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pennsylvania state id cost buy fake army id Ontario had initially dismissed the idea of a foreign buyer tax like the one implemented last in Vancouver caller id fake app download reloadit netspend how to fake an id picture apps that scan fake ids fake android device id,In the Greater Toronto Area ,Another part of Ontario's housing plan is a review of rules for real estate agents ,Sousa has said he knows buyers are pissed" about bidding wars. On Friday he said he's investigating how more transparency can be added to the process, including whether buyers could be informed about other bidders and their offers. ,"I mean, consumers would certainly like it," he said. ,However, Sousa said it's not clear what "degree of disclosure" there should ultimately be and added that homeowners will always want to ensure they can maximize their profits. ,He's also concerned about unethical practices in the industry involving "fake bids," used to entice real buyers to increase their offers, and "double ending," where a real estate agent represents both buyer and seller in a deal and gets commission on both.Finance Republicans Press CMS Nominee on Obamacare Enrollment Safeguards ,In a letter to the acting administrator, Crapo, along with his Republican colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee, questioned the agency's ability to verify and authenticate information used to enroll invidividals in the Obamacare Marketplace. Government Accountability Office GOAinto the federal marketplace. Of those 12 fake enrollees, 11 applicants were approved for health coverage andtogether qualified for nearly 30,000 in taxpayer funded subsides. Even more alarming, a new follow up report by GOA released earlier this month shows that those very same 11 fake enrollees had their coverage automatically extended for 2015. ,"The GAO findings show that there has been a rise in major problems with enrollment controls, with little to no improvement. The findings highlight CMS's conscious decision to downplay program integrity in order to focus on mass enrollment,"the Senators wrote. ,Joining Crapo on the letter are Senators Orrin Hatch R Utah, Chuck Grassley R Iowa, Pat Roberts R Kansas, Mike Enzi R Wyoming, John Cornyn R Texas, John Thune R South Dakota., Richard Burr R North Carolina., Johnny Isakson R Georgia., Rob Portman R Ohio, Pat Toomey R Pennsylvania., Dan Coats R Indiana., Dean Heller R Nevada, and Tim Scott R South Carolina. ,July 28, 2015 ,The Honorable Andrew M. 20201 ,Dear Mr. Slavitt, ,On July 16, 2015, the Senate Committee on Finance held its second hearing on the United States Government Accountability Office's GAO ongoing investigation into the federal Health Insurance Marketplace's enrollment controls. Last week, GAO submitted testimony before the Finance Committee entitled "Observations on 18 Undercover Tests of Enrollment Controls for Health Care Coverage and Consumer Subsidies Provided under the Act." Seto J. Bagdoyan, Director of Forensic Audits and Investigative Service, served as GAO's witness in explaining their findings to the Committee. Mr. Bagdoyan's testimony, both at the hearing and in his written statement, show that problems persist, including those that GAO raised a year ago at the Finance Committee's first hearing on the Marketplace's enrollment controls. ,To better assess the enrollment controls of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, GAO conducted 18 undercover tests using fictitious applicants. Of GAO's 18 fictitious applicants, 6 sought to apply in person and 12 applied online or via telephone. Of these 12, 11 were approved by the Marketplace for coverage and subsidies in 2014. In early 2015, six of the fake applicants were terminated. However, GAO was able to have five of the six reinstated very easily without any additional documentation and with greater subsidy amounts. GAO attempted to sign up the other six fictitious applicants for tax credits with in person assisters. In five out of six cases, both Navigators and non Navigator assistance personnel failed to offer any assistance. ,Although GAO was careful to note that the results of its tests cannot be generalized to the full population of applicants or enrollees, these findings are very troubling. The GAO findings show that there has been a rise in major problems with enrollment controls, with little to no improvement. The findings highlight CMS's conscious decision to downplay program integrity in order to focus on mass enrollment. The Administration had spent over 120 million on the Navigator program for the 2014 and 2015 open enrollment periods. These enrollment assistance programs cannot be allowed to use hard earned taxpayer dollars for expenses that are either wasted or untracked in terms of their use. Moreover, given the operational challenges of the Marketplace nationwide, the use of federal funds should support programs that efficiently and consistently help American citizens, rather than leaving them dumbfounded. ,When applicant information does not match information available from Marketplace verification sources, these inconsistencies should raise red flags for CMS. Instead, GAO reports that, according to CMS officials, the Marketplace did not terminate any coverage for several types of inconsistencies. We are concerned by these findings. Accordingly, we request the following information by no later than Monday, August 31, 2015: ,1. When did GAO first notify CMS of issues with the federal exchange's enrollment controls ,2. What steps, if any, did CMS take in response to GAO's findings If CMS did not take steps in response to GAO's findings, why not ,3. How does the federal exchange verify identity, citizenship, and salary information When answering, please address the following questions: ,a. Does the federal exchange use different methods of verification for online, telephone, or in person applications If so, why ,b. Does the federal exchange use different methods of verification for identity, citizenship, and salary information If so, why ,c. For