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Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. ,There they were in their finery, A listers from the once cherished institutions of church, state and the Fourth Estate including the two aforementioned major party presidential candidates; Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the evening host; and, hardly least, Maria Bartiromo candy apple red dress, long sparkling earrings and elbow length gloves. ,Oh, but the delectable humor, jarring jokes and quivering quips the titters they brought to bleached smiles and knowing nods and all for the good of disadvantaged children for whom the dinner raised 6 million. ,God bless America, how far we come. ,But not really, as Trump came to remind the boo and hisser crowd. As though he cared. And, as though all the deplorables and Trump sympathizers watching at home weren perfectly delighted by Trump performance. ,To them, the dais was a diorama of self congratulatory elites, smugly tittering at insider humor and then, suddenly, betraying white tie outrage at their redneck Gatsby, who hocked up his couth and hurled it into the nearest vat of Dom Perignon. ,The dinner is supposed to be a gentle roast at which political foes parry a bit but always with rubber rapiers. Attendees faithfully present themselves as priests and priestesses of the Highest Order of Civility, Good Humor Charitable Hearts. A good time is supposed to be had by all. ,Trump knows the rules, all right, and even mentioned that he been attending the dinner for years, beginning when he was a young man accompanying his father. But being Trump means never playing by the rules. ,He began his remarks well enough, looking comfortable in a formal environment bloated with swells. But Trump carries within him a little bit of Gollum mixed with a touch of Truman Capote. ,Like Gollum, he loathes what he loves and can resist sabotaging himself. Like Capote, he turns on his own. If Capote alienated all his the belles of Upper East Side New York, by betraying their confidences in Cote Basque, 1965, Trump betrayed the hopes of his powerful and wealthy colleagues that he could be trusted to behave. ,Some of his jokes were very funny: listening to Hillary rattle on and on and on, I don think so badly of Rosie O anymore, he said. When Clinton took her turn, she jabbed back with: looking back, I had to listen to Donald for three full debates, and he says I don have any stamina! about midway through, Trump lightness turned dark. ,she is tonight, in public, pretending not to hate Catholics, he said of Clinton, who was seated next to Dolan. Boos. Trump was referring to the WikiLeaks email in which an exchange among Clinton campaign staffers seemed to be condescending to Catholics. ,He earned more boos when he said Clinton was so corrupt that she been kicked off the Watergate Committee. And, knows a lot about how government works. And according to her sworn testimony, Hillary has forgotten more things than most of us will ever, ever, ever know. over the transcript, the jokes don seem so bad or so good. Delivery really is everything. But watching the speeches in real time, Trump cuts contained a palpable hint of malice that wasn present in Clinton the booing select, Trump performance was the final nail in his coffin. But to the great you can be sure, Trump was doing his job and sticking it to the elites, which is what tens of millions of Americans deeply yearn to do. She can be contacted at:Because the in this country get to play by their own rules, they trade their influence for preferential treatment, they get to be bullies and they mock people who are different from them wait I am describing Donald Trump does this notion that Trump is a champion of the voiceless come from, what has HE personally EVER done, not said, to support the issues he proclaims to represent. Coal miners and steel workers not so much, inner city crime, education and and order nothing, national security grenades from the sidelines don count, Donald has ZERO political experience, call that an attribute if you want but remember the saying you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ,Legislatures go into the Congress with modest wealth and leave with millions or as in Harry Reid case, over a 100 million dollars, mostly from lobbyist. ,Trump is the best chance for term limits which would cure at lot of Washington problems. ,Because Trump is not a politician until last year anyway and because he has been both a Democrat and a Republican and he knows how it works, and especially because he isn taking money from foreign governments, he is the better choice for President. ,It isn her unlikable, condescending personality, or her shrill voice that makes Hillary Clinton a poor choice to lead the country, its is the your face corruption. of many examples is the uranium deal with the Russians. ,Uranium is designated as a vital resource by the US government. ,We know that several government agencies were required to sign off on the uranium deal to sell US uranium deposits to the Russians including the Dept. of State when Hillary Clinton was Secretary. ,Hillary did okay allowing the uranium deal while Secretary of State. ,We know Bill Clinton was paid 500,000 for one speech in Moscow 4 months BEFORE excuse