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fake id overnight fake id website ratings The Carabins answered in the second quarter counterfeit id buy fake student id online reddit nyc fake id best fake id vendor on ab bloomington indiana fake id,After the half ,The T Birds lined up for a 10 yard field goal but instead pulled the kick and tried to run a fake touchdown pass ,Van Gylswyk called what followed devastating," and Nill labelled the play call "a mistake." The fake wasn't convincing, and the Carabins sacked holder Trevor Casey for a seven yard loss then drove 92 yards in seven plays for a field goal that put them six points behind the T Birds. ,Deschamps, who ran for 79 yards for UBC, gave his side a 23 10 lead on a 44 yard rush. The Carabins cut into that advantage with back to back field goals followed by a dagger of a touchdown. Montreal pivot Cousineau led an 88 yard drive and from six yards, hit his receiver for the touchdown and took a share of the lead with 3:55 to play. ,Fifth year running back Brandon Deschamps No. 33 rushed for more than 1,000 yards this season and ended his university career with a Vanier Cup. The teams deadlocked at 23, all that followed was some of the most dramatic football in Vanier Cup history. ,Both defences forced punts, then UBC gained 42 yards only to mishandle the snap on the shoulda, coulda been winning field goal. Looking to complete the comeback, the Carabins turned over the ball to Blackwell. UBC scored. The Vanier Cup returned to Vancouver.Uber defends safety procedures after Kalamazoo shootings ,DETROIT AP Uber is once again facing tough questions about safety after one of its drivers was charged with murder. ,The fast growing, San Francisco based ride hailing company defended its screening of drivers Monday, saying it couldn have predicted that driver Jason Dalton would engage in the random shootings that left a half dozen people dead in Kalamazoo Saturday night. Uber said its safety procedures are robust and don need to change. ,But some experts say the company needs to take a harder look at potential drivers if it wants to convince riders the service is safe, even as they agreed that Dalton wouldn have raised red flags because he didn have a criminal record. ,Dalton, who had been driving for Uber for less than a month, was charged Monday with killing six people. The shootings began Saturday evening and took place over nearly five hours. The Kalamazoo County prosecutor says Dalton picked up Uber passengers after the first shootings and probably after subsequent shootings. ,Uber security chief Joe Sullivan said Dalton cleared a background check and was approved to be a driver on Jan. 25. He had given slightly more than 100 rides and had a rating of 4.73 stars out of a possible five. ,Until Saturday, Sullivan said, Uber had no reason to believe anything was amiss. ,background check would have flagged and anticipated this situation. the incident raised more questions about Uber security. The company earlier this month agreed to pay 28.5 million to settle two lawsuits that alleged it misled customers about safety procedures and fees. It also facing a separate a lawsuit by district attorneys in San Francisco and Los Angeles, who alleged that Uber checks failed to prevent the company from hiring several felons. ,Last fall, an Uber driver in Massachusetts was sentenced to prison for raping a female passenger. Around the same time, a sixth grade teacher moonlighting as an Uber driver was accused of raping a passenger in South Carolina. And in India in November, an Uber driver was sentenced to life in prison for raping a passenger. Uber was briefly banned from operating in New Delhi after that incident. ,In response to the lawsuits, Uber has stopped using terms like than a taxi and background checks. But it insists riders are protected, and points out that, unlike taxis, riders can rate drivers. ,system that Uber has is extremely safe, said Ed Davis, a former police commissioner from Boston who serves on Uber Safety Advisory Board. ,Uber driver background checks compare names to public court records and are far less effective than fingerprint checks that access the FBI criminal history database, says Matthew Daus, a former New York City Taxi Commissioner and a transportation lawyer who has studied the issue. ,Name checks can miss court records if a person uses an alias or their name is even slightly different from the records, Daus said. ,Uber disputes that, and says the FBI records can be flawed because they don always make clear cases in which charges were dropped. That can discriminate against potential drivers. Sullivan says Uber checks court records back to seven years, and will send someone in person to check records that aren online. ,In any case, both sides agree that Dalton wouldn have raised red flags, since he had no prior criminal record. ,background check is just that. It does not foresee the future, Davis said. But Daus said Uber process is still troubling, since background checks done by fingerprints by a government agency are public records that anyone can review. In this case, Uber controls the information, he said. ,Sullivan indicated that Uber became aware at some point Saturday of issues with Dalton driving. He said the company received complaints about Dalton from several passengers on Saturday, including one about dangerous and erratic driving. Sullivan said Uber immediately suspends drivers who are accused of violent acts. But in the case of erratic driving, it typically contacts the driver first to make sure it hears both sides. ,Sullivan wouldn say whether Uber contacted Dalton on Saturday night, referring questions to law enforcement. ,Uber passenger Matt