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fake id at movie theater country song fake id I want to appreciate the Nigerian Police for this great service to humanity God in Heaven enabled them to render to the Obi family. Honestly queensland drivers license drivers license templates fake national id what state for fake id fake id photo background,I agree that their names are evasive. They all have original names and the Police job is to unravel the names. No matter the names called ,Officials with the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff are now saying a kidnapping did not occur on Saturday ,Sheriff officials received a call just before 5pm on Saturday from a person who said they saw a woman forced into a vehicle by three men near Vine St. and Pacheco Blvd. fake drivers license fake georgia id template fake id bars philly RECENT COMMENTS:Aspirin on Claycord Talk About PoliticsTrump has signed none of the major legislation he promised in his first 100 days, let alone the first five months." NPR ,anon on Claycord Talk About PoliticsMueller's friendship with Comey brings his ability to be neutral in his investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 election into question. To further cast ,Mount Mom on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InDunkin Donuts ,And the right has it on UPDATE: Police Identify Suspect In Fatal Shooting That Led To Pit Bull AttackPit That perp was ALREADY a felon. The family was covering for him. Bad people, all around. And then they ha a pit. Dogs do ,And the right has it on TRASHED: Grayson Creek and Surrounding Area Near DVC Plaza Filled with GarbageDon't blame the police, blame the voters! Who do you think gives the police their orders And their orders are to not do anything about ,Jan Smuts on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InSpur Steak Ranches! Closest one is in Cape Town. Marine Corps Rescue Helicopter at Buchanan Field in Concord VIDEOIt's based at Pacific States Aviation, Owned by a tenant there, along with teh pile of junked helicopters, an APC, and an old Nasa spy ,unclebrad on Claycord Online Museum A 1992 Channel Guide from Concord TV Cable Only 39 ChannelsAh, cable. When first starting out, wasn't cable touted as the cool thing because you, not advertisers, were paying for the programing and there wouldn't ,And the right has it on Public Hearings to Discuss the Proposed Carmax Auto Superstore in Pleasant HillPison NO MORE section 8! Those places just create a central area for crime, and more of a blight on the surrounding areas. ,annon. on Claycord Talk About Local PoliticsThere is an interesting item on next city council meeting, for delivery of medical marijuana or cannibas, if you read the entire presentation, it looks ,And the right has it on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantReason You better be sure that CA has a gift tax! Look it up. I am unsure where you are getting your misinformation from, but ,Claire on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InHooters is supposed to open where Tahoe Joes used to be. Gross. is this supposed to be the next transition for high school students who ,Cowellian on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantAbsolutely not! Tipping serves an important purpose, linking compensation with performance. And forcing restaurants to raise their wages will only cause more of them to ,And the right has it on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InWhy do people keep saying Olive Garden for everything! Blah! Also, NO MORE HOUSING!!!! You complain about parking and road congestion, then want to bring ,Jasmine on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InI'd love a Cheesecake Factory. I agree with local businesses being better, but with the size of this that just wouldn't work. Although the location ,And the right has it on Contra Costa County Library Continues in the Library Program this SummerThese kids are NOT hungry. If they are, then mommy and daddy if there is one needs to stop squandering their welfare money on stuff ,Eye Witness on Contra Costa County Library Continues in the Library Program this SummerYou idiots need reading skills. Maybe go to the library yourselves. The article clearly states this program is supported by the Packard Foundation. A non profit ,The Mamba on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InA bridge to the Willows for easier access. Plus it will give the trolls another place to camp beneath. ,FCA on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantNEVER have an automatic tip. And never tip on alcohol!!! ,MzKim on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InI would love to see Red Lobster back at that lication ,JAR on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InYard house ,My two cents on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InI don't know what you would call it but something like a police station depot location could work well there. There is so much crimeKids At Their Best to buy Wiggins ambulance barn ,Kids At Their Best may have its own home soon after the Board of Morgan County Commissioners approved selling the program the former ambulance barn in Wiggins. ,Director Jody Walker said she had been hoping