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Certain types of bones yield useful DNA more easily than others. ,Scientists will compare the DNA gathered with samples gathered from surviving relatives of Oklahoma crewmen. Skeletons will be reassembled as completely as possible. ,The DNA analysis is complicated because the bones can't be matched to firsthand DNA samples from the victims. Many of the relatives who gave samples are several generations removed from the Oklahoma sailors and Marines, making a match more difficult. ,"The possibility of identifying every single bone is not high," Brown said. ,The accounting agency has released the names of five men identified from the skulls in Hawaii. The agency expects the process to take up to five years. ,Though most of Offutt's space is now dedicated to the USS Oklahoma bones, the lab also is where remains found in the European theater of World War II are being sent for identification. ,These cases, he said, are quicker to solve than large groups of commingled remains such as the USS Oklahoma crew.Lab staple agar hit ,Microbiology's most important reagent is in short supply, with potential consequences for research, public health and clinical labs around the world. ,Agar the seaweed derived, gelatinous substance that biologists use to culture microbes is experiencing a global downturn, marine biologists, agar producers and industry analysts told Nature. "There's not enough seaweed for everyone, so basically we are now reducing our production," says Pedro Sanchez, deputy managing director of Industrias Roko in Polgono de Silvota, Spain, which processes seaweed to make some 40% of the world's agar. ,The shortage can be traced to newly enforced trade restrictions on the seaweed, arising from environmental concerns that the algae are being overharvested. It is unclear how deeply the dearth will hit researchers, but it has already pushed wholesale prices of agar to an all time high of around US35 45 per kilogram nearly triple the price before scarcities began. Individual researchers, who buy packaged agar from lab supply companies, can pay many times this amount. ,One major supplier, Thermo Fisher Scientific of Waltham, Massachusetts, says that it has stopped selling two 'raw' agar products agar that has not been mixed with other ingredients until 2016, so that it can prioritize more popular products that contain a mixture of agar and growth nutrients. The company reports that about 200 of its customers have been affected. Another major lab supply company, Millipore Sigma in Billerica, Massachusetts, has also halted sales of raw agar, and it says that it will re evaluate its supplies early next year. ,Millipore Sigma blames the shortage on competition from food companies for purified agar. The global demand from food makers, at several thousand tonnes annually, dwarfs the 900 tonnes that go to lab supply companies. ,Prized materialFormed of long chains of sugar molecules, agar is prized by microbiologists for its ability to form hard gels when mixed with water and growth nutrients. When a solution of bacteria is spread onto an agar lined plate, individual cells grow into distinct colonies, allowing researchers to isolate each different strain in the mixture. ,Adam Roberts, a microbiologist at University College London, drew attention to the agar supply problem last month, when he tweeted a letter from Thermo Fisher announcing its suspension of some agar sales. His lab depends on the product to identify new antimicrobial compounds in soil bacteria. ,Roberts managed to source raw agar from another supplier, but he says that his lab may have to begin rationing it and prioritizing some experiments over others. "It would be a bloody nightmare," he says. When a colleague at another institution heard about Roberts's agar supply problem, she started to hoard her own stash. "If it gets more serious and hard to come by, I don't know what we'll do," says Roberts. ,Since the introduction of agar plates in the 1880s which enabled researchers to isolate tuberculosis, cholera and other disease causing bacteria for the first time bacteriological agar has been derived from a clutch of red seaweed species belonging to the genus Gelidium. ,Algae of this type grow atop rocky sea beds, forming vast underwater lawns of bushy, red fronds, and they favour cool, turbulent waters that provide a steady supply of oxygen and other nutrients a preference that makes industrial scale farming impossible. "It's not cultivated, and it's not possible to cultivate although we've wasted a lot of money trying to do it in the past," says Sanchez. In some places, Gelidium is harvested by underwater divers or when the tides roll in, but the seaweed is most commonly collected when storms wash it ashore. ,The geographical sources of Gelidium have shifted over the decades. Before the Second World War, Japan was king; Portugal was also once a leading supplier. Now, most of the world's agar derives from Gelidium grown in Morocco, with Spain in second place and Portugal, France, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Japan and South Korea all contributing smaller quantities see 'Seaweed shortage'. ,Current agar deficiencies are due mostly to an unsteady supply of Moroccan Gelidium, say industry insiders. Throughout the 2000s, the nation regularly harvested as much as 14,000 tonnes per year, which was sold on to foreign and domestic agar producers. But citing concerns over dwindling Gelidium populations, the Moroccan government cut the legal annual harvest to around 6,000 tonnes, and has limited foreign exports of the algae to around 1,200 tonnes. Although the changes were imposed in 2010, the country only began to enforce these trade limits last year, says Sanchez. ,Gold rushThere is evidence, says marine ecologist Ricardo Melo at the University of Lisbon, that Moroccan Gelidium stocks were being overharvested by throngs of beach combers in search of 'red gold', as the seaweed is known. But Melo says that the trade restrictions make little sense from a conservation point of view. ,The domestic Moroccan market is now flooded with Gelidium, while the rest of the world struggles with a massive shortage. This has benefited Morocco's lone agar producer, which can now buy the seaweed at rock bottom prices, but the move has vastly increased the cost for producers elsewhere. ,And that means that companies such as Thermo Fisher and Millipore Sigma, which buy purified agar from producers and sell it on to researchers as packaged products, have little choice but to pay the skyrocketing prices that agar now commands, says Dennis Seisun, who runs an industry analysis firm called IMR International in San Diego, California. "The ones that had contracts with the suppliers are getting preferential treatment, but I'm pretty sure they're not getting all they want. fake Delaware can university id card fake fake id dance steps The European Commission has complained to the Moroccan government that the country's export restrictions violate its free trade agreements with European Union countries ,Agar substitutes