Mellen said he called police to report that Dalton was driving erratically more than an hour before the shootings began. Mellen said he also tried to report Dalton to Uber. ,Driver behavior is a problem Uber must address with the public as it grows and adds more cars, said Allen Adamson, founder of Brand Simple Consulting. The company, which is currently chalking up 3 million rides per day worldwide, needs to show that it has tough screening procedures and doesn just take anyone as a driver, he said. ,expect Uber to ensure that that driver is safe, secure and can be trusted. That very hard for a rapidly growing company, and the bigger the company the harder it is to do, Adamson said. ,People will accept one or two fluke incidents, but it happens on a repeated basis, you are on thin ice with your brand, Adamson said. ,Customers appeared to sticking with the service, and backing the company safety processes. ,Ian Leavitt, a medical research assistant at the University of Colorado in Denver, uses Uber a few times a month and he continue to use it despite the shootings. Leavitt says that as long as Uber makes sure drivers don have a criminal record or links to terrorism, he satisfied that it doing all it can. ,background check can predict the future. If someone with poor mental health hasn acted out in the past, they make it through the check, he said. ,Share this:Share on Facebook Opens in new windowClick to share on Twitter Opens in new windowClick to share on Google Opens in new windowClick to share on Reddit Opens in new windowClick to share on Tumblr Opens in new windowClick to email Opens in new windowClick to print Opens in new windowMoreClick to share on Pinterest Opens in new windowClick to share on LinkedIn Opens in new windowClick to share on Pocket Opens in new windowClick to send this to your Kindle device Opens in new windowUber Driver Accused of Rape Spent 14 Years in Prison ,A Houston Uber driver accused a raping a passenger has a criminal record, and had just been released from prison three years ago, according to reports. ,57 year old Duncan Eric Burton has been arrested and charged with sexual assault after allegedly taking a woman back to his apartment and raping her in January. ,According to court documents, the last thing the woman remembers is being at a bar with a couple of friends on January 26. According to her friends, she was pretty drunk "Ill and throwing up custom cards fake id reddit fake ids dingo reship fake id penalty Wyoming The Houston Press blog picks it up from there: ,The woman told the officer that the last thing she recalls is being at the club with the two friends, ordering one round of drinks, and then has no recollection of anything after, until waking up the next morning, alone, in an unfamiliar apartment," according to the affidavit. She went to Memorial Hermann Southwest to have a sexual assault exam conducted. ,When the officer contacted Burton, the Uber driver said that she did not live at the address on her driver's license, but had moved around the corner, the affidavit states. ,Because Burton "was unable to get an exact address" for the woman, he took her to his apartment off Wilcrest Drive, the affidavit states. ,It's at his apartment where police say Burton "admitted to performing oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex with her]." The victim says she has absolutely no memory of the Uber ride, the sexual assault, or even Burton himself. ,Now, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Burton had a criminal record. Uber, as you may know, claims to perform extensive background checks on all of its drivers. ,According to the Chronicle, Burton served 14 years for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. He was released in 2012 after serving only part of his original 18 year sentence. And Uber spokesperson told the Chronicle that Burton has passed the company's background checks. ,Of course, this raises a couple of questions mainly how and who let that slide by ,Watchdog group Who's Driving You highlights the pickle this puts Uber in: ,"Either this driver slipped past Uber's criminal background check or Uber did discover his criminal history and decided it was OK to let him drive. Regardless, this case illustrates how trusting Uber to conduct its own criminal background checks amounts to allowing the company to decide whether or not to put this individual behind the wheel. Houston would not have allowed this now alleged rapist to drive. Uber did," said Dave Sutton, spokesperson for 'Who's Driving You'. ,Uber has called its background check "rigorous". ,"All Uber ridesharing and livery partners must go through a rigorous background check. The three step screening we've developed across the United States, which includes county, federal and multi state checks, has set a new standard. These checks go back 7 years, the maximum allowable by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We apply this comprehensive and new industry standard consistently across all Uber products, including uberX," said the company in a blog post. ,But it's not just abut background checks. In Houston, there appears to be a backlog when it comes to getting Uber drivers up to speed with the latest city permits. ,Listen to what and Uber spokesperson told Houston Press: ,"When the city implemented its permitting process, thousands of driver partners were already using the Uber platform to make a living. We have been working closely with the city to move these drivers through the permitting process as quickly as possible, and every week hundreds of drivers complete the process, but the system is not designed to quickly and efficiently issue permits to a large volume of applicants.

