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twin gates oxford ms do most fake ids scan But I am all in favor of a Voter ID law. And if you think Voter ID is bigotry michigan photo id fake ids ultra delaware fake id review 2002 harvard fake id study fake id at airport,Proving you are who you say you are is not bigotry ,Strother said Dillon did not speak to him but went through his court staff to get the setting changed. ,Dillon said Friday's examining trial had to be postponed because of the recent death of a Department of Public Safety trooper's mother. our id fake nevada identification card get a fake florida id Beyer said the trooper interviewed McRee ,Dillon said Beyer agreed to the telephone conference with the judge and never raised any issues that are now contained" in his objections filed Friday. ,"Furthermore, defense counsel agreed to the current setting of August 28th, 2015. The state stands ready to proceed on the defendant's examining trial on the date agreed upon by both parties and the judge," Dillon said. ,No examining trials have been held yet, but a visiting judge who formerly presided in courts in Bosque, Comanche and Hamilton counties has been approved to hear about 17 examining trials in coming weeks. ,Beyer said he has watched a three hour video of the May 17 shootout captured by cameras at Twin Peaks. He declined comment about the video because of a court order that prevents its dissemination, he said. He said he has seen no video shot by police dashboard cameras. ,He said some of those arrested have been given their cellphones back and they all were returned "scrubbed like factory resets," or with data wiped out. ,He said McRee, a motorcycle mechanic, told him he was on the patio sipping iced tea and eating a burger when the shooting began. McRee was only a few feet away from a fellow Cossack when a member of opposing biker group Bandidos shot his friend in the head, Beyer said. ,McRee scrambled to help pull people from the parking lot over into the patio area and out of the line of fire, Beyer said. He was crawling to try to help a biker who had been shot in the legs and back when McRee was handcuffed by police, Beyer said.Bikers put out call to action ,Steve "Dozer" Cochran, of Waco, said the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents has issued a call to action to those who feel injustice has occurred after the deadly shooting May 17 at Twin Peaks resulted in 175 behind bars, nine dead and 18 injured.The organization is asking people to call, email or fax a letter to the White House, Gov. Greg Abbott, the Supreme Court, Waco Mayor Malcolm Duncan Jr., senators, city officials, the sheriff's department, judges, and others, demanding the immediate release of bikers they say are being held unlawfully."It may not be a crime, but it damn sure ain't right," he said, referring to police action since the shooting. Defenders Legislative Strike Force, a biker advocacy group, scheduled the COC meeting at Twin Peaks to discuss legislative matters. Cochran belongs to Sons of the South MC, while Lynch, of Mart, is president of the Los Pirados MC.There are other events that followed the shooting that don't pass the "sniff test," he said. With the magnitude of what occurred that day, Waco police began to give a narrative 90 minutes after it occurred, instead of saying it was too soon to explain the situation, he said. Cochran said that indicates the police knew in advance two rival gangs would be in attendance, yet still allowed law abiding residents they were sworn to protect to sit down at the restaurant despite possible danger."I was there. I heard a lot of gun fire. A lot. And guess what, it was the police," he said.Cochran said local officials are now backtracking with the recent reduction of the 1 million bail for several inmates. Six bikers have been released from jail after agreements to reduce their 1 million bonds.Cochran said he's asking Gov. Abbott to give control of the investigation to another agency, instead of Waco police."I've spent my life working for motorcycle rights," he said. "I've spent my life trying to overcome the stigma that's on the motorcycle community by things that happened 20 to 30 years ago and TV shows that take place that make us out to be something we're not."Cochran, who has lived in the area for 24 years, said he's too old to fix the stigmas he faces but he's determined to leave the perception of the motorcycle community better for his family, especially his grandson, who just purchased a motorcycle."He grew up riding on the back of mine," he said. "He doesn't deserve to be treated like that."Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said the police department is still leading the investigation and is being assisted by the Texas Rangers, DPS criminal investigation division, ATF and FBI. Swanton also disputed the notion that Waco police, or any other agency involved with the investigation, have been anything less than forthcoming and honest with the public since the incident took place."This is a joint effort, and I said before that the large number of agencies involved in this, there is no way that this could be a conspiracy to cover anything up," Swanton said. "We have absolutely nothing to cover up. We have been extremely transparent the entire time, and we will continue to be. I won't put anything out that could hinder prosecution."We believe, in the long run, that people will understand that our officers on the scene acted appropriately and did what they had to do. Our officers saved innocent lives that day. And we are willing to talk more about specifics of the investigation when the time is appropriate. We will be very transparent on this and make sure our citizens are comfortable."Swanton said that the people involved in the incident that day know what occurred and know who started it and said law enforcement reacted to human beings being killed."This was a very intricate, very fluid, moving situation," he said. "I think that everything we have put out, I put out as quickly as possible."Swanton has repeatedly said that law enforcement officials had asked for cooperation from Twin Peaks' management and received none until after the shooting. He has said police asked Twin Peaks not to host the meeting on May 17, but were rebuffed.The COC posted recently on its Facebook page that the Hooters in Waco was banning any customers wearing club patches.Jessica Highsmith, with Largemouth Communications, the public relations company for Hooters and other companies, referred to a statement the company issued."In light of the tragic events of May 17, the Hooters restaurant in Waco, Texas, has posted a sign requesting that patrons refrain from displaying their motorcycle club affiliation while dining with us," the statement reads. "Even though none of our restaurants were involved in the incident, the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees are always our top priorities and we believe special precautions are warranted in this situation, at least for now."This is not a system wide policy. Although a similar request was made of guests last year in one East Coast location, we have no plans of implementing it elsewhere at this time. We fully understand that the majority of motorcycle enthusiast organizations are comprised of upstanding folks that share a passion for riding and a common interest in our community. It has been and will continue to be our privilege to welcome and serve them, along with all of our other guests, in our restaurants.While the COC has advised club members, independents and the general public to refrain from a planned biker protest on June 7 in Waco, Cochran said he will attend on his own behalf. Cochran said the group is not supporting the rally because there will be people in attendance who are not members, "so we don't know who they are and we don't know what their intentions are. We don't want our name dragged through any further mud."We ask our members to behave and not get involved in any shenanigans," he said.He said he expects 300 to 400 people to attend. Swanton said police aren't yet sure specifically how many they expect to ride in the protest.Biking While Black Is a Crime ,Contact Us,Huffing home on her green beach cruiser, Lekeithra Smith was already edgy about what might be hunkered down in the dark, waiting. in late April 2011. The 22 year old was pedaling just a few feet behind her high school aged cousin Deadra, coming back from a party at their aunt's house. Both were stuffed from plates of food and feeling the late hour. ,They rode through a knot of residential streets behind Sunrise Boulevard businesses all razor fenced lots, oil slicked loading areas, and dumpsters. Except for smudged yellow light spilling from the occasional street lamp, the neighborhood was dark. Neither knew the area. But hey, at least they were on bikes, Smith figured, and could speed away if someone bolted from the shadows. ,Suddenly, Smith's eyelids crashed shut against a burst of light. Up ahead, about a half dozen Fort Lauderdale police officers were swinging flashlights her way. ,The young women were ordered off their bikes and questioned about where they were heading. One officer asked Smith if her bike was registered with the city, she remembers. "I don't know nothing about no bike being registered," she says she told them. "I ride my bike to work all the time.