that would happen, because it would be nice to have a permanent home for the program, instead of having to find places where activities were possible. ,Kids At Their Best is a program which used to be called The Production Co. that offers dance and gymnastics classes during the school year, summer activities and a free summer lunch program in both Wiggins and Fort Morgan. ,Kids At Their Best won out over three other bidders with a bid of 80,000 for the former ambulance barn. ,The commissioners said they had hoped for a price closer to the assessed price of 105,000 and hated to sell the barn at a "fire sale" price, but it was best to go with the highest bidder. ,The second highest price was offered by Glen Neal of Lazy J Diamond Enterprises at 50,292. Neal was at the commissioners meeting and laid out how his offer could benefit the county even though it was not the highest price. ,Having Kids At Their Best buy the barn is contingent on the successful completion of a capital funding campaign, Walker indicated in her bid. She is hoping to win a grant which will help to pay for the building. ,She suggested leaving the tower where it is, and the program would pay to enclose it in a separate room and build its own outside entrance for it. ,Kids At Their Best provides programs for disadvantaged youth in Morgan County at no cost to their families, funded entirely by donations and grants, Walker said. ,It would likely take a year to complete a capital campaign, and Walker asked the county to allow the program to rent the building at 75 a month and take over utility payments, which would save the county some money in the meantime. ,Kids At Their Best offered a much higher price than others and as a nonprofit offers service to the community, said Morgan County Commissioner Laura Teague. ,Morgan County Commissioner Brian McCracken said the board had weighed all the aspects of the proposals and decided the Kids At Their Best bid was best. ,This was a summer of change for the program, Walker said. ,The board of directors changed its name because some people were confused by thinking The Production Co. was a movie company, she said. ,Kids At Their Best also expanded to the Fort Morgan area, working in the neighborhood of Jaycee Park. At first, the kids in that area did not know what to think about the free lunches, but soon began to enjoy the program, Walker said. ,The board was also expanded to include Laura McCracken and Murray Ogborn of the law firm of Ogborn, Summerlin and Ogborn of Denver. ,Children were offered even better lunches this year, Walker said. These lunches come with milk and have their own special bags which contain items such as fruit, nuts, cheese and juice. This food came from the Food Bank of the Rockies, Hunger Free Colorado and Ogborn, Summerlin and Ogborn. ,Lunches were offered three days a week in Wiggins and twice a week in Fort Morgan, and even adults could access lunches by the end of the summer season, Walker said. ,The summer kicked off with a barbecue and games in Wiggins, and about 100 people attended. ,Kids had fun over the summer with various activities such as sidewalk chalk art, painting, water games, movies and giant volleyballs. ,The huge balls were as tall as some of the kids and they came up with a number of ways to play with them, Walker said. ,The Fort Morgan Fire Department came to show the kids a fire truck and talk about fire safety and fire equipment. ,The kids built a whole city out of huge boxes donated by Jaynas Northstar and the Fort Morgan Sears store. They added doors, windows, tunnels, roofs and even a sun roof to the boxes, as well as decorating them, Walker said. ,Xcel Energy and Ogborn, Summerlin and Ogborn helped with a grand finale to the summer with visits from the Children's Museum of Denver and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The children were able to learn about the circle of life through singing, dancing and imagination. They could examine an earth ball a 26 foot tall balloon which shows the rivers, mountains, deserts and oceans of the planet on its surface. ,The last project of the summer was a forensics lesson, in which the kids learned about how investigators actually analyze crime data. This was done in the form of a murder mystery, and the boys really enjoyed jumping into the investigation, Walker said. ,Children studied victim and suspect profiles, looked at what bones could reveal about a victim, earned about handwriting analysis, found out how to use chemistry to analyze samples, learned about blood types and studied how fingerprints are shaped.Kids enjoy police academy ,Taking aim at a balloon attached to a target board, Ethan Rubinacci tried to win a prize by popping the balloon with one shot from a paintball gun. ,He came close, and so did many of the other youths participating in the Junior Police Academy on Thursday at Sarah Scott Middle School. ,Shooting paintballs at targets outside the school was just one of the skills activities for the 100 plus youths in the four day academy. On Monday, they learned about the police bomb squad and watched as a watermelon went kaboom. ,They learned about gun safety, watched K 9 officers do their stuff and saw a "suspect" get tazed. On Thursday, they saw a demonstration by a SWAT team responding to an "emergency" situation. ,"I like that we were actually able to shoot paintball guns," said Chase Green after shooting 30 paintball pellets at a target on Wednesday morning. ,Garrett Carlson agreed. "I like that they make you do the gun safety earlier. ,Both youths are in their second year of attending the camp

