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reddit fake id vendor list fb fake id quotes Google says Helpouts may be recorded for quality assurance purposes Seed Keywordsflorida fake id nevada identification card buy in mississippi how to order fake id online fake id in manhattan,If the Customer and Provider explicitly agree to the retention recording by opting in before the Helpout commences, the Helpout will be recorded," Google says. "Neither party may alter the recording in any way, except to clarify visibly or audibly what transpired in the Helpout. The retention recording will be made available for private use by the Provider and Customer only. ,Google also notes that Helpouts marked health service" will not be recorded for the purpose of retention. ,Users and providers alike are are allowed to capture stills from the Helpout session. ,There are age restrictions on Helpouts. Users have to be at least thirteen, and providers have to be at least eighteen. ,You still need an invitation to offer your own Helpouts. You can request an invitation code here. ,Right now, Google offers the following Helpouts categories: Arts and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education and Careers, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health and Home and Garden. If what you do doesn't fit into any of these, stay tuned.Google Home Gets Free Calling More ,Google Home, a standalone voice activated smart appliance and speaker, is getting the most attention, with a number of significant improvements on the way. or Canada for free. There no additional setup, apps to install, or reliance on a landline or cell phone; just ask the Assistant to place the call. And with multi user support the Assistant recognizes individual voices, it smart enough to call your and not your roommate Google Home will also provide proactive notifications in the near future. Initially, the Assistant will focus on travel, keeping track of upcoming flights and appointments and then alerting you to flight delays or traffic alerts. For the latter, it will even calculate a new travel time and suggest leaving earlier so you not late to your next appointment. Another new feature, this one rolling out today, is the ability to use Assistant on Google Home to create reminders and calendar appointments, which will then appear on your other Android devices. ,Google Home is also getting some new media capabilities. In addition to Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, and others it will soon support free music streaming from Spotify, and with the addition of Bluetooth, it will be able to play music from a nearby Android or iOS device. ,Moving from audio to video, Google Home is adding some new video streaming partners too, including CBS All Access, HBO NOW, and HGTV. Later this year, the Assistant on Google Home will gain the ability to send visual responses to your TV via Chromecast. For example, saying Google. What on my calendar today will show your daily schedule on the TV. Of course it will show other common things too such as the weather forecast, and it will integrate with Google YouTube TV service. It was not clear during the onstage demo, but I assume Google Home will use visual responses when it senses a Chromecast device and switch back to audio responses when the TV is off. ,A visual response from Google Home showing the weather forecast on the TV ,The last bit of Google Home news is that the device will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan later this year. ,More people will soon be able to use Google Assistant on Android devices too. First, it learning to speak several new languages this summer, including Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese, along with Italian, Korean, and Spanish by the end of the year. Google Assistant is also coming to the iPhone in the form of a new app that already available on Apple App Store. Now iPhone users can use its natural language interface to ask questions, schedule appointments, make phone calls, send texts and emails, play music, and more. ,Ordering food using Actions and the new Transactions API ,The previously announced Google Assistant SDK will allow third parties to integrate Assistant into even more devices, and by leveraging Actions on Google, developers can integrate the Assistant directly within their apps. There also a new Transactions API currently a developer preview that will allow developers to offer a ordering experience that will help a customer add items to a shopping cart, collect address and billing information, make the purchase or reservation using your fingerprint or other authentication method, and even send order confirmation or shipping updates. ,One of the priorities for Google Assistant is making it more conversational; however, there are times in public when you cannot actually speak to your phone, which is why, starting today, you can also type your queries and avoid annoyed or quizzical looks from nearby strangers. ,Google Lens: Recognizing the name of a restaurant and providing relevant information ,Perhaps the coolest new feature coming to Android devices is Google Lens, a new AR experience that uses computer vision to recognize objects in the environment, allowing you to have a conversation with Assistant about what you see. By tapping the Google Lens icon in the camera, it can perform visual language translation similar to what Google Translate does; help you scan business cards and create new contacts, and even recognize a sign for an upcoming concert and offer you the ability to buy tickets, add the event to your calendar, or even sample some of the band songs. ,Google Lens: Using computer vision to read an ID tag and automatically sign in to a Wi Fi network ,New products like Google Assistant