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fake email id sender Assistant New Castle solicitor Jonathan Miller on Wednesday confirmed that on Sept. 21 ,But they should have been applied for under Article 1326 27 to meet conditions of the Historic Overlay of the downtown and North Hill," Miller said. ,Miller said Cioffi has since withdrawn the permits. On Oct. 24, new demolition applications were submitted under the correct ordinance, Miller said. Cioffi is reviewing the new applications properly submitted under Articles 1326 27 but no permit has yet been issued. ,There is no deadline to issue the demolition permit, "But it is likely he will await the outcome of the court conditional use appeal," Miller said. "We believe it is prudent to wait. We're not delaying anything by waiting. Miller added that it is up to the permit officer alone to grant or deny a permit. ,Under the ordinance, if a permit is denied, the property owner can appeal the decision to the Historical Architecture Review Board, who can hold a public hearing and within 30 days present recommendations to city council. Council may hold a public hearing but must act within 45 days or it is deemed an approval," he said. ,Waiting for a ruling by the local court also could save opponents of the project from seeking an injunction to prevent demolition. ,"If a demolition permit has been issued, my clients will consider seeking an injunction to ensure the buildings won't be demolished," said attorney Ryan Hamilton of Pittsburgh, who represents Audrey and Andrea Przybylski, Fred Harlan and Joseph Goodge in a lawsuit challenging the legality of the conditional use approval granted in April by city council. ,The four believe the gas station is encroaching on the city's North Hill Historic District, and that the city is not following its own zoning guidelines. They also believe the city's historic buildings should be preserved, not demolished. ,The Turner Myers Funeral home at 208 N. Jefferson St., is believed to have been built in the 1880s, and the red Victorian house, now an office building, at 210 N. Mercer St., is believed to have been constructed in 1890. ,Hamilton said he has met recently with city solicitors and is hopeful a resolution can be reached. ,He added the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has not yet issued a Highway Occupancy Permit, necessary to provide access to the proposed Speedway gas station and convenience store. ,Attorney James Manolis, representing Speedway LLC, said his client wants to do the right thing, as well as open a gas station/convenience store on the lower North Hill. ,Manolis said he reviewed the demolition permit and realized they were applied for and issued under the wrong ordinance. ,"We informed the city the wrong permit was issued," he said. "A second application has since been made," he said. ,He added that he believes the Turners are unnecessarily being made to look like the bad guys in this scenario. ,"They're not in a a rush to get a demolition permit and tear the building down by the end of the week," he said. "They applied now for a demo permit so Speedway can move forward efficiently if the suit is decided in our favor. He said Speedway plans to break ground in the spring if everything gets resolved. ,Manolis said Speedway's position is that the current lawsuit is to decide the conditional use of property. The issues about the buildings and their historic significance should be addressed afterward., Speedway follows the rules and is doing nothing clandestine or improper, only what is required to move the project forward," he said. ,Audrey Przybylski said she believes the funeral home is a protected building of historical significance in the city's historic district. As such, it should not be demolished. ,"Not only have established guidelines been bypassed by the issuance of a demolition permit, but no permit should be issued pending the outcome of the appeal," she said. ,"They're getting ahead of themselves seeking a demolition permit," she said. "Without the PennDOT permit, there is no project.".No Duck Coach Better Than Mark Helfrich ,Latest Comments in RSSFollow us on TwitterConnect on Facebook has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports about the football team on numerous internet football boards/blogs for over a dozen years. His site is the first to provide over 50 instructional videos about the Oregon offense and defense. In the summer of 2010, he was the first of any Oregon Sports Media to correctly and precisely identify and announce the new Oregon Hybrid 3 4 Phillips One Gap Defense. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog Abbie reside in , where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a "hack" that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football.An Oregon Unknown: No Duck Coach Better Than Mark Helfrich EVERThe name tag at the Oregon Coaches Clinic simply said, Fischer, and the staff kind of smirked at me as I picked up the intro packet before the first speaker began. I was surprised at the brevity of my ID considering that all the other attendees had their name, and the high school they coached at, written on their name tags.You see, every spring Oregon football opens things up for high school coaches to come in and listen to Ducks position coaches,as well ascoaches from all over the country, who wereinvited to present the components that make their programs successful. I been attending for the past three years and have always just used the title to the South Charleston High Panthers