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fake id card pakistan end fake caller id footloose fake id scene fake id list In theory. In fact novelty uk id how to create fake id online fake police id generator german id card fake accepted fake id kid Florida prosecutors insist that Bundy never crossed that line. They contend that Bundy is diabolically manipulative. Judges have been inclined to agree. District Judge G. Kendall Sharp to assess the findings of Dr. Lewis ,Absolutely," the judge replied. ,The common wisdom among death penalty experts is that the Supreme Court will deny Bundy's petition, and Bob Martinez, the signer of 61 death warrants in 24 months as Florida's governor, will promptly order Bundy's death. ,At that point, chances are slim the courts would intercede. Bundy's lawyers acknowledge they've already made their best arguments.> From coast to coast, the name Ted Bundy is synonymous with ruthless, unapologetic evil, and the popular response is to demand the evil be purged.Mills can expect even more variability in recovered paper quality ,Recyclers from Canada, the United States, Europe and as far away as Malaysia met in Ottawa, ON, September 28 to 30. Here, they discussed fundamental research, process development and optimization of paper recycling processes at PAPTAC's 5th Research Forum on Recycling. In the tradition of past Recycling Forums, participants heard of the latest recycling research, exchanged ideas and success stories, debated theories, and also found time to enjoy themselves. The conference dinner was held amid the totems in the Grand Hall of the Museum of Civilization, situated next to the Scott tissue mill in Hull, QC. They are meant to stay on the fibre. Studies ranged from the fundamental to the practical. They included the behavior of flexographic ink during repulping; quantifying the force of ink attachment to fibre; atomic force microscopy of interaction between talc and toner particles; and, examining the role of agglomerating agents for removal of electrostatic toners. Daniel Haynes, Akzo Nobel Eka Chemicals, documented the incidence of the "summer ink effect" the decrease in ink removal that accompanies the summer months. Pulp quality suffers unless measures are taken to counteract this effect, such as using additional chemicals or reducing production through the process. He found that a time dependent induction phase preceded the auto oxidation of ink leading to ageing. At room temperature, the induction period lasted two to five months, but at 60C it was reduced to hours. As oxidation proceeds, ink is held more strongly to fibre and, when removed, is more fragmented. While this explains the summer ink effect, it does not explain the regional disparity found by Haynes. "Stickies" a catchall name for a multitude of components present in recovered paper that cause operating problems on paper machines include adhesives, hot melts, binders, wood resins and extractives. Process conditions encountered in deinking plants including deinking chemicals, pH and temperature variations, to the imposition of shear forces in processing equipment can create or exacerbate a stickies problem. Tracking down the source of a problem or predicting if one will occur can be difficult, as each process situation is unique. However, the incentive to do so is significant. However, one recycled paper producer commented that he didn't like contaminants fixed to the pulp used to make paper. He was able to relate co factor performance to its solubility in the white water. Ian McLennan, EcoSynthetix, reported research on corn based adhesives designed to work effectively in their primary application and be easily removed during recycling. While not currently used commercially, this is certainly a step in the right direction. Its objectives are to reslush the paper and detach ink from the fibre surface. A number of studies examined the repulping process. Benjamin Fabry, CTP, used a shear factor to characterize the overall friction imposed on fibre during repulping, and correlated it with ink fragmentation and subsequent ink removal. Yuxia Ben, Paprican, used model systems and scanning electron micrographs to show that ink particles were irreversibly deposited within the fibre lumen during repulping. A number of papers focused on this. Peter Seifert, Thermo Black Clawson, described tests in which model contaminants were screened in a small commercial screen using several design configurations over a range of operating conditions. If the shear imposed in the screen was greater than the tensile stress of the particles, disintegration occurred. As shear increased with suspension consistency, so did particle disintegration. A maximum consistency of 2.5% was identified above which disintegration increased substantially, although differences were found among the rotors tested. During flotation, air is bubbled through dilute suspensions. The ink particles impinge on the rising air bubbles and are swept upwards to be separated with the froth. Bubble entrapment increases floc buoyancy, carrying them upward in the flotation cell and making them more likely to be removed with the froth. Ajersch found that bubbles having diameters on the order of a few hundred micrometres were trapped under flocs, while smaller bubbles were trapped within them. Instead, the froth contains fines and filler elements that typically have a greater amount of