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using fake id at the q fake text id cydia The most visible manifestations of populism are fake your drank id reviews eclipse phase fake ego id fake italian id card making a fake drivers license create fake id online for free,Scott noted that in the Brexit referendum ,Compounding this is the populist concept that expertise is being outweighed by emotion ,Higher education seems to have been bracketed with those other global elites, political and financial, which have been the target of populist revolt. It has almost felt in the past 12 months that we have ended up on the 'wrong side' of history," he said. ,To address these problems, Scott proposes a four point plan, one that could be summarised as widen, resist, open and reinforce. ,Scott's first proposal is, in his own words, the most controversial. He feels there should be a widening of participation in universities, extending the higher education 'franchise' to the masses. ,His second idea is to resist the commodification and commercialisation of learning, because as Scott put it quite simply, "Learning is a shared experience. consequences fake id law new ids review where to buy fake drivers license Third ,And finally

fake ids that scan new york good fake id names buy jiazhao fake id review fake id line dance steps Maybe it is partly universities' fault," he says. "In many countries, the strong sense of social purpose, and expanding opportunities to new social groups and disadvantaged communities, has been diluted by the drive towards becoming 'world class'. ,"It is hardly surprising that talk of being in the 'top 100' turns off those left behind, including the middle classes coping with the aftermath of a global financial and economic crisis in which the perpetrators have not only gone unpunished but seem more dominant than ever. ,"Even when universities were trying to reach out to new, and less advantaged groups, they were not always very successful. At times, mass higher education seems to have entrenched rather than eroded the privileges of the already fortunate. fake id lyrics rat fake id app ios best illinois fake id 2017 fake id scene footloose are fake ids legal to buy Yet the sky is not falling on higher education ,But Scott does feel that populism's rise has created a wake up call takeover fake id order a fake credit card paypal fake id Now perhaps we are not even trying very hard. Maybe the rise of populism is a welcome call not just to speak up more loudly for open societies, but also to recover that sense of social purpose we are in danger of losing."Job titleSelect .Rise of school threats in North Jersey ensnares sheriff ,A Hackensack police officer blocking one of the entrances to Hackensack High School after receiving a bomb threat in November 2014.Photo: Tariq Zehawi/staff photographerInvestigators have determined that a spate of large scale bomb threats targeting North Jersey schools this year have gone beyond the classroom. For the first time, a law enforcement source acknowledged that these cyberattacks are related not only to one another, but also to previously undisclosed threats to the Bergen County sheriff and his Emerson home. ,Officials stress that the schools are safe and say the investigation is a high priority. But the hoaxes have victimized thousands of students and terrified even more parents as detectives race to find "digital fingerprints" they hope will stop the pranks. The Bergen County sheriff was threatened after he gave a news conference vowing to make an arrest. Pranksters threatened to shoot him in the head and blow up his Emerson home. Revenge against local schools is not the motive. Despite these insights, investigators are reluctant to say much publicly. ,"They may not be telling you something because the bad guy may be listening," said FBI supervisory Special Agent Philip Frigm. ,The seemingly constant cycle of threats three in the span of six weeks, including two on consecutive Fridays has taken its toll. ,In November 2014, a mass bomb threat targeted five school districts and the Garfield police headquarters in what officials say was Bergen County's first case of what has been termed "serial swatting." Last year was marked by several prank calls where police were told about hostage situations and gunmen at businesses, homes and schools. ,This year, though, has been marked mostly by bomb threats. ,"There are bombs in every school in the district," a robotic voice said in a message left at the Teaneck Board of Education on Jan. 18. tomorrow. They are hidden in backpacks. To top it off, at] 10:30 there will be a mass shooting at the high school and everyone will be executed. I am going to kill all you pigs. ,But in the face of such chilling threats ,We can't be afraid to come to school," said Tully, the interim Bergenfield schools superintendent. "We can't be afraid to answer the phone. ,The threats have targeted some of the same schools fake id bobby hill best fake id websites us confirmed fake id vendors

