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Auto Pay credit requires Auto Pay enrollment with a new Basic ,No annual contract for cell phone service Cricket's prepaid phones aren't tied to an annual contract fake RhodeIsland driver's license fake id id god state reviews fake id with hologram Unlimited talk text No need to worry about going over your minutes ,More 4G LTE coverage nationwide than T Mobile or Sprint ,Great buys on top smartphones Find great deals on phones from brands like Samsung ,The Wiley Ones What I Am" This week, in line with their Super Bowl shows, The Wiley Ones will release their video/single "What I Am." It's their first new song to be released in nearly nine months and it continues in their patented brand of acoustic hip hop grooves. The one nice thing about The Wiley Ones is that they continually present an ever positive vibe. The refrain here is "What I am is love, your love is what I am," good vibes radiate everywhere throughout the song. If this song is any indication, their upcoming third album will be pretty terrific. On "What I Am," one of the finest elements has to be the jazzy sax throughout the entire thing, courtesy of Phelan Parker. It's a fairly unusual tune for The Wiley Ones even employing a great piano line; I hope this is only a preview of what is to come from their approaching album. You can catch them on Super Bowl Sunday; they will be playing the NFL Tailgate Party at University of Phoenix Stadium. ,See also: 10 Best Things I Heard in Phoenix in 2014 ,Day Before Plastics "Wrong" The new single from Day Before Plastics is a bit of a departure from the band's usual sound. There is even a hint of country twang in their at times, and lyrically, it certainly fits the Americana/country vibe. The thing is that they completely nail it I had to listen to it a few times before I was comfortable with it, but now I just love the hell out of it. "Wrong" really makes me wonder about the direction their approaching album Explosive Sadness will take, but I could actually dig an entire album by Day Before Plastics investing in their roots, so to speak. One of the things I've always liked about the band is that they are continually full of surprises and this was a big one. Still, when it comes down to it, it's backed by the same band and it has the same fantastic songwriting as the rest of their songs, they are just stretching their comfort zone a bit and the results are beautiful. The lyrics are just as good as the music and a somewhat timeless description of a melancholy breakup. All beautiful stuff in here. ,Dent "1996" b/w "Shift" Since the breakup of St. Ranger I've been waiting for Jeff Taylor to make his next musical move and it has arrived with Dent. Just this week, Dent released a debut single that owes as much to indie rock as it does to psychedelic pop. I haven't stopped listening to it since its Monday release. Needless to say, Dent has my rapt attention for everything it does from here on out. This is some of the craziest, most experimental fun music that I've heard in a while, it somehow holds up as pop, but it is way out on the fringe, in the best lo fi way possible. "1996" literally sounds like it came from 1996 think Pavement and Sebadoh mixed with Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. I'm not kidding. The other side of the single is the equally fascinating "Shift," which is psychedelic pop in a Flaming Lips way. This music makes me dizzy and I expect to see trails at any moment. These two songs have made this entire week worth living for; I simply can't get enough of Dent. I want an entire album like this, and I hope the band has it in them. ,1996 Shift by dent ,Bear State "Cool Things" b/w "Dark Comedy" Bear State has been recognized for its moody, shoegazing dream pop in the wake of last year's release of the Hello Alexander EP on local Moone Records. The band just released a seven inch single that maintains that exact same aesthetic. Both songs represent the band perfectly and, of course, feature Caleb Daily's signature breathy vocals, which are reminiscent of early Teenage Fanclub. "Cool Things" is a trippy little number with fascinating trap set work once more and hypnotic guitar. It's the perfect soundtrack to cloud watching or just hiding inside your mind oddly, it could easily be remixed into a dance number. The b side is "Dark Comedy" which is equally good, a bit more upbeat, but no less gauzy and lo fi in its presentation, with a much stronger pop sensibility and a touch of psychedelic pastiche. I love Bear State, because all their songs are dizzying, somewhat transportational and mesmerizing. The band has a unique formula that I'm fond of. This time around, the group teamed up with Moone Records and Stinkweeds to support the community. All the proceeds from this release will be given to Arizona Foster Care Initiatives, which serves the hurting foster care and adoption system in Phoenix. ,Cool Things b/w Dark Comedy 7" by Bear State ,MRCH "Validation" Are you looking for a new indie electronica pop song that you can carry around in your head for days or weeks at a time If you're in the market, I highly recommend that you check out MRCH. MRCH pronounced March is the new side project from Mickey Pangburn, Jesse