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fake id texas crime fake id federal crime James Hoke lives with his wife and two children in Steelman Estates Mobile Home Park. He said the family went into their storm cellar as the storm approached. When they came out chinese fake id company how to make a fake college id buy ohio fake id fake id WestVirginia fake id gen,It took a dead hit," Hoke said. ,A storm spotter told the National Weather Service that the tornado left the earth "scoured" at the mobile home park. ,"It seemed like it went on forever. It was a big rumbling for a long time," said Shawn Savory, standing outside his damaged remodeling business in Shawnee. "It was close enough that you could feel like you could reach out and touch it. ,Gov. Mary Fallin declared an emergency for 16 Oklahoma counties that suffered from severe storms and flooding during the weekend. The declaration lets local governments acquire goods quickly to respond to their residents' needs and puts the state in line for federal help if it becomes necessary. ,Heavy rains and straight line winds hit much of western Oklahoma on Saturday. Tornadoes were also reported Sunday at Edmond fake id illinois template fake apple id tax invoice novelty fake id cards I knew it was coming," said Randy Grau, who huddled with his wife and two young sons in their Edmond home's safe room when the tornado hit. He said he peered out his window as the weather worsened and believed he saw a flock of birds heading down the street. ,"Then I realized it was swirling debris. That's when we shut the door of the safe room," said Grau, adding that they remained in the room for 10 minutes. The Wichita tornado was an EF1 on the enhanced Fujita scale, with winds of 110 mph, according to the National Weather Service. ,Sedgwick County Emergency Management Director Randy Duncan said there were no reports of fatalities or injuries in Kansas. ,There were also two reports of tornadoes touching down in Iowa on Sunday night, including one near Huxley, about 20 miles north of Des Moines, and one in Grundy County, which is northeast of Des Moines, according to the Des Moines Register. There were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries. ,In Oklahoma, aerial television news footage showed homes with significant damage northeast of Oklahoma City. Some outbuildings appeared to have been leveled, and some homes' roofs or walls had been knocked down. ,"When I first drove into the neighborhood, I didn't see any major damage until I pulled into the front of my house," said Csaba Mathe, of Edmond, who found a part of his neighbor's fence in his swimming pool. "My reaction was: I hope insurance pays for the cleaning. ,I typically have two trash cans, and now I have five in my driveway.