how to get a maryland id texas state id card online but eurpoean fake id how to make a fake house Rubinacci is in his third year attending the academy. He said he doesn't plan to seek a career in law enforcement. create a fake license fake id ontario united states id card michigan drivers license template diy fake id kit I'm more into science," he said. But, he is looking forward to being a counselor for the academy when he gets older. "I enjoy this. ,Sebastian Moats is also in his third year attending the academy. free fake id uk back of illinois id how do fake ids work It's been interesting for me," he said after shooting the paintball gun. "I'm debating whether to go into drug enforcement or firearms manufacturing. ,The Junior Police Academy is the cooperative effort of law enforcement with the Vigo County Sheriff's Department ,Staffed by police officers ,I think it's very important, mostly in today's society, when police aren't looked on in a positive way," said organizer Sean Trevarthan, a sheriff's deputy and school liaison officer. "Kids get to come here and bond with us and see police differently. buying alcohol with fake id best fake id australia Indiana fake id for sale

order id online Some counselors have helped at the academy for several summers. ,Holly Osburn I love it," Osburn said of the academy, "and I love helping the kids. ,She is planning for a career in elementary education. Officer Brian Pierce of ISU Police said the firearms session taught some good lessons most notably that it can be hard to tell a real firearm from a fake gun ,We taught them that police officers responding to a situation don't have time to figure out if it's real or a fake gun," Pierce said. ,The youths also saw a video of two friends playing with a gun and then the accidental shooting of one of those children by his friend. It was a sobering lesson. ,And speaking of sober, the youths who wore the drunken driving goggles didn't see things the same way as they went through the field sobriety tests administered by officer Marcia Bahr of THPD. ,Bahr showed the youngsters what officers look for in an intoxicated motorist, and she shared some photos of accidents caused by drunken drivers. history occurred in May 1988, she said, when a drunken driver collided with a school bus, killing 27 people in a fiery twist of metal. The youths saw photographic remnants of that charred yellow school bus with a burned out interior no seats left. ,That drunken driver received a 16 year prison sentence, Bahr said, and he served about 11 years in prison. ,But not all drunken driving victims die, the children learned, seeing photographs of a young woman who lost her ears, nose, eyelids and fingers to the flames of a drunken driving crash. ,After putting on goggles that simulated blood alcohol equivalents of about 0.25 percent, two of the youths failed miserably in walking a straight line. Two more had trouble balancing on one foot while counting. ,One youth, who volunteered to be a suspect in a SWAT demonstration, found himself being gently dragged from the driver's seat of a stopped car and put on the ground to be handcuffed. ,On the sidelines of the parking lot, the academy members watched as the SWAT team carefully approached the vehicle, setting of a "flash bang" device as a diversion to distract the suspect while they were extracting him from the car.kids on what it takes to be their best ' ,About 1,100 runners of all ages, most of whom were accompanied by their supporters and family members, gathered bright and early Saturday at Fairbanks Park to show off their endurance and ruvnning skills, alongside former Terre Haute athlete and New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford. ,Steve Weatherford's Rush the Punter 5K 1 Mile Fun Run, athree hour event, included a 1 mile fun run for kids in kindergarten through third grade, a 1 mile fun run for grades 4 through 8 and a 5K dash/walk for adults of varying age groups. ,"This is the largest race in four years," Tim Fears, the event's announcer, told the crowd. Rush the Punter started four years ago, but it has grown every year, he told the Tribune Star later. It may be one of the largest races in the Wabash Valley, he added. with Weatherford punter for the 2012 Super Bowl Champion Giants sending them off. The kids ran across the starting line and were soon off for the race. A few minutes later, the first finisher started to approach. ,Jonathon Coulson, 9, was thrilled to have crossed the finish line first. As he received his medal immediately after crossing, he told the Tribune Star that he also finished first last year. So, this year, he wanted to see if he can duplicate his success. ,"I just like running," he said. "I really like it., The third grader said he started practicing last week. He used the treadmill as well as exercising outdoors. His mom ,I want to be a basketball player," Jonathon said, but he also wants to