verification purposes, are identity, citizenship, and salary information of equal importance ,4. What, if any, internal controls were in place when the federal exchanges were first opened, including controls for online, telephone, and in person applications What, if any, additional controls have been added since that time Were these controls sufficient ,5. Does CMS have the ability to track how many individuals were actually declined and prevented from receiving subsidies ,6. Please describe how CMS assesses the effectiveness of the federal exchange's enrollment controls, including controls for online, telephone, and in person applications. Has CMS identified any other weaknesses in the federal exchange's enrollment controls that GAO did not identify If so, what weaknesses ,7. It has come to our attention that the federal exchange has been employing a good faith policy, or good faith exemption, as part of its verification process, specifically with respect to applicants' submission of documents. ,a. What is the good faith policy Please explain in detail. ,b. Why does CMS think that this is the appropriate verification standard for identity, citizenship, and salary information ,c. Does the good faith policy extend beyond verification of identity, citizenship, and salary informationfinances lead to closing of Danville Manor ,SUNBURY A routine inspection of a Danville personal care home led to its shuttering by the state Department of Public Welfare and the relocation of 20 of its 23 residents. ,The Danville Manor, 11 Mill St., a home for the mentally disabled, was ordered closed June 1 after an inspection revealed 61 violations, said Stacey Witalec, spokeswoman for the department. Witalec said the home officially shut its doors July 3 after new homes were found for the majority of the residents who lived there. ,Witalec said the violations ranged from inadequate staff training and qualifications to errors in medication administration and fire and safety issues, such as blocked doorways. ,Fifteen of the 61 violations recorded were repeat violations at the home, Witalec said, which was why the department opted not to renew operator Joseph M. Gerst's license for the home he operated for the past 10 years. ,"As a result of repeated violations and current violations . the department is not renewing your provisional license," read a certified letter obtained by The Daily Item that was sent to Gerst from the department's bureau of adult residential licensing. Reached Friday by phone at his home, Gerst, 63, of Lewisburg, conceded violations did exist, but said it was he who chose not to renew his license because of the cost of running the facility. ,"Expenses were skyrocketing," Gerst said. "And the money coming in was not increasing as costs were increasing. wa fake id fake police id generator quick delivery fake id Gerst declined to discuss specifics regarding the home's financial outlook. ,The Danville Manor was operating under a provisional license due to past violations

fake id at summerfest student id card fake fake id god payment scannable fake id nyc Once the state ordered its closure does fake id work in america new york fake id template fake id reddit miami ohio new new york id card fastest fake id website We help them find a new location and some people decide to go with family in other areas and some people decide to move out of the area," Witalec said. "The department makes sure they have a place to go . and we'll do a follow up with them to make sure the placement is working. ,In addition to the violations identifying fake id new ids fake reddit fake ids oswego Witalec said Gerst had not appealed the revocation of the license by June 10 ,We would not have been able to close the home had an appeal been filed," Witalec said. "It would have operated on the previous license until a decision was made. ,Contradictions between Gerst and the Department of Public Welfare are not uncommon ,What they forget is that there were 20 some people who had to move because of their inability to provide good care," she said. ,Gerst and The Danville Manor have come under fire in the past. It was in 2002 when Gerst sought to open a second personal care home in Danville at the former Elks building at the corner of Mill Street and Montour Boulevard near St. Joseph's Catholic School. His proposal was denied. ,At the time, residents opposed the plan based on how they said Gerst ran the Danville Manor, claiming residents there were poorly supervised and subjected passersby to lewd behavior. ,The Daily Item's archive, however, revealed only one incident at the home in the past seven years an assault involving two of the home's residents. ,Though Gerst has admitted there were problems with inadequate staff training and clutter, he said there were no problems with resident care. ,"I think you'll find there was never a problem with resident care," Gerst said. "All the residents here were very happy. where to get a good fake id fake id marijuana buy fake id washington

fake id walter sorrells The manor's residents had become a familiar sight on Mill Street and throughout the Danville community ,Bobby was always there every Sunday for both services," junior warden Dave Peterson said. "He was always friendly, always polite, always thanking us for the service. Peterson said Combs' absence has been felt for the past two Sundays ,We would certainly like to know," Peterson said. ,ArticlesUPDATED: Coroner releases ID of woman found in vehicleMiddleburg man arrested for child pornPrescription medication may have played role in deathState police investigating sexual assaults in 2 countiesPolice: Mifflinburg man kept 'spice' in bed top tentWild pursuit ends with 70 charges, 4 dead livestockJudge: Couple hasn't paid fees in suit against countyAG: Sanutti Jr. torched Brass Key tavern in 2013State to announce first 12 medical marijuana permitsPolice: Traffic stop shuts down mobile meth labfinances under RCMP investigation ,First Nation band that were used to enrich members of a single family to the tune of 4.2 million over three and a