ink associated with them. Thus, to improve flotation yield, these materials would have to be retained. Using a pilot flotation column, brightness gains were improved by sparging with air bubbles coated with a thin film of silicone oil. In both studies, computational fluid dynamics CFD was used to guide understanding of flow created within the cells. However, significant simplification in the treatment of the suspension was made. For example, pulp suspensions were treated as homogeneous fluids without incorporation of the gas phase. Bill Moore, Moore and Associates, opened the session by forecasting growing demand for recovered paper in North America. The mill panel members: John Allen, Bowater Pulp and Paper Canada, Garnet Bremner, Atlantic Packaging Products, Roger Hare, Malaysian Newsprint Industries, and Dan Orlando, Newstech Recycling, discussed recovered paper quality and how they deal with it. Being prepared is essential. Some surges in contaminant level can be predicted. For example, in the back to school and Christmas advertising periods, the amount of four color printed supercalendered grades substantially increases. Process modifications must be made to handle this. Avoidance is also important. Flotation deinking systems avoid purchasing ONP printed with water based ink. The plant operator must use his equipment in the most advantageous manner possible. However, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what a process operation is doing for you. Dispersers are a case in point. For example, does old magazine really improve flotation One panelist found that reducing OMG content from 35% to 25% improved pulp quality although he had expected it to deteriorate. What about dissolved colloidal materials, water reuse issues, etcAdditional work is needed to answer these and other questions. Further, our deinking processes will require continued improvement to keep pace with the changes and challenges ahead. Gilles Dorris announced that the 6th Research Forum on Recycling will take place in autumn 2001. He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Chemical and Bio Resource Engineering.Milo Yiannopoulos targets feminists ,Jan 26:CU Boulder police: Hack not behind leaked Milo Yiannopoulos emailsCU Boulder IDs 3 protesters ticketed at Milo Yiannopoulos eventJan 24:'Our right to belong': CU College Republicans stand by Milo Yiannopoulos eventJan 22:Boulder opponents grapple with how to address Milo Yiannopoulos' visitJan 20:2,000 in student fees going toward Milo Yiannopoulos visit to CU BoulderAs demonstrators chanted outside, conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos railed against feminists and liberals at a sold out lecture on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus.In a lecture titled "Why Ugly People Hate Me," Yiannopoulos made his case Wednesday evening for why the most beautiful people end up having conservative political views. His hour long talk was peppered with provocative jokes about Muslims, obese people, gender studies professors, Native Americans and sexual assault."It's absolutely true that liberalism is the refuge of the joyless and unattractive people," said Yiannopoulos, who wore a white blazer, white undershirt, several gold necklaces and white jeans with gold embellishments on the back pockets.Yiannopoulos spent the first 20 minutes of his talk discussing the history of liberalism in Boulder before moving into the heart of his lecture why ugly people hate him."They hate me because I am beautiful and because I tell the truth," he said. "They hate me because, unlike all of the beautiful people in Hollywood who spout liberal lies, gibberish and fake news to make people feel better, I occasionally like to challenge people, make them laugh, make them think, even make them uncomfortable sometimes."When he walked into the mostly full 400 seat auditorium inside the CU Mathematics Building, Yiannopoulos received a standing ovation from attendees."Alt right" is an offshoot of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.Across campus, students and community members attended other events, including a talk by transgender actress and advocate Laverne Cox and a "BuffsUnited" event featuring art, music and spoken word performances.Yiannopoulos congratulated those in the audience for making it inside the venue a reference to the 200 or so demonstrators holding signs and chanting outside the building."I would have to be crazy not to want to deal with freezing temperatures and icy passes that left me scared to death that the tour bus was going to slide off a ravine," he said. "The total lack of anything resembling culture, the sad excuse for a city you call Boulder. And did I mention the hippies . Wednesday. Many wore black and covered their faces with bandanas and other garments.They chanted "Black lives matter," and "Whose campus Our campus," while dozens of police officers stood watch. At times, men and women who appeared to be Yiannopoulos supporters engaged with the crowd of his opponents.When the Yiannopoulos event ended, organizers instructed audience members to exit through doors on the opposite side of the building from the demonstrators. A large crowd began marching and chanting in that direction and ended up standing in a parking lot west of the CU Mathematics Building.Dozens of police officers, who changed into riot gear at some point during the event, formed a line