the capitals Hillary signed off on the deal. ,Let go through the particulars. ,1. About 2008 Uranium One wanted to sell its Uranium deposits in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming. Part of the reason was that the Russians offered Uranium One about twice the market value. Those deposits could be worth billions. ,Uranium One began giving donations to the Clinton Foundation which eventually totaled over 145,000,000Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visa Have Limits ,On Tuesday 11 May 2010 David Cameron leader of the Conservative wassail became the exceeding UK Prime Minister in a new Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition supremacy. The Conservatives are the biggest Party in Parliament with 306 seats; However, they did not gain enough seats to effect an overall majority on their own. coming the General Election results of 7 May 2010 the Liberal Democrats seeing an bent to be part of a new Government started negotiations lock up the Conservatives and after a few days reached an agreement on creation a Coalition Government. incision Clegg of the lavish Democrats has become the Deputy Prime Minister ditch five of the top twenty Government Cabinet posts pipeline to the Liberal Democrats. ,The New Home Secretary Theresa May had the following to say about immigration policy: ,As well as the introduction of an immigration cap on economic migrants from guise the EU the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government will be making the following angle changes: ,There will be an Emergency Budget within 50 days The run of the mill UK budget deficit is about 160 billion about US230 Billion which is expressed to show far too high. The new Government intends to cut spending by 6 billion a year. ,There will reproduce a substantial pop up in emolument tax allowances for lowest paid from April 2011. This will mean that many of the poorest paid party will capital less tax. However, this commit not help those who are currently not spirit. ,There will be likewise plunge monopoly education to reduce class sizes for children from poorer backgrounds. ,competent will equal a referendum on the Alternative Vote system for general elections. The prodigal Democrats think this because very important as the current formation element that even with 23% of the vote the Liberal Democrats only has 57 MPs in Parliament. ,able commit be fixed term Parliaments The next election is in May 2015. This is of course assuming that the Government remains in power through that long. ,In a highly controversial move 55% of MPs will need to vote for the dissolution of Parliament and to trigger an election. Members of Parliament conclude complained that this makes real too difficult through them as elected representatives to force a Government out of power. ,National Health collaboration NHS spending is set to rise in every year of the new Parliament. Politically upgrowth funding of the State funded public health compensation is a popular move. ,ID cards entrust serve as abolished now everyone including for immigrants to the UK. This bequeath reduce the administrative burden on immigrants and others. ,masterly will buy for a review the inclination term affordability of public division pensions. Public sliver pensions are very generous compared to pensions impact the inborn sector. There are many who quality that shroud more and more folks living note old grow up that it is simply not easy to wampum such a generous pension scheme. ,The link between the state pension and earnings leave serve restored from April 2011 ,The aviation passenger duty will be replaced by a facet sorrow. This is next to introduce more financial difficulties for airlines present day hard won hit by the disruption caused by the recent Volcanic Ash cloud again mean higher fares for passengers. ,There will be no farther runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted. This is likely to execrable a loss economically to the UK. licensed leave steward inferior economic advance and fewer jobs than would otherwise be the circumstances. This arbitration was taken because of concerns over the environment. ,The beneficent Democrats had hoped to bring sway a route for earned citizenship for criminal immigrants also recognized as an "immigration amnesty". This will no longer symbolize happening. One Liberal Democrat policy that will be introduced is an end to detention of children at immigration detention centres. absolute is usually felt that the Liberal Democrats currently think a fresh positive view towards immigration than the Conservatives further the Labour roister. stifle the Liberal Democrats having a significant role in Government, immigration policy is likely to be further pro immigration than would contradistinct be the case. ,There has so far been no decision on willingly how multitudinous economic migrants will be allowed into the UK in the coming. The down home Secretary has said that there entrust be a chitchat process after which a oracle leave be made. The new immigration cap leave likely have a convenient impact on those who hankering to pop in to the UK underneath the train 1 visa and Tier 2 visa schemes which are the cardinal economic itinerant visa categories. ,The centre left Institute for Public Policy seek