really good fakes Why Bergen is experiencing the same schools over and over and over again, I couldn't say," said Frigm, the FBI supervisory special agent. ,Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal declined to discuss the specifics of the investigation. His office has three or four detectives from the Computer Crimes Unit working on the case, as well as an assistant prosecutor, and recently organized a seminar for local police officers and educators about the threats. ,"I want to reassure county residents, parents, as best I can, that it's something we are taking seriously and actively investigating," Grewal said, noting that local police and the FBI are also on the case. "We are, from our perspective, doing everything and anything that's possible to investigate this case. It is a priority for us. We're not ignoring the problem; we're actually attacking it very vigorously. ,But even when the calls turn out to be pranks I hate to use the word 'hoax' because, to me, your initial impression of a hoax is that it's not serious," Teaneck Police Chief Robert Carney said. ,Several recent swatting cases have resulted in arrests. A 17 year old Hackensack boy was taken into custody earlier this year; he was accused of making a bomb threat on Facebook against a school in Indiana. In 2015, a Connecticut man was sentenced to prison for helping an international video gamers' network make bomb threats in New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States. ,Hard to fight back ,It can be difficult to fight back against the pranksters, as the most outspoken sometimes become targets themselves. An assemblyman was swatted twice after sponsoring a bill that increased the penalties for creating a false public alarm. The law took effect March 1. 19 that the calls made through "recycled" computer generated numbers appeared to have been routed through Bakersfield, Calif. ,"When we catch and I'm not saying if when we catch the people doing this, an example's going to be made," Saudino said. ,Eight days later, his home in Emerson where he had previously served as police chief was targeted. ,Emerson Detective Lt. Michael McDermott said that in the first phone call police received on Jan. 27, the caller pretended to be Saudino. The caller then asked to speak to the current "chief of police" and before hanging up threatened to blow up Saudino's house.Rise of the naked female warriors ,One day last summer, Inna Shevchenko went into a forest outside Kiev, capital of the Ukraine, to learn how to use a chainsaw. The lumberjacks who were instructing her couldn work out why she was so keen. thought I was just a crazy blonde, she says, shaking her white curls. ,The next day she went to a hilltop overlooking Kiev, and stripped to a pair of red denim shorts, heavy boots, leather gloves, and a mask to protect her eyes. The Pussy Riot verdict was due that day, and in tribute to the Russian punk activists and to mark her opposition to all religions Inna proceeded to chop down a 13ft wooden cross that had been there since 2005. It wasn easy. I started to cut it, I thought, not possible to destroy it, she says. But after seven minutes it fell, and she posed against the stump for invited journalists. With Riot scrawled across her bare breasts, she held out her arms to mirror the figure of Christ now lying on the ground. ,Death threats arrived instantly. She says there were official calls for her arrest, and Russian TV reported that the cross was a memorial to the victims of Stalinism. Inna denies this, but anger towards her sharpened. ,A few days later, she was woken at 6am by the sound of her front door being kicked in. She escaped, jumping through a back window, then down from a first floor balcony, and made her way to Warsaw with 50, a mobile phone and her passport. Some days later, she travelled to France, where women had expressed interest in joining Femen, the feminist group she runs with three Ukrainian friends. ,Femen aims are straightforward, broad and radical. A war on patriarchy on three fronts, calling for an end to all religions, dictatorships and the sex industry. The group has been offered a space in a rundown theatre in Paris as headquarters. ,Here Inna, 24, is giving a training session with 20 young Femen activists. She is giving instructions on the correct stance feet apart, firmly rooted, aggressive. Femen warriors never smile, she says, they are not there to please anyone. The group has been protesting topless since 2010, using their bodies to attract attention, to lure journalists, and they have been roundly criticised by some people, who accuse them of playing into sexist stereotypes. ,In a room covered with posters and murals Religion says one, out! Undress! Win! says another the activists stand in rows, screaming slogans at each other. They dressed in T shirts and tracksuits, occasionally stopping to swig bottled water. This is gym class for the revolution. ,a sex toy, they scream. Then because of you and gay we trust One by one, they take to the middle of the room, to show how they would behave at a protest. One new member shouts No More before two other activists launch themselves at her. For a moment all three are mid air, then they hit the ground and start struggling in a blur. ,Inna has told them they must move constantly, to avoid being covered; their slogan will be written across their bare chest and back, and they need it to be seen. One woman fights hard, still screaming, occasionally breaking free, running a few paces, only to be brought down again with a brutal thwack. Finally, Inna calls a halt, and the woman stands up with blood running down her arm. There is clapping, cheering, congratulations. ,As the activists start the next stage of training situps, press ups, running while screaming journalists and cameramen swirl around. There is no attempt to hide the fact this session is being played out for the press. As women fight, Inna comes up close to them, in her denim hotpants, hooded top and Converse boots, instructing them to look at the camera. It doesn matter how many people come to a protest, she says if there one camera, that what they need to target, to get their message out to millions. ,On some level, this is working. Each time Femen stages an action, videos pop up on websites worldwide. But are their breasts obscuring their message Their message can also get lost in