participate in track and field at school. He attended the race not only for exercise and for the fun, but also because he admires Weatherford."I like his speed," Jonathon said. ,While many people came to run, others came to cheer on their young runners. One dad did it superhero style. ,Jared Brentlinger received some attention from the crowd and Weatherford himself when he showed up to the event in a Captain America costume, complete with fake muscles. But in the spirit of the event, he also wore a Weatherford New York Giants 5 jersey over the superhero uniform. ,Originally from Terre Haute but now a Greencastle resident,Brentlinger proudly said that he used to deliver the Tribune Star. ,"I was once a paper boy before I became Captain America," he said, showing off his sense of humor. ,Kidding aside, he said he put the Weatherford jersey on top of the festive costume to honor Weatherford, "Because he is a true superhero," said the 38 year old who cheered on his son, Kyle, during his first race. "He gives back to the community. He puts children first, and he has a heart of a superhero," he said. ,At one point, Weatherford and Brentlinger the two "superheroes" took a picture together. ,"Imay end up on his Instagram page," Brentlinger said, laughing. ,A long line of people waited to take a picture with Weatherford and get his autograph. The football champwho attended Terre Haute North Vigo High School, also happily allowed the kids to try on his Superbowl ring. ,Weatherford looks forward to the event every year, he said, because it is a chance for him to bring the community together and encourage both adults and children to be more active. ,"It's just fun for me to come back here, share the blessings that I've had in my life, help motivate, inspire, educate these kids on what it takes to be their best," he said. ,The event concluded with an awards ceremony. Medals were given to first and second place finishers in each adult category. But one kid was recognized, as well. Weatherford's 7 year old son, Ace, received applause from the crowd for successfully completing his first race. ,But Weatherford continued to share his blessings during a lunch with Rush the Punter's sponsors at theVigo County YMCA. On behalf ofThe Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation, he presented3,600 to the YMCA and 1,500 to the 14th and Chestnut Community Center'sGrumbling Tummies program. ,The Rush the Punter event benefited another local non profit:United Way of the Wabash Valley. The goal was to raise 10,000, said Executive Director Troy Fears. ,Fears described Weatherford as a "great ambassador for Terre Haute" and its non profit organizations. For community members, he is positive role model for healthy living and exercise, he said. ,ArticlesFormer Vigo Sheriff Deputy Frank Shahadey pleads guiltyLorick, head of human rights panel, leaving Terre HauteGovernor announces ISU appointmentsFood stamp cuts would hit Wabash Valley hardLea Anne Crooks to serve as chancellor of Ivy Tech Terre Haute campus'Bash on the Bash' set for Aug.Kids who bring toy guns to school could go to jail if bill passes ,BATON ROUGE Louisiana students, technically as young as kindergarteners, who bring toy guns to school could face criminal penalties under a proposal state lawmakers will consider during a session that begins Monday. ,House Bill 43, by Rep. Dodie Horton, R Haughton, would ban the possession of firearms, projectiles or ammunition in Louisiana schools, at school sponsored events or within 1,000 feet of campuses. It includes BB guns, firearm replicas, CO2 propellant guns and other firearm devices that are similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm. ,Violators students and non students could be subject to six months in prison and a 250 fine for a first offense. A second offense would mean a six month jail sentence and 500 fine. ,Horton said her proposal is not intended to target 5 year olds, but the measure, as it stands, includes no exemption for age, applying to all schools, from elementary through college. ,Some school policies already exist to prevent students from bringing toys to school without permission, but Horton said those rules do not include the penalties for offenders and protections for police officers that her legislation provides. ,Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington asked Horton to propose the legislation after a student in a Bossier Parish school pulled an imitation gun and pointed it at a police officer. Horton said the fake gun had been modified to the point a trained eye could not tell the difference. ,this officer went to draw for his gun, the student dropped it and ran, Horton said. the officer picked it up, he could not have known that it was fake. There no way he could have known. said the bill began as a local effort but expanded into statewide legislation because the Louisiana Sheriffs Association saw similar concerns in other parishes. ,just a two fold legislation that would hopefully prevent a student from being shot but also protect the officer from being forced to take action against a student that he would have to live with the rest of his life, Horton said. don want a student to pay with his life for making a bad choice if we can help it. an advocate