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OklahomaCity fake id Swabb's daily walks with Dominique in the stroller stretched to an hour as neighbors stopped to greet the baby they had helped welcome. ,The neighbors offered to watch her so Swabb could get things done around the house. Their home became open to visitors. Even her cousin's teenage sons enjoyed playing peekaboo and making silly faces just to make Dominique laugh. She has become the community baby, and everyone has been really interested in her story," Swabb said. ,Even before her surgery on March 8, baby Dominique spent hours in the hospital, undergoing tests and preparation. Doctors at Advocate Children's Hospital ordered an MRI, an MRA, a CAT scan, X rays and a CT myelogram to analyze the anatomy of the the parasitic twin and how it connected. ,They used the scans and imaging to create a 3 D model of Dominique's two spines. They also discovered a second bladder behind the extra limbs that would need to be removed. ,Dr. John Ruge, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Advocate, had worked with Children's Medical Missions West before. He constructed a team of five surgeons and more than 50 physicians spanning specialties across the hospital to remove the excess limbs. ,"It allowed us to come up with a plan of attack how we could safely and effectively remove this very complex part attached to this little baby's spine and end up with a healthy and happy child at the end of the day," said Dr. Frank Vicari, a pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Adovcate who has operated with Ruge for years. ,Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. John Ruge examines Baby Dominique prior to surgery. CNN ,The team staged a mock operation to figure out who would be doing what at specific parts of the procedure. ,On March 8, the team worked for six hours to remove the entirety of the parasitic twin. They had to be careful to disconnect any nerves and blood vessels so that Dominique wouldn't sustain damage, numbness or paralysis. ,Through extensive planning, they were even able to remove it all in one piece. She is now 2 pounds lighter.Born without arms ,What: The nonprofit organization provides scuba diving and snorkeling lessons to any physically impaired child or adult. The goal is to give participants the joy of "flying" through the water, encourage confidence and independence and even open up career opportunities for the disabled in areas such as marine biology and coral reef restoration. ,Where: Diveheart is based in Downers Grove, but runs programs around the world. Locally, the group has worked with clients of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Shriners Hospital for Children and Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. The organization takes disabled divers to reefs in the Florida Keys and Cozumel. ,How: Training and equipment are adapted to each individual. For example, visually impaired divers wear a mask with a headset inside so the dive instructor can direct them using clock references. ,Long term goal: To build a diving facility for people with disabilities in the Chicago area that would draw participants from around the world. ,Fundraising: Diveheart's Fourth Annual Golf Outing is Sept. 23 at The Links at Carillon in Plainfield. The 125 donation includes 18 holes of golf with a cart and dinner. ,Cox, 26, was born without arms. She uses her feet like hands to drive a car she has an unrestricted license, to type on a keyboard 25 words per minute, to pump her own gas, even to put in and remove her contact lenses. ,Along with those remarkably dexterous feet, she has an athlete's powerful legs and a tightrope walker's sense of balance. ,She lives in an apartment with only one modification barstools next to the bathroom and kitchen sinks. That's where she sits to bring her feet up to arm level, so she can brush her long, dark hair or wash the dinner dishes. ,"My father never once shed a tear about my birth condition. He never saw me as a victim, and I never saw myself that way," Cox said. "My mother always said, 'You can do anything you want to do.' ,One of those things she's always wanted to do is learn how to scuba dive. So Cox recently was sitting in a deck chair at the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville She's unbelievable," marveled Jim Elliott, president and founder of Diveheart, a Downers Grove based nonprofit that teaches people with disabilities how to scuba dive and snorkel. ,Cox, who lives in Arizona, came for a week of Diveheart's specialized training, which is adapted for each individual's needs. ,Elliott has worked with people with cerebral palsy, amputees, quadriplegics and people with visual or cognitive impairments, including autism. ,"It's the only sport in the world where there's no gravity," Elliott said. "You can get someone out of a wheelchair and put them in the water, and they can move in water the way they can't move on land. ,Cox is already a good swimmer, After mastering those skills ,Cox is planning to dive in Hawaii this fall on a family trip given to her by producers after her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Elliott has also invited her to join other disabled divers on a Diveheart trip to Cozumel in December and is looking for a sponsor. ,Learning how to scuba dive is not the first accomplishment to land Cox in the spotlight and maybe not even the most impressive. ,Cox is the first person in aviation history to be certified to fly a light plane with her feet, and she is working on becoming a flight instructor. Just before coming to Naperville to work with Diveheart, she spent a week in Oshkosh, Wis., as a guest speaker at AirVenture, the nation's largest aviation convention. ,She is first armless person to earn a black belt from the American Tae Kwon Do Association. ,And getting an unrestricted driver's license she drives a regular, automatic transmission car, steering with her right foot and braking and accelerating with her left is a huge accomplishment that gives her the freedom to rent a car on her own anywhere she travels. ,It's not about proving anything, she says. 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