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easiest state id to fake fake id christchurch I can stress enough that this scene is one of the worst that our officers and investigators have ever responded to," Sanford spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said. "It horrific. fake id maker app how to get texas id fake cia id fake id denver fake id cheap prices,Family members said the slain mother is Latina Herring ,The children were airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando and remain in critical condition. Their grandfather ,Neighbor Arlene Bush said she heard about 12 gunshots how to make a fake south african id fake id laws florida fake id penalty texas Excessive amount of blood everywhere," Bush said. "I can even believe the grandfather made it out of the house as bad as he was. ,Other neighbors were shocked to hear news of the shooting. because Cashe and Herring were arguing over a set of keys. Sanford Police Chief Cecil E. Smith said Cashe was searched and at the time had no weapons on him or in his vehicle.

good addresses for fake ids fake id caught fake id holograms for sale Minnesota id fake Cashe and Herring said the argument had not been physical. Officers calmed them down hey mister fake id lyrics ca fake id laws fake caller id international how to get an oregon id fake id georgia template Officials determined that Herring and Cashe were once again involved in a dispute ,Cashe was searched for a second time and officers determined he had no weapons on him fake NorthDakota driver's license fake id templates pdf uk fake id template Herring gave the officer a red bag of Cashe belongings that included a 9 mm Glock handgun ,Officials said Cashe was not arrested because the disputes were civil and police had no evidence that any crime had taken place. Smith supported his officer actions. ,There is no way for us to predict what was going to take place. We did everything that we believe was possible. We searched him, we searched his vehicle, we searched his surroundings around him as well and no firearm was found," Smith said. ,Cashe left the area after the second dispute and returned about three hours later with an AK 47 and shot the family, according to a news release. ,Cashe then drove to West 24th Street near Marshall Avenue and shot two innocent bystanders, Lazaro Paredesquelite, 43, and Rakeya Jackson, 18. ,Both were taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital, police said. They are in stable condition, police said. ,Rayeka attends Winter Springs High School and was waiting for the bus when she was shot, police said. ,Dominique Smith, another student who was at the bus stop, said the gunman stopped and said, "I sorry, but y are gonna die," before he fired about 10 shots. ,Smith said she ran to a nearby house and a neighbor let her inside. ,"I was scared. I was panicking. I was crying. I just didn know what to do. I just wanted my momma and my dad at the time," she said. ,"I am saddened to hear of the domestic violence related shooting that took place in Sanford. It appears that three of the victims attend Seminole County Schools and we are working with both the Sanford Police Department and Seminole County Sheriff Office to determine the students names and schools," said Walt Griffin, superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools. "Grief counselors will be available at all affected schools on Tuesday. Our hearts go out to the families of these young and innocent children. ,Police said an officer who happened to be in the area heard the gunshots and spotted a man driving from the scene. The man facebook fake id illegal fake id from south carolina fake id problems

tasmania drivers licence It horrific. We are just thankful that we immediately came into contact with this person and took him off the streets before anyone else was injured or possibly lost their life this morning," Gillet said. ,Cashe is charged with first degree homicide, four counts of attempted first degree premeditated homicide, one count of second degree attempted homicide, one count of felon with a firearm, and one count of violation of parole felon with a firearm.470 News ,Reminder of the Bud Dennis Get together ,2nd Tuesday of the month, all Amateur Radio Operators are welcome as well as those who are not and maybe interested in becoming a Ham Operator,, 6:00 PM at Bellacino's Pizza Grinders,Homey outpost serving simple Italian fare from pizza pasta to subs, plus Mexican tacos burritos. ,Address: 716 Dolly Parton Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37862 ,1 The service and food was wonderful! The restaurant was very clean. A very enjoyable family atmosphere. And one of the best pizza places I have ever ate at. Thank you all for being so wonderful! ,2 Absolutely amazing Pizza my family just took a little mini vacation and we stayed at the Wilderness in the Smokies when we called the front desk to ask what pizza to order they gave us three names with my wife originally being from New York she said let's try this one wow are we glad we did we actually got home and checked to see if there was any locations in Georgia! unfortunately there was not but we will soon be coming back for another visit and definitely ordering again from you guys!! ,3 Good pizza for the price. The crust is always great. They must have a good oven. Tasty sauce. The cheese is very good quality and always great. ,2nd Tuesday of every month !!! 6:00 pm If you didn't make it well, you missed a great monthly event !! ,I will listen, and listen, and then listen again before calling. ,I will only call if I can copy the DX station properly. ,I will not trust the DX cluster and will be sure of the DX station's call sign before calling. ,I will not interfere with the DX station nor anyone calling and will never tune up on the DX frequency or in the QSX slot. ,I will wait for the DX station to end a contact before I call. ,I will always send my full call sign. ,I will call and then listen for a reasonable interval. I will not call continuously. ,I will not transmit when the DX operator calls another call sign, not mine. ,I will not transmit when the DX operator queries a call sign not like mine. ,I will not transmit when the DX station requests geographic areas other than mine. ,When the DX operator calls me, I will not repeat my call sign unless I think he has copied it incorrectly. ,I will be thankful if and when I do make a contact. In a paper submitted on May 26 to the journal Solar Physics, two solar scientists are reinterpreting earlier evidence to hypothesize that the Sun rotation rate and magnetic field are in a transitional phase that could lead to lengthening solar cycles, with the cycle ultimately disappearing altogether between 800 million and 2.4 billion years from now. Travis S. Metcalfe and Jennifer van Saders propose the scenario in their paper Evolution and the Disappearance of Sun like Activity Cycles. work at the Mount Wilson Observatory demonstrated that other Sun like stars also show regular activity cycles and suggested two possible relationships between the rotation rate and the length of the cycle. Neither of these relationships correctly describe the properties of the Sun, a peculiarity that demands explanation. new picture of rotational and magnetic evolution provides a framework for understanding some observational features of stellar activity cycles that have until now been mysterious, they said. ,explained their observations through a recent Forbes magazine article. previous discoveries identified an unexpected transition in the rotation and magnetism of middle aged stars, Metcalfe is quoted in the article, Sun Magnetic Dynamo Is Weakening by Bruce Dorminey. now have direct evidence that the stellar dynamo the mechanism inside stars that sustains their magnetic fields actually shuts down during this transition. Van Saders is listed as being associated with the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Pasadena, California, and the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University in New Jersey. Ralph Haller, N4RH, the chairman of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council NPSTC, told ARRL that the advent of FirstNet likely be as significant as when public safety first began using radio. nationwide network will be hardened, so that it will be more likely that many of today public safety systems remain operational in emergencies, Haller said, pointing out that Amateur Radio should not expect to have access to FirstNet. He cautioned, endurance of Amateur Radio systems in disasters has been a big selling point in the past for incorporating amateur operators in emergency plans, but perhaps not so much in the future. is a federation of organizations that work toward improving public safety communication and interoperability, and ARRL has a seat on NPSTC Governing Board. Haller predicted that Amateur Radio role in emergencies will not disappear. is no substitute for eyes and ears on the ground in an emergency, he said, adding that radio amateurs and should continue to play an important part in supporting emergency communication. ,operators can continue to provide valuable information to emergency operations centers in the recovery phase of disasters, he said. that intelligence gathering is reporting on storm clouds, power outages, or road closures, amateurs can help provide critical, real time information about conditions over a vast area. While first responders are treating the injured or protecting life and property, the amateur community can concentrate on assessing the overall picture. March 30, FirstNet and the Commerce Department announced a 25 year partnership with AT as the primary contractor to make FirstNet a reality. ability to communicate seamlessly across jurisdictions is critical for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services EMS when securing large events or responding to emergencies and disasters, a Commerce Department news release said. those instances, networks can become overloaded and inaccessible, limiting responders use of vital communication technologies, such as smartphones and applications dedicated to public safety services. safety agencies already use commercial wireless networks, such as AT and Verizon, to supplement their own radio systems and networks, although such communication is not point to point. FirstNet is initially targeted primarily to provide video and data, with mission critical voice communication at least a decade away. EMS is likely to become a heavy user of the network, which will employ voice command functions a la Siri or Alexa.49ers cut Antoine Bethea ,The San Francisco 49ers just announced they released their starting strong safety from the past three seasons Antoine Bethea. ,Here a statement from 49ers General Manager John Lynch: is a true professional in every sense and I have a great deal of respect for the way he has