facing the demonstrators. At least two people could be seen being removed from the crowd by police.According to campus spokesman Ryan Huff, one person was arrested prior to the event for failing to comply with officers' orders. Two people were arrested after the event for misdemeanor assault.Editor's note: On Thursday morning, CU police clarified that that the three people were ticketed, but not arrested.Huff shared a statement from Chancellor Phil DiStefano, who said he was proud of how the campus managed the convergence of events on Wednesday."As we've said all along, when students invite speakers to come to campus, they are protected by the First Amendment to express their views," DiStefano said in a statement. "That doesn't mean we agree with them, especially tonight's speaker. We feel strongly that discrimination and harassment have no place on our campus. And we will continue to denounce those who spread that message."Prior to the event, the demonstration was mostly calm. Frank Reck, a Boulder man who said he goes by the name Sadananda, and Olivia Hudis, a woman who goes by the name Alakananda, stood quietly off to one side as event attendees filed into the venue. Reck held a colorful sign that read, "We are all one. No to hate speech. Love. Peace. Justice."At 67, Reck said he thought he was done holding up signs at demonstrations. But after Trump won the election, Reck said he knew he had to speak up."I've done some research into Breitbart News and there's so much hate speech," he said. "After the election of Trump, we can't only cry. We have to do something. We have to stand up and let our voices be heard as much as possible."Hudis, 65, said she was also inspired to act by the 2016 campaign and election results."This incredibly divisive election has energized hate and has broken down decades of work that has been done to build inclusion and acceptance for all kinds of minorities," she said. "I want to get back to my America, not Trumpland."Another man held a rainbow sign that said, "Milo, God loves you just as you are. Drop the hate. It's time to love." One demonstrator's sign said, "Milo loves Nickelback!"Milpitas residents receiving calls from supposed IRS agents are being scammed ,A sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers, including recent immigrants throughout the country, has taken four known victims this year in Milpitas. ,Out of seven cases reported to Milpitas Police Department between Jan. 1 and present, four residents lost more than 25,000 collectively. ,Victims are told the caller is an agent for the Internal Revenue Service, and that the victim owes money that must be paid promptly through a pre loaded debit card or wire transfer. If the victims refuse to cooperate, they are then threatened with arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or driver license. In many cases the caller becomes hostile and insulting. ,Milpitas resident Setu Mehta and her husband learned about the scam the hard way. She said they had received many voice mails from people claiming to be the IRS, however in February, they became victims of the scam. ,one day my husband answered the phone and he believed them. They asked him to wire money as soon as possible or else the police will be there to arrest him. Then they asked him to stay on the line and not to hang up so they can guide him. He was instructed to pay through some gift debit card in Safeway on Calaveras Boulevard. All this time they stayed on the phone, Mehta recalled. kind of hypnotized him on the phone. They wanted 12,000, but we only had 5,000 in the bank so that much they got. said they only demanded cash, not check or credit card payments. She said despite being scammed out of 5,000, she and her husband continue to receive calls from people claiming to be the IRS. ,hurt so much losing our hard earned money like this, she said. ,What happened to the Mehtas seems to be the modus operandi of the people instigating this scam, according to the IRS. ,scam has hit taxpayers in nearly every state in the country. We want to educate taxpayers so they can help protect themselves. Rest assured, we do not and will not ask for credit card numbers over the phone, nor request a pre paid debit card or wire transfer, said IRS Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel in a statement released in October 2013. someone unexpectedly calls claiming to be from the IRS and threatens police arrest, deportation or license revocation if you don pay immediately, that is a sign that it really isn the IRS calling. ,He noted that the first IRS contact with taxpayers is likely to occur via mail. ,Other characteristics of this scam include the caller using fake names and IRS badge numbers, the caller being able to recite the last four digits of a victim Social Security Number, the callers will spoof the IRS toll free number on caller ID to make it appear like the IRS is calling, callers might send bogus e mails from the to some victims to support their phone calls, and sometimes victims will hear background noise of other calls being conducted to mimic a call center, according to the IRS. ,Many Milpitas residents have said that they have been on the receiving end of one or multiple calls. ,dad got three calls from two different phone numbers. I Googled the number and found out it was a scam and my dad called back telling them off, Cynthia Trinh posted on Milpitas Post Facebook