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For decades studies have been showing that aerobic exercise improves mood in people who are depressed. ,Researchers recently found that the amount of aerobic exercise recommended by the CDC for general good health equivalent to 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least five days a week can bring about big improvements in depression. ,The study, published in the January 2005 issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine, involved people with mild to moderate depression who did various amounts of exercise for 12 weeks. All groups in the study, including those in the control group, who only did stretches, had some improvement, but those who exercised as much as the CDC recommends fared best. In that group, 46% of the people reduced their symptoms by one half, as rated on a scale of depression severity, and 42% no longer qualified as depressed when the study ended. ,It's important to start slowly with exercise. Decide what you can do, and as Aikens suggests, do a little bit less than that. If you think you could manage a 20 minute brisk walk, try 15 minutes first, and don't be discouraged if you don't feel better afterward. ,"A person shouldn't have high expectations," Aikens says. "They shouldn't expect to necessarily feel cheerful or completely undepressed after going for a walk. When you're depressed ,Should you transform your worldview and self image by positive thinking" instead Scratch that, Aikens and Bilsker say. What you need when you're depressed is to get back to clear thinking. ,"Our aim is not to give you some other kind of distortion," Bilsker says. "We just want you to think about yourself in a fair way and a realistic way."helped take down Mafia don ,Robert Mnard, in a photo taken at his home last year. On the wall is a certificate declaring him an honorary citizen of the Sicilian city of Agrigento, in honour of his work investigating the Mafia. Mr. Mnard kept many mementos from his career, including costumes he used as an undercover agent, such as a firefighter helmet, a Bell hardhat and even a cassock. Alain Roberge/La Presse ,Mr. Mnard had not one but two tough guy nicknames: Crazy Bob, for the risks he took while undercover, and Shotgun Mnard, for the 12 gauge pump action firearm he favoured when facing robbers. ,He boasted that he had nine workers' compensation files meaning he had been injured nine times while on duty. He needed a cane after he was shot in the leg. He got a bullet in the chest. He suffered hearing loss after blasting his shotgun at a getaway car while still inside his own vehicle. ,"He was like a terrier going after a rabbit. When he saw that someone had been wronged, he was relentless," his former partner in the homicide and robbery squad, Andr Kourie, said in an interview. ,Mr. Kourie remembered arriving at the scene of unfolding heists and Mr. Mnard jumping out before their car had stopped because he was so eager to catch robbers. ,Mr. Mnard was also a resourceful man, improvising on the job. Once, the two detectives were casing out a bus station locker where a suspect had stashed guns. Mr. Kourie said his partner suddenly went to see the maintenance crew, then came back dressed in coveralls and mopping the floor near the locker. ,Mr. Kourie also remembered Mr. Mnard showing him costumes and fake ID cards he had kept from his undercover operations, including a firefighter helmet, a Bell hard hat and even a cassock. ,Mr. Mnard's crime fighting stopped abruptly in 1985 when he was shot by a pair of bank robbers. It was an unlikely fate for a man who had started as a wannabe bank robber. ,The oldest of the two sons of Hector Mnard and Ccile Robidas, he was born on June 10, 1934, in Sherbrooke, 150 kilometres east of Montreal. The family lived nearby, in the small town of Cookshire. ,As he recalled in the Historia documentary series, titled Shotgun Mnard, he grew up poor and making trouble. ,Robert Mnard, holding the pistol, escorts a robbery suspect into the police station in the early 1970s. At the time, Mr. Mnard was working undercover leasing an apartment from the Mafia don Paolo Violi. While returning home to visit his family in suburban Deux Montagnes, Mr. Mnard saw a bank heist and joined local officers in arresting suspects. Productions Baroque. ,His father, a Royal Canadian Navy sailor, died in the Second World War. While his mother juggled several jobs in Montreal to make ends meet, young Robert became a rebellious child. ,He recalled firing a pellet gun at passing cars and breaking into the local church to drink the communion wine, pee in the holy water and ring the bells at night. ,At age 12, he and a friend plotted to rob a branch of the Bank of Montreal. His grandmother overheard them and alerted the police. He was taken away in handcuffs and sentenced to four years at a reform school run by priests. ,There, he said, the Catholic brothers' tough love and occasional use of the strap instilled in him an appreciation for discipline and structure. "You had the choice of either remaining a little punk or shaping up. I chose to shape up," he recalled in his TV series. ,Afterwards, he did a stint in the Canadian Forces then worked as a locomotive driver for CN. By his mid 20s, he decided to join the Montreal police, drawn as much by the prestige of the uniform as the prospect of a steady salary, health plan and pension. ,His application was rejected because of his earlier brush with the law. He turned to his reform school teacher, one Brother Julien. ,In a sign of the influence of the church in Quebec at the time, Brother Julien got a meeting with Hilaire Beauregard, the head of the provincial police, who agreed to expunge Mr. Mnard's record and to put in a word with Albert Langlois, the Montreal police chief. ,With that help, Mr. Mnard was able to join the Montreal police and graduated from training in the spring of 1959. ,He was first assigned to Station 14, then covering the west end neighbourhood of Notre Dame de Grce. ,As a rookie, he was expected not to make waves but on his first shift, assigned to keep watch outside a concert at Loyola College, he spotted two car