and Google Lens make it clear that Google is no longer a search company; it an artificial intelligence company that focused on integrating speech recognition, language processing, contextual awareness, and computer vision with Google Search and data from other Google services such as Gmail to provide new experiences across more devices using a more natural interface. ,ABR Thursday, May 18, 2017 link ,Continuing convergence of services makes a lot possible, and progress in low level speech recognition is impressive, but real AI and natural language understanding just isn here yet, no matter how much companies and the press try to hype it. As long as these assistants drop down to "google search mode" as soon as you get outside their simple prerecognized phrases and scripts, I stay uninterested. Consortium As Preferred Buyer For Memory Business ,NVIDIA Formally Announces PCIe Tesla V100: Available Later This Year ,Lenovo Unveils ThinkStation P320 Tiny SFF Workstation ,Micron Discusses GDDR: 16 Gbps GDDR5X, 16 nm GDDR6 and GDDR5 ,Best SSDs: Q2 2017 ,AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Retail Listings Appear: Cards at 1199 and 1799 ,PathForward: US Dept. of Energy Awards 258M in Research Contracts To Develop Exascale Supercomputer TechnologyGoogle Maps ,Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360 panoramic views of streets Street View, real time traffic conditions Google Traffic, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle in beta, or public transportation. ,Google Maps began as a C desktop program designed by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen at Where 2 Technologies. In October 2004, the company was acquired by Google, which converted it into a web application. After additional acquisitions of a geospatial data visualization company and a realtime traffic analyzer, Google Maps was launched in February 2005.1] The service's front end utilizes JavaScript, XML, and Ajax. Google Maps offers an API that allows maps to be embedded on third party websites,2] and offers a locator for urban businesses and other organizations in numerous countries around the world. Google Map Maker allows users to collaboratively expand and update the service's mapping worldwide. ,Google Maps' satellite view is a "top down" or "birds eye" view; most of the high resolution imagery of cities is aerial photography taken from aircraft flying at 800 to 1,500 feet 240 to 460 while most other imagery is from satellites.3] Much of the available satellite imagery is no more than three years old and is updated on a regular basis.4] Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator projection, and therefore cannot accurately show areas around the poles. ,The current redesigned version of the desktop application was made available in 2013, alongside the "classic" pre 2013 version. Google Maps for mobile was released in September 2008 and features GPS turn by turn navigation. In August 2013, it was determined to be the world's most popular app for smartphones, with over 54% of global smartphone owners using it at least once.5] ,In 2012, Google reported having over 7,100 employees and contractors directly working in mapping.6]Google Maps provides a route planner under "Get Directions".7] Up to four modes of transportation are available depending on the area: driving, public transit see the Google Transit section below, walking, and bicycling. When a user searches for a business, the results are downloaded in the background for insertion into the side panel and map; the page is not reloaded. Locations are drawn dynamically by positioning a red pin composed of several partially transparent PNGs on top of the map images. A hidden IFrame with form submission is used because it preserves browser history. The site also uses JSON for data transfer rather than XML, for performance reasons. These techniques both fall under the broad Ajax umbrella. The result is termed a slippy map9] and is implemented elsewhere in projects such as OpenLayers. ,Using the core engine and the map/satellite images hosted by Google, such tools can introduce custom location icons, location coordinates and metadata, and even custom map image sources into the Google Maps interface. The script insertion tool Greasemonkey provides a large number of client side scripts to customize Google Maps data. ,Combinations with photo sharing websites, such as Flickr, are used to create "memory maps".clarification needed What are memory maps] Using copies of the Keyhole satellite photos, users have taken advantage of image annotation features to provide personal histories and information regarding particular points of the area. It is a free service, and currently14] ,By using the Google Maps API, it is possible to embed Google Maps site into an external website, on to which site specific data can be overlaid.15] Although initially only a JavaScript API, the Maps API was expanded to include an API for Adobe Flash applications but this has been deprecated, a service for retrieving static map images, and web services for performing geocoding, generating driving directions, and obtaining elevation profiles. Over 1,000,00016] web sites use the Google Maps API, making it the most heavily used web application development API.17] ,The Google Maps API is free for commercial use, provided that the site on which it is being used is publicly accessible and does not charge for access, and is not generating more than 25,000 map accesses a day.18]19] Sites that do not meet these requirements can purchase the Google Maps API for Business.20] ,The success of the Google Maps API has spawned a number of competing alternatives, including the HERE Maps API, Bing Maps Platform, Leaflet and OpenLayers via self hosting.citation needed]. The