novelty id uk driving licence california id online souvenir ids reviews fake id shop london Because it wasn't registered legit fake ids nevada fake id possession of fake id iowa best online fake id fake id Washington Why are you taking my bike It's not stolen," she said. She had the receipt back home, she explained, and her record was clean; she had a good job stacking merchandise at Winn Dixie. ,But the arguments didn't dent the officer's indifference. Police confiscated her bicycle and wrote a citation. "The cited individual is a resident of the city of Fort Lauderdale," the document read in simple policespeak. "The cited individual failed to register bicycle. ,Smith was shocked. I could get kidnapped or something. Anything can happen to either one of us because we're girls," an agitated Smith remembers warning the cops. "What if I come up missing on the same night that y'all took my bike It will look bad on your behalf. fake bitcoin transaction id fake id cards that scan online fake id creator free Smith spiked her cell phone against the pavement ,If you're black in Fort Lauderdale ,They do it every day," Sammie Lee Harris growls around a burning Newport. "There ain't a guy riding a bicycle that hasn't been stopped at one point or another. ,All around Harris fake id toronto fake id next day delivery how effective is a fake id

fake DistrictofColumbia id card Just then ,In Champaign and Vermilion counties Census figures from 2000 show an increase in the Latino population in Champaign and Urbana from 1990. In Champaign ,Chacon said he was content responding to the calls for a Spanish speaking officer for several years until a couple of incidents in 1999 drove home to him the need for more training for his fellow officers. We had a couple of near misses where we almost had shootings because we had language barrier problems. Officers thought they had one thing but it was totally different," he said. ,One incident involved a Latino cleaning crew leaving a building that police mistook for burglars. The other involved a Latino man trying to hide a fake ID and a deputy who thought he was reaching for a gun and almost shot him. ,"That alerted me," Chacon said, adding that he and other area officers started hunting for training. ,After an intense two week instructor certification course in Las Vegas learning how to teach "public safety Spanish," Chacon said, "my intent was to make myself as much of a resource as I could for other officers. I turned out to be the only guy who does that in the entire Midwest. ,Married with children ages 12 and 9, He also teaches Spanish as an elective at the Police Training Institute in Champaign ,They're learning phrases such as stop; police; get on the ground; show me identification" and not "the pen is on the table," Chacon said. ,Chacon gets excited about and brags about colleagues who have taken advantage of his training and become good enough with their Spanish that he's not needed to respond immediately to a situation. He calls it "empowering" for them. ,"It's really lowered my workload and made me available for more serious stuff," he said, explaining that he does more follow up work these days than initial contacts. ,Across town in Champaign, Mark Briggs was one of four police officers who completed a 10 day Spanish immersion class in Douglas, Wyo., in June. ,Briggs, a police officer for eight years, the last two with Champaign, said the class met 10 hours a day for 10 days, and included homework at night and a prohibition on speaking any English after the second day. ,"It was mentally fatiguing but well worth the effort," said Briggs, who knew some "street Spanish" from working in a Latino community on the East Coast years ago. ,Other officers who attended the immersion school with him were Tim Atteberry, Mike Aschbrenner and Shane Standifer. Officer Brandon Thomas is also proficient, having previously done immersion training that included living with a family in Mexico for a while. ,Briggs' beat includes the Shadowwood Mobile Home Park on North Market Street, home to many Latinos. Having a better handle on his Spanish has helped him not only react to calls for service but to engage in more community policing, he said. ,"I try to get to know people. They seem to be very pleased and very receptive when I try to speak Spanish. They'll help me with words and phrases," he said, including slang. ,Briggs said the immersion school also addressed cultural differences between Latinos and Americans. ,"One of the things we learned is that they Latinos like close intimate contact, like putting a hand on your shoulder or arm. We learned not to overreact, become offended or raise your guard," said Briggs, adding that police are taught to keep a safe, reactive distance and aren't amenable to having their personal space invaded. ,Jose Alentado is the owner of Partners in Training Consultants, a Tuscon based firm that offers Spanish for all kinds of businesses, but primarily for law enforcement and public safety employees. His company taught the immersion class attended by the four Champaign officers in June. ,"We take the task of the entity, decide what they ask in English, and translate it to Spanish," Alentado said of the customized work. ,Born in Cuba, Alentado worked as a police officer in south Florida for 12 years. He started his Spanish instruction business in 1995, and it has grown to the point where he and several part time instructors are teaching in 30 states. Chacon works for him as a part time instructor. What they offer ranges from a one day seminar up to the intense immersion courses. ,Alentado said many police chiefs experience "sticker shock" when it comes to getting their officers fluent but said the 1,350 tuition for the 10 day immersion class is a lot less than the 1 million the city of Tucson recently paid out when one of its non Spanish speaking officers shot an unarmed Latino man going through a garbage can. ,"It's just a matter of priorities," he said, adding that many of the officers get the training through grant money, as was the case with the Champaign officers.Bilingual voting ballots ordered in 25 states ,WASHINGTON the run up to the 2012 