fake id card printer fake caller id robo call ohio identification card buy fake id reddit The Storm Prediction Center had been warning about severe weather in the region since Wednesday fake id from china obama fake id video fake nurse id fake id buy with credit card hologram on fake id They've been calling for this all day," Edmond resident Anita Wright said after riding out the twister in an underground shelter. She and her husband, Ed, emerged from their hiding place to find uprooted trees, downed limbs and damaged gutters in their home.Toronto genealogists help soldier ,TORONTO ONTARIO, After a search that spanned nearly a century, genealogists in Toronto have helped a Scottish family track down the unmarked grave of a relative who died after serving in the First World War and see him honoured in a military ceremony. ,Ian Hector Steven family knew that he emigrated to Canada from Glasgow in the early 20th century and had married. ,They knew Hector, as he was known, had enlisted in the Canadian military, because he sent home a photo of himself in uniform. They learned he had been wounded from a newspaper story about the war, and found out he had died when they received a Memorial Cross, a medal sent to the mothers of fallen soldiers. ,But for years they didn know the circumstances of his death, whether he left behind any children, or where he was buried. ,The search for Hector descendents began shortly after his death. His sisters posted notices in Canadian newspapers, hoping his widow would get in touch, but they never heard back. When the Second World War broke out and Canadian troops were sent to Europe, Hector family hoped one of his descendents might seek them out. ,the war ended in 1945 and no young Canadian had come and rattled the door and said that he was the son of or the daughter of Ian Hector, the matter just went dead within the family, said Hector nephew, Rev. Harold Steven. On a visit to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa while he was in Canada visiting his son at McGill University about 10 years ago, Steven figured it couldn hurt to look for his uncle name in the Book of Remembrance, but he wasn surprised when he didn find anything. He had essentially given up on finding his uncle until about 18 months ago. ,By chance, Steven, now in his mid 80s, came across an article in The Scots magazine about a new history project at the University of Edinburgh. Researchers were looking for the dead who had slipped through the net of recognition, as he put it. A historian at the university put him in touch with another Scottish researcher, who found that Hector had lived in Toronto. When Steven contacted the Toronto city clerk office, archivist Gillian Reddyhoff suggested he get in touch with Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries, which could check if Hector was listed on any of their 10 sites. ,He wasn but the manager of the cemetery genealogy team, Sue Henderson, was intrigued. She got in touch with Heather Ioannou, who she knew from the Toronto branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Ioannou, who has lived in Canada for decades but was raised in Scotland, was equally interested. She searched through Ontario vital statistics archive and found a record of Hector 1918 death in the York County Death Registry. ,sent it to Sue, and we both went to Google Maps, and it was like somebody smacking us over the head, she said. The address listed as the site of Hector death was just down the street from St. John Norway Cemetery in Toronto east end. ,Ioannou and Henderson were able to confirm with the cemetery staff that Hector was in fact buried in St. John Finally, Steven had an answer to the question his family had been unable to answer for decades. found him, he said. was thrilled to bits. discovery allowed Ioannou and Henderson to rapidly uncover more information: the precise date and location of Hector arrival in Canada he arrived in Quebec Eastern Townships in May 1913, his cause of death bronchial pneumonia after influenza, sustained as a result of a military injury. War diaries from his regiment, discovered by Ioannou, showed that Hector had fought as part of Canadian expeditionary forces in France. ,Hector was buried with his wife, an English woman named Evie Lacey, who had died of the Spanish flu 11 days after her husband. The grave was unmarked because it belonged to Lacey mother, who likely couldn afford a headstone, and who returned to England shortly after her daughter death. ,Because the grave deed was registered to someone outside the Steven family, they weren legally allowed to set up a headstone. So Steven contacted the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which ruled that because Hector death was related to his war injuries, he was eligible for a military headstone. ,On Sunday, 104 years to the day that Hector had first arrived in Canada, the War Graves Commission honoured the soldier with a headstone dedication ceremony at St. John Norway Cemetery. Members of the seventh regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery paid their respects, and a military band played. ,Dominique Boulais of the War Graves Commission called the ceremony last significant step in marking the final resting place of our fallen comrade. Hector grave, he said, was no longer impersonal and faceless tomb. wreaths were laid at the new headstone. ,nearly a hundred years my uncle grave was unknown, Steven said. he is remembered with honour and commemorated in perpetuity. ceremony was also attended by the Canadian researchers and genealogists who helped the Steven family. ,Ioannou said finding an answer to the questions surrounding Hector death was gratifying, because in many cases, records of war deaths are difficult to track down. The Ontario Genealogical Society searches for war deaths every day, she said. are some families who never know what happened to their loved one. Culbertson, chair of the Toronto branch of the OGS, was also happy to be there. were so pleased to be able to help, she said. love stories. agreed: looking for the next clue was a detective story. with city archives, she said she frequently hears from people early in their searches. don always hear the end of the story, she said. wonderful to hear that it came to fruition.Toronto Maple Leafs Force Game 7 Against Boston Bruins ,"We've been a Jekyll and Hyde hockey team all year and that's what you're seeing right now," he said. "I think it's important to us to bring the good Bruins team to the table for Game 7. ,That goes Monday night at the TD Garden. A loss and Boston fake Utah id fake id pay online american dad fake id episode We know we're going to go into a hostile building Monday night in Boston," said Toronto coach Randy Carlyle. "We know the passion in their market and their fans. We've been there already, we know what we're heading to and we just have to make sure that we play the game to a higher level than we did tonight. Because we know they will. ,As if the Bruins did not have enough problems in Toronto ,Late during tonight's game we were made aware that there was a malfunction with our airplane," Boston GM Peter Chiarelli said in a statement. "As a result we are staying in Toronto on Sunday night and the team will travel to Boston on Monday morning. ,The Leafs will have momentum in their corner when the teams meets to sort out the series once and for all. The Bruins' companion will be self doubt after a second failed attempt at closing out the series and a recent playoff history of making life difficult for themselves. fake id law michigan fake id zone review id in usa

how to get a tx id card They're a good team," said Boston forward Patrice Bergeron, frustrated several times by Reimer. "We never said it was going to be an easy series. Here we are now and it's all about one game. Whatever happened in the first six games doesn't matter. It's all about showing up Monday. ,Reimer was again steady in the Toronto net Milan Lucic scored for Boston with 26 seconds left in the third with Rask out for the extra attacker. ,If you only score one goal, a lot of times you end up on the wrong side, said Bruins defenceman Dennis Seidenberg said. "Tonight, we just didn't score enough to win. Being frustrated right now isn't going to help," added Bergeron. "It's about being determined to find ways to put it in. It's all about Monday now. ,For Phaneuf, His goal came at 1:48 of the third period after Nazem Kadri ripped a wrist shot that was tipped in by Phaneuf ,Kessel then added to the lead at 8:59 fake contact generator google fake id generator what do you need for a texas id fake id experiences

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