Pangburn, and Erin Beal of The Prowling Kind, and they just had their debut show at Pub Rock this past Tuesday. Their debut single, "Validation," is an infectious tune that I haven't been able to shake since they released their lyric video earlier this month. Mickey has never sounded more superb with her dream pop breathy vocals on this track, something she only visited occasionally with TPK. Meanwhile, Jesse holds down drums and Erin is all over the keyboard magic. I love it when bands have side projects that are completely divergent from their mainstay. This song is, however, so catchy, that I can't stand it it's serious head bopping music in no uncertain terms. I really hope their debut EP maintains this vibe, because it's absolutely addictive. If the chorus itself doesn't hold you hostage, I'm not sure what will. "I just can't see, how it works for anybody, who surrenders their dreams for validation." Brilliant. ,Find any show in Metro Phoenix via our extensive online concert calendar. ,9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show 10 Classic Punk Records That Actually Kind of Suck The 10 Coolest, Scariest, Freakiest Songs About Heroin The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All Time5 Groups Who Are Just As Loud As Their Causes Are Pointless ,You ever met someone who seemingly can't help but one up you all the time during any conversation If you mention in passing that you took taekwondo, they're a black belt in aikido. If you just bought a car, they bought a time machine. If you just lost your virginity, they actually have it and will give it back to you. There's a bit of a thrill in letting people know the score when you've done something awesome, but there's also the mind numbing awfulness of being reminded constantly that someone is into something you couldn't give two shits about, even if you had a magical bottomless shit giving sack. ,God willing, I have a nice twist on this, so you can start to slowly untwist your gluten free, free range, non GMO flax panties. I have no problem with veganism. It's great for you and yours. Why would I ever give a shit what another human eats, so long as it's not me Be vegan, eat this okra. No one cares anymore. It's mainstream. If you don't want a burger, just say you don't want a burger. Don't add the laundry list of proteins you're willing to eat as a vegan, and for the love of Pete, never explain why you're a vegan, unless you want me to explain why it takes me a half hour to get out of the bathroom sometimes. Don't see how they're related Doesn't matter. They aren't; that's the point. It's useless info you don't want or need. Just like veganism in the modern era. ,Sadly, some people are still so far up their own asses about being vegan that it's not enough that they just eat veggies. They make you go to vegan restaurants with them. This is pretty close to waterboarding on the list of intolerable awfulness to inflict on another person. What they really want you to do is not eat what you want. Why is a normal restaurant willing to make a vegan dish for a customer, while a vegan restaurant refuses to add meatballs to my meal It's that smugness. That conformity. It's their way of quietly saying, "I'm in charge of things here now, and you're going to do what I want." Does this attitude stem from many years of being made fun of Probably. A lot of vegans who are vocal about it have a real chip on their shoulder. A kale chip that is gross and not desirable. But the time has come to just accept that no one gives a shit anymore if you're eating seaweed encrusted portobello mushroom burgers. Woopity fuckin' doo. ,Potheads really love being potheads in a way that's hard to wrap your unpotted head around. Some potheads just like to smoke weed and play video games. Bless those potheads. Other potheads let's call them activist potheads are just slightly less tolerable than guys who piss themselves on the bus. there tends to be a theme. ,They also have read up on all the literature about why hemp is such a great crop. They have clothes made of hemp and can tell you, in detail, the benefits of hemp rope. This person is a monster. Hemp and pot are not the same, and the pot activist knows this but doesn't care. They still think legalizing one means legalizing the other, and that anyone gives a shit about hemp paper or hemp tea or hemp oil shampoo. No one wants that scuzzy shit. ,It's 2016, and pot is fully legal in five states. Now is the time to stop making pot your secret underground taboo hobby which has so many cool uses if only "the man" would realize it. No one gives a fuck about hemp. No one wants ugly hemp clothes, and no one who isn't currently on a boat or choking themselves as they jerk off has ever wanted a rope. No one wants to cook with pot, either. The entire edible market is a throwback to the cool teenage subterfuge of making brownies with a "special" ingredient. In short, no one gives a shit. Smoke your weed and play PlayStation like the rest of us. ,There once was a time when Christians walked door to door on the off chance your sin filled ass had somehow missed the news of the last 2,000 years and was unfamiliar with Christ. They would ask if you had found salvation or something like that, and very little short