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fake id salem oregon florida 21 id The call by Elizabeth Namarome Musinai at dawn Thursday was one of several her family received as the attack and hostage drama unfolded at Garissa University College fake id black friday sale want to get a fake.id wall of fake id shame getting a fake id tips pvc fake id printing,He phoned back promptly. When told the president had not been contacted ,Musinai said he is still hanging on to hope that Elizabeth somehow survived ,At the Nairobi morgue great fake id reviews verified fake id vendors uk buy NewYork fake id Archbishop John Njue ,Pope Francis condemned the attack as an act of senseless brutality" and called for those responsible to change their violent ways. But Muslims also were among the dead, as were women, even though the attackers had said at one point that they, too, would be spared. ,The masked attackers strapped with explosives and armed with AK 47s battled troops and police before the violence ended after about 13 hours. ,In announcing an updated figure of 148 people killed by the gunmen, Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said 142 of the dead were students, three were policemen and three were soldiers. ,Police worked at the Garissa campus Friday, taking fingerprints from the bodies of the four slain gunmen and of the students and security officials who died, for identification purposes. ,Security forces guarded the gates of the school. Its slogans on the wall outside said "Oasis of Innovation" and "A World Class University of Technological Processes and Development.

fake id name superbad fake id card template are fake ids illegal ireland new york drivers license template Elsewhere in Garissa fake Idaho id fake license maker over 21 license ma novelty ids fakies Survivor Helen Titus said one of the first things the al Shabab gunmen did when they entered the campus was to head for a lecture hall where Christians were in prayer. ,They investigated our area. They knew everything," said Titus, a Christian, who was being treated in Garissa for a bullet wound to the wrist. ,The 21 year old English literature student told The Associated Press that she smeared blood from classmates on her face and hair and played dead at one point. ,The gunmen also told students hiding in dormitories to come out, assuring them that they would not be killed, Titus said. ,"We just wondered whether to come out or not," she said. Many students did, and the gunmen shot them anyway. ,Esther Wanjiru said she was awake at the time of the attack. Asked if she lost anyone, she said: "My best friend. fake facebook id complaint how do i get an id in texas how can i get a real fake id Another survivor ,They were shot there and then," she said, adding that the killers shouted "God is great" in Arabic. ,Those who surrendered were either selected for killing, or freed in some cases, apparently because they were Muslim, she said. ,A spokesman for the group, Ali Mohamud Rage, said it was responsible for the attack. Al Shabab has struck several times in Kenya, including the siege at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi in 2013 that killed 67 people, to retaliate against Kenya for sending troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight the militants and stabilize the government in Mogadishu. ,Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called for stronger collaboration between his country and Kenya to defeat al Shabab. ,Some Kenyans were angry the Kenyan government didn't take sufficient security precautions. The attack came six days after Britain advised "against all but essential travel" to parts of Kenya, including Garissa. ,A day before the attack, Kenyatta dismissed that warning as well as an Australian one pertaining to Nairobi and Mombasa, saying: "Kenya is safe as any country in the world. The travel advisories being issued by our friends are not genuine."Kenyan officials claim last push to end mall siege ,Kenyan security forces battled al Qaida linked terrorists in an upscale mall for a third day Monday in what they said was a final push to rescue the last few hostages in a siege that has left at least 62 people dead. The attacker from Britain was a woman who has "done this many times before," Mohamed said. officials said they were looking into whether any Americans were involved. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday that the department had "no definitive evidence of the nationalities or the identities" of the attackers. ,The security expert, who insisted on anonymity to talk freely about the situation, said many hostages had been freed or escaped in the previous 24 36 hours, including some who were in hiding. ,However, there were at least 30 hostages when the assault by al Shabab militants began Saturday, he said, and "it's clear" that Kenyan security officials "haven't cleared the building fully. ,Flames and dark plumes of smoke rose Monday above the Westgate shopping complex for more than an hour after four large explosions rocked the surrounding neighborhood. The smoke was pouring through a large skylight inside the mall's main department and grocery store ,The explosions were followed by volleys of gunfire as police helicopters and a military jet circled overhead fake id proof of age fake id las vegas strip driver license maker online free

how much is an id in florida By evening ,Taken control of all the floors. We're not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them," Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo said on Twitter. ,Kenya's Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the evacuation of hostages had gone "very, very well" and that Kenyan officials were "very certain" that few if any hostages were left in the building. ,But with the mall cordoned off and under heavy security it was not possible to independently verify the assertions. Similar claims of a quick resolution were made by Kenyan officials on Sunday and the siege continued. Eleven Kenyan soldiers were wounded in the running gun battles. ,Somalia's al Qaida linked rebel group, al Shabab, which claimed responsibility for the attack, said the hostage takers were well armed and ready to take on the Kenyan forces. ,An al Shabab spokesman, Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, said in an audio file posted on a militant website that the attackers had been ordered to "take punitive action against the hostages" if force was used to try to rescue them. ,The attackers have lots of ammunition, the militant group said in a Twitter feed, adding that Kenya's government would be responsible for any loss of hostages' lives. ,A Western security official in Nairobi who insisted on not being named to share information about the rescue operation said the only reason the siege hadn't yet ended would be because hostages were still inside. ,Westgate mall, a vast complex with multiple banks that have secure vaults and bulletproof glass partitions, as well as a casino, is difficult to take, the official said. "They are not made for storming," he said of the labyrinth of shops, restaurants and offices. "They're made to be unstormable. At least 62 people were killed in the assault Saturday by some 12 to 15 al Shabab militants wielding grenades and firing on civilians inside the mall ,The militants specifically targeted non Muslims Fighters from an array of nations participated in the assault ,But Mary Trask vowed that she and her family would continue to fight for the court martial, I've poured my heart out trying to get this done for my daughter," she said in an interview last week. ,"The Navy should be ashamed of themselves for not doing this. It's harder to grieve knowing this end of the Navy won't punish Mackie like they should. How come the only people that disagree with us is the Navy It's just wrong," she said. ,"Mackie still has a life after this, with the possibility that he will have his own family someday. If he completes the sentence, he'll only be 32 when he gets out of prison. All we have left are memories, pictures, and a headstone at Arlington National Cemetery," she said. ,Arlington was a favorite place for Caitlin Trask ever since making a trip there while a student at North Andover High School. Soon after graduating and joining the Navy in July 2006, she made her parents promise she would be buried there if killed while serving her country. ,Caitlin Trask turned down acceptances to Suffolk University and the University of Massachusetts to pursue a career in the military. She was stationed aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Norfolk based aircraft carrier. ,She was proud to be the only member of her high school graduating class to join the military. She set a goal to one day work at the Pentagon or CIA. ,But those aspirations ended with a shot to the back of her head Feb. 12 while in uniform and visiting her estranged boyfriend's military apartment in Newport News, Va. ,Mackie told police he accidentally shot her in the head with a 9mm handgun that he didn't think was loaded. ,Initially, the Trasks were forgiving, accepting it as an accident. ,But the changing stories and "lies" turned them against the man who killed their daughter. