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fake id meaning in urdu fake id generator pc Applied to today's society montreal fake id fake Massachusetts id generator florida fake id template fake id consequences Colorado how do i get a new id,Affordability comes into it a lot but it's not just a material gain," says Carol McArdle, of the Local Exchange Trading Scheme Lets in Yeovil and South Somerset.Was Dieppe a spy mission ,wasn a raid, it was a slaughter Ron Beal, Royal Regiment of Canada, in the History Television documentary Dieppe: Uncovered. ,The horror of Canada darkest day of the Second World War still remains a vivid picture in Howard Large mind, 70 years after he crawled in terror over the still warm bodies of comrades and across the bloodied stones of a machine gun raked beach at Dieppe. ,is the end I am dead, the 94 year old Windsor veteran recalls telling himself on so many occasions that hellish morning of Aug. NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor Star ,The sniper who hit him, but not mortally, once he and a small number reached the town. The young Nazi infantryman who, leading the bleeding Canadian prisoner past a pile of dead German comrades, pressed the muzzle of his rifle against Large forehead. ,Covered in bullet and shrapnel wounds and burns and being led away to a German prisoner of war camp for the next three years, Large was one of the lucky ones. ,In a disastrous raid on the German occupied French port by an Allied force of 300 ships, 800 aircraft and more than 6,000 Allied assault troops most of them Canadian close to 2,000 of the attackers were taken prisoner and more than 900 lay dead within hours. Less than half the soldiers who took part, many among them wounded, made it back onto the ships for the retreat. ,Of the 553 participating members of the Essex Scottish Regiment to which Large was attached, only 51 escaped back to England that day. ,were nuts, Large said of the Allied planners and force commanders who thought up the attack. ,Now, after decades of unanswered questions and only guesses as to why the mission was launched and to what purpose the Dieppe slaughter served, comes newly unearthed evidence putting the mission in a completely different light. ,a story this is this is like something out of a Hollywood movie, said David O a Montreal based military historian who uncovered the mystery over the course of 15 years of research. ,Himself a former soldier and Department of National Defence employee, O gained privileged access to more than 100,000 pages of classified British military archival documents, many of them stamped secret and part of the ULTRA files, the highly sensitive intelligence gathered during the war and only recently starting to be made available to some researchers. ,O said there was no single moment, but rather a series of discoveries that led to his conclusion that the plan, all along, was to slip a specially trained unit into Dieppe under the cover of a bigger operation and recover a German made Enigma code machine, a very complex electro mechanical device that used a series of rotors for the encryption of secret messages. ,Canadian Army and Essex Scottish veteran Howard Large survived the deadly beaches of Dieppe, France during Second World War. Pte. Large was wounded in action and several times looked death in the eye, only to be captured and become a POW. Large was interviewed at his Lincoln Road home, Thursday August 16, 2012, NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor StarHoused inside Dieppe Hotel Moderne was a German naval headquarters, the small port city hosted an important radar installation and Allied intelligence was convinced that trawlers tied up in the harbour were pulling double duty as spy vessels and contained valuable enemy signals equipment. ,Waiting offshore for the success of the initial attack were Cmdr. Ian Fleming, who was the personal assistant to the admiral in charge of Britain naval intelligence, as well as members of a secretive unit of naval intelligence specialists he helped create known during Operation Jubilee as No. previously stated purposes of the raid, as well as lessons learned, remain valid, said O but it the newly uncovered intelligence gathering objective that was locomotive driving this thing. has always been viewed as a military fiasco, said O especially as seen from the Canadian side. ,is still a disaster, he said, but now the operation can be viewed as something more than simply a botched testing of Germany Fortress Europe defences. He said others in the intelligence, military and historical communities support what should now lead to a rewriting of one of the dark chapters of Second World War history. ,is an indefatigable researcher he may get to the bottom of this, said Villa, who has written extensively on Dieppe. While the main objective to snatch German signals intelligence equipment, as O argues, failed, Villa said the raid in a sense in that it scared Hitler into diverting numbers of Axis troops from the Russian front back to the west. The war