the breadth and sprawl of their protests. While other groups focus on one or two issues, Femen are everywhere. ,The group has also been accused of deploying only young, slim, beautiful women. But a new book about Femen, just published in France, features photos of women of different shapes and sizes on demonstrations, pictures I never seen elsewhere. The media, unsurprisingly, pick the most obviously attractive photos. Inna says they have never chosen women according to their looks, or weight; the only proviso is that they have to be well prepared. ,Their actions have sometimes been dismissed but there is no doubt the women of Femen take serious risks. In late 2011, for example, Inna and two other activists travelled to Minsk, in Belarus, to protest outside the KGB offices against Alexander Lukashenko, the man often called Europe last dictator. While they expected to spend New Year in a Belarus jail, they allege that they were, instead, abducted by secret service agents and threatened with death a claim the Belarusian KGB denies. ,Their campaigning is unified by one central aim: to use their breasts to expose corruption and inequality wherever they see it. of the main goals, says Inna, to take the masks off people who wear them, to show who they are, and the level of patriarchy in this world, you know says they also want to reclaim women bodies for women. woman naked body has always been the instrument of the patriarchy, she says, use it in the sex industry, the fashion industry, advertising, always in men hands. We realised the key was to give the naked body back to its rightful owner, to women, and give a new interpretation of nudity . I proud of the fact that today naked women are not just posing on the cover of Playboy, but can be at an action, angry, and can irritate people.Rise of the organic shopper ,Vancouver mom Caitlin Adam wants the best for her children and worries that conventional produce may contain pesticides or Genetically Modified Organisms that she can avoid by buying organic. ,"If I was only feeding myself and my husband, I probably wouldn't go to so much effort. But for my kids I feel its important, and I'm kind of grossed out by the concept of GMOs," she said. is by far the strongest market in Canada, according to the Canadian Organic Trade Association. ,British Columbians are about twice as likely to buy at least some organic foods as they are to buy none, a market trend led by families with young children. ,At least two thirds of British Columbians buy organic food in any given week, the most of any province. ,Adam, mother to Theo, almost a year old, and Amalia, 4, usually buys organic fruits when they are out of season and from remote locales to avoid pesticide contamination. ,"Strawberries, when they are in season and local, I don't worry about organic because I can ask the farmer if they are sprayed and I trust them," she said. "But out of season fruit from the United States . I feel more comfortable when they are organic and GMO free. ,Adam became an organic consumer nearly 20 years ago when her parents made the switch to a vegetarian diet. They were doing a lot of reading about healthy eating in the early to mid '90s and I followed their example," she said. ,But because the Adam family is vegetarian, they eat a lot of produce and face difficult decisions when it comes to price. ,"At least half of our groceries are organic, but it depends on what the item is," she explained. "Cauliflower is insanely expensive if you buy organic, and we go through six heads a week, so I don't buy organic because it would break the bank. ,"Part of it was my husband wanted it to be convenient for us, because once the baby comes it won't be as easy for me to get to the store. So we wanted to make sure there was healthy food in the house," said Galashan, a CBC news broadcaster. ,Up until now about half of Galashan's groceries have been organic, but she expects that will increase once the baby arrives. ,"When I am nursing the baby it's not just about feeding myself, so of course I'm thinking about what would be good for the baby as well," she said. ,As a journalist, she is naturally skeptical of much of the scary information about pesticides and GMOs floating around the Internet. ,"I read what I see on social media, but that is really peer influence, it's what my friends and other mothers are putting out there," she said. ,"It doesn't really bother me too much one way or the other, but certain vegetables I prefer to be organic," she said. "Something that I peel, like a banana, I don't worry too much about, but if it's lettuce I'd rather it were organic. ,Galashan plans to make her own baby food, If I see something about GMOs or I read something about plastics seeping into bottled water, I am more alarmed, as a woman who is pregnant, than I was a year ago," she said. ,Galashan and Adam are fairly typical organic shoppers. Women have tended historically to become avid consumers when they are pregnant or caring for small children, according to COTA. ,"It's been a long held sentiment in the organic sector is that people start buying organic when they are pregnant or when they have babies because they want to reduce pesticide exposure for their children and that does appear to be a driving factor," said COTA spokeswoman Shauna MacKinnon. "You see that in the number of organic baby food products and how companies like Loblaw really focus their private label products on families with young children. ,New growth in the sector appears to be fuelled by a new kind of ethical consumer fake Mississippi id generator fake id felony ny passport as a fake id fake california id card

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