page. ,Milpitas resident Ivy Nguyen Sumabat said that her parents, who are not fluent in English, received at least two calls, the first of which they thought was real, until they had Sumabat listen to the second recording. ,have not received any more, Sumabat said via e mail. feel for the people who do not understand English and will call back. ,North San Jose resident Jay Srinivasan also received a voicemail from the and decided to call back. ,automated sytem says for calling the Internal Revenue Services, its sounds very legit, but thankfully I was already aware of the scam and ended up frustrating the officer, who chose to yell at me and hang up, Srinivasan posted on Facebook. ,Mehta lost 5,000, another Milpitas victim lost 1,900 early in the year, a resident lost 16,000 in June, and another lost 2,500 last month, totaling 25,400, according to Milpitas police Sgt. Sean Heneghan. ,give each victim tips on how to identify fraudulent callers Our public relations unit distributes general information on how no to be a fraud victim, but we have not addressed the IRS type incidents specifically, he said. ,Milpitas police Comm. Daryl Sequeira said that the police department had not put out any tips for avoiding getting scammed because the department has not received many reports of them. He said it was more common to receive reports of senior fraud and pigeon drop scams, although the tips are essentially the same. ,Sequeira said that a majority of these calls are made by people out of the country, which makes it difficult to recover the money. ,do a shotgun approach, they might make 100 or 1,000 phone calls and then succeed with one but tracking one of these calls wouldn give you information the hard part of this is let say they are calling out of India, we are not going to be able to go and retrieve the money, he said. ,The IRS encourages taxpayers to be vigilant against phone and email scams that use the IRS as a lure. The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by e mail to request personal or financial information. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels. The IRS also does not ask for PINs, passwords or similar confidential access information for credit card, bank or other financial accounts. Recipients should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in the message. ,The Council on American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area, a non profit civil advocacy group, advises anyone who receives a call to not the caller any sensitive information about your identity like your Social Security number, date of birth, passport number, alien number, maiden name, etc., and do not send any money. also advise asking the caller to provide their name, contact information and the name of their agency, and then say, have nothing to say to you at this time. My lawyer will contact you.Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump thrilled President ,MILWAUKEE President Donald Trump will NOThead to Milwaukee for a previously scheduled visit of a Harley Davidson factory after the company decided it wasn't comfortable hosting him amid planned protests, an administration official said Tuesday, January 31st. ,While the White House did not officially comment as to why the trip was called off, the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump is taking credit for the change of plans. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the beginning of a meeting with small business people in the Roosevelt Room at the White House January 30, 2017 in Washington, DC. During the meeting, Trump said he will announce his 'unbelievably highly respected' pick to replace the late Supreme Court Antonin Scalia on Tuesday evening. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images ,President Trump was supposed to stop in Milwaukee Thursday to talk about the economy. According to CNN, President Trump was going to tour Harley Davidson, but large planned protests made the company uneasy. ,Those protesters on Tuesday made it clear they don't want the President here. ,Protest against President Donald Trump in Milwaukee ,The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump issued this statement: ,"Today, Milwaukee let the world know that Trump is not welcome here. Fearing a massive protest, Trump was forced to cancel his event after a massive backlash from the community over his scheduled appearance at Harley Davidson. The location of Trump's event, which was supposed to remain secret, was leaked by activists and a rally was planned outside the Harley Davidson plant in Menomonee Falls. Thousands of people from all walks of life were prepared to protest Trump's visit and condemn his hateful speech and policies. The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump organized a call in protest to Harley Davidson that resulted in a denial from Harley Davidson, followed by an announcement from the White House that the trip was cancelled. Trump's unpopular policies have ignited an unprecedented resistance movement that will block his every move. We hope our success in Milwaukee sets the tone for the rest of Trump's Presidency, wherever he goes, there will be resistance! fake caller id pro apk massachusets id confiscation fake id ohio Protest against President Donald Trump in Milwaukee ,We will rally against this oppression and we say we will not stand for this. We will break through the walls