turning point in the east soon followed. ,Half a century after the war, Howard Large body was still shedding pieces of shrapnel from that day of horror.Was Forced to Undergo Abortion ,The girl became entangled in a snare of a Cleveland, Ohio couple running a sex trafficking ring and she eventually found herself pregnant as a result. Once pregnant, the perpetrators took the young girl to Detroit, Michigan for an abortion and made a fake ID for her to allow her to escape the state parental involvement law on abortion. ,Family members searched unsuccessfully for a 15 year old Cleveland runaway for almost one year. Then a break came earlier this month. ,On June 11, Cleveland police got a call from a teen girl who told them she escaped from an apartment on the city west side after being a sex slave and unknowingly being infected with the HIV virus. 174th Street in September 2010 when she ran away from her family house. At that point, her family reported her missing and she was soon after profiled by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. ,The girl met Richard Morris on an Internet chat room in late 2009. ,According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Office, Morris never told the girl he had HIV and ended up getting the teen pregnant. That when Morris created a fake ID for the teen and drove her to Detroit for an abortion. ,That sounds very much like the problems Live Action uncovered in an undercover sting operation at multiple Planned Parenthood abortion centers earlier this year where video footage showed staff at the abortion centers helping alleged sex traffickers obtain abortions for underage girls. ,The footage showed three centers in southern Virginia, a Perth Amboy, New Jersey abortion business and a Planned Parenthood center in Richmond, Virginia all having staffers helping the alleged sex traffickers find information on how to obtain abortions without facing scrutiny and get STD testing for the girls. ,A Planned Parenthood staffer in New Jersey has already been fired, New Jersey officials are looking into a shoddy abortion center Planned Parenthood referred to in its video, and the Virginia attorney general has received the full footage of the Richmond Planned Parenthood expose'. All three of the new videos clearly show staff willing to aid and abet the sexual trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women and the videos, Lila Rose of Live Action says, provide more evidence of a clear, disturbing pattern of gross misconduct by Planned Parenthood. ,The videos have a Roanoke, Virginia abortion facility staffer suggesting the sex trafficker consider going to the health department instead of taking the girls he is victimizing to the Planned Parenthood because it would be easier to hide the illegal activity. ,"They're discreet. They're confidential. They, you know, don't tell people what's going on, because frankly it's nobody's business," the female Planned Parenthood staff person is shown saying on the video. "And the thing is, see this is the thing a lot of people don't know that. . The only 'professional' response is to immediately call law enforcement to the scene and push for an arrest. Our investigation and their response continues to show that an institutional crisis has engulfed the highest levels of Planned Parenthood. If you're a sex trafficker of minors or young women, you have a partner in Planned Parenthood. But if you are a minor or a young woman, you are not safe at Planned Parenthood clinics. perpetrators in Ohio, Richard and Tranance Morris, didn have to take the young girl to Michigan to force her into an abortion that would cover up their crimes. ,Meanwhile, back in Ohio, the story of the young victimized girls ends with her discovery. ,Tips led Cleveland police to the home on multiple occasions, but they could never find the girl. ,police went over there so many times, recalled neighbor Shakara Welch. the residents were outside and they always came up empty handed and we wondered why, she said. ,That because prosecutors would later discover Morris had a video surveillance system that alerted him to when police were coming. When they searched the apartment the victim was always hiding in a compartment inside a couch. ,is not that much different than when they moving young children from one city to another city and having the sex slaves, said Mason. is not that much different except that it was happening here in our neighborhood. began to beat her and and assaulted her when she wanted to leave. She then left their house and ran to a neighbor house and called 9 1 1, said Mason. ,Morris and his wife now face a 14 count indictment, including kidnapping, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, felonious assault and more. ,Richard and Tranace Morris are currently behind bars in the Cuyahoga County Jail and will be arraigned on Friday. They face dozens of years in prison if convicted of the crimes.Was government really blindsided ,OTTAWA am told that the pension appeals board did not share information on their backlog, their inventory, with Human Resources Skills Development Canada at the time that we transitioned to the social security tribunal, so this was an unexpected legacy backlog. Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney in a parliamentary committee hearing on Nov. 27, 2014. ,The Conservative government has been under fire in recent weeks for a growing backlog of 11,000 social security cases, most involving ailing or injured Canadians denied Canada Pension Plan disability benefits and waiting for their appeals to be heard. ,Those in a holding pattern include terminal cancer patients and Canadians in such dire financial straits that they contemplating suicide, according to social security tribunal files obtained via the Access to Information Act. ,Was the government really unaware of the true extent of the existing backlog, even as it set up a new appeals system and made decisions on how to allocate staff and resources to its new tribunal ,Spoiler alert: The Canadian Press Baloney Meter is a dispassionate examination of political statements culminating in a ranking of accuracy on a scale of baloney to of baloney complete methodology below. ,This one earns a rating of baloney the statement is partly accurate but important details are missing ,The social security tribunal was launched on April 1, 2013. ,The goal was to streamline the social security appeals process with 74 full time members, and to save taxpayers 25 million a year by replacing four separate boards with a single panel. ,Those boards employed 1,000 part time referees to hear appeals from people denied employment insurance, CPP disability and old age security benefits. Most of the 1,000 referees under the old system were dismissed when the new tribunal was established. ,In testimony before various parliamentary committees over the past two years, government officials have said they determined that 74 full time tribunal members and some part time staffers could sufficiently replace those 1,000 part timers after assessing caseloads under the old system. ,As far back as 2009 10, there was a 1,000 case backlog of CPP disability cases, according to a report by the office of the commissioner of review tribunals. ,And in the annual report of the Canada Pension Plan for the past two years, there been evidence the backlog has been growing. The review tribunals office received 5,297 CPP disability appeals in 2012 2013, but held just 3,201 hearings. ,The numbers were similar in 2011 12. ,Some Canadians have waited as long as five years to have their appeals heard. ,department knows which cases are before the tribunal and how many are before the tribunal because when there an appeal, they notified, said Philippe Rabot, who was commissioner of review tribunals from 2005 to 2010. ,are appeals of their decisions, after all, so of course they notified. We had a protocol in place for the exchange of information with the department once every three months. We exchanged statistical information with the department regularly. nothing to suggest that protocol ceased to exist after his departure, Rabot added. ,Benoit Long, an assistant deputy minister at Employment and Social Development formerly HRDC, was asked at a Senate committee hearing last month if the backlog problem existed prior to 2013. ,would have been backlogs, yes, he said. ,But Long added that the initial transfer to the new tribunal of 7,000 cases was higher than anticipated. started to increase and activities started to decrease given the fact that there was a transition from one tribunal to another, he testified. ,led to a significant number of cases that were transferred over to the tribunal, much higher than anticipated. That means that, when the tribunal started, it obviously had to start with a very large volume initially while it was still trying to ramp up, get organized and get set up. department official, Eric Giguere, added: were backlogs, but not to this extent. Productivity levels were falling in the old system as the transition to the new tribunal approached, he reiterated. ,A spokesperson for Kenney, however, said both men were testifying with the benefit of hindsight, insisting the department didn know about the extent of the backlog when it launched the new tribunal. ,David Dewhirst, a retired civil servant who represented the government for years at social security hearings, is skeptical. ,say they didn know is so high on the baloney meter that it defies logic, said Dewhirst. ,knew there were tremendous numbers in the backlog, all departments knew, and this information is filtered up to the minister. Everybody was aware that when came, there was going to be a significant backlog, especially since everyone knew the number of appeals being heard was slowing down in the final year. added that case management was under the old system, and that caseload information was routinely passed along to the department. ,And even if officials weren getting up to date caseload information from those in the old system as they set up the new one, he added, a competent government ask those