of Charleston, West Virginia. Obviously, the internal staff at UO was onto what I was doing, and had no issue; the result has been some gems of information that can help all us Duck fans appreciate better the wonder that is University of Oregon football.Derrick Malone crushing any hope Texas may have had at last year Alamo Bowl.Have I learned some secrets of Oregon success No, because most of what they cover is technical football instruction, and not necessarily applicable to Oregon. In fact, Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost explained that some details of how Oregon does the No Huddle is simply not going to be shared, but the basics of how they carry out their attack can be.I never violated disclosing anything important, and I do NOT attend Oregon closed football practice that is open to the visiting high school coaches. Media is not allowed and I follow the policy.The UO brass know I not there for sound bites, but to study Ducks football and pass along what I learned to other fans so we can enjoy the game that much more. Their smirks were justified.In the introduction of Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich by running backs coach Gary Campbell, it was revealed that NO first year head coach in the history of college football had won more games in his inaugural year. Let that sink in isn that amazingNow I know the disclaimers, that few coaches in the past had 13 game seasons, and there were a number of coaches who had tied Helfrich 11 wins in their first year; but the fact remains that NO first year head coach has won more games than Helfrich.No other football program in the Pac 12 had more wins than Oregon last year. Ask the other eleven Pac 12 conference members if they would have traded with Helfrich and taken our 11 winsThis whole discussion and turmoil concerning fans Mark after Chip Kelly won their hearts, has new relevance with these facts coming to the surface. I recently wrote of the internal battle many Duck fans experience when considering Helfrich, and this newly revealed element has not eliminated that confusion. So here it is We Gotta Get Over Chip.Celebrating victory over Texas in the 2013 Alamo Bowl.Want more amazing news about Oregon football success In the seven years since Kelly showed up in 2007 as Offensive Coordinator are the WINNINGEST college football program in the United States. Yep, even over Alabama during that time period!I realize we achieve this distinction by selecting a specific and recent 7 year period, but the comparison is valid nonetheless. Husky fans like to declare that Oregon fans insist upon football in 1994. It did not, but the fact that we have done well since then and they have sucked and accurate.I am amazed and stunned at the simple notion that Oregon could be the nation best football programduring ANY time period! I was at the Bowl of 1983, a 0 0 tie that epitomized the futility of a football program. The only thing I loved about that team was the uniforms am a noted fuddy duddy, after all.But the concept that Oregon football could be superior to all others in a given time period is simply unfathomable to me. The fact that this isrecent history makes it all the more incredulous for me. Ed. note: we are allowing Charles to his vocabulary, as it were.]Victory comes at a heavy price!The lesson and take away for this all We are living in unparalleled times for Oregon sports. I cannot imagine leaving Eugene, as I enjoy seeing ALL the winning that takes place.First we have a football program that is the country WINNINGEST over the last seven years, and the success continues with Men Basketball making return trips to the NCAA Tournament, and now I attend baseball games and relish what Coach Horton does at PK Park.Both the men and women track teams are currently ranked No. 1 nationally, as is women softball. These are unheard of times for UO sports! Soak it all in and enjoy the excellence at Autzen Stadium, Matthew Knight Arena, Hayward Field, PK Park and Howe Field. It is so special and unique to be around during this era, especially for those who truly appreciate their Beloved Ducks!No evidence of cure to prevent hair going grey ,Care and supportYour essential guide to social care About social care Choosing care services Social care assessments NHS continuing care Mental capacity Home care Care homes Breaks from caring Carers' rights Young carers All care and support topicsServices near youSee what the NHS offers ,Choose the right service"Cure for grey hair is on its way say scientists," the Daily Mirror reports, with The Daily Telegraph adding that grey hair will become 'a thing of the past'. ,You may be surprised to learn that the study the media reports on had absolutely nothing to do with grey hair. In fact, the stories were loosely based on a tiny study into what happens in a common skin condition called vitiligo. Vitiligo causes depigmentation loss of colour of the skin, leading to white patches on the skin and hair. ,The current study included 10 people with what is called 'segmental' vitiligo, where the condition affects the area of skin supplied by a particular nerve. They found that changes in skin colour were accompanied by theaccumulation of two chemicals in the skin: hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite. ,The researchers then demonstrated that using a compound that when exposed to ultraviolet light was known to reduce hydrogen peroxide levels led to white patches on skin and eyelashes becoming repigmented. ,While the results of the study could theoretically be