of bigotry," a protester said at Tuesday's rally. ,Protesters marched outside immigration offices in Milwaukee taking a stand against President Trump's executive order that temporarily halts travel and immigration from seven countries. ,"I think a lot of the people are scared of what these enforcement priorities are going to look like," Maricela Aguilar Monroy said. ,Some protesters who have called Milwaukee home for decades said they're now fearful. ,"I have deferred action, but Im undocumented otherwise, and when we heard the executive order on enforcement particularly, we all got pretty scared," Maricela Aguilar Monroy said. ,Tuesday's march was organized by the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump protesting the President's potential visit to Milwaukee. News of the cancelation was met with cheers at Red Arrow Park. ,"They said 'Trumps not coming!'" a protester said at the rally. ,"Hes not welcome in this state," Maricela Aguilar Monroy said. ,Protest against President Donald Trump in Milwaukee ,The group also planned to protest at President Trump's event Thursday. ,This, as the President's supporters said his economic message would've been warmly received. ,Well, well, let see this collocation does not speak for the entire state or even the entire City hope and Pray that he does come to Milwaukee. Those of us that voted and support him would like him to. The collocation is just probably another G. Soros paid set of protesters and haters. I support and Defend the slow down and the 90/120 day stay. I am sad that Fox News does not speak to Trump Supports, and only the loons that are trying to disrupt the Trump Administration ability to do it job. Please do not fall into the MSM one sided agenda to only show those that have clearly stopped taking their medication. ,Unless your famous, I'm an advocate against hyphenated names especially liberal women. Do you know what a pain in the ass it is to add them to a database. Is it their last name first or maiden name last How should one alphabetize them with that damn hyphen between those alphabetic characters. I would just delete their maiden name and use their last name after the hyphen to make things easier. I get met with maddening overwhelming verbal feminist beating like you wouldn believe almost a whole syllabus of women studies thrown at my face like hot coffee from a pissed off barista. Ah, liberals. Thank goodness for Trump. Time to take this country back! ,Look who the whiners are now You guys for letting Trump get into your minds Do you not see what he is doing to our American reputation around the world I read articles from at least 30 countries that DO NOT support Trump He was uninvited to England England needed 100,000 signatures to get Parliament to review the situation They got over 900,000 signatures One of our closest ally He has completely alienated Mexico Now he working on the rest of the European and Asian country And lets not forget the ban on Muslims During his campaign and immediately after his election He said he would leave same sex marriage alone He said that on 60 Minutes ,Him and his cabinet are going to be introducing legislation to repeal same sex marriage and file one on Christian freedom This would allow any employer, landlord, stores etc. No more attending Harley events, anniversaries or taking out of town family members to the museum. No more paying for overpriced bikes, parts, service and clothing. Thanks Harley Davidson, you made up our mind to rid our house of all memorabilia and products. These liberal protestors do not speak for me nor does Harley Davidson. Donald Trump has done more in the past 3 weeks for the good of our country than Obama did in 8 years. People who do not like Donald Trump are people who feel entitled to in life. I voted for Donald Trump because I am tired of being a hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizen who is paying for the bottom feeders who are sucking the life out of this country.Milwaukee County prosecutors charge 10 with voter fraud ,Milwaukee County prosecutors Thursday filed voter fraud charges against 10 people, including two accused of double voting in 2012 elections and two felons ineligible to vote. ,Also among the fraud cases: a Milwaukee woman who is accused of signing a recall petition against Republican Gov. Scott Walker three times; and the petition circulator who collected those signatures. ,Leonard K. Brown, 55, is charged with voting more than once, providing false information to an election official and four counts of voting as a disqualified person for ballots cast April 5, 2011; and Feb. 21, April 2, June 5 and Nov. 6, 2012. The double voting and false information counts relate to the November election. ,According to the criminal complaint, Brown voted in person in Milwaukee on Nov. 6, and by absentee ballot for that election in West Milwaukee, and his several prior votes in West Milwaukee occurred when he was not qualified to vote there because he lived in Milwaukee. He faces up to 24 1/2 years in prison and 70,000 in fines, if convicted. ,Chad Gigowski, 27, is charged with voting in the November election in Greenfield and in Milwaukee, providing false information to a Greenfield election official and registering in more than one place. ,According to the criminal complaint, he told investigators he and a friend tried voting in at least two other spots before casting a vote