thieves in action, chased them and knocked them out with his stick. ,His eagerness, resourcefulness and street savvy led him within a year to the intelligence section, working undercover missions. ,For his first assignment, he was sent to infiltrate an illegal gambling den. On other occasions, he was a taxi driver or a sailor. For eight months he pretended to be an underfed wannabe poet with a downtown flat as he infiltrated leftist activist circles, looking for information on the Front de libration du Qubec. ,Mr. Mnard was shot three times when he tried to stop a bank robbery in 1985. Taken to hospital in critical condition, he had to be resuscitated twice. He said he didn't share with anyone what he saw during that near death experience, except with his ailing son who had terminal cancer. "I regret nothing. I am not afraid of dying," Mr. Mnard said. Family handout ,Then in 1970, he saw a For Rent sign on a window above an ice cream store in the Saint Lonard district of Montreal. The police knew that the store, Gelateria Violi, was owned by the mob boss Mr. Violi, who usually held court next door at the Reggio Bar. ,In their book Mafia Inc., Andr Cdilot and Andr Nol noted that Mr. Violi, whose crime family made money from many rackets, wasn't above trying to make an additional 125 a month by renting the flat above his ice cream shop. It would be his undoing. ,Mr. Mnard signed the lease, posing as Bob Wilson, an electrician from Ontario. He picked that trade because his brother, Patrice, was an electrical contractor who could help him with his cover. ,To distract Mr. Violi when he signed the lease, Mr. Mnard arrived accompanied by an attractive woman actually the girlfriend of another officer. ,After establishing that Mr. Violi and his henchmen weren't around at night, the police installed a series of hidden microphones. "Violi couldn't go anywhere in the building without us hearing what he said," Mr. Mnard said in a 2006 issue of the police brotherhood magazine.Helpful tips for easier holiday decorating ,After giving thanks, feasting, watching the parade and putting away the leftover turkey, most people are ready to start decorating for Christmas that is, if they haven't started already. ,A colorfully decorated, brightly lit house is a warm welcome in the cold winter. However, the process of achieving this final display can be a lot for anyone to handle. Some people spend weeks creating the perfect Christmas look, only to run into mishaps later. Interior designer Tabitha Yount says there are ways to make holiday decorating easier, both in the coming weeks and for the years ahead. ,Ms. Yount's favorite method for easier decorating actually starts when the holidays are over. When it's time to put everything away, she stores decorations in totes that are color coordinated for each room red for the living room, yellow for the kitchen, and so on. Many totes have colored lids or bodies, but even stickers can get the job done. If you use the same decorating plan each year, this step makes it easier to determine which items go where the next time you get them out. ,"If you start to get into the routine of that, the next thing that we do is take pictures. We tell clients to pack the totes up and then put the pictures on top so they know next year what it looked like," Ms. Yount says. ,Not only does this simplify the decorating process, it helps people decide whether to change, add or take away anything in the room next time. If your decorations are poorly organized, Ms. Yount says the color coding and picture method makes things much smoother. ,To prevent wall damage when hanging lights, garlands and pictures, she says 3M Command hooks are your best bet. They come in several sizes and weight limits, and she sometimes doubles them up for extra support for heavier items. ,Fireplace mantels are decorated more often around the holidays than the rest of the year, but fragile decorations and figurines can fall off easily. Ms. Yount's trick is to put a bit of sticky tack underneath whatever is on the mantel so they all fit snugly. ,"The ledges are pretty narrow and lots of things need to share space. . You take the chance of something falling over and breaking," she says. ,Keep ribbons and garlands in place on staircases by attaching them to the rails with zip ties. Cut off the excess plastic and then hide the ties with foliage or ornaments. That way, the garlands won't slip off when someone brushes against them. ,If you typically plug in your indoor and outdoor lights after Thanksgiving and don't unplug them until January, you could benefit from setting them up on a timer system. These cut down on energy waste and prevent fire hazards by automatically shutting them off at certain times. ,"Put the outdoor lights on a timer that is triggered by light, so when the sun goes down the lights come on. You can set it to stay on for two, four, six or 12 hours after dusk," St. Joseph resident Cassy Johnston says. ,Ms. Yount also puts her tree and garland lights on timers so everything turns on at the same time. She says a good rule of thumb is to time them to turn on 30 minutes before dusk, and then the house already will be lit up when you come home in the evenings. ,When hanging lights on the house's exterior, use the plastic hooks that are sold in the Christmas light department. Ms. Yount says they won't damage the gutters, and they extend far enough away from the house that the heat of the lights won't burn the siding or shingles. ,Many people like the convenience and lasting qualities of faux Christmas trees. Ms. Yount says pre lit trees are a little expensive, but they take away the hassle of wrapping lights around the tree, and the LED lights on newer models are safer and more energy efficient. ,However, just because a faux tree won't rot, that doesn't mean it will last forever. She says pre lit trees that are more than five years old might have problems with old wiring or burnt out bulbs. Fake trees pose fire hazards just like real ones, so be cautious. Even if it doesn't have lights, if it's been in the family for 20 years, it probably should be thrown out. ,"Lights aren't made to last very long. . If you get