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funny fake id best fake ids reddit Kapadia and other members of the PUNCH team presented details about the system in November during an international computer conference fake licence maker fake my caller id text fake id fine fake id for sale las vegas make an id,Lundstrom has developed a simulation tool for designing transistors only a few atoms wide ,The ABC7 News I Team has discovered that some of the same people who launched the Occupy movement are now considering a plan to occupy the airwaves. By hijacking radio and television stations ,Deep in the Sierra foothills app to fake your caller id fake id in Missouri footloose fake id dance Jake calls himself a hacker. He has the t shirt and a year and a half in federal prison to prove it. With the screen name Secret Squirrel," Jake was convicted of "causing damage to a protected computer" hacking into his former employer's system but the conviction was reversed on appeal because of insufficient evidence. ,His new project would exploit security gaps in the nation's Emergency Alert System or EAS. ,"There's no authentication, there's no encryption, there's no passwords, there's nothing that is required to send what would appear to be a valid message," he says. ,Jake is taking inspiration from what's become a popular film among activists, "V for Vendetta," in which a rebel takes over a totalitarian government's TV system. ,Jake's plan almost sounds too simple. He's written a software program to generate those familiar squawks you hear that activate the Emergency Alert System. All he has to do is drive to a location near an EAS receiver and take out his gear, without being spotted. ,"I would then play the tones on my laptop, they get transmitted by the radio, I then play my audio message and then I just pack everything up and walk away," he says. ,There's even a YouTube video from the annual hackers' convention, Def Con, that shows step by step how to take over EAS. ,Bill Ruck is a former engineer for major Bay Area radio stations. He's now a consultant, helping counties with their emergency communication systems. Ruck says most radio and TV stations across the country are fully automated for at least a portion of the day. EAS messages even fake ones go straight on the air. ,"There's nobody there to say, 'This really looks strange. I'm not going to do it,' because there's nobody there," says Ruck. "So, if you send the right information through the right radio channel, you will take over a radio or TV station. ,He says only the top stations in the top markets have someone there 24 hours a day who might catch a phony message.

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how much for florida id Jake says he's not a member and that he hasn't participated in any of the Anonymous operations protesting Scientology ,Jake says Anonymous could send a War of the Worlds" type message across EAS. ,"For example, you send a message saying that there were 20 dirty bombs or something like that that were detonated, and that would cause people to have a great deal of anxiety about things," he says. ,"When I think about what the results of that might be, people could really get hurt in that, that could really cause some awful stuff," says San Francisco State Broadcast Professor Marie Drennan. ,Drennan has lead a master's class about Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" radio drama from 1938. The description of an alien invasion caused an uproar across the country. ,"You would think it was just kind of the backwoods rural folks who fell for it, but it wasn't, it really wasn't. There were people in apartment buildings in New York City who were running around the halls asking each other what was going on," says Drennan. ,Drennan says some modern day hoaxes have failed to get much notice, like the July Fourth hacking of the Fox News Twitter account saying the president had been shot dead, and NBC's Twitter feed hacked days before the 9/11 anniversary saying Ground Zero had once again been attacked. ,However, activists were able to cause a stir in the Czech Republic in 2007. They cut into an early morning program that shows panoramic scenes and inserted a nuclear blast. ,"I have to admit the idea of taking over the EAS, I love it, I love it, I love it but I can see how it could go horrible wrong," says Drennan.Computer Science Design Patterns ,The abstract factory pattern provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme without specifying their concrete classes. In normal usage, the client software creates a concrete of the abstract factory and then uses the generic of the factory to create the concrete objects that are part of the theme. The client does not know or care which concrete objects it gets from each of these internal factories, since it uses only the generic s of their products. This pattern separates the details of of a set of objects from their general usage and relies on object composition, as object creation is implemented in methods exposed in the factory . createLetter and createResume. The system would have any number of derived concrete versions of the DocumentCreator class like FancyDocumentCreator or ModernDocumentCreator, each with a different of createLetter and createResume that would create a corresponding object like FancyLetter or ModernResume. Each of these products is derived from a simple abstract class like Letter or Resume of which the client is aware. The client code would get an appropriate instance of the DocumentCreator and call its factory methods. Each of the resulting objects would be created from the same DocumentCreator and would share a common theme they would all be fancy or modern objects. The client would only need to know how to handle