in Greenfield. He said he first tried to vote in Milwaukee but lacked paperwork to show he was a resident. He ultimately used a driver's license that showed his old address in Greenfield to try to vote there. But records show he cast ballots in each city, according to the complaint. Gigowski faces up to 10 years in prison and 30,000 in fines. ,Andrew L. Shepherd, 32, is charged with a felony for falsely telling Milwaukee officials he had no felony record when applying to get hired as a special voter registration deputy in 2012. Shepherd has two felony drug convictions and a third conviction for recklessly endangering safety. ,Shepherd told prosecutors he knew his prior convictions would disqualify him for the job, but he signed a document swearing he had a clean record "because he was just trying to get paid to be a campaign worker," a complaint said. He told prosecutors he never actually registered anyone to vote, but city election officials said Shepherd had registered six voters. He faces 3 years in prison and a 10,000 fine, if convicted. ,Brittany M. Rainey, 23, was charged with lying about her past as a felon to vote in last November's elections. She was convicted of child neglect in 2010 and now faces a felony voter fraud count. She faces up to seven years in a prison and 20,000 in fines. ,Caitlin B. Haycock, 24, is charged with a misdemeanor for signing her name and both her parents' names to a Walker recall petition on Nov 15, 2011. Haycock said she told the petition circulator she wanted to sign for her parents, retired teachers who were then out of the country, according to a complaint. ,The circulator, Jenny Wanasek, 64, also was charged with a misdemeanor for accepting the signatures from Haycock. Wanasek said she would have to turn away while Haycock signed her parents' names, Haycock told investigators. Wanasek said she later had second thoughts but forgot to cross out the signatures before turning in the petitions. ,Haycock's parents, Virginia Hirsch and Mitch Haycock, separately signed Walker recall petitions on their own, the complaint said. ,In another case linked to the Walker recall, Deborah A. Mehling is charged with a civil violation for signing a petition sheet as circulator even though her daughter had collected one of the signatures. Mehling faces a fine of up to 200. ,Brian A. Uecker lived in Greenfield but in November voted in a ward in that city where he once resided but no longer lived. ,Fozia H. Nawaz of Milwaukee voted in November in Greenfield, telling investigators she did so because it was easier. ,Bill A. Di Giorgio of Germantown was charged with voting illegally in Milwaukee in November. ,Uecker, Nawaz and Di Giorgio face 100 fines, if convicted. ,About Steve Schultze ,Schultze joined the Milwaukee Journal staff in 1985, covering state government and politics from the paper's state capitol bureau in Madison. He also served as Madison bureau chief for five years. Tommy Thompson and shortcomings of a 3 billion regional sewer system upgrade. In 2007, he began covering Milwaukee County government. Schultze is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Journalism.Milwaukee officials call for calm after unrest over shooting ,MILWAUKEE AP Police said one person was shot at a Milwaukee protest on Sunday and officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim and rush the person to a hospital, as tense skirmishes erupted for a second night following the police shooting of a black man. ,Some two dozen officers in riot gear confronted about 150 people who blocked an intersection near where the black man was fatally shot Saturday afternoon, and more arrived. Police moved in to try to disperse the crowd and warned of arrests after protesters threw bottles and rocks at police. ,Local television showed a small group of protesters running through the streets, picking up orange construction barriers and hurling them out of the way. Police tweeted three locations where they said shots were fired. There were no other reports of injuries at Sunday's protests and no widespread destruction of property. ,Earlier in the day, police Chief Edward Flynn said the man whose death touched off Saturday night's rioting was shot after he turned toward an officer with a gun in his hand. Smith's hand as he fled a traffic stop Saturday. ,"I want our community to know that," Barrett said. But he also called for understanding for Smith's family. ,"A young man lost his life yesterday afternoon," the mayor said. "And no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting. ,Flynn declined to identify the officer who shot Smith but said he is black. The police chief said he wasn't sure what prompted the stop but described Smith's car as behaving suspiciously." The officer involved was 24 years old and has been on the force for three years, according to the department. ,After watching the officer's body camera footage, Flynn said the entire episode took about 25 seconds, from the start of the traffic stop until shots were fired. He said Smith ran "a few dozen feet" and turned toward the officer while holding a gun. ,"It was in his hand. He was raising up with it," the chief said. He said the officer had told Smith to drop the gun and he did not do so. It was unclear how many rounds the officer fired. Smith was hit in the chest and arm, Flynn said. ,Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker put Wisconsin's