two to four years out of a tree, that's probably still really good use. It may be time to update after that," Ms. Yount says, noting that a great time to get them is during post holiday sales. ,If you prefer real Christmas trees, Cory Schweizer of Schweizer Orchards says the most important way to prevent fire hazards is to buy a tree from a fresh source. Cut it down yourself or use a source that ensures they cut the tree very recently. Otherwise, you might end up with a dry, brittle tree that's been sitting in a warehouse for weeks. ,Dry, dead needles are the leading cause of fire in real trees, so he says it's also important to have the tree shaken. ,Once you've brought it home, saw a one to two inch piece off the bottom of the trunk so it can start to suck up water. Put the tree into water immediately, or else the trunk will sap over again. ,"Not 10 minutes, not 15 minutes, immediately," Mr. Schweizer emphasizes. ,Fresh trees will drink at least a gallon of water every day for two weeks, so keep the trunk submerged constantly and check it every morning and evening. After two weeks, it will slow down to drinking about a quart or less, but you should still keep an eye on it. ,Mr. Schweizer also says to use water and nothing else, with the exception of a teaspoon of bleach if the basin starts to get a little scummy. When you're ready to take the tree down after Christmas is over, he says the safest and easiest way is to drop it off at a tree disposal site, as determined by the city.Helping immigrant workers fit in ,Aileen Raquel knows all too well how tough it can be for an immigrant worker to adjust in Canada and why employers need to take their struggles seriously, especially as the country prepares for a projected influx of immigrant talent over the next 20 years. ,Ms. Raquel, a social worker in her homeland of the Philippines, moved to Canada in 2003 because she was told it had the best jobs and benefits. Instead, she found herself working at a factory and in the fast food business. "I had seven years of social work experience and I sent out countless rsums but did not receive a single response," recalled Ms. Raquel, 37. ,After three years of living below the poverty line, she turned to a bridging program at Toronto's Ryerson University for guidance. With the help of a mentor and mock interviews with real employers, her self confidence grew. In 2006, she landed a permanent job with her current employer, the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto. ,Ms. Raquel, whose success story is highlighted in a travelling photo exhibit by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council TRIEC, and other foreign born workers have benefited from many groundbreaking programs to help newcomers overcome barriers in the Canadian workplace, such as language and cultural issues. ,Such initiatives will be even more important in the years to come. A recent Statistics Canada report suggests that, by 2031, one in three workers could be foreign born, up from about one in five in 2006. Such a dramatic change in the labour force will make it even more important for employers to help immigrant workers adapt. ,Government efforts such as the Canadian Immigration Integration Program help workers get jobs that recognize their experience and education. But helping them adjust on the job remains a "huge issue," said Joan Atlin of TRIEC, which works with companies, governments and other organizations to help employers address diversity issues. ,"While one challenge is to make the right connections between talent and companies, the other is to integrate them into the workplace quickly, and a lot of employers don't think about how those differences play into the workplace," said Ms. Atlin, the not for profit group's director of programs. ,One common myth is that immigrants must have Canadian work experience to be effective employees, experts say. ,"It's a misconception that Canadian experience is absolutely required, and we've done a good job to show the way we hire people has evolved," said Matt Petersen, director of diversity strategies at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto. That involved changing the thought processes of company hiring managers, he said. ,Navigating the interview process can trip up newcomers, as Ms. Raquel discovered. That's why companies such as CIBC and discount brokerage Questrade Inc. conduct "behavioural based" job interviews, so that cultural differences and the applicants' lack of Canadian work experience don't undercut their changes of being hired. ,Zuleika Sgro, human resources recruiter at Questrade in Toronto, said the brokerage develops its own programs and also turns to other organizations to help meet foreign born workers' needs. ,"There is so much paperwork all these policies and procedures, payroll, all these government offices the challenges can be as simple as getting a SIN social insurance number]card," noted Ms. Sgro, whose company also has offices in Montreal, Vancouver and Armenia. ,She said Questrade has used several TRIEC programs, including workshops on the "unwritten rules of Canadian workplace culture," such as how to behave in a business meeting, as well as a mentoring partnership that links skilled immigrants with established Canadian professionals. ,Questrade's own programs include team building activities for new employees and managers to learn from each other; a buddy system where managers are linked with workers to provide guidance on a range of issues in their work and personal lives; and language skills development. ,At CIBC, recruiting and retaining skilled foreign born workers has been a priority because "the landscape of our country is changing rapidly," Mr. Petersen said, noting that growth at CIBC branches in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto is often fuelled by immigrants. "We need to ensure we have employees who understand the experience of our customers., As well as being involved in immigrant mentoring or sponsorship programs ,Professor Jeffrey Reitz real looking fake ids best place to buy fake id online fake id australia best fake id for arkansas

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