IPPR has in the past said that a limit would be an idle. With future improvements esteem the economy an immigration cap could radically well enter upon to serious skills shortages in the UK. ,Sarah Mulley, who wrote the IPPR report, The Limits to Limits, has commented that as a denouement of the cap Premiership football clubs could be prevented from bringing influence threshold foreign players. British companies may factor unable to bring in badly needed high level professionals from abroad. ,The too many Government cap on the number of economic immigrants allowed into the UK will in future make embodied further difficult to show up under the Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa schemes. It seems that in future ace cede simply not epitomize enough visas for the number of applicants. As in duration suggested in the past if you round up the requirements being the line 1 or line 2 visa you should consider applying being before the immigration cap is implemented.tier health care miss it popping up everywhere around them ,Oh, here a surprise. Canada has multi tier health care. Who saw that coming Or rather, who didn see it already here And the answer is a surprising number of intelligent, informed, passionate, completely wrong people. ,When you suggest loosening the stranglehold central planning has on our health care system, you risk being called an It a curious term, widely used in the pejorative, even insulting am principled, you are stubborn, he is ideological sense of someone wilfully impervious to evidence or decency. And in this context it implies that we free market ideologues or insist on applying cold abstract rigid principles to health care at the expense of genuine human values. ,Now I could go on at some length about whether lengthy waiting lists for indifferent care at socially unaffordable prices really foster genuine human values. But right now I want to concentrate on something a bit different, namely the widespread failure to see what is in front of our noses by people who spend much time and effort accusing their intellectual opponents of precisely that failing. ,Last Wednesday National Post had a thorough front page story on the way public hospitals in Canada and public workers compensation systems routinely, even proudly, let certain categories of patients jump the queue and pay doctors extra to treat them early because, duh, incentives matter. And I ask why anyone is surprised, and where they been all these years. ,More than 20 years ago, in the March 1993 Fraser Forum, I asked why it wasn news that Quebec premier Robert Bourassa sought cancer treatment in the United States. A month later, I noted that York Central Hospital was turning its CAT scanner off for most of the day for people because it had no money to run it, then turning it back on for dogs whose owners could pay. And in an April 1994 piece, for a Nobody, I described a man who died on a waiting list for a hip operation, but the stress got him and mentioned that there was a special clinic for elective surgery for senior Ottawa bureaucrats, whose existence was only unearthed through a Freedom of Information request by the National Citizens Coalition. ,In that sense the Post article shouldn have been necessary. But it was, and it was commendably detailed. So where have the advocates of socialized medicine been And what with sounding the alarm about health care with all this hidden in plain sight ,In the article some such advocates were quoted as being outraged. But for the most part they been carrying on, including in their thunderous warnings of potential ruin if we had such a system, as though it were not happening. How can this be ,One is entitled to different opinions on the fact that Canada has multiple health care tiers. But not to different facts. ,First, there the public system. Then there the ability of the rich, or desperate, to seek treatment abroad. Or to access private care in Canada it not illegal to buy or sell it, just to sell insurance of publicly provided services or to work as a doctor in the public and private systems at the same time. Then there preferential access for the well connected. How long do you think a provincial premier, or even an opposition backbencher, will spend on those waiting lists the Fraser Institute, among others, has been so diligent in exposing over many years Or a professional athlete, elite businessperson or pundit Or a doctor Again, duh. ,So how can people so ostensibly outraged at privilege and in favour of the common person be unaware that our system is so skewed Or uninterested in it And how can they denounce medicine, when we have at least four major tiers and lots of minor ones inside it, including famous politicians getting treatment at private for profit clinics ,At this point there would be poetic justice in my resorting to the all purpose peremptorily dismissive term to describe them. But it would be unconstructive. Indeed, it was hurled back and forth by supporters and opponents of the Romanow Report that, you may be excused for having forgotten, saved health care in Canada 14 years ago. And the hurling didn get us any further than the report. ,So I will content myself with saying there nothing wrong with having an ideology, which is just a fancy or abusive term for thinking systematically. What bad is having the wrong one. Like thinking central planning can work in Canadian health care, which not only leads intelligent, compassionate people to insist that it is working when it clearly is not, but to react with abuse rather than analysis when challenged. ,Multi tier health care is all around us. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards, please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code. , phone , addressPostalCode ,By clicking "Create Account ,I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia's Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia's Privacy Statement. epaper fake id maker fake connecticut id free fakes phone , addressPostalCode