National Guard on standby, and 125 Guard members reported to local armories to prepare for further instructions. Milwaukee police tweeted late Sunday that the National Guard had not been deployed. ,Six businesses were burned in the unrest earlier in the weekend and 17 people people were arrested, Flynn said. Four officers were hurt from flying concrete and glass, although all of them had been released from hospital. ,Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey, who represents the neighborhood that erupted, said the city's black residents are "tired of living under this oppression. ,Now this is a warning cry. Where do we go from here Where do we go as a community from here" he asked. ,Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Smith had been arrested 13 times. Online court records showed a range of charges against Smith, many of them misdemeanors. ,The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Smith was also charged in a shooting and was later charged with pressuring the victim to withdraw testimony that identified Smith as the gunman. The charges were dropped because the victim recanted the identification and failed to appear in court, Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern told the newspaper. ,Smith's sister told The Associated Press that the family wants prosecutors to charge the officer who shot him. ,Kimberly Neal, 24, spoke as supporters surrounded her at the vigil as she held a bouquet of blue balloons. ,She asked people for donations for his burial. ,Asked about the violence, Neal said: "People stuck together and they are trying to stand up," for their rights. ,The anger at Milwaukee police is not new and comes as tension between black communities and law enforcement has ramped up across the nation, resulting in protests and the recent ambush killings of eight officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dallas. ,Nearly 40 percent of Milwaukee's 600,000 residents are black, and they are heavily concentrated on the north side. ,Milwaukee was beset by protests and calls for police reform after an officer shot and killed Dontre Hamilton, a mentally ill black man, in 2014. ,Critics said the police department should have been subjected to a full Justice Department investigation like the one done in Ferguson, Missouri, after the killing of black 18 year old Michael Brown in 2014 touched off violence there.mimi smartypants ,3. A Smiths tape. ,College. I suspected the same person of all three of these petty thefts but I never confronted her because I am chickenshit like that, and because the whole thing made me kind of sad. ,This was a weird wedding gift that LT and I received, and in our second Hyde Park Chicago apartment we kept it out on the front porch. Although we lived on the first floor we thought nothing of this, because a even the first floor porch was about seven feet off the ground and b the statue was really freaking heavy and really, who would bother Somebody bothered. The next morning, LT walked a few blocks in each direction, figuring the pranksters' prank would wear thin once they realized that the prank involved lugging around a garden statue of Saint Francis that weighed about fifty pounds, but no dice. Hope you are having fun, Frankie, wherever you are. ,8. A pair of sparkly barrettes. ,Fourth grade. Joanna Kerly, I still hate your guts. ,1. The youth and innocence of many young men sort of just kidding. ,2. An old fashioned fire alarm. ,From the rubble strewn site of a grade school that was being torn down, during some late night adventures in urban exploration and excavation. It still has a place of honor in my living room. ,3. A bag of cement. ,Drunk at the time, not sure why I picked it up, but unlike the Saint Francis thieves I quickly realized my error and abandoned it about eleven steps away. ,4. A traffic cone. ,Actually, several traffic cones. My friends and I once had a fake religious cult of geometric solids, and Cone was our highest deity. We needed them for the altar. ,5. The bike of a campus security guard. ,One night at college, sleep deprived and goofy, I was leaving the library with a friend when we noticed a security guard's bike right in front of the library steps. He dared me to take it for a joy ride and, shocking even myself, I took him up on that dare. I rode it to a tree about 200 yards away, within sight of the library steps, and kickstanded it there, continuing on foot to the computer lab to type up my paper. ,Who ratted We shall never know. But about an hour later I had the "oh shit" feeling, as a heavy hand lands on my shoulder and I look up to see Richard, a fireplug esque fascist security guard who took his job way too seriously. He is purple with rage and it seems his little stormtrooper heart is about to infarct. He tells me to come with him and takes my ID. ,As opposed to the other security guards at my school, whose usual mode of keeping the peace involved waving aside clouds of bong smoke as they came in the dorm and asked you to please turn down the music, thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen, you have a good night now. ,Outside, Richard got up all close to my face, which was not pleasant because of the nose hair and the coffee breath, and yelled, "MY BICYCLE, WHICH IS A CAMPUS VEHICLE, WAS MOVED, AND I KNOW IT WAS YOU SO DON'T LIE TO ME! fake id for sale canada fake NewHampshire identification card WestVirginia fake id

