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fake company id recto Amazon also has been testing automation technology at a Seattle convenience store that's currently open only to Amazon employees. The store uses sensors to track items as shoppers put them into baskets or return them to the shelf. The shopper's Amazon account gets automatically charged. ,Hetu said Amazon isn't likely to bring that to Whole Foods right away but could deploy pieces of it to further cut costs. Both companies said there will be no layoffs Whole Foods ,That's frustrated investors saddled with a drop of nearly 43 percent from the start of 2014 through Thursday But it was Whole Foods that fell behind as shoppers found alternatives to the organic and natural foods it helped popularize since its founding in 1978. Whole Foods has seen its sales slump and recently announced a board shake up and cost cutting plan amid pressure from activist investor Jana Partners. stores just this week. Whole Foods itself had launched an offshoot chain named after its 365" private label brand in a nod to the popularity of no frills chains. ,The Amazon Whole Foods combination, expected to close by the end of the year, could put even more pressure on those chains and other big grocery sellers. ,"Dominant players like Walmart, Kroger, Costco and Target now have to look over their shoulders at the Amazon train coming down the tracks," O'Shea said. ,Amazon could try to cut operational costs at Whole Foods by using the same types of robots that already move inventory around at its e commerce fulfillment centers. ,The company also has been testing sensors at a convenience store in Seattle to track items as shoppers put them into baskets or return them to the shelf. Shoppers skip the checkout line, and their Amazon accounts get automatically charged. Gartner retail analyst Robert Hetu said Amazon could bring pieces of that to Whole Foods to further cut costs. ,Both companies said there will be no layoffs, but they did not respond to other questions about Amazon's plans for Whole Foods. Whole Foods will keep operating stores under its name. In an email to customers, the company said it planned to maintain the same standards under Amazon, including bans on artificial flavors and colors. ,Whole Foods, often derided as "Whole Paycheck" for its high prices, could see its reputation change if Amazon, a master at undercutting its brick and mortar rivals, passes any savings from automation to customers. ,"This might be an opportunity for consumers who have felt that Whole Foods is inaccessible," said Lauren Beitelspacher, a marketing professor at Babson College in Massachusetts. ,Amazon could also get a better picture of customers by marrying data from Amazon and Whole Foods' loyalty programs. Hetu said Amazon could make pertinent offers to attract shoppers of one but not the other, or get shoppers of both to buy more. ,Ryne Misso of the research firm Market Track said a customer who buys fresh fruit regularly at Whole Foods might be offered a deal on blenders and serving bowls. Or someone who buys granola bars monthly from Whole Foods and paper towels every other week from Amazon might be offered the items in a single shipment, delivered to the door. ,The Whole Foods deal could also get more people to try grocery delivery, something many shoppers have been hesitant about because of concerns about meat and produce quality. Pachter said Amazon might get customers over those fears if they know the delivered items are the same as those they would find at the local store. ,On the flip side, Amazon could use Whole Foods stores as pickup locations for deliveries, an option Amazon already offers in many cities by installing lockers at 7 Eleven and other retailers. ,"Instead of deliver to my home, why not just come down here I'm shopping here anyways," shopper Alina Gura said at a Whole Foods in West Hartford, Connecticut. ,That could help Amazon cut shipping costs and give the company opportunities to sell even more products once in the store. The stores could also showcase gadgets such as Kindle e readers and Fire tablets. One day, these stores might even serve as launch centers for Amazon's delivery drones. ,Customers drive past this Whole Foods Market store in Jackson, Miss., Friday, June 16, 2017. Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal valued at about 13.7 billion, a strong move to expand its growing reach.Amazon entry into food giving other retailers nightmares ,E retailing giant Amazon has signalled a clear commitment to food products and to millennials with its new line of private label foods. ,Amazon's move to food bearing its label follows in the footsteps of Target and Walmart. And the shift sends a clear signal about greater strategic intentions that should shake the foundations of the food retail industry. ,The generation that grew up with the Internet is embracing Amazon's evolution. Millennials appreciate quality, taste and affordability. Most importantly and unlike previous generations they are brand agnostic. Boomers are historically brand loyal but they are gradually becoming less active buyers. So major retailers like Amazon have their sights clearly set on millennials. ,As the battle for millennials' money heats up, the private label game in the food business will only intensify. ,In Canada, Sobeys recently moved to entice customers to visit the centre of their stores with an aggressive discount strategy. The intent is to keep customers buying the food retailer's high margin private labels, Our Compliments and Sensations. It may not be a good fit with Sobeys' core strategy, but the chain opted to at least play defence in the private label game. ,Not surprisingly, Walmart Canada also ramped up its private label strategy in response. ,Private labels are a goldmine for food retailers. While they