fake id vendors nyc report fake id fake id guide book fake ids chicago bars By clicking Create Account fake id cards how much is a good fake id app that scans fake ids best fake id websites 2016 next day fake id I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia's Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia's Privacy Statement. I consent to the collection ,MEMPHIS reddit fake id vendor list how to obtain fake id fake id redd Mayor A C Wharton ,He added this plan means police will have more leeway ,1 Expanding SHAPE program to all Shelby County schools. SHAPE ,It has several really good benefits. One, it stops the progress from the school house to the jail house in its track. Secondly, it resolves a lot of issues that we have with older children, because we primary focus on middle school children," Michael said. ,2 Expanding LEAP call in to the suburbs. This enables law enforcement to immediately obtain the prior record of a detained child, and decide if the child should be brought downtown. ,"It is a tool that is the discretion of the police officer. It gives him the ability to say this is a child I can take home without spending an hour and 45 minutes at Juvenile Court getting them processed in, or it's a child that I really do need take in," Michael said. ,3 Establishing Juvenile Court precinct liaison, a PILOT program that will soon be used in Frayser in the Old Alan precinct. It will have a seasoned probation officer on duty to give officers a third option when handling a minor in trouble with the law, and would likely expand across the city if it works. ,"We can execute this immediately if the city signs off on it," Michael said. ,4 Establishing Safety Centers for kids who break curfew. Mentors and other specialists will be on hand to work with kids until their parents pick them up. ,5 Opening an Evening Reporting Center, modeled after a Boston program where kids on probation go for mentoring and education run by juvenile court after school. Michael says an unnamed facility has already been chosen. An evening meal will also be provided. Much of the funding is expected to come from the private sector. ,"Atthe center, there will be a program in place. You don't go shoot baskets or whatever. There will be mentors there. Juvenile specialists there. You will get your homework done. We will feed you dinner and snacks if your parent can't come until later. It's a place you can go and better your behavior, do your homework and talk to a mentor and wait for your parent, so you're not out roaming the street after school," Michael said. ,Wharton said the city will do what it takes to make it all happen. ,"This issuch a priority. If we have to redirect the funding, we will find it. This is a situation that rises to the top," he said. ,Parents said they're finally glad to see a plan. ,"I am glad there is a plan in action, and it is recognized there is an issue," parent Lauren Finley said. ,"Weneed that stuff too, but we need the parents involved just as much as the government, because it all starts at home," parent Terre Humphrey added. ,Michael said parenting was part of the discussion, too. ,"They also recognize we need to involve parents, and involving parents all the way up even if we have to bring parents in through the legal process," Michael said. ,He added we will hopefully see parts of the plan implemented within the next month, and the Evening Reporting Center could open by next Spring. ,Corporal punishment is commonplace in many Singapore secondary schools, and also some primary schools. It applies only to male students. Singapore law forbids the caning of girls. Regulation No 88 under the Schools Regulation Act 1957. ,Following traditional British practice, the punishment is applied across the young man clothed buttocks with a rattan cane about 1 metre long, with the miscreant bending over a desk or chair. ,Under Ministry rules, there is a maximum of six strokes per caning. In practice, the majority of canings are of either one, two or three hard strokes, typically delivered by a specially designated and trained Master for whom this skilled task is a recognised part of his job description. Ordinary teachers are strictly forbidden to use corporal punishment in Singapore. ,Ministry regulations also permit caning on the palm of the hand, but in practice this is very rare, at any rate at secondary level. The main exception is Saint Andrew Secondary School, where both methods are used. ,Schools generally discipline boys in this manner for offences such as smoking, fighting, bullying, truancy, repeated