state id templates free authentic fake id cards reddit fake id nh where should i get a fake id The first witness that Noto called was CMC vice president of human relations Alan Pedersen fake caller id apk mod fake illinois ids fake id generator online usa fake id ordered from china georgia fake id review After the second time ,Another point of contention was whether CMC administrators had also taken down union materials from public bulletin boards and break room spaces where other how to fix crease in fake id reddit fake id college does my fake id scan Both Marshall and Marsland specifically alleged that they were disciplined in an unfair way because of their union activity. In Marshall's case ,I told them I did make phone calls, but did not call every single person on the list," Marshall testified. ,Linda Krumb, assistant vice president of patient services, testified that the hospital's discipline was because Marshall was "untruthful," a violation of the nurses' code of conduct. ,In Marsland's case, he was issued a verbal warning after speaking in a morning meeting about his unwillingness to take a break if another, less experienced nurse, was to tend to his patients. Another ER nurse testified that this was a frequent topic of conversation. ,Marsland's discipline was "specifically about his behavior tearing down an employee in front of a group of people," emergency department director Amy Mathews testified. ,Testimony in this case at the Tompkins County Human Services Annex, 214 W. State St., will resume on Tuesday, May 24, according to Paul Murphy of the NLRB's regional office in Buffalo, with the "hope" that it will be completed that day. ,NLRB administrative law judge David I. Goldman will issue a decision in the case whether the allegations against CMC have merit and if it should be ordered to make any relief, like restoring lost pay or positions; the decision will likely take at least a couple months to come down. ,ArticlesState Appellate Court Strikes Down Groton LawOvid abuzz over new coffee shopUPDATE: more information sought in Ithaca homicideWidow gets settlement in wrongful death suitPublic demands more environmental analysis before salt mine expansionLiving by the bus scheduleIthaca Police searching for suspect in Thursday morning double shootingWas there a fire at Crestwood over the weekend: "Oh god no."Cornell invented a new grape and it wants YOU to name itCould Tompkins County have another drought this summer ,CommentedIthaca steakhouse ranked one of the best in the world 4Trumansburg residents hesitant over development concept 3Spencer Trying to Fix Nuisance Beaver Problem in Nichols Pond 2Fact checking Tom Reed's Trumansburg Town Hall 1Way More Work To Do Before Getting To YES On Hamilton Square 1Citizen Twain: Performance Art Politics 1Public demands more environmental analysis before salt mine expansion 1UPDATE: more information sought in Ithaca homicide 1A Natural Force: Glacial Erotics at Americana 1Labor donor's sham marriage ,The federal opposition is now demanding to know why the Department of Immigration and Citizenship failed to conduct a proper investigation. Its immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, referred the case of ''a possible act of migration fraud'' involving Ms Liu and others to the department's secretary last year. ,Fairfax Media has spoken to key players involved in the sham marriages that occurred more than 20 years ago none of whom were contacted by Immigration officials last year. It has also obtained documentary evidence to show that Ms Liu obtained permanent Australian residency after she and her then Chinese boyfriend and business partner, Harry Xu, married two young Australians in a bogus arrangement. ,The revelation comes at an awkward time for federal Labor, which has made immigration an even bigger election issue through Prime Minister Julia Gillard's comments on the 457 visa system for foreign workers. ,Ms Liu and her companies have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the NSW ALP branch and paid for two trips to China for Mr Fitzgibbon in 2002 and 2005, which the then opposition MP failed to declare to Parliament. Ms Liu is also close to Foreign Minister Bob Carr and his wife, Helena. ,Fairfax Media can reveal that the two Australians who wed the Chinese pair, David Shultz and Grace Clague, did so on the basis they believed the pair would be at risk of persecution if they returned home. ,Mr Shultz and Ms Clague, who were about 20 and 18 at the time of the weddings, had two of their three children together during the period they were supposedly married to the Chinese pair, who were several years older. The supposed married couples never consummated their marriages or lived under the same roof. ,Contrary to Ms Clague's statement that she was told the Chinese couple were at risk of persecution, Ms Liu has regularly returned to China to conduct business deals with top politicians and received millions of dollars in loans from the Bank of China. She swore in a 1997 Federal Court affidavit that her father was a ''ranking official'' in the Chinese government and that many other of her relatives occupied ''high level'' government positions. ,Ms Clague, who is the daughter of prominent Aboriginal activist Joyce Clague and NSW ALP 2011 state election candidate Colin Clague, told Fairfax Media that she and