questions VERDICT ,Kenney may very well have been to learn about the size of the backlog when being briefed about the social security tribunal when he took over the department from Diane Finley in the summer of 2013. ,But officials in his own department have testified publicly that a backlog already existed prior to the launch of the tribunal, although they say department officials didn know how hefty it was. Canada Pension Plan statistics also show a pre existing backlog of disability appeals. ,A longtime government representative at tribunal hearings also says the government was always kept abreast of caseload. So too does a former commissioner of review tribunals. ,For these reasons, Kenney statement that the backlog was and that the government wasn told about the backlogged cases contains baloney. Baloney Meter is a project of The Canadian Press that examines the level of accuracy in statements made by politicians. Each claim is researched and assigned a rating based on the following scale:Was Ist Eine Sandsturm ,Ein Sandsturm ist ein starker trockener Wind, der die Sonne ber der Wste blst, die Wolken von Sand oder Staub oft so dicht bezglich Unbekannten anhebt und weitertrgt, und zu reduzieren Sichtbarkeit fast um auf Null zu stehen; auch gekannt als ein duststorm. Solch ein Wind ist normalerweise das Ergebnis von von intensiver Heizung des Bodens geschaffenen Konvektionsstrmen. Der Wind ist stark genug, um Dnen zu bewegen, und es mischt sich oft in Reisen ein, manchmal Straen in flachen trockenen Regionen wie jenen der W Vereinigten Staaten auslschend. Das simoom ist der Staub und sandbeladener Wstenwind von Afrika und Arabien, das im Wesentlichen zum atmosphrischen Staub ber Europa beitrgt; Beweise des Staubs von simoon Winden sind auch auf dem seafloor an betrchtlichen Abstnden von Kste gefunden worden. ,Wie ein General, in dem Faustregel, Sandstrme auftritt, alle ber der Welt verlsst. Jedoch trennt sich das Ausma von Sandstrmen, die in den in Vergleich mit jenen in Anderem normalerweise matten Vereinigten Staaten auftreten, von der Welt wie dem Nahen Osten und Porzellan. Auerdem sollte es beachtet werden, dass Sandstrme im Frhjahr normalerweise am hufigsten auftreten. ,Es ist unmglich, eine vollstndige Liste zu geben, wo Sandstrme auftreten, weil in irgendeinem Ma sie praktisch auftreten knnen, irgendwo. Die Hauptdrei geographischen Regionen sind der Nahe Osten, Nordafrika und Nordchina. Hier ist eine Liste von Lndern, die meistes normalerweise wegen ihrer Geographie und ihres Klimas mit Sandstrmen verband: ,Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mongolia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan ,Bemerken Sie, dass die Vereinigten Staaten nicht auf der Liste sind. Das ist weil relativ sprechend Sandstrme sind ein seltenes und geringfgiges Auftreten in Vergleich mit bestimmten anderen Naturkatastrophen wie Orkanen und Erdbeben. Dennoch in den Vereinigten Staaten treten Sandstrme im Sdwesten in Staaten wie Arizona, Texas und New Mexico auf und sind in Todestal hufig. ,Erde ist nicht der einzige Planet mit Sandstrmen! Es gibt starke Beweise, dass sie auch auf dem Mars auftreten. ,Sandstrme erscheinen hufig in den meisten Wsten, und es ist leicht verwirrt und fr Luft, um verlegenes Hervorstoen in diesen rollenden Wnden von Sand fr sich zu finden. Tragen Sie Schutzbrillen und bedecken Sie Ihr Maul und Ihre Nase mit Tuch. Wenn natrliche Unterkunft nicht verfgbar ist, Sie Ihre Richtung markieren, den Sturm zu bereisen, Sie sich hinlegen, und Sie sitzen er aus. Staub und sandfarbener Wind, die geblasen sind, mischen sich in Radioaufgaben ein, sind so bereit, andere Mittel dagegen zu verwenden zu signalisieren. ,Sie wollen wahrscheinlich nicht an eine Stelle mit einer Geschichte ber Sandstrme gestellt werden, es sei denn, Sie sind bereit gut und sind mit jemandem, der den Bereich kennt und im flligen praktischen Detail erfahren ist. Keine Lachangelegenheit, die keine Mitte und etwas vorbereitet, sind Sandstrme, in denen Sie sicher nicht gefunden werden wollen. ,Step 3: Knnen Wir Sandstrme Vorhersagen ,Obwohl die Antwort auf diese Frage vor nur einer kurzen Zeit Nein gewesen wre, haben neue Verbesserungen bezglich Technik Vorhersagesandstrme viel leichter gemacht. Wie gut, dass ein Land beim Vorhersagen ist, ist im Wesentlichen ein Produkt ihrer konomischen und wissenschaftlichen Fhigkeit. Zum Beispiel sind die Vereinigten Staaten beim Vorhersagen des beschrnkten Maes an Sandstrmen, die auftreten, sehr effizient. China, vorangekommen wissenschaftlich in Vergleich mit dem Anderen d. h. Naher Osten, Nordafrika Regionen mit hufigen Sandstrmen, hat groe Verbesserungen bezglich ihrer Fhigkeit gemacht, Sandstrme vorherzusagen. ,Im Mrz von 2002 erfuhr Nordchina die schlechtesten Sandstrme vom Jahrzehnt. Jedoch erlitten sie keinen groen Verlust aufgrund der von der genauen Sandsturmvorhersage gelieferten Warnung. 