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south carolina fake id vs real teddanzig fake id Also 7th and alvarado fake id florida 21 id fake caller id text message iowa fake id laws fake id ireland passport,Yet somehow nobody seems to think there was any collusion ,Ironically ,Trump is owning a fake id illegal fake id in nyc chinatown easy fake id states This handed the Democrats even more of a diversion. They could claim Trump was asking a foreign power to spy on the United States. Treason! ,Of course

fake id pictures mass id card colorado identification card out of state fake id And as numerous cyber experts have pointed out fake military id generator fake ids australia french id card fake order a fake id that scans fake id lamination Skilled hackers could easily throw an election ,This Oregon fake id laws tell if texas id fake create fake kgb id And so far ,ArticlesFormer Lewiston Village Pub owners working to open the Griffon HouseNo second chances for Kirk JonesBOCES heading to former Falls school buildingGun shots fired into Falls home hit child's bedroom wallBody of former Niagara Falls jumper Kirk Jones found in Niagara RiverFive properties sold at homebuyer's auctionReview: Randy Bachman ,WASHINGTON The Obama administration on Thursday announced what appeared to be one of the largest breaches of federal employees' data ,The compromised data was held by the Office of Personnel Management manitoba fake id fake id scholarly articles fake id maker app android

fake id in Florida The target appeared to be Social Security numbers and other personal identifying information," but it was unclear whether the attack was related to commercial gain or espionage. The announcement of the intrusion came on the same day The New York Times reported that the National Security Agency had expanded warrantless surveillance of foreign hackers, an effort that could sweep up the information of innocent Americans. ,There seemed to be little doubt among federal officials that the attack was launched from China, but it was unclear whether it might have been state sponsored. The administration did not publicly identify Chinese hackers as the culprits because it is difficult to definitively attribute the source of cyberattacks and to back up such an attribution without divulging classified data. ,Continue reading the main story ,And last summer, the personnel office announced an intrusion in which hackers appeared to have targeted the files of tens of thousands of workers who had applied for top secret security clearances. ,In that case, the objective seemed clear: The information on security clearances could help identify covert agents, scientists and others with data of great interest to foreign governments. That breach also appeared to have involved Chinese hackers. ,But because the breadth of the new attack was so much greater, the objective seemed less clear. ,The intrusion came before the personnel office fully put into place a series of new security procedures that restricted remote access for administrators of the network and reviewed all connections to the outside world through the Internet. was also beginning to put in place new network precautions after its most delicate information was taken by Edward J. Snowden. ,The Department of Homeland Security's emergency cyberteam used an antihacking system called Einstein that alerted the agency to the potential compromise of federal employee data, S. Y. Lee, a spokesman, said in a statement. said it was working with other agencies to investigate the matter. "We take all potential threats to public and private sector systems seriously, and will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace," Joshua Campbell, a spokesman, said in a statement. ,President Obama in Washington this month. The data breach is the third major foreign intrusion into an important federal computer system in the past year. It was clear, however, that the scope was sweeping, potentially affecting a vast majority of the federal work force. J. ,Newsletter Sign Up ,Continue reading the main story ,The attack drew calls for legislation to bolster the nation's cyberdefenses. In a series of Twitter posts, Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the senior Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, called the intrusion "shocking because Americans may expect that federal computer networks are maintained with state of the art defenses. ,He said enactment of new cybersecurity measures was perilously overdue. While determining the source of cyberattacks is notoriously difficult ,Most Chinese cyberintrusions into the United States One senior federal official said it was not clear what the Chinese government would want from personnel databases. But if the attribution to China holds ,A year ago, But rather than change Chinese behavior ,An annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue" with Chinese officials is scheduled to take place this month, and cyberissues will again be in the forefront. ,Correction: June 4, 2015 ,Because of an editing error, an earlier version of a summary with this article said incorrectly that the federal employees affected by the data breach worked for the Office of Personnel Management. The breach affected workers whose information was held by the Office of Personnel Management.Hacking MySQL Online Databases with Sqlmap ,How to Hack Databases: Hacking MySQL Online Databases with Sqlmap ,Welcome back, my amateur