outage in Sweden and lit up the skies with colorful auroras as far south as Texas and Florida. ,December 14, 2005 Another solar storm disrupted satellite communications and Global Positioning System GPS navigation signals for about 10 minutes. ,The power of the Carrington Event dwarfed these more recent events, however, and scientists know that an event of that magnitude would severely damage or destroy the more than 900 satellites currently in the earth's orbit. In fact, the earth nearly missed a Carrington type disaster in 2012. ,On July 23, 2012, a huge solar blast, perhaps as big as the 1859 one, dodged the earth, but barely. The event was detected by NASA Stereo A spacecraft and was the focus of an article by research physicists Ying D. Liu and Janet G. Luhmann that was published in Nature Communications in March, 2014. ,If the blast had happened just nine days earlier, it would have clashed with our planet's northward field, causing a shift in electrical currents that could have caused transformers to explode in flames, according to Luhmann, a member of the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory STEREO team based at the University of California Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory. The fields also would have interfered with GPS, with satellites and with cell phone service. ,The 2012 event was unusual because it happened during a calm solar period, the article stated. ,"People keep saying that these are rare natural hazards, but they are happening in the solar system even though we don't always see them," Luhmann said. A nationwide blackout is very possible. ,One scientist put the odds for it happening by 2020 at 1 in 8. ,So what are potential solutions One possibility is rebuilding our aging power grid to be less vulnerable to solar disruptions. Another is developing better means of forecasting the storms. Data can help scientists predict where and when solar flares might appear, for example. observers took the Carrington Event as an apocalyptic sign, and references to the event found their way into early science fiction of the day. Poet William Ross Wallace, however, interpreted the Carrington Event as a message from God: ,The crash of the power grid would just be the beginning! I read that nuclear power facilities only keep enough fuel for the backup generators for 30 days. However, it takes about 3 years to cool down a nuclear facility. with not even a hint of controlling the problem. We must impress on our elected officials to prepare for extensive, long term disruption if such an event happens again. Plus, since the 1/3 of the earth facing the sun would be most effected, we have to be concerned about how other countries prepare. They may not have as many nuclear plants as we do, but it won take many to destroy almost all life on earth.How a Trump tariff could sideswipe US auto industry ,would throw the industry into disarray, analysts say, forcing some uncomfortable choices: Raise car prices or swallow the cost. but risk losing customers. but make less money. ,"I don't think the auto industry would turn up its feet and die, but it would be a terrible shock. It would create mayhem with their profitability," said Marina Whitman, a business professor at the University of Michigan and a former vice president at General Motors Co. ,Trump will be hosting a breakfast meeting Tuesday with the heads of General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. On Monday he reiterated his warning to impose a "substantial border tax" on companies that move their manufacturing out of the United States. He also promised tax advantages to companies that produce products domestically. ,For more than two decades, Mexico has been an oasis for the auto industry, offering cheap labor and access to dozens of markets through free trade deals. By comparison, a Mexican auto assembly worker makes a little more than 8. ,That helps to explain why automakers have announced 24 billion in Mexican investments over the last six years, according to the Center for Automotive Research, a Michigan think tank. government data show. Mexico's vehicle production capacity is expected to rise 49 percent to 5.5 million vehicles by 2023, according to LMC Automotive, a forecasting firm. capacity will grow 13 percent to 14.2 million vehicles in the same period. ,But Trump could change that. In frequent tweets targeting the auto industry, he has proposed both a 35 percent tariff on Mexican made imports and a "border tax," which would tax companies' imports. That's forcing automakers to consider a number of options. Audi, for example, just opened a plant in Mexico that it decided to build five years ago. ,"It's very difficult to turn on your heels quickly in the auto industry," said Laurie Harbour Felax, a manufacturing consultant and president of Harbour Results Inc. BMW, for example, said it's proceeding with a 1 billion plant in Mexico that will make the 3 Series sedan starting in 2019. The German