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fake id caribbean chinese fake id cards The report makes no suggestions of discipline or corrective action. Wallace announced his retirement fake id new orleans fake drivers licenses mensa id card florida fake id buy a fake credit card,Wallace had said he believes the low morale was caused by financial hard times resulting in cutbacks ,A common thread throughout the information provided by staff is that morale is at an all time low," Sinz wrote in the eight page report. "Whereas Chief Wallace has been well intentioned on the decisions he has made, there has been a fundamental and significant disconnect over the last few years that is now very evident and has resulted in a loss of faith in his leadership among the majority of district chiefs, lieutenants and the majority of those interviewed from the rank and file. ,Sinz listed 10 areas in which she saw that disconnect. Among them: sc fake id template get texas id buy WestVirginia fake id Promoting less qualified people over senior staff members. ,Arguing publicly with firefighters and needing to be asked to leave fire stations on more than one occasion.

reddit fake id austin fake id misdemeanor michigan state drivers license template caller fake id mod apk Criticizing and belittling employees to other firefighters. arizona fake id template 80 fake id how to fake an id fake florida id card online best place to buy a fake id Sending emails that have been difficult at best. ,Sinz quoted an unnamed firefighter/paramedic as saying Wallace had written some emails that have been really condescending . . . odd." One of the emails, he said, was demeaning to employees. ,An unnamed lieutenant said "Emails seem self aggrandizing, self centered and miss the message. fake id consequencss best wisconsin fake id fake id book online Wallace's requesting comment but reacting badly when it was not what he wanted to hear. ,The perception is that, if administration doesn't like it or agree with it, you end up getting in trouble or challenged for the input you are providing that they asked for. This has resulted in management staff and rank and file not wanting to provide their input," Sinz wrote. ,Wallace said Friday that he believes he was a victim of both the economy and a decision not to promote a senior employee. That disgruntled employee, he said, and five of his friends were the first to complain. ,Wallace said the decision to promote a younger employee was supported by City Manager Mac Craig until the complaints started. Rather than supporting him, Craig chose to investigate, Wallace said. ,"I don't feel betrayed. I don't feel anger. I'm not bitter," Wallace said. "But what surprised me was the lack of support by the city manager and two assistant city managers. ,Wallace said he decided to retire because the investigation was becoming a huge distraction" for the entire department and interfering with daily activities. ,Wallace, 57, began his career as an emergency medical technician with the Madeira Beach Fire Department and moved to the Largo department in 1986. He stayed there for the next 18 years, moving up through the ranks to division chief. He next went to Seminole to serve as assistant chief but returned to Largo three years later to take the top spot. ,He took over a department that had been torn by controversy and strife. Former Chief Jeff Bullock had been the subject of two investigations, one of which concluded he had used his position improperly to get a discount on a bed topper for his personal pickup. The other was sparked by claims from a firefighter that Bullock had mismanaged the department and mistreated employees. The city closed that investigation after finding no proof Bullock had violated Largo's discrimination and harassment policy. ,Karry Bell, the acting chief after Bullock departed, also resigned while under investigation. He said he was the victim of a flood of complaints by firefighters. ,Things went well for Wallace at first. In his first evaluation, after six months on the job, Craig praised him for, among other things, improved morale: "Chief Wallace has provided a strong sense of esprit de corps. . . . He visits a different station every day on his way to work and spends time with each of the crews during shift change. ,At the end of one year on the job how to make a fake student id card total frat movement fake id fake gmail id

fake Colorado id card But by October ,Weeks later Ms. Pawelski said the same provision allows a board to negotiate a contract that would provide credit for more days ,How the School Code will affect Dr. Rosetti's final payout is unclear news story of 2016 the tumultuous presidential campaign yielded a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for the Washington Post reporter who not only raised doubts about Donald Trump's charitable giving but also revealed that the candidate had been recorded crudely bragging about grabbing women. ,David A. Fahrenthold won the prize for national reporting, Fahrenthold's submission also included his story about Trump's raunchy behind the scenes comments during a 2005 taping of Access Hollywood." The footage rocked the White House race and prompted a rare apology from the then candidate. ,In another election related prize, Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal won the Pulitzer for commentary for columns that "connected readers to the shared virtues of Americans during one of the nation's most divisive political campaigns. ,The judges said Fahrenthold's reporting created a model for transparent journalism," a model he built partly by using Twitter to publicize his efforts and let Trump see what he was doing. The president "can expect to see more of me on Twitter," said Fahrenthold, now part of a team looking at Trump businesses. ,American journalism's most distinguished prizes also recognized work that shed light on international financial intrigue and held local officials accountable. ,"Thanks to this investigation, New York now sees how an extremely muscular law, combined with aggressive policing, combined with a lack of counsel, combined with lax judges produced damaging miscarriages of justice," Daily News Editor in Chief Arthur Browne said. The Daily News reporter credited with most of the work was Sarah Ryley. ,ProPublica's managing editor, Robin Fields, said the project was "the type of collaboration that ProPublica had in mind" when the independent, nonprofit organization was launched nine years ago. ,The New York Times' staff received the international reporting award for its work on Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts to project Moscow's power abroad. Chivers for a story about a Marine's descent into violence after returning home from war. ,Winners ranged from partnerships spanning hundreds of reporters to newspapers as small as The Storm Lake Times, a twice weekly, 3,000 circulation family owned paper in Iowa. Co owner Art Cullen won the editorial writing award for challenging powerful corporate agricultural interests in the state. ,Cullen said he was stunned by the win. "Nobody's ever heard of us before," he said with a laugh. ,The prize for explanatory reporting went to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, McClatchy and the Miami Herald, which amassed a group of over 400 journalists to examine the leaked "Panama Papers" and expose the way that politicians, criminals and rich people stashed money in offshore accounts. ,Meanwhile, the Herald's Jim Morin won the award for editorial cartooning. He also won in 1996. ,Eric Eyre of The Charleston Gazette Mail received the investigative reporting prize for articles showing that drug wholesalers had shipped 780 million hydrocodone and oxycodone pills to West Virginia in six years, as 1,728 people fatally overdosed on the painkillers. Eyre obtained Drug Enforcement Administration records that leading drug wholesalers had fought in court to keep secret. ,The staff of the East Bay Times in Oakland, California, received the breaking news reporting award for its coverage of a fire that killed 36 people at a warehouse party and for its follow up reporting on how local officials hadn't taken action that might have prevented it. ,Executive Editor Neil Chase said the award was "tremendously humbling," but "you have to pause and realize that 36 people died in the fire, and this story should have never happened. fake id websites 2014 fake id clipart fake id in nyc reddit best fake ids on the market

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