have been in Canada since the end of the Second World War, they have been in greater demand over the last couple of decades. Retailers, who already control their own shelf space, also gain control of quality, manufacturing conditions and product development with private labels. ,Typically, they rely on outsourced innovation. That allows retailers to develop marketable products without taking the high risk road of spending millions on research and development. This, too, is a powerful tool for low margin food retailers. ,Amazon has yet to release an exact list of products for its label, but reports suggest that suppliers like Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime, Presto! and Mama Bear are under consideration. So millennials are clearly on Amazon's mind. ,These products will reportedly be available only to Amazon Prime members. The company's Prime members pay 99 now to get quick product shipment, access to movies and TV programs, music streaming and unlimited photo storage. And with food product purchases, they will avoid having to fight through busy aisles and a long wait at the cashier, as you find at retail giants like Costco. This is another very attractive feature for millennials, who really value their time. ,Loblaws, Canada's No. 1 food retailer, has had a different approach with its President's Choice label, one of the most recognized Canadian brands. Not only does it have a strong market position, but the infrastructure behind the label is also robust, including a loyalty program and a Shoppers Drug Mart connection. ,The reign of President's Choice will be difficult to supplant, but one can never underestimate the ability of Amazon to transform an industry. Amazon owns a vast database on its customers and uses it in real time to serve them. ,But Amazon's new strategy won't just impact competitors. It will also be a problem for national brand vendors that now offer products through Amazon. Now those vendors will have to compete against Amazon's private label. ,Amazon is serving notice to Canada's food distribution establishment. Most Canadian food companies are barely in the online game. And the fact that food sales are not the core of Amazon's business is likely keeping the leadership groups at Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and others up at night. Amazon's size and reach give it the ability to beat most competitors on price. And since 88 per cent of customers would always pick a private label if it is cheaper than a well known national brand, such a competitive advantage is key. ,The Canadian food retail industry has seen more changes in the last five years than in the previous two decades. This latest substantial shift ramps up the process of change even further. ,Canada's food retailing landscape was once dominated by a small handful of players. Now, Walmart and Costco have muscled in to hold a combined 20 per cent market share, and Amazon is on the rise. ,A dramatic change in the food retail industry is being served up for Canadian consumers. ,Troy Media columnist Sylvain Charlebois is Dean of the Faculty of Management and Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. Sylvain is included in Troy Media's Unlimited Access subscription plan.Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices ,Bonnie Patten, the executive director of Truth in Advertising, a nonprofit organization. The first thing a potential customer saw was a bargain: how much an item was reduced from its list price. ,Now, in many cases, Amazon has dropped any mention of a list price. There is just one price. Take it or leave it. ,The new approach comes as discounts both online and offline have become the subject of dozens of consumer lawsuits for being much less than they seem. It is also occurring while Amazon is in the middle of an ambitious multiyear shift from a store selling one product at a time to a full fledged ecosystem. Amazon wants to be so deeply embedded in a customer's life that buying happens as naturally as breathing, and nearly as often. ,Continue reading the main story ,Or so Amazon hopes. Digital stores live by Alec Baldwin's maxim in "Glengarry Glen Ross": "Always be closing." The retailer has been experimenting with another method of closing a sale. It tells the potential buyer what the price used to be on Amazon. ,For example, Amazon originally promoted the as being discounted by 36 percent. Then, all mention of a discount was dropped and the 60 foot water slide was simply listed at 1,573.58, with an explanation that it used to be 1,573.59 one penny more. Then, it dropped the old/new price comparison. Then, it dropped the price to 1,532.01 and put the comparison back. ,"They still need to showcase deals, but the question is, How" said Michael Kovarik, who runs a comparison pricing start up called Rout. ,That is why stores love big discounts: they work. In studies by Mr. Compeau and others, the perception of a deal is often what makes the purchase happen. "As a result, what many retailers have done is make sure everything is always on sale. Which means nothing is ever on sale. ,Amazon has both benefited from that conditioning as well as encouraged it, Our data suggests that list prices are going away," said Guru Hariharan, chief executive of Boomerang Commerce, a retail analytics firm. Last spring, Boomerang compiled a list for The New York Times of 100 pet food products that Amazon said it was selling at a discount to a list price. Only about half of them still say that. ,"Amazon is a data driven company with very few sacred cows," Mr. Hariharan said. "At the very least, it is conducting a storewide test about whether it should change its pricing strategy. ,With a majority of Amazon products fake id ohio caiden dean fake id chief fake id kits trusted fake id websites

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