half years, according to a forensic audit obtained this week by Postmedia News. ,The Shuswap First Nation's transfers to the family, as well as additional funding for trips to Las Vegas and Cuba, ended in November of 2014 when the family was voted out of office following Postmedia's disclosure of the family's lavish salaries. ,The 13 page report was also handed over to the Mounties. ,"It is under RCMP investigation," Chief Barbara Cote and her two councillors said in a recent written statement to band members. ,Despite that ongoing police probe, the family member who received the largest portion of the 4.2 million during the 2011 to 2014 period is running in next month's election to sit on council and potentially become Shuswap chief. ,Candidate Dean Martin, son of former chief Paul Sam and former councillor Alice Sam Paul Sam's ex wife, is one of the challengers going against the three person incumbent council made up of Cote and councillors Tim Eugene and Rosalita Pascal. ,Prior to the 2014 election Martin, who boasted in 2014 that his parents deserved to be paid more than Canada prime minister because they served their longer than any Canadian leader, was the chief executive officer of Kinbasket Development Corp., a band owned corporation. ,Martin, who could not be reached for comment, had received just under 1.4 million between April 2011 and November 2014, according to the Ernst Young forensic audit that was funded, according to Cote, by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. ,That amount, tax free because Martin worked on reserve, is the equivalent of roughly 2.5 million if he paid income taxes, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. ,His father Paul Sam, who was in his 80s and confined to a wheelchair, received 741,262, which is the equivalent of 1.3 million. His mother Alice, who served as band bookkeeper, got 690,481, or just over 1.2 million had she been living off reserve and paying income tax. ,The forensic audit of all band finances, including revenues obtained from enterprises such as a golf club resort, forestry and real estate holdings, was the second audit funded by Ottawa. ,An earlier Ernst Young audit, completed in January, was focused only on money transferred to the band from the federal government. Postmedia was unable to obtain that audit. ,There was "general and widespread lack of supporting documentation," Ernst Young concluded in the July forensic audit, noting inadequate proof that expenditures were reviewed to ascertain the business purpose of the transaction. ,The audit, sent anonymously to Postmedia by a "concerned band member," showed that two private companies Shuswap Woodlands Restoration and KDC Sand Gravel received an additional 1.36 million in undocumented funds. ,SWR is owned by Dean Martin's son Robert, while KDC Sand Gravel is owned by his other son Richard. ,Another 66,481 was spent during this period "on flights to destinations such as Las Vegas, Chicago and Varadero, Cuba for travel of an apparent personal nature," Ernst Young stated. ,It doesn't state who took those trips. ,The audit also discovered two 15,000 amounts that had been "diverted" from the band, one to pay off Dean Martin's credit card and the other to pay off his son Richard card. Another 20,000 was diverted to pay down the line of credit of Pam Martin, Dean Martin's former wife. ,And 28,000 was diverted over that period to cover "travel and accommodations for a softball team." Family members include several avid current or former competitive baseball and softball players. ,Ernst Young, which tried but failed to interview the Sams and Dean Martin, also found: ,Canfor forestry licence transfers to the band totalling 424,311 ended up in the coffers of companies owned by his two sons, with 200,000 going to KDCSG and the rest to SWR. ,While Martin's actual contract stated that he receive 121,500 a year, his average salary was over 400,000. ,Cheques were "often" signed by the person receiving the proceeds. ,Bank accounts were opened outside the band's accounting system, with 542,497 in band revenues being deposited with the Bank of Montreal and 105,000 with the Kootenay Savings Credit Union. "Significant" chunks of those deposits were later paid out to Sam Martin family members. ,Canadian Taxpayers Federation spokesman Jordan Bateman said Martin has an unfair advantage in trying to win back control of the band council in the Nov. 8 election. ,Martin has hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on his campaign and to woo the very small Shuswap electorate, Bateman said Friday. ,unlikely any of his opponents have those kind of resources. Hopefully, voters get access to the full information about how their council has been run and change things. urged the RCMP to devote sufficient resources to complete a full investigation. ,in our political system whether on or off reserve can never be tolerated or overlooked, as integrity is foundational to democracy, he said.Financial aid on a debit card ,WASHINGTON It took Mario Parker Milligan less than a semester to decide that he was paying too many fees to Higher One, the company hired by his college to pay out students'financialaidon debit cards. ,Four years after he opted out, his classmates still face more than a dozen fees for replacement cards, for using the cards as all purpose debit cards, for using an ATM other than the two on campus kiosks owned by Higher One. ,"They sold it as a faster, cheaper way for the college to get students their money," said Parker Milligan, 23, student body president at Lane Community College in Eugene, Ore. "It may be cheaper for the college, but it's not cheaper for the students. Recommended:Financial aid: One of six tools to graduate debt free ,As many as 900 colleges are pushing students into using payment cards that carry hefty costs, Financial aid: One of six tools to graduate debt free ,Colleges and banks rake in millions from the fees governers ball fake id buy a fake id uk florida fake ids for sale fake id laws virginia

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