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fake id photoshop template Since digital television began ,In general The best overall indoor antenna I have found is the Zenith Silver Sensor." Unfortunately, they quit making it. Terk makes a copy with VHF "rabbit ears" that does well. ,Be careful that you are not overdriving the amplifier. If it doesn't work well, try switching the amp off. I use one piece of 1 inch wood dowel with a flat board screwed to it. 11 at the end of the DTV transition but almost every UHF antenna I have tried except for some indoor models picks them up very well. WRAL did not go back to Ch. 5 because of problems with electrical and atmospheric noise. ,If you buy a combination UHF/VHF outdoor antenna, 75 percent of the antenna will be VHF channels 2 thru 13. You can get much more antenna in a UHF only model. They are also much smaller. Only about a quarter of the signal makes it through the roof and into the attic. It gets worse when it rains. If you have a metal roof, you can't use an attic mounted antenna. ,An antenna may have to be pointed in a very different direction than you think. These reflections combine with the original signal in different ways depending on what channel they are. This also can cause problems with some DTV signals. If this happens, you will get rock solid signals sometimes, but when the wind blows or it rains, some channels will break up. Often this can be fixed by carefully re aiming your antenna or changing to a different antenna such as a Channel Master 4228. We suggest they run a temporary wire through the attic door and try the antenna in several locations usually by setting it on a box or leaning it against something depending on which type of antenna it is. We do this because moving an antenna as little as one foot in any direction can make a drastic change in how it picks up signals. ,As I said above, the direction the antenna is pointed makes a big difference also. If you move an antenna, you need to check which direction has the best reception at the new location. Don't assume it is the same direction as the last antenna location. When locating an antenna you must check the reception of all the stations you want to receive. When moving or aiming an antenna, have someone watch the antenna pointing signal quality meter screen on your HD receiver while you slowly turn the antenna. Aim for the most stable signal even if it is not the highest one you find. Check the reception on all the channels you are trying to receive. ,If the attic does not work, you will need to do a roof mount. Most people will need an installer to do this. If your installer picks a spot on the roof and doesn't check for the best location using a signal meter or portable receiver he probably has a 50 50 chance of getting the signals you need. If you want to pick up all the DTV signals in your area, you may need an antenna rotor or you may be able to combine two antennas using a splitter turned backwards. In general you need to be about 15 miles away from any TV station. ,If you are too close to one TV station and are trying to get another one far away, you may need a "notch filter" to cut down the nearby station. ,Also, many amplifiers are not effective due to a high "noise figure." Don't use an amplifier with a noise figure higher than 4db. I have found that amplifiers with a noise figure of 6db or higher actually make DTV reception worse. Don't confuse noise figure with gain. Typical gain amount of amplification is 12 to 20dB. If an amplifier claims 30 to 60 dB of gain, don't buy it. Usually more antenna is much better than more amplifier. ,If you connected to your rooftop antenna and your converter box or digital TV doesn't work or it works fine until the wind blows or it rains, you may be on the far side of a hill from the transmitters and will probably need a different UHF antenna. You may also need to look for a different antenna location. ,Within 30 miles of lightly rolling hills or 15 miles of rough terrain, I usually recommend a Channel Master 4220 or other 2 bay bow tie.30 to 45 miles of rolling hills or 15 to 30 miles of rough terrain, I usually recommend a Channel Master 4228. Hanging a Channel Master 4220 in the closet is one option. A Mohu Leaf on a window facing Garner is another. If I had to choose one indoor antenna to try first it would probably be the Terk HDTVa. Winegard and the other antenna manufacturers all have equivalent antennas and most are just as good.Recent alcohol charges highlight Hancock County hotspot of underage drinking at MMA ,CASTINE, Maine In the span of a week, police have charged seven Maine Maritime Academy students during alcohol enforcement details at or near the school's Castine campus. ,Deputies with the county's Alcohol Enforcement Team have targeted Castine in an effort to curb underage drinking and other violations of alcohol laws. ,"Typically, you dedicate your resources to areas that need particular attention," said Chris Thornton, a sheriff's deputy and coordinator for the Hancock County Alcohol Enforcement Team. "I think the incidents in the past two weeks speak for themselves. It's clear, this year, that Castine is the focal point of our investigation. ,Michael Blake While the academy may be a somewhat natural hotspot for underage drinking in the county ,We do have a policy that we implement vigorously, and we do it quickly," said Mike Whetston, spokesman for MMA. "We don't wait for the court to say this guy is guilty. We go on the preponderance of evidence., Students who run into trouble with the school's alcohol rules no booze in the undergraduate dormitory ,For a first offense real ids fake fake id america fake NorthDakota id card western australia fake id

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