the abstract Letter or Resume class, not the specific version that it got from the concrete factory.A factory is the location of a concrete class in the code at which objects are constructed. The intent in employing the pattern is to insulate the creation of objects from their usage and to create families of related objects without having to depend on their concrete classes. This allows for new derived types to be introduced with no change to the code that uses the base class.Use of this pattern makes it possible to interchange concrete s without changing the code that uses them, even at runtime. However, employment of this pattern, as with similar design patterns, may result in unnecessary complexity and extra work in the initial writing of code. Additionally, higher levels of separation and abstraction can result in systems which are more difficult to debug and maintain. However, the factory only s an abstract pointer to the created concrete object.This insulates client code from object creation by having clients ask a factory object to create an object of the desired abstract type and to an abstract pointer to the object.As the factory only s an abstract pointer, the client code that requested the object from the factory does not know and is not burdened by the actual concrete type of the object that was just created. However, the type of a concrete object and hence a concrete factory is known by the abstract factory; for instance, the factory may read it from a configuration file. The client has no need to specify the type, since it has already been specified in the configuration file. In particular, this means:The client code has no knowledge whatsoever of the concrete type, not needing to include any header files or class declarations related to it. The client code deals only with the abstract type. s of a concrete type are indeed created by the factory, but the client code accesses such objects only through their abstract .Adding new concrete types is done by modifying the client code to use a different factory, a modification that is typically one line in one file. The different factory then creates objects of a different concrete type, but still s a pointer of the same abstract type as before thus insulating the client code from change. This is significantly easier than modifying the client code to instantiate a new type, which would require changing every location in the code where a new object is created as well as making sure that all such code locations also have knowledge of the new concrete type, by including for instance a concrete class header file. If all factory objects are stored globally in a singleton object, and all client code goes through the singleton to access the proper factory for object creation, then changing factories is as easy as changing the singleton object.MailingClient already calls classes that implement the IEmployee but the LegacyEmployee doesn't implement it. We could add a new method to LegacyEmployee to implement the IEmployee but LegacyEmployee is legacy code and can't be changed. We could modify the MailingClient class to call LegacyEmployee but it needs to change every call. The formatting code would be duplicated everywhere. Moreover, MailingClient won't be able to call other provider class that implement the IEmployee any more.So the solution is to code the formatting code in another independent class, an adapter, also called a wrapper class:The WebGL 2D is a JavaScript library that implements the adapter pattern. This library is used for the HTML5 canvas element. The canvas element has two s: 2d and WebGL. The first one is very simple to use and the second is much more complex but optimized and faster. This pattern should not be planned at design time. If you plan to use it for a project from scratch, this means that you don't understand this pattern. It should be used only with legacy code. Most of the code has redundancies but less than without the pattern. The modern should always provide as much information as the legacy needs to work.Put the adapter term in the name of the adapter class to indicate the use of the pattern to the other developers.Computer scientist develops love of teaching ,Growing up in India, Krishnendu Roy didn't have much programming experience when he graduated from high school outside of playing DOOM and Diablo, but he knew that's what he wanted to study. ,"Computer science was not that big in high school, but at the same time, computer science was taking off as an industry in India," said Roy. ,As he was finishing up his undergrad degree in Calcutta, technology companies came to the school to recruit. One of the largest, TCS, a computer services provider, wanted to hire him, but the tradeoff for Roy was too much. ,"I wanted to learn more about computer science . once you start working, you get more focused into whatever project you're working on and you can't branch out that much, especially in services companies. Instead of taking the job ,There The experience of being a TA made me interested in teaching. ,He applied for a number of teaching positions, I'm interested in being a really good teacher. That was one of the primary things I was looking at . interacting with students and teaching them starting from the basic computer science sources all the way to the senior level courses. ,"I wanted to be in a department that's supportive of its faculty. It's not always any one thing you can put your finger on and say 'Ah, that makes a department good,' but when I interviewed here, I had a good feeling about this place. ,So Roy graduated on the first Saturday of August in 2009 fake id blake shelton ny state fake id law fake caller id block female 21 fake id illinois

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