gone about his business throughout his career. We would like to thank him for the positive impact he has had on this team both as a player and as a leader, on and off the field. We wish Antoine, and his family, great success in the future. ,I think the cart is far out in front of the horse to get to where you are all riding towards. Unless Cousins is willing to eat a reasonable Paraag contract it seems unlike they would also unload draft picks plus players. There is no need to rid us of actual talent as we have the cap space. Now if WAS was interested in Drunk Scott former draft picks/vets with ties to previous coaches etc and it helped SF get younger than it would be possible. Is Kirk smart enough to play chess already after his bad experience in the death hole of WAS I could see him positioning himself with prolific coordinator/offensive mind to put up epic numbers all while providing himself the potential to get mega rich on next contract. I beginning to believe that most sensible QB now believe that Kyle can take each and everyone of them to the promise land. He has proven the plug and play method is reasonable and better than most. ,More details on RCC. According to Fucillo at NN: ,there was this tweet from a former Washington radio host now podcaster, who appears to be based in Australia cubus note: he referring to the RCC tweet. He is not a major source, but he breaks news, and I at least know who he is, compared to random Australian person no offense to our Australians!. Do you know this guy ,And Reid was an outstanding SS in college. He did well in Fangio hybrid role even though he wasn really suited for the FS duties Fangio defense demanded. ,There is nothing in Adam college history, or draft profile, that Reid didn have in his. And there is no reason to believe, despite all the whinging and pimping about it, that Adams would be enough of an upgrade over Reid to justify drafting. ,But beyond how similar they were in college, the fact is that it a stupid resource misallocation to use the 2 selection on a player who is a easy enough to find in later rounds since they can be limited and more one dimensional and b is already on your roster and has done a good job for your team despite being miscast the past two years. ,That 2 slot would do a lot more for the 49ers defense in a high quality and massive edge rusher upgrade than marginal upgrade at a run enforcing SS. f there any actual upgrade, ,It my understanding that talks with the 49ers are really heating up and here why that intriguing: He be reunited with his Houston Texans defensive line coach as well as his former Texans teammate, defensive tackle Earl Mitchell, who recently signed there. So that is interesting. ,Jeff Zgonina, the 49ers defensive line coach within Kyle Shanahan coaching staff, was the defensive line coach for the Texans in 2013, which was McClain final season with Houston. ,NFL teams are able to begin negotiations with the agents of soon to be free agents. Pacific. ,ie., only player to hit 22.9 on a TD run: ,A big bruising back with sprinter speed, Fournette has been timed at 4.42, despite weighing close to 230 pounds. His top end burst also figures to drop some jaws. Tigers strength coach Tommy Moffitt told me that Fournette was clocked on their GPS system at 22.9 mph in one gameTyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs was clocked at 23.24 mph during a play last season. But other than Hill, no one run faster than Fournette. Not DeSean Jackson. Not Brandin Cooks. Just a wild guess about the specifics. When you consider he won take them to the SB this year and they lose him next year and get nothing in return, that would be a good deal for them. In fact I think it too much for us to give up, because we hold the cards. Your thoughts ,You know me, I want Kaep back, but even I will concede that Cousins is a superior choice at the moment. Not by much, but every other QB is inferior to Cousins , so I could see the logic of KS wanting him. ,What I object to is the high price tag. Niners should parlay that second overall pick into several picks, so they can fix the defense, and get some weapons on offense. ,If the Niners overpay for Cousins, they will be letting Washington off the hook. The Niners should wait a year and have no obligations to Washington. ,Washington has gotten themselves in this mess, so the Niners should not go out of their way to bail them out. ,I bet anyone the Niners trade the 2 to Washington for Cousins. KS wants his QB. In the now NFL, it all starts with the QB. I beat that horse to death. He not going to be happy with some QB That laughable. Bridge to what 12 14 loses because we have some crappy has been. We done that since our last decent QB, Jeff Garcia. I think it a great move. Get the guy here. We be fine. Sign a Shaub, or a Hoyer as a backup you have to have a half way decent backup in the injury prone NFL and draft a young QB such as a Mahones or Webb. Sign a perennial clip board holder as the fourth in case of disaster. ,Gnomo, I read books like Building a Champion, Finding the Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself. ,Cosell is the master of the obvious because he has to watch things over and over again before he can elicit some thought. ,While repetitious on some points, I have been assailed for coming up with ideas and scenarios that boggle the mind for their improbability and no one has ever topped me in my imagination. That is not stating the obvious. ,But getting back to you, you are the master of the odious, because you continue to hurl insults and name call. Snark seems to be your calling card, and it is insidious, because the hate oozes from it. ,Mike Florio reports current thinking among those associated with free agent Darrelle Revis is that he want 8 million plus to consider playing in 2017. ,BrothaTuna I hear you brother. Value and Market value are not the same thing. 