hackers! ,In this tutorial, we will follow up on a previous tutorial on MySQL. In that tutorial, I showed you the basics of running a MySQL server on BackTrack. In addition, you might want to take a look at my tutorial on the basics of databases, if you are not familiar with databases and DataBase Management Systems DBMS. Since MySQL is SO important in so many web applications, I will be doing more MySQL tutorials in the future. The more you know about MySQL, the better you can hack MySQL! ,Generally, MySQL is teamed up with PHP and an Apache web server often referred to as LAMPP or XAMPP to build dynamic, database driven web sites. Such development packages as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails and others all use MySQL as their default database. Millions of websites have MySQL backends and very often they are "homegrown" websites, without much attention on security. ,In this tutorial, we will looking to extract information about an online MySQL database before we actually extract information from the database. Once again, I'll repeat, the more we know, the more successful we will be in hacking and the less chance you will be detected. ,Here, we will be using one of the best database hacking tools available, sqlmap. Sqlmap can be used for databases other than MySQL, such Microsoft's SQL Server and Oracle, but here we will focus its capabilities on those ubiquitous web sites that are built with PHP, Apache and MySQL. ,Step 1: Start SqlmapFirst, fire up BackTrack and go to BackTrack, then Information Gathering, then Database Analysis, then MySQL Analysis and finally, sqlmap as shown in the screenshot below. Those who are familiar with google hacks/dorks can do a search on google by entering:This will bring up literally millions of web sites with this basic vulnerability criteria. If you are creative and ambitious, you can find numerous web sites that list vulnerable web sites. You might want to check these out. We can practice on this web site and refine your skills without worrying about breaking any laws and having to make bail money for you. ,Step 3: Open SqlmapWhen you click on sqlmap, you will be greeted by a screen like that below. Sqlmap is a powerful tool, written as a Python script we will be doing Python tutorial soon that has a multitude of options. We will just be scratching the surface of its capabilities in this tutorial. ,Step 4: Determine the DBMS Behind the Web SiteBefore we begin hacking a web site, we need to gather information. We need to know WHAT we are hacking. As I have said many times before, most exploits are very specific to the OS, the application, services, ports, etc. Let's begin by finding out what the DBMS is behind this web site. Notice where I highlighted that the web site back end is using MySQL 5.0 ,Step 5: Find the DatabasesNow that we know what the database management system DBMS is MySQL 5.0, we need to know what databases it contains. sqlmap can help us do that. Notice that I have highlighted the two available databases, information schema and scanme. Information schema is included in every MySQL installation and it includes information on all the objects in the MySQL instance, but not data of interest. Although it can be beneficial to explore that database to find objects in all the databases in the instance, we will focus our attention on the other database here , scanme, that may have some valuable information. Let's explore it further. ,Step 6: Get More Info from the DatabaseSo, now we know what the DBMS is MySQL 5.0 and the name of a database of interest scanme. The next step is to try to determine the tables and columns in that database. In this way, we will have some idea what data is in the database, where it is and what type of data numeric or string. All of this information is critical and necessary to extracting the data. To do this, we need to make some small revisions to our sqlmap command. Everything else we have used above remains the same, but now we tell sqlmap we want to see the tables and columns from the scanme database. We can append our command with columns D and the name of the database, scanme such as this: ,columns D scanme ,When we do so, sqlmap will target the scanme database and attempt to enumerate the tables and columns in the scanme database. ,As we can see below, sqlmap successfully was able to enumerate three tables; 1 accounts, 2 inventory, and 3 orders, complete with column names and datatypes. Not Bad! ,Note that the orders table below includes credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV. The hacker's "Golden Fleece"!! ,As you can see, sqlmap can be very versatile and useful tool for MySQL, as well as SQL Server and Oracle database hacking. We will plan on coming back to sqlmap in the near future to explore more of its extensive database hacking capabilities.Hacking of Government Computers Exposed 21 ,Every person given a government background check for the last 15 years was probably affected, the Office of Personnel Management said in announcing the results of a forensic investigation of the episode, whose existence was known but not its sweeping toll.The agency said hackers stole "sensitive information," including addresses, health and financial history, and other private details, from 19.7 million people who had been subjected to a government background check, as well as 1.8 million others, including their spouses and friends. The theft was separate from, but related