'Althoug s Wetterexperten sagen, dass die Vorhersage zum ersten Mal in der huslichen Geschichte eine genaue Voraussage der von Sandstrmen zu treffenden Bereiche gab, Bereiche, die ausreichende Zeit fr Schutzmanahmen lassen. Sie waren in der Lage, fast drei Tage eine versuchsweise Vorhersage zu machen, bevor der Sturm schlug!Step 4: Wie Man Die Sandstrme Vermeiden Kann ,Natrlich ist die beste Art, sich vor einem Staubsturm zu schtzen, es vllig zu vermeiden. Wenn Sie wissen, dass Sie einen Bereich betreten, der fr Staubstrme anfllig ist, berprfen Sie die gegenwrtigen Wetterbedingungen und die Information ber das Wetter. Wenn Sie in einem Fahrzeug sind und Sie sehen knnen, dass sich ein Sturm nhert, versuchen Sie, dem Bereich in Richtung der entgegengesetzten Richtung zu entkommen. Bringen Sie Schutzbrillen und eine Maske, die Sie beim Fall eines Staubsturms verwenden knnen. ,Step 5: Wie Machten Wir Unser Projekt ,Wir nehmen eine Fischschssel von 12 Zoll von 40 Zoll und nahmen Ventilatoren wir die Vertretung eines Sandsturms machen konnten das Innere des Fischtanksands als Basis auf den Arm und kauften durch separaten Sand schn so sie.Was it a hit and run ,Someone just backed into my car. I had just parallel parked on a residential street behind another car. I was sitting in the driver's seat and fumbling with my wallet when I felt the car shake. The car in front of me kind of thudded into mine again, then lurched off. I jumped out and waved but they drove slowly off. I'm guessing they didn't even realize they hit me. I got the license plate number and the color of the car, but didn't think to look at the make/model until they were down the street. ,I took pictures of my car and the scene. My front bumper is a bit dinged but I can't tell if there are new dings resulting from this. I think they just pushed my car back a bit via my front license plate. I'm guessing it was illegal for them to just drive off in any case, and they seem like incompetent drivers they had a huge amount of room in front of them. ,I might have had a witness, a woman getting into a car across the street, but I didn't ask if she saw anything. I know this is dumb, but I was thinking I should just let it go. ,posted by ziggly to Law Government 18 answers total 1 user marked this as a favorite ,So you can't tell if either your car was damaged nor if the person could even tell if they hit you Seriously, you're asking if you should report an incident where you can't tell if your car was damaged at all. ,Why are you calling this a 'hit and run' It was a very minor parking issue/nothing. Forget all about it. ,posted by Brockles at 7:10 PM on May 24, 2011 3 favorites] ,How much of a dick do you feel like being I'm not being flippant. Unless you have a concourse ready classic, let it go. Hell, you even said you can't say for sure that there's new damage. ,posted by notsnot at 7:11 PM on May 24, 2011 ,I'm guessing they didn't even realize they hit me. ,I'm guessing they didn't realize someone was in the car that they hit. ,I tap bumpers of cars all the time when I'm parallel parking. I always get out and make sure I didn't do any damage. Never have, for the record, as they are at incredibly slow speeds in very tight spaces, but anyway. In my opinion, people who don't have the common courtesy to pay attention to the things that they hit with their car are bad drivers. This person is a bad driver. I think you are well within your rights to report them, and personally would not think that you were dumb for doing so. But if you're leaning toward letting it go, that's perfectly fine, too and the nicer, less dickish thing to do. It's up to you. ,posted by phunniemee at 7:13 PM on May 24, 2011 2 favorites] ,How much of a dick do you feel like being ,It's more than okay to be a dick in response to the dickery involved in carelessly backing into someone else's car and then driving off illegally. ,That said, I'd let this one slide. ,posted by matlock expressway at 7:16 PM on May 24, 2011 1 favorite] ,One time I backed into a guy in Chicago when he was getting out of his car. I sort of freaked out this was when I was getting my parking permit, I had moved there a week earlier. ,He looked at his bumper for 2 seconds, then looked at me and said "no problem man". ,I love Chicago. Don't worry about it. ,posted by sandmanwv at 7:42 PM on May 24, 2011 1 favorite] ,Some people consider touching bumpers a very normal part of parallel parking and getting out of a parallel spot. When I moved to Chicago a real estate agent told me point blank that I was going to get scratches on my bumper from others parking and from my parking once I learned to do it right, and that's just how things worked. And I know that any contact in my car, no matter how light, feels like a pretty tremendous event to me. ,So it was a bad move that they tapped your occupied car. And when you got out and they drove off, that was rude. But it's likely that the driver felt they had done nothing wrong. They had just executed a correct maneuver in their mind. ,I'd go with your gut and let it slide since there's no clear damage. ,posted by Tehhund at 7:47 PM on May 24, 2011 1 favorite] ,In all places, ESPECIALLY California, I have learned that bumping a