49ers are the only team Cousins wants to play for. Offer them slightly more draft capital that a 3rd round compensatory pick. Dress it up with some late junk picks or trade a bubble player.49ers doomed ,Before the season started, if you had known the 49ers' defense would rank second after eight games without NaVorro Bowman and Aldon Smith, what would you have expected the Niners' record to be 7 1 8 0 ,If anything diminished the Niners this season, it was supposed to be the depleted defense. But it's playing better than ever. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is a genius. His defenses carry the Niners every season. ,Harbaugh's offense used to be the Mighty Men offense. The running backs and the offensive line would pound the defense, slug them over and over, make them submit. ,The backs and the linemen still are mighty. What about Harbaugh and Roman Are they equally mighty Or are they play acting at being mighty I say they are play acting. ,When Harbaugh and Roman don't call enough tailback runs, the Niners lose. It's that simple. Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde have carried the ball just 13.5 carries per game in the Niners' four losses. They have carried the ball 28.5 times in the Niners' four wins. You do the math. ,Offensive linemen Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, they're plodders. Slow, top heavy waist benders who are not built to protect a quarterback from quick pass rushers. They're built to maul defenses in the running game. ,Mighty men stay with the running game even if they think it's struggling. Mighty men don't panic and try to win another way, the wrong way. That would be like Mike Tyson trying to fight without throwing the right uppercut, or Madison Bumgarner trying to pitch without throwing his fastball. ,Harbaugh and Roman panicked Sunday afternoon. Gore appeared to be struggling, averaging only 3.5 yards per carry, so Harbaugh and Roman gave him just 14 carries the entire game. ,Gore wasn't struggling. He wasn't struggling at all. Harbaugh and Roman were struggling. Look at the specific run plays they called. Look at their sins. ,First sin in the run game, not enough power runs. "Power" is the basic running play in the 49ers' playbook. Some teams call it "Bob Trey O." It's an off tackle run toward the tight end. The guard farthest away from the tight end pulls and leads the running back through the hole between the tight end and fullback. Some games, the 49ers will run this play 10 times. It is their high heat. Nothing fancy. Try to stop it. ,Against the Rams on Sunday, Harbaugh and Roman called Power only twice, and Gore gained 9 yards total. That's 4.5 yards per carry. Any team would accept that. ,Second sin: Not enough counter runs. "Counter" is another basic 49ers' play. If Power is the high cheese, Counter is the curveball in the dirt. Counter is supposed to look like Power at first. The running back takes his first step toward the tight end, then cuts back and runs away from him. Basic. ,Harbaugh and Roman called three counter runs against the Rams. Gore gained 13 total yards on two and Carlos Hyde gained 13 yards on one. That's 8.67 yards per counter. That's excellent. ,Third sin: Not enough wham runs. The "Wham" is when the center allows the nose tackle to explode into the backfield untouched until Wham! a tight end blasts him from the side and knocks him out of the way and creates a big hole right up the middle. ,The 49ers' rookie center Marcus Martin was struggling to block the Rams' best player, nose tackle Aaron Donald. The Wham would have given the Niners and an overmatched Martin another way to block Donald. Harbaugh and Roman called it once and Gore gained 14 yards. The play didn't count because Alex Boone was flagged for holding a linebacker downfield. Harbaugh and Roman never called another Wham. ,Why didn't they call those runs more frequently What was going on in their heads ,I specifically asked Harbaugh why he didn't call more Counters against the Rams at Monday's press conference, which he sleep walked through. Or maybe he had taken an elephant tranquilizer. He ducked my question. I wonder if he even had an answer. ,I blame Roman more than Harbaugh. Roman has nothing to do when the 49ers' defense is on the field. He's up in that coaches' booth doing what ,A competent offensive coordinator tracks the runs he calls, tracks how many yards they gain and repeats the efficient ones. Disguise the runs with a shift or a motion if necessary. But call the good ones. It's like Roman lost track of the game. ,Roman doesn't need to be clever Fangio is the clever one. Roman doesn't need to be mighty, either. He just needs to use his little calculator, so he can figure out which basic runs are working that day. ,Roman doesn't owe the 49ers brilliance. He merely owes them competence. ,Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the "Inside the 49ers" blog for The Press Democrat's website. ,Posted in Inside the 49ers Tagged Aaron Donald, Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, Carlos