to, a breach revealed last month that compromised the personnel data of 4.2 million federal employees, officials said.Both attacks are believed to have originated in China, although senior administration officials on Thursday declined to pinpoint a perpetrator, except to say that they had indications that the same actor carried out the two hacks.Continue reading the main story"This incident that we are talking about today is unfortunately not without precedent," said Michael Daniel, the White House cybersecurity coordinator. "We have to raise our level of cybersecurity in both the private sector and the public sector."In a conference call to detail the grim findings and announce the agency's response, Katherine Archuleta, the director of the Office of Personnel Management, said that she would not resign despite calls from members of Congress in both parties for her dismissal. Before the scope was made public on Thursday, James B."There is a treasure trove of information about everybody who has worked for, tried to work for or works for the United States government," Mr. Comey said during a briefing. "Just imagine you are an intelligence service and you had that data, how it would be useful to you."Administration officials said it was the personnel office's work to modernize its computer systems that first led it to detect the breach. to learn more, said Andy Ozment, a top cybersecurity official at Homeland Security. That inquiry, he said, revealed that the intruder had broken into a network at the Interior Department that held a personnel office database, leading to the theft of records of 4.2 million current and former federal employees. It also found that there had been a computer intrusion at the personnel office itself, leading to the much larger trove of background check records.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyThe debacle has touched off a scramble by federal officials to bolster the security of their networks. Tony Scott, the government's chief information officer, said every agency was racing to make improvements, including the use of basic tools like two factor authentication that requires anyone with the password to a system to use a second, one time password to log in from an unrecognized computer. government as a whole," Mr. Scott said.But that effort comes after almost two decades of warnings from government auditors and other internal investigations into the vulnerabilities in federal agency networks. "There's still much that agencies need to do that they are not doing to protect their systems," said Gregory C. Wilshusen, the director of information security issues at the Government Accountability Office, which has conducted cyber audits for almost two decades.Warnings from auditors about serious vulnerabilities are often ignored by agency officials, he added. "That's been a recurring theme. They believe they've taken corrective actions, but when one goes back to check, we find that they haven't."The revelations quickly prompted calls for the ouster of Ms. Archuleta, whose agency had been warned in a series of reports since 2007 about the many vulnerabilities on its antiquated computer systems.Representative Jason Chaffetz, Republican of Utah and the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Ms. Archuleta and her top technology official should resign or be removed."Their negligence has now put the personal and sensitive information of 21.5 million Americans into the hands of our adversaries," Mr. Chaffetz said. "Such incompetence is inexcusable."The criticism was bipartisan. Senator Mark W. Warner, Democrat of Virginia, also called on Ms. Archuleta to step down."The technological and security failures at the Office of Personnel Management predate this director's term, but Director Archuleta's slow and uneven response has not inspired confidence that she is the right person to manage OPM through this crisis," Mr. Warner said in a statement.That attackers were able to compromise the agency using a contractor's credentials is unacceptable, security experts say, given the wide availability of two factor authentication tools, which have become standard practice, particularly since a cyberattack at Target nearly two years ago, when hackers managed to break into the retailer's system using the credentials of a heating and cooling contractor.Hacking probe sharpens focus on James Murdoch ,James Murdoch knew more than three years ago that phone hacking at News Corp News of the World went beyond one reporter, the newspaper former legal chief said on Tuesday, contradicting repeated denials by Murdoch. ,As the two month crisis that has gripped News Corp and Britain political establishment deepened, Tom Crone also said he had seen evidence that the company had recently hired freelance reporters to spy on hacking victims lawyers. ,In a statement, James Murdoch stuck to his denial that he had known at the time that hacking was more widespread but Crone repeated allegations, and the mention of recent spying, cast doubt on Murdoch effectiveness in weeding out wrongdoing. ,News Corp has been engulfed by the scandal since July when it was revealed that the phone hacking extended beyond celebrities and politicians to murder victims including schoolgirl Milly Dowler, and British war dead. ,The crisis has already wiped billions of dollars off News Corp market value, cost it two senior executives, forced it to drop a 12 billion bid for BSkyB and to shut down the 