of puking pea soup on them would make them leave peacefully. ,Follow Ricky Gervais on Twitter for a few days, and you'll be baffled by his adamant need to mock Christianity or organized religion in general as though it were currently in his house pooping in a potted plant. Being an atheist is fine. There's a growing number of them out there, and it's very reasonable. I like to consider myself agnostic, and think that organized religion is a bit silly. And by "silly," I mean "mired in thousands of years of dumbfuckery." But I don't need to keep pointing at churchgoers and laughing like a hyena. Why the fuck do I care what they believe Some people believe the Earth is flat; I don't have the time to shake my head that much. ,The irony of atheism is that it's just as plausible or implausible as theism. "Prove god does exist" is about as confusing as "Prove god doesn't exist." Both require you to do something impossible, and both require you to believe something you can't "honestly" believe because you've obviously got no proof of whatever position you're arguing for. You're basically one of those guys going door to door asking if people have heard the good word about a finite existence and the nothingness that awaits after death. ,Few things are more worth a slow shake of the head than the day Apple introduces the newest iWank and 1,000 fools line up to spend 700 to replace the one they bought nine months ago because this one has a more powerful camera and a spork. Of the few things more worth a slow shake of the head is when one of these same people goes home and films themselves opening the box their phone came in and uploading it to YouTube, because for fuck's sake. Unboxing How is that even a thing Why is it a thing Who is watching these videosIs this some new kind of erotica Here, get your jollies, weirdo.5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon ,Cinnamon is one of my feel good foods. The scent reminds me of fall, my favorite time of year, and brings back memories of making apple pies with my mom, and celebrating the holidays. ,While I always been a fan of its flavor and aroma, as a nutritionist, I also thrilled to spread the news about cinnamon health benefits. For example, one teaspoon of cinnamon packs as much antioxidant potency as a half cup of blueberries, and cinnamon natural antimicrobial properties have been shown to fight strains of E. coli, as well as Candida yeast. ,In a recent study from Penn State, researchers found that a diet rich in spices, like cinnamon and turmeric, helped curb the negative effects of downing a fatty meal. After a high fat meal, levels of fats in your blood known as triglycerides rise, and chronically high triglycerides raise the risk of heart disease. In this small study in just six overweight but otherwise healthy men between 30 and 65 the results of adding spices were significant. On two separate days, volunteers added two tablespoons of spices, including cinnamon, to a fatty meal, which was tested against an identical control meal without spices. Blood samples drawn after meals revealed that in addition to 13% higher blood antioxidant levels, the spices reduced triglycerides by about 30%. Department of Agriculture, scientists found that antioxidant rich cinnamon extract helped reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease. In the study, 22 obese volunteers with prediabetes were divided randomly into two groups. One was given a placebo, the other a dose of dried water soluble cinnamon extract twice a day, along with their usual diets. Fasting blood samples collected at the beginning of the study, and after six and 12 weeks revealed that the cinnamon extract improved antioxidant status, and helped reduce blood sugar levels. ,RELATED: 10 Easy Ways to Slash Sugar from Your Diet ,Cinnamon has been shown to slow stomach emptying, which curbs the sharp rise in blood sugar following meals, and improves the effectiveness, or sensitivity of insulin. A University of Georgia study also found that cinnamon can prevent tissue damage and inflammation caused by high levels of blood sugar. When blood sugar levels are high, sugar bonds with proteins to form compounds called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. AGEs activate the immune system, which triggers the inflammation and tissue damage associated with aging and diabetes. In the study, researchers found a strong and direct link between the antioxidant content of common herbs and spices, including cinnamon, and their ability to prevent AGEs from forming. This effect also further decrease the risk of heart damage, since AGEs contribute to hardening of the arteries. ,RELATED: 14 Biggest Myths About Type 2 Diabetes ,Research shows that just smelling cinnamon enhances cognitive processing, but consuming it significantly ups brain function. Scientists at Wheeling Jesuit University asked volunteers to complete computer based tasks while chewing no gum, plain gum, or gum flavored with cinnamon, peppermint, or jasmine. Cognitive processing was boosted the most in those given cinnamon, which sped up visual motor responses and improved attention scores. This aromatic spice may also help the brain heal. One study from scientists at the Agricultural Research Service found that