extrapolated as providing a potential treatment for grey hair, much more research is required to see if such a treatment would be both safe and effective. ,This study does offers possible hope of a treatment for segmental vitiligo though, again, further research is required. ,Where did the story come from ,The study was carried out by researchers from E. M. Arndt University, Germany and the University of Bradford, UK. It was funded by the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and by private donations. ,The study was published in thepeer reviewed Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology FASEB journal. ,This story was poorly reported in the media, with all headlines speculating that the findings could lead to a cure for grey hair. The current study did not investigate the causes of, or possible treatments of, grey hair. However, the research focused on vitiligo, specifically looking at segmental vitiligo. ,Though the blame for the poor reporting of the study can be put at the door of the press office of the FASEB, which issued apress releasealmost entirely focused on the grey hair angle. This is a textbook example of public relations officers 'sexing up' a dry but worthy piece of research in order to gain maximum media coverage. And credit where credit is due they did an excellent job of that. Unfortunately, in doing so they obscured the truth. ,Whether peer reviewed journals should be engaging in these types of disingenuous practises, which arguably damage the public understanding of science, is a matter of debate. However, FASEB are not alone in this, as recent research found that academics, journals and news reporters all share the blame for the spin found in around half of all medical reporting. ,What kind of research was this ,This was a laboratory study and case series report into the mechanics of the skin condition vitiligo and whether learning more about it could lead to new treatments. ,Vitiligo can be divided into two forms: segmental and nonsegmental vitiligo. Nonsegmental vitiligo is the more common, in which the white patches that appear are symmetrical the same places on both sides of the body, for example both hands could be affected. In nonsegmental vitiligo, two chemicals hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite accumulate in the skin. ,Nonsegmental vitiligo can be treated with a pseudocatalase, which is activated by narrow band UVB light. This reduces the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, allowing the lost skin colour to return. ,In the less common segmental form of vitiligo, the affected skin lies in a dermatome, which is a particular area of skin supplied by a single nerve, so it usually affects only one side of the body. ,Segmental and non segmental vitiligo can also co exist, giving rise to 'mixed' vitiligo. ,This study aimed to see whether the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite which occurs in nonsegmental vitiligo also occurs in segmental vitiligo, and if so, if the light activated pseudocatalase could also be of use in segmental vitiligo. ,The laboratory study is the ideal study design to investigate the mechanism behind segmental vitiligo. However, the treatment was only tested in a very small number of people with vitiligo. Well conducted trials involving much larger numbers of people are needed before it can be determined how effective it is.No evidence of judicial bias in Brock Turner sentencing ,Embattled Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, who was widely criticized for his sentencing of former Stanford University student Brock Turner, was cleared of judicial misconduct on Monday by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. In the wake of Turner's controversial sentencing this June, national women's advocacy organization Ultra Violet delivered a petition with close to 1 million signatures to the judicial commission, calling for Persky's removal. ,"Many complainants asked the commission to ensure that the sentencing in this case matches both the crime and the jury's verdict and to be sure that justice is done," the ruling states. "The commission is not a reviewing court it has no power to reverse judicial decisions or to direct any court to do so irrespective of whether the commission agrees or disagrees with a judge's decision. ,The ruling rejects criticisms that Persky was biased in Turner's favor because of his race, socioeconomic status and affiliation as a Stanford athlete Persky is a Stanford graduate and former lacrosse player. Persky's six month sentence for Turner, who had been convicted by a jury of three felony sexual assault charges, was lawful and consistent with the probation department's recommendation, the commission's ruling states. ,Persky's lawyer, Kathleen Ewins, said in a statement that "It is clear that the commission carefully examined the facts and factors Judge Persky considered in sentencing Brock Turner before concluding he engaged in no ethical wrongdoing. ,Rather, the commission recognized that he made a reasoned, but unpopular, decision," she said. ,Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, chair of the Recall Persky effort, said in a statement that the campaign "strongly" disagrees with the commission's ruling, maintaining that Perksy "has in fact demonstrated a clear pattern of bias in cases of sex crimes and violence against women. fake Mississippi identification card best fake id website usa fake ids wisconsin dells fake id websites uk

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