bumper is totally normal when backing out of or into a spot. Throw away the license plate number in a trash can and chalk it up to karma when you accidentally bump into someone's bumper later. ,posted by banannafish at 8:09 PM on May 24, 2011 1 favorite] ,It was crappy of them, but as long as there is no damage I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure the person knew they hit you, but just didn't think anyone was in the car. We've all done it I've heard it called "parking by braille."Was it Facebook wot swung it ,Could stirrings of the UK general election upheaval be seen ahead of time on social networks ,If you were surprised by the general election result, particularly the relative gains made by Labour and the worse than predicted Conservative performance, you probably weren't keeping a close eye on Facebook. ,There was a sharp distinction between Tory and Labour styles when it came to social media. The Conservative focus seemed to be sharp, paid for attack ads. Labour's presence was much more organic, and perhaps more effective with it. ,The chatter was happening in big groups many of them filled with Jeremy Corbyn's most dedicated supporters, and closed to the general public. It was reflected in lists of most shared stories, which were dominated by material sympathetic to Labour and hostile towards Theresa May's Conservatives. ,Of course, we can't be sure of how social media shares shape actual voting and there isn't yet any hard evidence that what people saw on Facebook or any other social network was the decisive factor that swayed huge numbers of votes. We'll have to wait days, weeks or longer for a full analysis to emerge. But what was clear online was a distinct surge in pro Corbyn enthusiasm, in contrast with a professional and increasingly microtargeted Conservative advertising strategy. ,Over the course of the campaign, BBC Trending gained an insight into the minds of some of the most passionate voters by delving into filter bubbles tight online communities created by algorithms and the way we all use social media. ,One of the strongest and most active filter bubbles was the one filled with "Corbynistas". There are hundreds of pages and groups devoted to the Labour leader. They have names like "We support Jeremy Corbyn ,Some of the groups were closed Facebook users need to apply for entry ,The purpose of them is to boost their man and their party Louisville fake id us id card fake back of fake id They're often fuelled by viral videos from groups such as Momentum the pro Corbyn organisation which says a quarter of UK Facebook users saw one of its videos during the election campaign. ,Because posts in these private groups are difficult to view

dwarves fake id 10 fake nj tax id number new york using a fake id texas fake id felony The enthusiasm for Corbyn inside these groups seemed very similar to the social media pattern we've seen for other fake ca cydia tweak fake caller id i need a fake id rc cola plant fake id fake id joke in hindi In the wake of Trump's election ,You can't buy shares. You can buy exposure to content, but shares have to come from genuine enthusiasm," he said. ,Filter bubbles can rally support and indicate hidden surges, but they can also obscure reality if you're inside of one. ,In recent weeks we've been in a pro Scottish independence hangout in Glasgow where drinkers were overwhelmingly positive about the SNP's prospects, and Facebook groups filled with true blue Conservatives pining after the days of huge Tory majorities under Margaret Thatcher. Both groups will be devastated by the result. ,Full UK election results breakdown ,Media captionHow can you pop your filter bubble ,It bears repeating: Facebook certainly wasn't the only factor and probably not the main one which led to the election result. The general consensus is that the Conservatives ran a rather poor "offline" campaign. Indeed, it could alternatively be suggested that their microtargeting advertising strategy was actually effective, and stemmed Conservative losses in some areas, turning an utter disaster into a mere failure.Was Jesus literate ,Why is there no book of Jesus The main character in the cult and not much is known about him. Just a little when he is born, when he was 12, and not long before his supposed death. ,If he had just had the aforethought to pen his thoughts for his future adherents it might have helped some have a little more faith in him. ,But could he read and write ,Bruce_Leiterposted 6 years ago in reply to this ,Randy, this is all speculation, because the Bible's focus is on what Jesus did and said. Do you believe that Socrates existed I would assume so. However, we only know about him through his follower Plato. We have eyewitnesses' many accounts or those of his followers like Mark and Luke who got the accounts from the eyewitnesses in the four gospels. We also have Paul's very credible eyewitness accounts of his dramatic conversion and his reflections on the meaning of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. We don't need Jesus' own written