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fake european drivers license Photo by Thinkstock ,If you find meditating difficult and unrewarding Swap it for: An entire breakfast. We have 10 delicious 400 Calorie Breakfasts to choose from ,McDonalds' website calls this one Refined and real, all on the same bun." We're not sure if they meant refined as in "elegant," or refined as in "processed" but it's more the latter, according to the ingredient list. The chicken contains rib meat, maltodextrin, and sodium phosphates and the "bakery style bun" has high fructose corn syrup, dough conditioners, and ammonium sulfate. This sandwich gives you a quarter of your daily cholesterol, 10 g of fat, 9 grams of sugar, and 1,000 mg of sodium. ,Swap it for: A whole dinner of grilled chicken slathered in barbecue sauce, with a buttered ear of corn for the same amount of calories. ,If you believe that portion control is everything and snack sizes are always forgivable, you might want to reconsider. In just 6.7 ounces which is about half the size of a can of soda you'll slurp corn syrup solids, almost one fifth of your daily carbs, 11 g of fat, 43 g of sugar, and enough calories to cross off one of your meals. ,Swap it for: Two scoops of fruit flavored ice cream or gelato at 410 calories the fruit flavors have up to 50 fewer calories than their chocolate or vanilla flavor counterparts.10 MILLION Dollars Overnight On The Internet ,Over 10 MILLION in 24 HoursIn my wildest dreams I am a very rich person, travelling the world, first class of course, or rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in prestigious locations, having mega star parties on my own luxury yacht and just living life to the full with not a care in the world. ,Last night as I slept my wildest dreams came true. My name is Mrs. You came into my mind has the lord has directed me to and am willing to do so. I have noticed that you are God fearing, courageous, fulfilling and ambitious in life. 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WILLIAM SMITH CENTRAL BANK CBN ,This one is different from the first but the end result is the same, give them your bank details and your account will be cleared out rather than filled up. ,Gary Eby 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon ,Well you had me going there. Very entertaining Hub with a powerful message. Please see how I try to help others in new ways too. ,allshookup 8 years ago from The South, United States ,I get those letters daily. I mark them as spam, but the next day they are back with a new addy. I feel your pain. Good hub. ,artspeck 8 years ago ,Hi ,Great post as always. ,Reading your headline made me think you had passed your modest target BIG TIME. ,Maybe instead of the Picasso Alison wanted as first choice, or the Scenic which was her second choice, you had bought a fleet of Rolls, or even a fleet of Lamborghini Gallardo Supreleggera's. Dream on: ,I think we would loose you permantly to Vegas or Florida then. ,How is the target doing ,Tater2tot 8 years ago from ,wow. That sucks! I thought it really happened at the beginning. I was so excited for you! Ohh well. if everything was just givin to you, how would you learn any lessons in life10 moments Sally Draper should discuss with her therapist ,'Mad Men' countdown: 10 moments Sally Draper will need to discuss with her therapistBy MEREDITH BLAKE ,When "Mad Men" debuted on AMC, Sally Draper was a cherubic five year old with a mop of blond ringlets and an adorable lisp. Nine fictional years later, she's a boarding school student with a smoking habit and a perfectly sullen teenage eye roll. ,Along the way, the eldest Draper child has been exposed to enough family dysfunction to necessitate a few decades' worth of intensive therapy. Good thing her dad has plenty of loot. Here are a few childhood moments she'll probably need to unpack.1. The time her beloved grandfather let her drive. In the Season 3 episode "The Arrangements," Sally then about 8 years old goes out for a spin with her grandfather. The only thing is, she's the one at the wheel of his Lincoln. Sure, she made it home safe and this pales in comparison to some other incidents in her life more on those later. But an 8 year old driving Come on! It should be noted that Gene Hofstadt did not seem to be too concerned about appropriate boundaries for children. In the same episode, he gives Bobby a helmet that belonged to a Prussian solder he shot in World War I. Warms the heart, doesn't it ,Carin Baer AMC ,2. The time her beloved grandfather died. When a policeman delivered the news of Gene's death, Sally's mother Betty was so shocked she slammed the door behind her, leaving Sally outside to weep alone on the front steps. Soon afterwards, Betty gave birth to a baby boy she named Gene, after her father. Preoccupied with death, Sally started asking questions at school about slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers and became convinced that baby Gene was her grandfather's ghost he even slept in the same room. Betty tried to make Sally feel better by giving her a Barbie doll "from baby Gene," but succeeded in freaking out her daughter even more. Poor old Barbie wound up in the bushes.3. The time her mom made her see a psychiatrist for no real reason. It all started when Sally gave herself a haircut while staying over at Don's and Betty, who was really mad at Don, reacted by slapping her across the face. Then Sally was caught in the middle of some very typical adolescent self exploration at a friend's sleepover. Betty shamed her daughter "You don't do those things, you don't do them in private and you especially don't do them in public! Michael Yarish AMC ,4. The time she showed up unannounced at Don's office. At a low point in her relationship with Betty, What to do instead: A better choice are squats ,What to do instead: Target abdominal muscles by working to stabilize your body position with planks. To do: Lie facedown on the floor and prop yourself up on your forearms; extend your legs behind you until your body is parallel to the floor. Engage your core by drawing your stomach back and up towards your spine and hold; start with 10 seconds and work your way up to 60 seconds for two to three reps. See the move in motion with this quick video demonstration. australia proof of age card caller fake id download mississippi fake id best most realistic fake id

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