fake id site asks for city Although I am a little freaked out by this whole getting busted thing ,Uh, okay, I won't lie to you. "ONE, I can call the cops right now and have you arrested for THEFT." Dramatic pause. "TWO, I can call the Dean of Students right now and have you hauled before Judicial Board for THEFT." Another dramatic pause. He hands me back my ID. "Or THREE, you can promise to never, EVER, do anything like this again." I chose three. ,6. A street sign. ,This was from some ritzy Chicago suburb and I don't remember where right now. In high school I knew a guy named Iggy, honest to god and for real short for Ignatius. He was older, living hand to mouth in some skateboarder flophouse, and he was good looking and the punkest thing in our social circle. He drummed for a local basement band and me and my small group of girlfriends all had slight cases of Crush. One freezing winter night we were driving around bored in typical teenager fashion, in an unfamiliar suburban neighborhood, and saw a street sign that said IGGY AVE. Plans were hatched to steal this, and thanks to Laurel having a full toolbox in the trunk of her car, we had the means. Using the headlights for illumination and balancing precariously on the hood of the car why me The shortest and least mechanically inclined, I was unscrewing Iggy Avenue from its posts when I heard Tina, our lookout, hiss, "The cops!" I handed the sign off and tried to jump down and hit the ground running, but I skidded on a huge patch of ice and in fact skidded all the way down a small wooded hill off the side of the road, futilely trying to grab on to saplings and such and coming to a stop in some rich person s backyard. I could hear my friends distantly saying "Where's Mimi" since from their perspective they had turned their backs for a second and I had completely disappeared from view. I scrambled back up and guess what, it wasn't the cops at all. Iggy liked the sign very much, but none of us ever slept with or dated him. I think he was one of those sadly asexual skaterpunks. ,7. An out of print book of Surrealist poetry, from the library. ,I felt really bad about this, so I ended up just spending the money to photocopy my favorites and I gave the book back. Which I could have done in the first place, by checking it out, thus sparing myself a lot of guilt and psychodrama. Duh.minded minister who muddles the political message ,Bev Oda is suffering a thousand cuts, but few people who have worked with her would have guessed that sketchy paperwork would be the main cause. The other big chunk of the controversy she faces, her muddled public statements, is more what they would have predicted. ,As a cabinet minister, Ms. Oda is a stickler for details and a painstaking reader of files, so much so that they pile up on her desk. But as a politician, difficulty communicating a clear message has, in Ottawa's Tory circles, always been viewed as her weakness. ,That perceived weakness also helps explain some of the allegations in the case of the "not" scribbled on a recommendation from CIDA that she approve funding for an aid group. Some speculate that she approved it, but was overruled by Stephen Harper's PMO. Ms. Oda, as Minister of International Co operation, was never on a long leash. ,"Everything that happens at CIDA is an order from the PMO," one former staffer said. ,All of those ingredients have worked together to make Ms. Oda's time as Canada's Development Minister a long, grinding march toward a new set of policies and priorities for Canadian aid. And they have become elements in the "not" controversy. ,The CIDA recommendation on aid to Kairos, the church backed aid charity, sat on her desk for two months before a decision was made in the last week before the charity's old grant ran out. When colleague Jason Kenney said Kairos lost funding because of its views on Israel, she called it a routine CIDA decision. But when it emerged CIDA officials had recommended it, and someone inserted the word "not" to overturn it, Ms. Oda gave confusing testimony and said she didn't know whodunnit. Then her critics charged the PMO was behind it. ,The Conservatives, however, have portrayed it as imperfect paperwork, and their defence of Ms. Oda has reached hyperbole: House Leader John Baird insisted on Thursday she has "more integrity in the tip of her finger" than some of her opposition critics, and a senior PMO official lauded her as "one hell of a minister. But in five years in cabinet ,The pictures of a smoking Bev Oda in dark glasses that splashed across newspapers this week presented an image that some see: a raspy voiced She was born in Thunder Bay. Her father was one of the many Japanese Canadians removed from the West Coast. Her family later moved to Mississauga ,Last year, The perception that Ms. Oda couldn't communicate the political message led the PMO to keep a closer watch on a department they already eyed warily. Many in the Conservative government viewed CIDA as a wasteful agency and didn't like the advocacy on political issues by many of the non governmental agencies that CIDA funded. Combined with Ms. Oda's penchant for painstaking decisions ,She is very much of a micro manager," a former staffer said. "Sometimes it can pile up in her office for months. arizona id cards fake id youtube video how to spot a fake ny id fake id texas

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