automaker also noted that its SUV plant in South Carolina is its largest plant worldwide. ,Trump's border tax would hurt some automakers more than others. from Mexico, according to LMC. But Honda imports just 11 percent, and that's expected to fall this year after it moves production of the CR V SUV from Mexico to Indiana. ,PIVOT ON PRODUCTION ,In early January, Ford made the surprise announcement that it would halt construction of a 1.6 billion plant in Mexico slated to build the compact Focus. It also announced plans to invest 700 million of that savings into a Michigan plant where it will make new electric and autonomous cars. ,Ford said declining sales of small cars, not Trump, influenced the Mexico plant decision, and the company will still make the Focus in Mexico at a different plant. Fields also said he's not worried about the possibility of tariffs ,Others appear more nervous. Speaking to reporters at the Detroit auto show, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said his company might withdraw from Mexico altogether if tariffs got too high. ,"Those plants were designed, built and purposed at a time when NAFTA was alive and well," he said. "It's one of the perils associated with the business that we run. ,Trump can't place tariffs on companies or groups of companies without congressional approval ,Mexico has free trade agreements covering 45 countries fake id liquor store fake australian id creator how do i get fake caller id

fake id college students Nissan Motor Co. ,All carmakers will adapt to the new rules, if there are new rules," Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said this month in Detroit. customers. But that would raise the price tag of cars like the 17,000 Nissan Sentra or the 21,000 Chevrolet Trax by thousands of dollars. ,Automakers could swallow the cost of the tariff, but it would hurt their bottom lines. ,Dustin Blanchard, 31, who works for a software startup in Austin, Texas, drives a 2007 Nissan Sentra that he bought for 18,000. His car was made in Mexico, but he didn't think much about that when he bought it. ,"The parts all come from everywhere. Domestic brands are made overseas and Japanese cars are made here," he says. "It's so interconnected that you don't feel like it's a patriotic duty to buy a Ford or something."How a young father met his violent death at the hands of British soldiers ,British troops controlling southern Iraq from their base in Basra were coming under fire from insurgents on an almost daily basis, and in June 2003 they suffered one of the bloodiest incidents of the entire war when six Royal Military Police officers were murdered by a mob as they trained local police. ,It was against this background that soldiers from 1 Queen Lancashire Regiment 1QLR were tasked with identifying and arresting suspected insurgents thought to be hiding in hotels in Basra, triggering the events that led to the violent death of Baha Mousa. ,In the early hours of Sunday, Sep 14, 2003, soldiers carrying out Operation Salerno, an exercise to round up suspected insurgents, discovered a cache of weapons and fake ID cards at the Hotel Ibn Al Haitham. Although none of the suspects they were looking for were at the hotel, they arrested seven hotel staff, including receptionist Baha Mousa, a 26 year old father of two young children who had been widowed just seven months earlier. ,Even before they left the hotel, according to the inquiry report by retired appeal court judge Sir William Gage, the detainees were being abused, with toilets flushed over their heads. The detainees were taken to the Temporary Detention Facility TDF at Battlegroup Main BG Main, the headquarters of 1QLR, arriving at 10.40am. Sir William said it was unlikely that any of the seven prisoners involved in insurgent or terrorist activity ,The assaults begin ,The seven hotel workers, together with three other men arrested later the same day, were hooded with hessian sandbags by Cpl Donald Payne as soon as they arrived at the TDF. Soon afterwards, one detainee described beaten and having his feet kicked into a stress position For most of the next 36 hours Baha Mousa would be hooded and kept in a position, with legs apart and bent at 45 degrees and hands raised, whilst being subjected to repeated beatings. Soldiers would also kick and punch him if his arms began to drop or he relaxed in any way. ,The men described having fingers pressed in their eye sockets, water being squeezed into their mouths and being kicked in the genitals and kidneys while they were kneeling. One man said he had petrol rubbed in his face before a cigarette lighter was lit close to him. ,By the morning of Monday, Sep 15, one soldier who entered the room said the detainees as though they had been in a car crash ,Turning a blind eye ,Officers from 1QAR were fully aware of what was going on in the TDF, said Sir William, but did nothing to stop it. ,He said: officers must have been aware of at least some of the abuse. A