books because of all those eyewitness accounts by people who were willing to be persecuted and to die for their testimonies. Who cares whether Jesus was literate He is the God man who came to show us God and to live, die, and rise again for believers' deliverance. ,Randy Godwinposted 6 years ago in reply to this ,Unless you are equating Socrates with Jesus, your point is useless. I've never heard of anyone, who didn't believe Socrates existed, threatened with eternal damnation. ,No one depended on the wisdom of Socrates to rule their lives, or live imperiled if they did not. The disciples had to keep the story alive, not only for their own self importance, but for the perpetuation of Christianity itself. ,Our history is full of such self appointed men. Swaggart, Roberts, Jones, Bakker, and let's don't forget Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. All with their own personal agendas, these self proclaimed spokesmen of God. Men were the same in JC's time. ,Bruce_Leiterposted 6 years ago in reply to this ,You missed my point, Randy. Historical eyewitnesses like Plato and the apostles validated their testimonies by their lives. Believing in him avoids eternal punishment. Jesus came to enable us to escape eternal separation from God that our own selfish rebellion brought upon ourselves. He didn't come to condemn us but to rescue us through faith in him. Those are biblical truths that I believe; you can believe as you wish. ,Bruce_Leiterposted 6 years ago in reply to this ,Happy holidays to you as well, Randy! You keep writing about the need for evidence. Do you mean scientifically proven evidence Science can never prove whether or not God exists, because he is spirit, not flesh and blood. Science deals only with the material universe, not with spiritual matters. ,If you look at the Gospel of John 19:33 35, you will see one of the many evidences of the Bible's authenticity: "But when they the Roman soldiers who were sent to take the bodies down from the cross] came to Jesus and found that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. Instead one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water. The man who saw it has given testimony, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you also may believe." John testifies that he saw Jesus die and, later John 20 appear to his disciples after he rose from the dead. We know that his testimony was true because he was persecuted for that testimony without giving it up, even being exiled to the penal island of Patmos. ,You can find that evidence in Revelation1:9: "I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus." John was willing to suffer and die for his testimony. Therefore, he was a trustworthy testifier. ,Furthermore, a lot of people in the disciples' day charged that they made it all up. Peter responded in his second letter 2 Peter 1:16, "We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty." He goes on to describe Jesus' revealing his divine brightness on the mountain and the heavenly voice of approval. Then, he says, "We ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the mountain." He goes on to claim that God inspired the whole Bible the Old Testament at that time. ,As to the length of time until Jesus' followers wrote the gospels and letters of the New Testament, that era was a listening time rather than a visual time in terms of people's learning unlike our time. In addition, John's gospel reports that Jesus would send the Holy Spirit to remind them what he taught them. The books were only written in the following 40 years after AD 30, when Jesus died on the cross by the eyewitnesses or by people like Luke who got the eyewitness accounts from the eyewitnesses. ,It is for these reasons and many more that God talked me into believing in him and his inspiration of the Bible when I was 16. You're perfectly free to believe as you wish, however, Randy. ,Beelzedadposted 6 years ago in reply to this ,While it's wonderful to read such things about science, it should cause one to reflect on all the many, many technologies science has indeed brought for their convenience, health and well being, all so that we may read of them to boast just how ineffective and impotent science can be in detecting their gods. ,What's interesting to note is that scientific instruments usually detect and measure effects that the human bodies sensory perception cannot, so we are to stand in awe and amazement of those whose sensory skill sets are well beyond anything science is able to muster as they fervently believe their "spiritual" world is something only they can see and hear. ,They call it an 'experience' ,The fact that people would rather suffer and die for their beliefs does not give their testimonies any credit whatsoever, in fact, one is to be quite suspicious of those who would offer such unbelievable testimonies as people rising from the dead in exchange for persecution. Clearly, they are psychotic.Was Methbot's Financial Impact Grossly Exaggerated ,In late December, the digital security firm White Ops released a bombshell