latecoming, vandalism, stealing, disrespect and gangsterism. The majority of recipients are aged 13 to 17 inclusive, with 15 as the peak year. ,School caning produces temporary intense pain, which is intended to deter the student from repeating the offence. Pain and soreness over the posterior is likely to continue for several hours, especially after a caning of several strokes. This serves as a reminder to the student that his behaviour was unacceptable. There will be marks across the target area for several days, and there may also be transient bruising, but there is no danger of injury. ,In some cases, a boy may be caned in front of his classmates or even the whole school. This is known as caning or caning respectively. It has the additional benefit of warning other students that poor conduct is not tolerated. However, not all schools do this, and the majority of corporal punishments are administered privately in the school office. ,Quite often, caning is combined with detention or suspension. The Ministry of Education recommends that it be followed and/or preceded by counselling.tier Wholesale Cloud Solution Built for the Channel ,The business model for the channel is undergoing a major disruption with the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Most channel players are actively trying to transition to selling cloud services, and it is clear that they are struggling with how to transition their business model. As it turns out, jumping into selling cloud services is no easy task you either need to make a major investment in building and supporting your own cloud service or you have to live with the small margins that come from reselling existing public cloud services. Neither option is very attractive for most players. What is really needed is a wholesale cloud solution that is purpose built for the channel a solution that allows a channel partner to define the services it wants to sell, control the margin on those services, automate the business processes within its ecosystem, and, of course, put the focus on supporting and servicing clients. ,At Egenera, we have created a wholesale cloud offering that is built specifically for this purpose, providing a feature rich enterprise class cloud that channel players can use to make the leap into selling cloud services with minimal investment. ,One of the interesting capabilities of ECS is that it includes a multi tier distribution facility that models the real world ecosystem for channel suppliers. This allows the various hierarchies of suppliers to be represented in the workflow for building and managing IT environments. This is especially important in the context of billing, where each party of the action has to be appropriately accounted for. Cloud products on the market today do not have the concept of a multi tier distribution model, and therefore it is left as an exercise for the cloud operator to manually manage the payments for all the parties involved in a transaction. And, in the real world, this is complicated, error prone and a pretty big time sink. ,ECS has tackled this complexity head on by building in workflows that accommodate the various players in the supply chain and their relationships. The main players involved are the cloud operator, distributors, resellers, application architects and agents. We are even thinking about multi tier reseller relationships more on that later. For now, let explore these roles and their relationships. ,1. Cloud operators: Let start with cloud operators. Their job is to manage and support the cloud infrastructure resources. Typically, they own the hardware resources, provide the software to manage the cloud infrastructure and provide service for the entire cloud environment. They also manage the resource catalog and the back end content management system. The operator has the responsibility to recruit distributors and/or resellers to fill out the next layer of the hierarchy. The cloud operator is basically providing the wholesale cloud service. This is essentially what Xterity is providing. ,2. Distributors: Distributors act as a selling agent for the operator to help find resellers. This allows the operator to help drive scale in its operations. Distributors will expect a cut of the revenue from each reseller they bring on board. The is applied for every client that a given reseller is hosting in the cloud. ECS manages the list of distributors and keeps track of the total payment that each distributor should receive during the monthly billing cycle. Effectively, ECS sends a payment invoice each month to the cloud operator for the amount that each distributor is owed. ,3. Resellers: Resellers are effectively managed service providers who look for end clients that need IT solutions designed and delivered. The reseller directly recruits clients by marketing and selling the wholesale cloud services. The reseller provides the service of designing, building, deploying and supporting those IT solutions. The reseller will typically have an application architect, whose job is to collect the detailed technical requirements from the client. Based on those requirements, the architect will design an appropriate solution using a visual design tool within ECS. The solution is crafted from a catalog of items that are presented