168 year old News of the World tabloid. ,James Murdoch, News Corp deputy chief operating officer has seen his chances of succeeding his father and founder of the media empire, Rupert, receding. ,Charlotte Harris of law firm Mishcon de Reya, which is representing several hacking victims suing News Corp UK newspaper unit News International, said the contradictory statements from James and his former executives were evidence of a deepening split in the company. ,old guard and the new guard are no longer cooperating, she said, adding that the parliamentary committee would almost certainly have to recall James, whom it had subjected to a grilling last month along with his father. ,The new allegations of spying on victims lawyers is bound to give fresh ammunition to the Murdochs critics. ,Mark Lewis, who is representing hacking victims including supermodel Elle Macpherson former assistant Mary Ellen Field and jockey Kieren Fallon, says he was one of the lawyers on whom News International ordered surveillance to be carried out. ,does surprise me is the failure by News International to inform me or at least to notify the police, he said. ,Charlie Beckett, founding director of the Polis journalism think tank at the London School of Economics, said: shows that this idea that James Murdoch has been working post 2007 to clear out the stables has not been true. not illegal for them to do things like this but it doesn speak volumes about their real commitment to a thorough transparency, he added. ,The crisis has pushed Prime Minister David Cameron, once so close to the Murdoch media empire that he hired ex News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his spokesman, to join his opponents in condemning Murdoch, and to order a public inquiry. ,On Tuesday, Cameron told parliamentarians that the UK should resist the temptation to over regulate the media in the wake of the scandal. ,document meant there was a wider News International involvement, Crone told the committee, when asked to explain what he had told Murdoch in a meeting in which Myler, the tabloid last editor, was also present. ,Myler and Crone said the email, with its suggestion of hacking by other journalists, was the only reason Murdoch had approved a 700,000 pound 1.1 million payout to the victim, soccer executive Gordon Taylor. ,Murdoch, who took charge of News Corp European operations in late 2007, has repeatedly said he did not know the phone hacking went beyond ex royal reporter Goodman and private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who both served jail terms in 2007. ,Mr Myler nor Mr Crone told me that wrongdoing extended beyond Mr Goodman or Mr Mulcaire, he said in his statement on Tuesday. was nothing discussed in the meeting that led me to believe that a further investigation was necessary. was informed, for the first time, that there was evidence that Mulcaire had carried out this interception on behalf of the News of the World. It was for this reason alone that Mr Crone and Mr Myler recommended settlement, he wrote. ,James Murdoch was not in charge of News International at the time the hacking that is known about occurred. But he joined shortly afterwards and presided over what may turn out to have been a huge corporate cover up. ,On Tuesday, members of the committee frequently appeared exasperated by the witnesses repeated claims to have no recollection of key events and documents. ,Crone said he had not read the Gordon Taylor file since he last gave evidence to parliament on the matter in 2009, eliciting an incredulous response from lawmaker Tom Watson, the committee most dogged questioner. ,on earth were you doing for two years, Mr Crone The entire focus of public enquiry has been on the Taylor payment, you were the legal director of News Group Newspapers and you are seriously telling me you have not reviewed that file in over two years he asked. ,in any detail, no, Crone replied, shrugging. ,Earlier on Tuesday, two other ex News International executives said the company had done all it could to investigate a 2007 claim by Goodman, made as part of an appeal against unfair dismissal, that hacking was commonplace. ,Daniel Cloke, who ran News International human resources at the time, said no evidence had been found to support Goodman claim, which was published by the parliamentary committee last month ,that particular moment in time, this was one employee ex employee making allegations about others, Cloke said when asked why the company had not done more to uncover the scale of the phone hacking.Hacking The Future Of The Tech Industry ,At Tech Square Labs in midtown Atlanta, you'll find glass walls and high ceilings. It follows the typical design trends of today's "hip" innovation centers and co working office spaces. It's also where 14 low income African American students are learning Java as part of the Code Start program. ,Code Start is a free, year long training program for low income people between the ages of 18 and 24. Participants must have a high school diploma or GED, but not a college degree. Rodney Sampson started the program. He calls Code Start, "an experiment on whether or not we can take 'disconnected youth,' who've been labeled by the system, and teach them how to be a junior level software engineer or developer. buy fake id online uk funny fake ids for sale fake Mississippi identification card what do i need for a florida id

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