elections, the federal government is ordering that 248 counties and other political jurisdictions provide bilingual ballots to Hispanics and other minorities who speak little or no English. ,That number is down from a decade ago following the 2000 census, which covered 296 counties in 30 states. In all, more than 1 in 18 jurisdictions must now provide foreign language assistance in pre election publicity, voter registration, early voting and absentee applications as well as Election Day balloting. ,The latest requirements, mandated under the Voting Rights Act, partly reflect second and third generations of racial and ethnic minorities who are now reporting higher levels of proficiency in English than their parents. Still, analysts cite a greater potential for resistance from localities that face tighter budgets, new laws requiring voter IDs at polls and increased anti immigration sentiment. ,Effective this week, Hispanics who don't speak English proficiently will be entitled to Spanish language election material in urban areas of political battleground states including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and Utah, as well as the entire states of California, Florida and Texas. For the first time, people from India will get election material in their native language, in voting precincts in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, due to their fast population growth. ,More American Indian tribal languages will be made available in many parts of Alaska, Arizona and Mississippi, while Vietnamese and Taiwanese will get their own voting assistance in several new areas, including parts of Washington state, Texas, Massachusetts and California. Asian Bangladeshi must be provided for the first time in Hamtramck, Mich, which neighbors Detroit. ,"We would like to be in a society where everyone has equal opportunities to vote, but that's not the reality we're living in today," said James Thomas Tucker, a former Justice Department attorney who is now a voting rights lawyer in Las Vegas. Tucker said the law has been key in the election of new Hispanic and Asian officials in many places, even as he noted that a vocal English only language movement and new budget constraints on local governments could stir fresh tensions. ,"Some jurisdictions will see pushback," he said. ,The Voting Rights Act provision, first approved by Congress in 1975, requires states, counties and political subdivisions to supply versions of ballots and election materials in other languages if a Latino, Asian American, American Indian or Alaskan minority group makes up more than 5 percent of the voting age population or at least 10,000 citizens. ,The minorities must be unable to speak or understand English well enough to vote in elections, a proficiency level determined by those who indicate in census surveys that they don't speak English "very well." The minority group also should have literacy rates ranking below the national average. ,In all, 248 counties and other political divisions must provide election materials involving 68 covered languages in 25 states, according to the list released Wednesday by the Census Bureau. The agency puts together the list based on its review of survey data on minority population growth, educational attainment and English proficiency. ,It was the first decline in the total number since the bureau began compiling the list with English proficiency criteria in the 1980s. ,Under a separate provision of the Voting Rights Act, some 200 other jurisdictions are already required to provide bilingual material, including the entire states of Alaska, Arizona and Texas. With the newest additions this week, the total number of counties or subdivisions with requirements is more than 1 in 18. ,The language requirements already have drawn fire from some Republicans, who complain they are too burdensome on local governments. ,In a letter in August, Reps. They cited the case of Cuyahoga County in Ohio, which spent more than 100,000 on bilingual ballots in a light turnout primary election last May. ,Localities have struggled in the past with compliance, since they are left to figure out the best ways to provide bilingual materials at a reasonable cost. But Pew and separate government studies said compliance often could be achieved at lower cost by hiring bilingual poll workers who perform dual functions of translation and other Election Day tasks, as well as printing sample bilingual ballots that minorities could refer to. ,Eugene Lee, voting rights project director at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, noted the significant impact that language assistance has had on voting and the election of Asian Americans in places such as California. In Los Angeles County, officials will now be required to offer materials in Cambodian and Asian Indian languages in addition to Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.Bill allowing guns on school grounds likely going nowhere ,MADISON, Wis. AP A Republican bill that would allow people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns on school grounds is likely going nowhere in the state Assembly, a top GOP leader said Thursday. ,Senate President Mary Lazich along with Reps. Jesse Kremer and Robert Brooks began circulating the bill for co sponsors on Wednesday. The bill is part of a flurry of proposals lawmakers are throwing at their leaders as the session winds down and they prepare to hit the campaign trail. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told reporters during a question and answer session Thursday that this one probably won't get a floor vote in his house. ,He said he supports gun rights but the proposal is coming too late Vos wants the Assembly to finish its work by the end of February and no one is clamoring for the bill. ,"It's not a high priority. In fact, it's not a priority at all," Vos, a Rochester Republican, said. "Quite frankly, as I have traveled around the state and been home in my district there hasn't been a whole lot of people who have asked me for this. sissy k's fake id a fake id that scans spotting a fake id how to get fake id australia

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