new ids fake id ohio university how to make a fake but fake id belgium Apparently fake id uk template tricks to find fake ids real fake drivers license how to make a fake NewYork driver's license where can i get a hawaii state id Someone with a negotiated drug conviction on his or her record would not be eligible for a city issued permit, but could appeal and attempt to receive one," said Laura Cottingham, deputy assistant director with Houston's Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department. ,It would be easy to pile this on top of all the other stories about Uber drivers and assault but this one appears to be a bigger black eye for Uber. This is the first time a convicted felon seemingly slipped through the company's background checks and wound up allegedly raping a passenger. ,Last month, Uber highlighted all the steps it's taking to improve user safety. ,"Our Safety Product Team is developing more ways to put technology to work to ensure the safety of riders and drivers in key areas. We are initiating research development on biometrics and voice verification to build custom tools for enhanced driver screening," it said. The company has also discussed employing lie detectors during the screening process. ,On April 2, the day Uber revoked Burton's privileges, the company poached Facebook's Chief Security Officer. ,"We believe deeply that, alongside our driver partners, we have built the safest transportation option in 260 cities around the world," said Philip Cardenas, Head of Global Safety, in a blog post back in December. "But we have more work to do, and we will do it. Uber is committed to developing new technology tools that improve safety, strengthen and increase the number of cities and countries where background checks are conducted and improve communication with local officials and law enforcement . Our responsibility is to leverage every smart tool at our disposal to set the highest standard in safety we can. We will not shy away from this task. ,Just last month the story emerged of an Uber driver accused of kidnapping and rape in Philadelphia. Adding to the disturbing nature of the allegations is the fact that Uber only suspended the driver near the end of March fake id Columbus using fake id caltrans buy driver license online Uber criminal background checks for drivers failed to prevent it from hiring registered sex offenders ,The district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles escalated their fight with the ride share service on Tuesday in a revised lawsuit that faults the company for giving the public false assurances that its drivers are safe. The criminal histories of some drivers didn come to light until they were cited for violations while picking up airport passengers or street hails ,The prosecutors compared the background check system used by Uber with a program called Live Scan used by taxi regulators. They said Uber screening doesn necessarily catch criminal convictions dating more than seven years earlier. ,we agree with the district attorneys that safety is a priority how to make fake driver license florida fakes fake id for california

california id reality is that neither is 100 per cent foolproof as we discovered last year when putting hundreds of people through our checks who identified themselves as taxi drivers. That process uncovered convictions for DUI ,Why some regulators have issues with Uber Greyball was one of Uber's solutions to its repeated ,Traditional cab drivers usually undergo a background check and are photographed Uber's Greyball issues may not be limited to Portland ,An UBER application is shown as cars drive by in Washington, Our voicemail system is currently down and is expected to be down until replaced. Please have patience when calling any of our direct numbers. If you are trying to reach a specific department ,FILE This March 1 worst fake id ever fake id consequences laws pennsylvania state id card GrandRapids fake id

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