Yahoo! Maps API is in the process of being shut down.21] ,In September 2011, Google announced it would discontinue a number of its products, including Google Maps API for Flash.22] ,Google Maps for mobile and other devicesedit] ,Main article: Google Maps application ,In October 2005,23] Google introduced a Java application called Google Maps for Mobile, intended to run on any Java based phone or mobile device. Many of the web based site's features are provided in the application.24] ,On November 4, 2009, Google Maps Navigation was released in conjunction with Google Android OS 2.0 Eclair on the Motorola Droid, adding voice commands, traffic reports, and street view support.25] The initial release was limited to the United States.26] The service was launched in the UK on April 20, 2010 and in large parts of continental western Europe on June 9, 2010.27] ,In June 2012, Apple announced that they would replace Google Maps with their own maps service from iOS 6. However, on December 13, 2012, Google announced the availability of Google Maps in the Apple App Store, starting with the iPhone version.28]29] Just hours after the Google Maps iOS app was released, it became the top free app in the App Store.30] ,It was announced on December 6, 2012 that Google Maps would make its way to the Wii U, Nintendo's eighth generation video game home console.31] Accessibility to a variant of Google Street View on the Wii U was released in February 14, 2013 as an initially free downloadable app available via the Nintendo eShop. As of October 31, 2013, the app is no longer available for free.32]Google Play ,Google Play formerly Android Market is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. It serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, allowing users to browse and download applications developed with the Android software development kit SDK and published through Google. Google Play also serves as a digital media store, offering music, magazines, books, movies, and television programs. It previously offered Google hardware devices for purchase until the introduction of a separate online hardware retailer, Google Store, on March 11, 2015. ,Applications are available through Google Play either free of charge or at a cost. They can be downloaded directly to an Android device through the Play Store mobile app or by deploying the application to a device from the Google Play website. Applications exploiting hardware capabilities of a device can be targeted to users of devices with specific hardware components, such as a motion sensor for motion dependent games or a front facing camera for online video calling. The Google Play store had over 82 billion app downloads in 2016 and has reached over 2.7 million apps published in 2017. It has been the subject of multiple issues concerning security, in which malicious software has been approved and uploaded to the store and downloaded by users, with varying degrees of severity. ,Google Play was launched on March 6, 2012, bringing together the Android Market, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore under one brand, marking a shift in Google's digital distribution strategy. The services operating under the Google Play banner are: Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play TV, Google Play Music, and Google Play Newsstand. Following their rebranding, Google has gradually expanded the geographical support for each of the services. ,Further information: Android operating system ,As of February 20171] Users in over 145 countries can purchase apps, although Google notes on its support pages that "Paid content may not be available in some provinces or territories, even if the governing country is listed above."2] Developers in over 150 locations can distribute apps on Google Play, though not every location supports merchant registration.3] To distribute apps, developers have to pay a one time 25 registration fee for a Google Play Developer Console account.4] App developers can control which countries an app is distributed to, as well as the pricing for the app and in app purchases in each country.5]6] Developers receive 70% of the application price, while the remaining 30% goes to the distribution partner and operating fees.7] Developers can set up sales, with the original price striked out and a banner underneath informing users when the sale ends.8]9]10] Google Play allows developers to release early versions of apps to a select group of users, as alpha or beta tests.11] Developers can also release apps through staged rollouts, in which "your update reaches only a percentage of your users, which you can increase over time."12] Users can pre order select apps as well as movies, music, books, and games to have the items delivered as soon as they are available.13] Some network carriers offer billing for Google Play purchases, allowing users to opt for charges in the monthly phone bill rather than on credit cards.14] Users can request refunds within 48 hours after a purchase if "something you bought isn't working, isn't what you expected, was bought by accident, or you changed your mind about the purchase".15] Apps meeting specific usability requirements can qualify as an Android Wear app.16]Main article: Google Play Games ,Google Play Games is an online gaming service for Android that features real time multiplayer gaming capabilities, cloud saves, social and public leaderboards, and achievements. The service was introduced at the Google I/O 2013 Developer Conference,17] and the standalone mobile app was launched on July 24, 2013.18]Main article: Google Play Music ,Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service and online music locker. It features over 40 songs,19] and gives users free cloud storage of up to 50,000 songs.20]Main article: Google Play Books ,Google Play Books is an ebook digital distribution service. Google Play offers over five million ebooks available for purchase,22] and users can also upload up to 1,000 of their own ebooks in the form of PDF or EPUB file formats.23] ,and TV showsedit] ,Main article: Google Play TV ,Google Play TV is a video on demand service offering movies and television shows available for purchase or rental, depending on availability.24]Main article: Google Play Newsstand ,Google Play Newsstand is a news aggregator and digital newsstand service offering subscriptions to digital magazines and topical news feeds.25]26]Main article: Google Store ,Google Play, before March 2015, had a Devices section for users to purchase Google Nexus devices, Chromebooks, Chromecasts, other Google branded hardware, and accessories. A separate online hardware retailer called the Google Store was introduced on March 11, 2015, replacing the Devices section of Google Play.27]28]Google Play originated from three distinct products: Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore.Google publishes figures on government requests for data ,The tool allows users to view either data requests or removal requests. The data requests view does not give details beyond the raw number of requests received and gives no indication as to whether Google complied with the requests.The United States is recorded having made 3,580 requests for data between July 1 and December 31, 2009, second only to Brazil with 3,663. Third in the list is United States' main ally in the "war on terror," the UK, with 1,166.In an official company blog announcing the new service on Tuesday, April 20, Google cites Article 19 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which reads, "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." The company says the 1948 Article "applies aptly to today's Internet." Google says it believes "greater transparency will lead to less censorship."An FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page asks, "How many of these requests did you comply with" Google writes, "The 'data requests' numbers reflect the number of requests we received about the users of our services and products from government agencies like local and federal police. They don't indicate whether we complied with a request for data in any way. We may refuse to produce information or try to narrow the request in some cases."The company says it would like to share more information but confronts logistical difficulties in doing so. They don't follow a standard format or necessarily seek the same kinds of information. Requests may ask for data about a number of different users or just one user. A single request may ask for several types of data but be valid only for one type and not for another; in those cases, we disclose only the information we believe we are legally required to share."Google's business model requires the collection of vast amounts of data from its users in order to serve its core source of revenue, targeted advertising. It is therefore an obvious target for fishing expeditions by the US government, such as that which became public in January 2006, when the company refused to comply with a government subpoena to hand over vast amounts of data supposedly to bolster the case for the Child Online Protection Act.At the time, the World Socialist Web Site warned that the request by the US government was testing the water to see just how far it could go in getting companies to comply with ever more invasive demands for data. While Google made the request public and waged a legal battle against it, three of the four largest search companies silently complied with the request. Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL all handed over data to government lawyers, only issuing statements after it became public as a result of Google's legal opposition. See: "US government demands Google hand over Internet search data"In a March 2006 ruling by Judge James Ware, the government's demand for samples of users' search queries was denied. The judge cited "the interests of individuals in freedom from general surveillance by the Government of their use of the Internet or other communications media" as one of the "vital interests" raised by the case. However, Ware was careful not offer any opinion as to the legitimacy of the government request.Agreeing to the demand that Google hand over 50,000 URLs, the court essentially upheld the right of government to forcefully solicit the assistance of Internet companies in pursuit of legal cases. Google's new Government Requests tool makes clear that this was by no means a one off request.Search companies such as Google are a prime target for government spying operations due to the wealth of information they offer. Google entices users to register their personal information through added value services such as the online office suite Google Apps and the ubiquitous Gmail email service.When a user accesses a Google service, the servers automatically record information sent by the browser. Google's privacy statements says, "These server logs may include information such as your web request, Internet Protocol IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser." Even users who are not logged into a Google service can be uniquely identified through a lookup of the IP address, but to associate this address with an actual person would require additional information from the user's Internet Service Provider ISP. With users logged into an account, the amount of information available increases substantially. When a user logs in to a service, a session is established and the movements of the user are tracked within that session, which in turn is identified with a person through the personal information