Hyde, Frank Gore, Greg Roman, Jim Harbaugh, Joe Staley, Marcus Martin, Mike Iupati, Vic Fangio ,Nice column Grant, Roman is way over his head, he could not get another offensive coordinator position, unless he is sniffing Harbaugh arse. Secondly anyone think that Kaep has a learning disabilty He appears to have ADD, dumb timeouts, dumb click mgment, and he is getting worse then better. I think when he is done with his career, the most common word that people would use is inconsistent, highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Mixing Roman who is incompetent with Kaep, is liking mixing oil and water . He does not look at film on the sidelines because he will get confused at the defenses, he let Roman figure it out, like the blind leading the blind. ,Nice article Grant. As one of my few posts this season so far I argue that they should be able to pass efficiently also with that same O Line. They need to be able to do both. What you going to say next is that the run sets up the play action pass. Well, play action passes are even more longer developing plays than a 7 step drop play the O Line needs to pass protect there even longer. ,All in all, I with you on coaching as being an issue. Whether it not having good plays with blitz beating route combinations or not calling them I believe that falls on Roman. Or, maybe Kaep isn adjusting the protection Not the play at the LOS That could be a part of it too.49ers hire John Lynch as GM ,John Lynch won be Matt Millen 2.0 because he not being given the autonomy that the Lions ownership gave MM. When Millen was hired he made no secret that he was not qualified to be a GM but the owner not only excepted lack of experience, he enabled MM to keep making horrible decisions year after year. ,I blame the Lions ownership for putting Millen in a win situation. ,In a sense, the 49ers FO has downed the GM position given John Lynch willingness to basically work under the HC that welds more more power than he does. ,That said, I like the winning pedigree that Shanahan and Lynch bring to the table. ,My reaction to this GM hire is the exact same reaction I had with the last 2 presidents. I didn like either Obama or Trump because neither man had the right experience for the job. My reaction to both of them was Wait and See with Cautious Optimism. Obama was an unmitigated disaster and Trump is starting out that way. Perhaps, in the things I care about, the 3rd time is the charm and Lynch will be the real deal. No matter what, I reserve judgement until we have some information on how he will do the job. ,Like Elway Like Kerr Thing is, you just don know. Especially as most GMs and coaches fail. ,There a reason there are only 16 post merger coaches in the HOF. There a reason there are only 6 post merger GMs two of whom were owners Davis Halas in the the HOF. ,Despite your thinking it it the hardest job to fill in sports. If you lucky you get a competent coach like Seifert. Mostly you get over rated guys who last three or four years. ,What is predictable is that the Nepotism Hire would crap on the hire. And since his idiocy has driven away the vast majority of competent posters, what we mostly get is the same idiotic group think crapping on the hire. ,Razor Don know anything about Dural. Its January so I only just started looking into players within trade distance of 2 and 34. Its likely my draft crushes will be very different by April. ,I hear its a good to very good draft for Edge, TE, ILB, RB but who knows. That perception can change too. ,The only thing I confident of is even the best GM is unlikely to vastly improve more than 6 positions as indicated in some dream drafts. Two to three studs and a few competent role players makes an exceptional draft in my book. ,Well, towards the end, I was just hoping they would get the play off in time, so no, JH did not display sharp thinking. His propensity to waste time outs was frustrating, and may have led to a few losses when they had no time outs to stop the clock. JH was also timid, and did not go for it on 4th down, and that may have cost them home field advantage. ,JH is a great coach, but he was not perfect. He also let his emotions get in his way. He should have realized that Jed was immature, and never should have stooped to his level. ,LAZY OR STUPID in that he never spent enough hours studying the play book and film. As evidenced in 3 different coaching staffs having to dumb down the playbook and reduce the verbage because he could not get it announced in the huddle and the plays executed. ,SELFISH by using the 49ers and his teammates as a platform for his personal protest. Why could he not just do it after football hours Why use the NFL as his stage They have not done any injustice to black people ,Then why date a teammates girlfriend There are so many fish in the sea, why her Why run the risk of infighting with a teammate Why could he not just go find some other girl Even if the relationship was over, bro code ,I like this hire. He was Shanahans pick. He is well known by both Shanahans. They will be a team and hopefully will solve the problem that Baalke always had with coaches. ,Also, I believe that coaches should have control or at least 50% say on the roster. To me this only makes sense. Sometimes this doesn work out but that is because the wrong coach was hired. The concept makes much sense. ,Hiring a hall of fame player as GM also makes much sense. They know what it takes to