large number of soldiers, including all those who took part in guard duty, also failed to intervene to stop the abuse or report it up the chain of command. ,Two officers, Lt Craig Rodgers and Major Michael Peebles, were aware that Mousa and the other detainees were being subjected to serious assaults, said Sir William. ,represents a very serious breach of duty that at no time did Rodgers intervene to prevent the treatment that was being meted out to the detainees, nor did he report what he knew was occurring up the chain of command. ,he had taken action when he first knew what was occurring, Baha Mousa would almost certainly have survived. ,Lt Col Jorge Mendona, the commanding officer of 1QLR, did not know what was going on, but ought to have known and the lack of discipline shown by his men fell on his shoulders. ,The silent padre ,Father Peter Madden, the padre for 1QLR, told the inquiry he had not visited the TDF when the detainees were there, but Sir William described him as a witness and accepted other soldiers evidence that the padre had, in fact, seen what was going on. ,must have seen the shocking condition of the detainees, and the deteriorating state of the TDF, said Sir William. ought to have intervened immediately, or reported it up the chain of command but, in fact, it seems he did not have the courage to do either. ,The death of Baha Mousa ,On the evening of Sep 15 Baha Mousa was taken to the room of the TDF, a small disused lavatory where prisoners were made to lean over the hole in the floor which had been the toilet. ,Shorly before 9.40pm Pte Aaron Cooper heard a shout for help coming from the middle room and saw Payne with Baha Mousa who had managed to get his plastic handcuffs off. ,Payne and Pte Cooper wrestled him to the floor, with Payne knee in his back. Mousa broke free twice and Payne began punching and kicking him, and banging Baha Mousa head against the wall with his hands, the report said. Cooper said the assault lasted around 30 seconds and when it ceased Baha Mousa was no longer moving. ,The Regimental Medical Officer, Dr Derek Keilloh, was called for and tried to resuscitate Mousa, who had stopped breathing. Despite his efforts, Mousa was pronounced dead at 10.05pm.How Accurate Is Body Mass Index ,What's your number under 25 or over 35 Body mass index BMI may not be a term that's on everyone's lips, but it's important for your health to understand what it is and to know your number. ,Essentially, BMI is a simple mathematical formula, based on height and weight, that is used to measure fatness. You should be aware of your BMI because of the health risks of being overweight that is, having a BMI of 25 or over. According to a report in the August 2006 New England Journal of Medicine, excess body weight during midlife is associated with an increased risk of death. ,Many health care experts think BMI is a useful tool to measure weight and health risks, but others question its accuracy. Some believe a better way might be to take out the tape measure and check your waist circumference. Or is there a place for both methods ,In June 1998, in an effort to make sure doctors, researchers, dietitians, and government agencies were all on the same page, the National Institutes of Health announced its BMI guidelines. They replaced the old life insurance tables as a method to gauge healthy weight. ,To calculate your BMI, divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared, then multiply the results by a conversion factor of 703. For someone who is 5 feet 5 inches tall 65 inches and weighs 150 pounds, the calculation would look like this: 150 652] x 703 = 24.96. An easier way is to use WebMD's BMI calculator. ,This BMI calculator is for use in the evaluation of adults, not for children. ,According to the NIH definitions, a healthy weight is a BMI of 18.5 24.9; overweight is 25 29.9; and obese is 30 or higher. ,BMI is the measurement of choice for most health professionals. ,''I think BMI is a very good and easy screening tool,'' says obesity expert, Cathy Nonas, MS, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. ,But while it is a simple, inexpensive method of screening for weight categories, it is not a diagnostic tool. Health professionals need to do further assessments to fully evaluate health risks. These assessments would include measurements of body fat percentage, diet history, exercise patterns, and family history. ,Further, BMI does not take into account age, gender, or muscle mass. Nor does it distinguish between lean body mass and fat mass. As a result, some people, such as heavily muscled athletes, may have a high BMI even though they don't have a high percentage of body fat. In others, such as elderly people, BMI may appear normal even though muscle has been lost with aging. ,Take for example, basketball player Michael Jordan: ''When he was in his prime, his BMI was 27 29, classifying him as overweight, yet his waist size was less than 30,'' says Michael