they gave when signing up for the account.Google has come a long way from its search engine beginnings in 1998. Buying startup companies with expertise and technologies to allow it to branch into ever broader areas, Google now has a hand in virtually all aspects of Internet services, from the web browser, Chrome, to the video sharing service, YouTube, which Google purchased in 2006 for 1.65 billion in stock.Perhaps most concerning from a privacy standpoint is the emergence of the mobile Internet and always on smart phones. Google's privacy policy has a section headed "Location data," which states the following: "Google offers location enabled services, such as Google Maps for mobile. If you use those services, Google may receive information about your actual location such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device or information that can be used to approximate a location such as a cell ID."With this information sitting on the servers of Google and other companies, government agencies now may have unprecedented access to information not only regarding what people are reading or saying, but where they are at any given time. It should be noted that the 3,500 requests recorded by Google were made by the Obama administration, which is just one more indication that the assault on democratic rights launched by the Bush administration is continuing full pace.Google Voice without the Google number ,Google phone service prides itself on simplicity. You get a Google phone number and then Google Voice forwards calls to your Google number to your home, office or mobile phone. ,One number. One business card. Pretty simple. ,On Tuesday, Google announced on its blog that that not the case anymore. You can sign up for Google Voice with most any number you choose. One of the biggest advantages is that Google will for free transcribe your voicemail so you can read it online or in text messages. That way you don have to listen to ramble on info when all you want is the call back number. ,There are still a few catches, though. The first is that you can access all of Google Voice features when you using a non Google number. That means you can have calls forwarded from that number to other phones. And, for now, Google Voice is available by invitation only. ,What do you think Is Google Voice without the Google number useful Do you think this will catch on in a big way Let us know in the comments below. I have moved around 4 times being in college and have had about 4 jobs. That is 18 different phone numbers I had. ,With Google Voice, you get 1 phone number. With that phone number, someone can call you and then that call will get forwarded to the numbers you choose. So if we change cell carriers or get a different phone number, no one will know it. ,Also, if someone calls you and you don want them to EVER call you again. You can go into the control panel and block their call from getting to you. They will hear, are sorry, but the number you dialed is not in service. ,I have been using Google voice for over a year back when it was Grand Central. It allows me to pick up my calls from any land line, cell phone or computer in the US and allows me to call anywhere in the world for a small fee. ,All my messages are transcribed and emailed to me and I can transfer the call to a different phone in the middle of the conversation. I has taken time to get people used to using my Google number but now that they are using it I am have canceled all the extra services on my land line. ,I have been using Google Voice for a few weeks, now. It a nice evolution of phone service in several ways, but I really love the fact that I can be disloyal to cellphone carriers companies that truly deserve no loyalty from any consumer. My free google number isn tied to a particular phone service, so I can change phones and numbers at will without confusing my friends and family. ,It no mystery that cellphone contracts are unlawful in many countries particularly Europe where people are more alarmed by anti competitive and anti consumer behavior. I love to see North American consumers start experimenting with smaller cell service providers and churn some of the competition that we need to bring about innovations in telephony. ,I have used Google Voice for about three weeks now and I like the fact that if I am out of the office and someone is trying to get in touch with me it will ring as many contact numbers as I list in my file such as my home number, cellphone, office number, etc. I also think it pretty cool that the voice mail is transcribed into words on my computer as well as my cellphone email when I login to my gmail account. So far, I like Google Voice and plan to use it a lot more frequently in the coming days and weeks. ,My gvoice is only one digit off of my home . I have not given it out yet enmasse, but do like the features it offers. You can actually make the call apart from your computer and receive the calls apart from the computer on your land like or cell. ,There really is nothing about this project to fear and so much to gain. It is nice knowing that people I want to talk to can get to me, but EVERYONE ELSE like every credit card representative from INDIA is sent STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL where I can delete them with a snicker. ,Transporting your number from one service provider to another is not rock science, you already pay for it through portability charges which go to the government managed Neustar. ,RingCentral has attracted top VCs and is making money with 8 digit revenues with triple digit growth focusing on business users and have no problem with their iPhone app. While Google Voice is the money losing copycat for the general public, hoping to figure out the right formula to have more