be successful. I think they have a much greater chance for success than a guy who has either never played or at a low level. ,It always a crap shoot with football, but I think the Niners are hiring the right people. ,My guess is Shanahan agreed to meet the two GM candidates with the stipulation that he could go with somebody else if he didn feel they were a fit. From the sounds of it, Lynch reached out to him and it went from there. ,I cautiously optimistic. This was completely unexpected but had it been Steve Young, I think many of us would have been happy about it. The only difference is the name. This is obviously an attempt to create a Broncos setup and Lynch will be the buffer between Shanny and Jed. The key is to build a strong personnel group and have confidence in the opinions and info they provide. Big Shanny will have some sort of Consulting role I would imagine. ,Good points rocket!, lately I was unconvinced that talent evaluation was patons strong suit plus he sounded similar to parts skills and the Arizona guy seemed like he was good with talent evaluation but difficult to work with, a little like balke! Now we get lynch! Least it won be boring! Gamble has been working with the scouts but re the scouts the one pushing a lot def. guys or will be the eye for talent Mike Shannon and Steve young were close, but Steve felt guilty after Mike told him to hit al davis in the head before a football game when the raiders played in candlestick when Mike was the o coordinator! It is refreshing to hear this come out of left field with no leaks! ,Nice analyses by both Rocket and Brodie. ,I too am cautiously optimistic. I expect Lynch to be a flexible football mind who won be afraid to take a risk. ,I have great memories of Lynch lowering the boom. Here a sample from 1992 Cardinal under Bill Walsh. The Jerome Bettis fumble was from the Lynch hit was a classic.49ers Packers part I ,Packers drive: The 49ers give up a score on the opponent's first drive for the first time all year. The Packers gashed them with the run, going with either two tights or a pro set formation for all but two plays. The Packers don't look ready. On a 20 yard completion to tight end Finley, safety Michael Lewis was caught flat footed on a crossing route. Packers 3 0. 8 plays, 69 yards. ,49ers drive: The 49ers go with only pass but get a big run by Frank Gore got them in scoring territory. On third and short from the 28, fullback Moran Norris lost yardage. They were able to get yards with the use of Norris as a blocker and should have done that on the short yardage play, without a lead blocker the linebacker was able to come free and stop Norris. Joe Nedney did boot a 47 yarder to tie the game however. 3 3. First time the 49ers have scored on their first drive. Six plays, 51 yards. ,Packers drive: The 49ers are playing very conservatively. They've only blitzed once, and they are playing their both safeties back with the corners playing off. It's not working. The 49ers seemed to have prepared for the Packers to throw short, but instead they are going down the field. Shawntae Spencer is following the Packers most explosive receiver, Greg Jennings, all over the field and Spencer is struggling. He gave up a 37 yard reception to him. The 49ers do stiffin in the red zone hold the Pack to a field goal. The 49ers got lucky, Jennings was open in the end zone third down from the 8 yard line, but Rodgers didn't seem him. 6 3 Packers ,49ers Drive: Michael Robinson is down after being a lead blocker on a Frank Gore 3 yard run up the middle. Players signaled to the sidelines right away. Robinson was squirming on the ground. Robinson got his head jammed when he hit linebacker Nick Barnett Robinson is now coming off the field gingerly. Gary Plummer on KNBR thinks its a stinger. ,49ers Drive Cont: David Baas hurt his right ankle or foot. The 49ers go 3 and out. On third down, Frank Gore got out late on the check down and Alex Smith didn't have time to go to him. The other three receivers ran deep routes and no one was open. Baas has had ankle problems all year. Smith had a chance to run it on second down and get yardage, instead he threw to incomplete to Morgan on the sidelines. The 49ers are going primarily with run formations that puts Smith under center. They might want to open it up. When Smith came off the field, Mike Singletary told him, "Play the game. ,Packers drive: The 49ers are no longer matching Spencer against Jennings. Tarell Brown and Shawntae Spencer are staying in left and right corner. The 49ers should be beating the Packers on the edges with the Pack's injury problems. Great pressure by Sopoaga to force an intentional grounding. How about Sopoaga 49ers drive: Another 3 and out ,Packers drive: Touchdown Greg Jennings on a slant and a long run. Bad angle by Dashon Goldson 49ers drive: Sack ,Packers drive: Great coverage by Tarell Brown down the field on Donald Driver on the first play. Curtis Taylor in the game for the first time I've seeen as a safety. The 49ers give up a screen for a first down on 3rd and 11. On that play, 49ers Drive: Surprise a 3 and out. Packers couldn't have scripted this any better. They are doing anything they want. ,Packers Drive: Green Bay gets a field goal and it's amazing they are only up 23 3. Green Bay has 367 yards of offense in the first half. Wow fake id contraversy driving license queensland best online fake id fake id NewHampshire

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