for Second Amendment rights, described her proposal as sense legislation. It includes exemptions for law enforcement officers and students participating in activities such as ROTC. ,The bill would also exempt possession of the prohibited items on private property, in private residences or in a vehicle within 1,000 feet of a school campus. ,lot of people have thought this is some type of gun control, which is ludicrous if you read the bill. We talking strictly about imitation, fake firearms. noticing concerns from constituents related to the use of the word ammunition in the bill, she said she reached out to the National Rifle Association and is open to amending the bill language long as it doesn interfere with the spirit of the law. has also been collaborating with state education advocacy organizations to address their concerns. She has been in communication with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and plans to work with it once the organization reaches a consensus about what tweaks might need to be made to the measure. ,Louisiana Association of Educators legislative and political director Shane Riddle said his organization will also have an opportunity to meet with Horton to discuss two areas of concern. ,legislation goes a little bit further than just preventing the imitation guns from coming into the school property, he said. is penalty and school property language, like where it says 1,000 feet from the school property, that could present a problem. than charging students with a criminal offense, Riddle believes there are potential penalties at the school level that could serve as alternatives. He said he believes Horton will be willing to hear his organization concerns, and he is hopeful a compromise will be reached. ,do agree that imitation guns should not be brought onto school property unless it in association with some type of program, like a gun safety program. CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE PINTEREST ,Two suspects arrested for three armed carjackings in Metairie ,Tropical Video Update 6/17 ,JPSO: Family carjacked at gunpoint outside Lakeside Mall, suspects arrested after chase ,Hospital update on Steve Scalise's condition ,What is House Majority Whip And how does Rep. Scalise's role impact Louisiana ,Shooter used powerful military surplus rifle in Alexandria ,Tropical Video Forecast 6/18 ,How to protect your pup from spread of dog flu ,Scanner audio of the moment the escaped Georgia inmates were captured ,City refunds hundreds of traffic camera tickets after Eyewitness investigation ,About Us Contact Us Reporters Index Help Connect With Us FCC Online Public Inspection File EEO Public File Report ,Home Weather Hurricane 7 Day Outlook Radars Weather Maps Cameras Weathercall More. Weather Link 4 Marine and Boating Astronomy and Space Links Health Detail Weather Alerts Location Search Weathercaster App Local Investigative Will Smith Trial Politics Orleans Jefferson Northshore More. Lafourche/Terrebonne Crime Clancys Commentaries Health More Local Action Eyewitness Morning News Jefferson Murder Map National Politics Orleans Murder Map Orleans Shootings Plaquemines St. Bernard St. Charles St. John Weight Loss Wednesday TakingaStand Wrinkle Free Friday Vietnamese Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later Flood Side Effects Year in Review If my parents only knew Nation Nowsection/global/nation now Traffic Gas Prices Sports Saints Olympics Pelicans LSU Tulane High School Sports More. Fishing Reports A Athletes More Sports NCAA Basketball Tournament NFL Superbowl Features Entertainment Magnify Money Restaurant Reviews Guardians of the Groove Naturally N'awlins Real Estate More. Gardening One Tank Trips Mardi Gras Lent Specials Donate a Holiday Meal Oscars Chef Beltons Recipes We Choose Louisiana Food LA Made LA Proud Contests TD Jakes Ways to Save Thankful Holiday Lights 12 For The Road Santa Norad Grammys Frank Davis Recipes Eclipse About Meet The Team Jobs Contact TV Listings Advertise with Us Closed Captioning More. Newsletters Justice Network FAQ Privacy Terms RSS Connect With Us Text Alerts Ad Choices Community Rules FCC Public Inspection File Conversation Guidelines News Tips CBS News CBS Shows Survey MyTVKids with cancer enjoy summer camp ,A number of families will spend this holiday season dealing with a sick child with cancer, but there is a wonderful program available to help them that has been around for more than a quarter century. It is the Okizu Foundation based in Novato which provides a variety of free summer camps for children with cancer, their siblings and their parents. The doctors and nurses who attend all volunteer their vacation time. ABC7 News takes you to this past summer session. "I had osteosarcoma and I was treated at Stanford," said 16 year old Spadie. ,"I had rabideaux sarcoma," said 13 year old Tumi. ,"I went to tons of different doctors to take tons of different tests and then I found I had bone cancer in my femur," said 11 year old Meghan. "I'm getting sick all the time from chemo, not seeing my friends, being stuck in the hospital, having to relearn to walk. good quality fake id funny fake ids for sale where to buy a fake texas id fake id ethiopia

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