influence over how you think, so they can enable marketing people to get into your phone calls. Not sure I want that level of privacy invasion. ,October 28th, 2009 12:23 am ET ,At what point and in what way will Google decide to begin making this a profit center Sell advertising messages to your free number, charge for message units. Somebody has to pay the bill and whomever pays the bill gets a bigger voice in the decision making. Google is not a charity to the world and it is unreasonable to expect them to play that role. Right now it is just 100,000 participants. Who pays for the resources to provide the serrvice to 100 million, 1 billion people ,I think it sounds like a great service, but believe it makes them at least in part just another telco, albeit with better features. I will wait until Google announces its plan to fund this great new adventure and then decide wheher to join, ,I do hope it succeeds and that other companies can offer the same service so I still have a choice of telcos.Goose population way down in Prospect Park ,Goose census takers are finishing up the federal government official count of waterfowl in Brooklyn but the would be bird exterminators aren likely to fire up their gas chambers again this year because the population of local geese has already plummeted. ,This week, only 23 geese were spotted in Prospect Park where more than 300 Canada geese were slaughtered by the federal government in the name of aviation security last July. ,The decreased population is a result of a multi faceted and non lethal approach to animal control after the outcry over last year massacre. Park biologists have covered eggs in corn oil to prevent their development, brought in dogs to chase geese away, and enforced a strict feeding policy. ,As a result, Park officials say that no goslings have been born this season, and many geese have moved on. ,Of course, the goose population was greatly reduced by the slaughter itself. ,As such, it been nearly a silent spring in Prospect Park. ,park is almost devoid of geese, said wildlife advocate Mary Beth Artz. don know what they plan to count. Department of Agriculture, which began killing geese in New York in 2009, though only within a five mile radius of both LaGuardia and JFK airports. That killing field was expanded last year to seven miles into Prospect Park without public discussion. The result was the massacre of hundreds of geese last July. ,In the weeks before that slaughter, feds took the same goose census that they are conducting now, counting geese at 63 city properties then evaluating factors such as distance to airports and waterfowl populations to determine if they should be said USDA spokeswoman Carol Bannerman. Geese were then captured at 19 of those locations. ,Violent measures may not be needed this year because of the success of humane efforts to keep the goose population down. In the passed two months, biologists have combed nearly every inch of Prospect Park, tracking mated pairs of geese back to their nests, where the eggs have been coated with corn oil to suffocate the embryos before development. This prevents goslings from hatching in the weeks before the season in which officials can legally exterminate them. ,Along with this addling technique, the Park has hiring a company called Busters, which uses border collies to scare away the squawkers. ,Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Ferrell Sklerov said that the results of this year survey inform the decision making process of a steering committee formed in the wake of the so called on the Hudson, the 2009 US Airways crash that might have been caused after a collision between geese and Capt. Chesley Sullenberger Airbus A320. ,There is no precise count that would prompt another killing, but higher populations mean a greater threat to aviation, Bannerman said. ,And Mayor Bloomberg has shown a zero tolerance approach to geese. The Brooklyn Paper reported exclusively last year that it was the Department of Environmental Protection, under orders from the mayor, that pushed for the expansion of the kill zone to seven miles from the airports. ,Johanna Clearfield from Park Slope says: ,WHO has decided that we have/ had many geese There is NO democratic process in place. There appear to be wildlife and wildlife If wildlife had their way, all parks would be astroturf and HBO would broadcast monster sized movies on projections screens. The park is a place for nature. Nature. Nature includes things like: squirrels, sparrows, starlings, geese, butterflies things that move around. Or fly. It is a park. There have been millions of dollars spent on Prospect park to the wetlands there. Wetlands are a natural habitat for things that walk, run, fly. buzz. sting, hiss. Natural life. wild life. ,Report abuseMay 11, 2011, 10:37 am ,Johanna Clearfield from Park Slope says: ,WHO has decided that we had/ have TOO many geese I know that hundreds of local residents have been consistently protesting the culling, the killing and the over the past year. I participated in the Across Prospect Park where families showed up on a wind chilled day in March March 26 and Senator Eric Adams and Rep Letitia James spoke eloquently about their love for our resident geese. Not for the to REDUCE their number and/or to KILL them. ,Report abuseMay 11, 2011, 10:47 am ,Johanna Clearfield from Park Slope says: ,No doubt there are people who hate the fact that wild birds being living creatures will eat and also poo things go Poo isn that the popular children book but in fact bird waste has been used as fertilizer and it takes literally 1/2 hour for any parks worker to hose down any area that may have poo. That is a fraction of the cost of all of this money now spent thousands to the eggs of these poor geese. ,Report