cinnamon extract prevented brain cells from swelling in the ways typically seen after a traumatic brain injury or stroke. ,RELATED: 12 Ways to Improve Your Concentration at Work ,To take advantage of cinnamon potential benefits, incorporate it into more meals. One of the things I love about this spice is how versatile it is. I use it in both sweet and savory dishes, and I feel like I always finding new ways to add it to meals, snacks, and beverages. Here are 10 easy ideas: ,Sprinkle cinnamon into your coffee, or add it to your coffee grounds before brewing. ,Add a dash or two of cinnamon to hot oatmeal, overnight oats, or cold whole grain cereal. ,Fold cinnamon into yogurt, along with cooked, chilled quinoa, fresh cut fruit, and nuts or seeds. ,Freeze cinnamon in ice cubes to add zest and aroma to water or cocktails. ,Season roasted or grilled fruit with a sprinkle of cinnamon. ,Stir cinnamon into almond butter, or any nut or seed butter, and use as a dip for fresh apple or pear wedges or a filling for celery. ,Add a pinch of cinnamon to lentil or black bean soup, or vegetarian chili. ,Season roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes, spaghetti, and butternut squash with a pinch of cinnamon. ,Sprinkle a little cinnamon onto popped popcorn. ,Stir a little cinnamon into melted dark chocolate and drizzle over whole nuts to make spicy or use as a dip or coating for fresh fruit. ,NOTE: While cinnamon is healthful, just be sure not to overdo it. Don't take cinnamon supplements unless they have been prescribed by your physician, and check out this info from the National Library of Medicine about the potential risks for some of consuming too much cinnamon. ,Cynthia Sass is a nutritionist and registered dietitian with master degrees in both nutrition science and public health. Frequently seen on national TV, she Health contributing nutrition editor, and privately counsels clients in New York, Los Angeles, and long distance. Cynthia is currently the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers NHL team and the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team, and is board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics. Connect with Cynthia on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. ,The Material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.5 Hidden Ways Viruses Infect Your Computer ,Malware could be lurking in your computer and you might not even know it. Viruses, spyware, ransomware and other malware attacks have become so sophisticated that they could be wreaking havoc on your systems without showing any signs that is, until it too late. Attackers stealthily plant malicious elements that work in the background, tracking behaviors, logging keystrokes, stealing data and even shutting down networks. Today, there are more ways than ever for malware to secretly make its way into your computers. ,"There are two critical aspects where stealth comes into play," said Shel Sharma, director of product marketing at threat detection platform Cyphort. The first is how malware is delivered, and the second how it is detected, he said. "Malware may be delivered through a mechanism that the end user may not even realize they are using," Sharma said. Two examples are spearphishing and simply attacking normal Web browsing activities. ,Spearphishing is a form of email fraud that spoofs emails, making it seem as though they come from trustworthy senders. These messages may contain links or attachments that deliver malware. One scenario is an email that comes from a trusted source whose email account was hacked or whose email address and sender name are made to look legitimate. Best Antivirus Software for Business] ,"The attachment may look safe to the user, and they may open it," Sharma explained. "Upon opening, the attachment will infect the computer. fake student id card uk fbi background check fake id fake id checking book

wrigleyville fake id Users can also unwittingly download malware when visiting trustworthy or seemingly trustworthy websites. ,Malware may be hosted on a popular website by hackers," Sharma noted. "When unsuspecting users go to the webpage, the code on the webpage takes advantage of a vulnerability in their browser and automatically downloads and executes the malware without knowledge of the user. Additionally ,The problem Antivirus solutions use virus signatures to identify and eliminate them]," Sharma said. "However, the new generation of malware uses evasive techniques so that there is no signature for it, and therefore antivirus solutions fail to identify it. ,Furthermore, There are so many ways that a computer can be infected these days, it almost a full time job just to keep informed about all of them," said Benjamin Caudill, co founder at Rhino Security Labs. "These so called attack vectors multiply all the time, as new technologies are rolled out and the bad guys find ways to exploit them. ,The increasing stealth and sophistication of malware attacks makes it more important than ever to understand how malware gains entry into your systems. Here are five ways malware is secretly infecting your computers. qld driver license rgf fake id RhodeIsland fake id laws fake ssn id

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