Mr Shultz were ''young, naive and stupid'' when they agreed to marry the Chinese couple. ,Ms Clague said she and Mr Shultz had become friends with the Chinese couple after being introduced to them by a Sydney man who worked for an immigration consultant. ,''They seemed honest, caring people and I believed their lives were at stake'', Ms Clague said. ''I saw their love, I wanted to be part of it and share it the final decision was made when I was told their lives were at stake.'' ,More than two years after the marriages, believed to have been held in 1989 or 1990, Ms Liu received permanent residency after signing two statutory declarations stating to the Commonwealth that she was in a long term and genuine spousal relationship with an Australian. ,The marriages and residency applications were overseen by migration agents later deregistered for improper conduct. ,Making false declarations to the Commonwealth and entering sham marriages for migration purposes are criminal offences that can result in a custodial sentence or substantial fines. ,Despite Mr Morrison referring the matter to Immigration Department secretary Martin Bowles, Immigration officials closed the file on the case last year, saying there was ''insufficient evidence'' to proceed. ,Documents released under freedom of information laws show senior Immigration Department officials regarded the case as politically ''highly sensitive'' because of Ms Liu's association with Mr Fitzgibbon, a former defence minister who last year was serving as chief government whip. ,Mr Morrison said he would again write to Mr Bowles to seek an explanation on his department's failure to properly investigate the migration fraud allegations. ,''The investigation of possible migration fraud should not be subject to any sort of political censorship,'' he said on Friday. ,In response to questions from Fairfax Media, an Immigration spokeswoman said the department ''takes allegations of fraud seriously''. ,Ms Liu and Mr Xu used their permanent residency to obtain Australian citizenship and build a property empire worth 40 million by the mid 1990s, when their personal and business relationship soured. ,Ms Liu also cultivated several useful contacts in the NSW ALP, most notably Mr Fitzgibbon, his father and former federal MP Eric Fitzgibbon and Senator Carr, who was then the NSW premier. ,Ms Liu rose to public prominence in March 2009 after revelations of her substantial financial support of the ALP and the Fitzgibbon family. ,Ms Liu helped fund Joel Fitzgibbon's first federal election campaign in 1996 and paid for overseas trips for Eric Fitzgibbon in his retirement. ,The Immigration Department has refused on privacy grounds to release any documents under freedom of information that record its handling of Mr Morrison's request for the weddings and residency applications to be investigated. ,However, in other documents released in response to a separate FOI request, the department has revealed that senior Immigration officers described the Liu inquiry as ''highly sensitive'' in the context of ''media attention in regard to her relationship with former defence minister Mr Joel Fitzgibbon and his father Mr Eric Fitzgibbon''. ,The office of former immigration minister Chris Bowen, a close political ally of Mr Fitzgibbon, was briefed on the processing of FOI applications relating to Mr Morrison's request for an investigation. ,Ms Liu is engaged in litigation against Fairfax Media with the aim of forcing the disclosure of confidential sources that provided information about her business dealings and association with Joel Fitzgibbon.Labor to review GST on petrol ,FURTHER ways to cut the price of petrol at the bowser are under scrutiny after the Federal Government said it would look at revenues from petrol in its planned tax review. ,The tax review was announced in this month Federal Budget, but ministers Jenny Macklin and Chris Bowen confirmed today the review also would investigate whether GST charged on top of the petrol excise should be scrapped. ,"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced the detail of the inquiry that will look at the issues that you just outlined and a wide range of other critical matters that haven been looked at for such a long time. ,The opposition problems over leader Brendan Nelson promised five cents a litre cut in petrol excise continued with newspaper claims that its environment spokesman Greg Hunt had written to Dr Nelson before his formal Budget reply speech rejecting the idea. ,Leadership aspirant and opposition treasury spokesman Malcolm Turnbull also privately warned Dr Nelson against the policy via email before the speech. can caller id be faked buy fake id vancouver fake Virginia id generator

fake facebook id card Senior frontbencher Nick Minchin said the five cent plan remained Liberal Party policy and Mr Hunt has never opposed the plan. ,I spoke to Greg Hunt last night and he assures me that is not true," Senator Minchin said. ,"He supports this policy 100 per cent. Mr Hunt later released a statement saying he produced an options paper on ways to reduce the price of petrol. ,The policy to cut the fuel excise by five cents per litre has my 100 per cent support," he said. ,"That is because it will achieve what Mr Rudd promised but failed to do. ,"It will actually bring down petrol prices now and help to ease inflationary pressures. Family First Senator Steve Fielding said the government was enjoying a 100 million petrol tax windfall because of skyrocketing petrol prices since the government was elected. ,Average Melbourne petrol prices over the six months since Labor came to power have increased from 1.33 to 1.50," he said. ,"In recent years prime ministers, both Labor and coalition, have said they are concerned about the impact of high petrol prices but they cannot do anything about it. ,"That is rubbish. Mr Rudd has the opportunity to show he really understands the pain people are feeling at the bowser by sharing their pain and cutting the petrol tax., Originally published as Labor to review GST on petrol ,128 comments on this story fake id NewOrleans fake id in Arkansas holograms for sale fake caller id generator

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