report outlining a sophisticated video ad fraud scheme that it estimated was siphoning 3 million to 5 million from marketers each day. Inspired by the word "meth" in the fraudsters' code, White Ops called the scam "Methbot. fake Pennsylvania id new mexico id how to isue a fake id The complexity and apparent scope ,It was not millions of dollars a day," said Mike Zaneis, president and CEO of the digital ad industry's Trustworthy Accountability Group. "Not a chance. ,Google ,We can rule out the fill rate being a fraction of the page views because that's just irrational," Mr. Tiffany said. "The burden isn't on me to come up with some reason why. The burden of proof would be on someone else to come up with a cogent reason as to why Methbot would grow to be vastly larger than its fill rate. schwifty ids fake id fake id book chapter summary fake id software download

believable fake ids Methbot has been a double edged sword for White Ops. The company's report exposing the scam won it praise and business ,Since the report's release Although the actual White Ops report described the 3 million to 5 million daily impact as an estimate," its website is not so cautious. ,"Controlled by a single group based in Russia and operating out of data centers in the US and Netherlands, this 'bot farm' generates 3 to 5 million in fraudulent revenue per day by targeting the premium video advertising ecosystem," the site says flatly. "We continue to detect and block fraudulent activity generated by Methbot on behalf of all of our customers."Was Obama ever a Muslim ,"Question: Was Barack Obama ever a Muslim He says no, but the Associated Press found records that showed Obama was in school as a Muslim living in Indonesia and the Obama campaign can't explain why. Maybe it doesn't matter if Obama were a Muslim back then, but it does matter if he's not telling the truth about it now."The Republican consultant who helped sink the 1988 Dukakis campaign with his infamous "Willie Horton ad" is using his attack dog skills against Barack Obama. A web ad created by Floyd Brown, founder of a conservative political advocacy group called the National Campaign Fund, accuses the presumptive Democratic nominee of covering up his Muslim past. The ad relies on a mixture of half truth, innuendo, and dramatic headlines rolling across the screen to depict Obama as fundamentally "untrustworthy. ,As with his 1988 ad attacking Michael Dukakis for being soft on crime The Obama campaign says they believe that the Muslim notation was made in the ledger because that was the nominal religion of Barack's stepfather ,Really Sure enough, Oh, yeah," she muttered, waving me off. Also a convicted killer of 20 young women, and a suspected killer of up to 50. He was arrested in Utah in 1975 for raping, bludgeoning and choking numerous victims, then escaped to Florida, where he brutally murdered two sorority sisters at Florida State University at Tallahassee in 1978. Captured again, he spent the next 11 years on death row before a final sit down in a Floridian electric chair in 1989. ,It's no secret that inmates paint. The "art" of the late John Wayne Gacy images of clowns, Bambi and the Seven Dwarfs were recurring themes has been in demand among collectors of death row compositions for years. I knew a guy back in Virginia who had a Gacy in his living room, but I'd never heard of any Bundys hitting the market. ,Which really doesn't mean too much; I've never had any raging desire to hang the work of murderers on my walls and, consequently, never delved into that particular field of Americana. ,Even at 80 percent off. ,But now I owned these things, and while it seemed insanely far fetched that a couple 30 inch by 22 inch portraits of cheesy American icons could make it from Ted Bundy's death cell to a Phoenix print shop going out of business, well, stranger things have happened. ,When I carried them into the house, the cats didn't arch their backs and hiss; I leaned the portraits against a bookshelf and forgot about them for a few days. Then one night I couldn't sleep. Got up, left the lights out, and went in to read the paintings for bad juju. Stood before the grinning pair bathed in the dim glow from a streetlight. ,Nothing. Just for safekeeping, I turned Jackson over to cover Welch and went back to bed. ,A man needs proof before he turns a Raquel and a Michael of this ilk over to Sotheby's for the inevitable international bidding wars, so I started as close to an official source as I could: Florida State Prison at Starke, Bundy's last residence. ,"At one point, Ted Bundy did do some sketches, that's about all we know at this point," said Debbie Buchanan, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections. "They were disposed of prior to his being executed; prisoners were allowed to send things out. But we do not know how he disposed of them, or if he did any painting. ,Armed with that cryptic tidbit how to create fake id signatures for fake id la tropicana fake id fake id consequences reddit

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