Roizen, MD. ,That's one reason some experts think waist circumference can be a better overall health measurement than BMI. ,Another is that your health is not only affected by excess body fat, but also by where the fat is located. Some people gain weight in their abdominal regions the so called ''apple'' body shape. Others are ''pear shaped,'' with excess weight around the hips and buttocks. People with apple shapes are at higher risk for health problems associated with being overweight. "The data show that waist circumference is more reliable and more closely correlated with diseases associated with obesity.'' ,According to the National Institutes of Health, a bigger waist circumference greater than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and heart disease when BMI is 25 to 34.9. ,To properly measure your waist, no math is needed. Just use a soft tape measure around your bare midsection at your belly button. Find your upper hip bone, and measure around the abdomen above the bone. The tape should be snug, but not dig into your skin. ,Nonas argues that waist circumference is not a better tool than the BMI ''because we do not have good criteria or cut points for levels of overweight, obesity, age or height.'' She also thinks that properly measuring the waistline is a little more difficult than measuring height and weight. ,One thing that experts agree on is that weight is only one factor in our risk for disease. When it comes to evaluating weight and its impact on health, your percentage of body fat, waist circumference, BMI, and physical activity patterns are all important. ,The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends that health care providers assess BMI, waist circumference, and any other risk factors for obesity related conditions. Combining all of the information provides the best assessment. ,The first step toward shrinking your waistline and getting your BMI in line is to start eating a healthier diet and getting regular exercise. Preventing any further weight gain and slowly reducing weight into a healthier range is an excellent goal. ,And while you might want to lose more, dropping as little as 5% 10% of your body weight can bring dramatic improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar.How AIDS brings famine nearer ,This is not the same old story of drought equals famine in Africa. This time, there is hunger in the huts for reasons that have little to do with the weather. ,Christian Science Monitor correspondent Danna Harman and staff photographer Andy Nelson spent three weeks traveling in Southern Africa, delving into the causes of the growing food crisis. Amid the desperation, they found a determination to address the primarily manmade problems. This is the last in a four part series. ,Capt. John Codispoti's wife is expecting him back in New Hampshire by Thanksgiving. In the months to come, aid organizations will work overtime to help keep the food flowing. ,But sadly, much of it will come too late. AIDS has ravaged families all over Southern Africa, and many of the young men who would work the fields have died or are to weak too sow and reap. Either the AIDS pandemic or the food crisis alone would put tremendous pressure on a population struggling to subsist. Together, they are almost too much to bear. ,The boy and the man ,He likes puzzles, his father says. And so he does. ,Nine years old and thin as a rail, Ambosio Phiri spends his days putting together a 22 piece puzzle of a little girl and a bunny. He sits cross legged on the rickety hospital bed in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe, his extra small T shirt too big for him, his spindly arms moving slowly, by rote, as he picks up and fits in one piece after another. ,Across the border and hundreds of miles away, in the sleepy Zambian town of Mongu, Mwambwa Mwambwa passes his days in a little shack, reading passages from a worn Bible, or writing letters to his sons. A dirty soda bottle, transformed into a vase holding one fake yellow flower, is all that adorns this home. ,The boy and the man do not know each other, but they have much in common. Both are living in countries facing famine, both are suffering from malnutrition and receiving food aid, and both have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. ,"I miss my cousins," says Ambosio in a tiny voice as he takes a sip of porridge. "I would like to go home with my dad. In Malawi ,Thousands of teachers and doctors die each year of AIDS In choosing who will receive the food aid pouring into Southern Africa ,For example, But weakened by the disease ,AIDS patients, along with other sick people, need a different kind of nutrition to cope with their illnesses," says Caroline McAskie, deputy emergency relief coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "Even with food, the situation is difficult. buy holograms fake id deep web fake ny state id fake id review template

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