abuseMay 11, 2011, 10:47 am ,Johanna Clearfield from Park Slope says: ,I have a license from the EPA, I am a wildlife rehabilitator and I happen to know unlike, apparently the EPA or the DOH or the Parks Dept or the Mayor office, that the eggs which prevents them from hatching also causes the mother goose to accelerate in producing a egg and hence often causes critical health issues a severe loss of calcium which goes into the creation of the egg in short, causing health problems in our wildlife for no justifiable reason. ,Report abuseMay 11, 2011, 10:48 am ,Johanna Clearfield from Park Slope says: ,WE DO NOT NEED TO REDUCE, WE DO NOT NEED TO KILL OR CULL. What we DO need is to protect, preserve and nurture our blessing of wildlife. Do your readers have any idea of the millions of birds who have been painfully exterminated by the recent BP oil spill very little of the relief money went to wildlife rescue, most went to building back up business; and the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. Is there any oversight or understanding of the pictureGOP advises members on handling anti ,Washington President Donald Trump dismisses polls showing low approval ratings as "fake news." But House leaders are actively discussing how to handle the protesters swamping their town halls, district offices and phone lines, urging their Republican members to be polite and if necessary offer "milk and cookies. ,From corporate boardrooms to the halls of Congress fake email id with password scan fake id app fake id group deals The Trump name alone is enough to spark outrage. There are plans for a mass mooning" of Trump Tower in Chicago. Boycotts are underway of companies that sell Ivanka Trump's clothing line or advertise on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," where Trump has remained an executive producer. ,Congressional offices are being flooded with emails, social media messages and calls jamming phone lines. Hundreds of protesters are flocking to town halls and local congressional offices, some in strongly Republican districts, to voice their opposition to Trump's Cabinet picks, health care plans and refugee restrictions. ,"I don't know what the desired outcome is but they all seem to be united in purpose to just basically complain about the Trump presidency," said Rep. Steve Womack, who had protesters show up at his office in his staunchly Republican district in Arkansas. "This is kind of some new territory for us. ,The goal

how to make a fake id card real florida id nba player fake id my fake id review The lesson from the last eight years is, sadly, that implacable resistance works," said Rep. Gerry Connolly, D Va. "Because it's all about your base, and I will simply point out that our base is bigger than theirs, and it's riled up. fake id bangkok fake yahoo id generator fake id design fake id fail fake Colorado id Trump and some Republicans shrug it off as sore losers unwilling to accept the results of the election. The president's core supporters ,Although recent polls show his approval ratings in the 40s fresh garbage fake id Idaho fake id template fake debit card for paypal Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting," he tweeted on Monday. "I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. ,But recent presidents never faced the kind of multi front opposition that Trump is now experiencing so early in their terms. ,Last week ,The displays of public outrage have been aimed not only at Trump but at lawmakers fake company id recto state id holograms best place to use a fake id

NewYork fake id laws The White House and some Republicans claim to be unimpressed by the protests. In fact ,The level of mobilization against Trump is almost like nothing I've ever seen before," said Joe Dinkin, spokesman for the Working Families Party, which coordinates weekly anti Trump events across the country. "Collaboration with Trump is a path that will bring well deserved ire. Already ,Republican lawmakers are bracing themselves for an onslaught of rowdy town hall meetings On Saturday ,The situation was rapidly escalating into a riot," he said. "One thing came through loud and clear: They were not angry at President Trump for breaking any of his promises they were angry at him for keeping them."GOP battle for control ,CHARLOTTE The struggle for control of the Republican Party is getting an early voter test in North Carolina, where former presidential nominee Mitt Romney and tea party favorite Rand Paul on Monday pushed their own candidates for the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November. ,Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, assured Republicans that House Speaker Thom Tillis is "a conservative" with deep roots in the state. Senate. ,Even Hagan, one of the Democrats' most vulnerable incumbents, got involved in the Republican primary by taking a page out of her party's political playbook. In a mailing, she hit Tillis, the fundraising leader in the GOP pack, for saying President Barack Obama's controversial health care law is "a great idea," even as he campaigns to repeal it. Tillis' full quote called the law "a great idea that can't be paid for." Hagan voted for "Obamacare., The election eve push was all about inspiring Republicans to vote in Tuesday's GOP primary in a state that narrowly chose Obama in 2008 and Romney four years later. Tuesday's balloting is being hotly monitored in a year in which Republicans are six seats away from a Senate majority and determined to put electable candidates on the ballot. ,The primary might not answer the question. If no candidate gets more than 40 percent of the vote Tuesday best fake id state reddit photoshop fake id tutorial fake id com real online fake id

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