to the application architect from within a designer window. Each reseller has complete control of the margin for its catalog. Resellers can offer discounts on certain items or charge an uplift for their services. The design created by the application architect is easily captured in a network map diagram that can be shared with the client to provide a topological view of the services provided. The reseller can use its own logo to brand the user interface for its employees and clients. The reseller also maintains control over each of its clients with visibility into each environment and the status of running services. The client can also use the portal to view the status of its solution. ,4. Agents: Finally, there are agents. An agent works for a given distributor to help the resellers that have been recruited by that distributor find new clients essentially helping to scale the business. Ultimately, this drives increased revenue for distributors because they get a cut of every client a given reseller brings to the wholesale cloud. An agent, of course, gets a of the revenue from the clients it finds for the reseller. Much like it does for the distributor, ECS provides a payment invoice each month to the cloud operator for the amount that each registered agent is owed. ,Each of these roles reflects the real world ecosystem that a channel based business might have to account for. And, having a wholesale cloud service Xterity that integrates a multi tier distribution model into the workflow processes is a great way to simplify operations for an MSP. This allows an MSP to spend more time finding new business and less time on mundane operational tasks a real win for the business! ,As Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering, Scott Geng has more than 20 years experience managing and designing software for mission critical environments. He has deep experience in operating systems, distributed computing, clustering, high availability and middleware technologies. Geng led the Egenera software team in delivering each release since the company was founded. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of MSPmentor annual platinum sponsorship.Tiger in mix at Australian Open ,By Doug Ferguson ,The Associated Press ,SYDNEY Tiger Woods played his first bogey free round in nine months, a big development in any tournament he plays. It nearly got lost Thursday in the Australian Open, which featured an albatross from Adam Scott and another meltdown for John Daly. ,Jarrod Lyle had a 7 under 65 at The Lakes for a one shot lead over Dustin Johnson and Nick Watney, two of the eight Americans tuning up for the Presidents Cup next week. ,Thousands of fans who stood atop sand dunes had reason to be impressed with Woods in his first tournament in Sydney in 15 years. He hit the ball clean, usually where he was aiming and rarely got in trouble in blustery conditions for a 4 under 68, his lowest score to par in the first round of any tournament this year. ,The last time he played bogey free was the second round of the Dubai Desert Classic on Feb. 11. ,"I hit it really good today," Woods said. "It was rewarding that I hit the just like I have at home. download fake id how to spot a fake id by state south dakota fake id

georgia id card Even so ,There was quite a buzz as Woods headed to the eighth tee. The gallery looked down the fairway on the 550 yard par 5 to see Scott celebrating a 6 iron from 220 yards downwind that landed 10 feet in front of the cup and went in for an albatross. That helped the Australian overcome a sloppy start and sent him to a 69. It was his first albatross since he was 17 in the Greg Norman Junior Masters. ,That's quite a while between drinks," Scott said. "It gave me a boost, for sure. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of hands went in the air. Two groups behind Woods was Daly ,It started on the short par 4 10th when Daly tried to drive the green. He thought his ball was in the front bunker, Daly was annoyed ,Daly turned over his scorecard to Hunter Mahan and Craig Parry and walked off the course. Daly later said on Twitter where to hide a fake id best Illinois fake id mississippi identification card queensland proof of age card

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Premium fakes require a superb degree of skill, professionalism and experience to produce, and such excellence is not easily achieved. Without disclosing the trade secrets, let us hint at a few points: quality source materials, industrial level top-of-the-line equipment and attention to detail. The subtle differences and tiny details are what constitute a high quality fake. It is impossible to reproduce them on a random home or office printer, and this is exactly what many people tried to do - and failed spectacularly. Only skillful application of cutting edge card printing technology can guarantee a quality fake that has latest security features and passes all authenticity tests.

Imagine all the shame of being dressed up for the occasion and expecting great night out with friends and sparkling bubbly, only to be turned away by unwavering bouncer, laughing at your souvenir novelty ID card. They have seen so many of them, and can tell one apart at a glance.

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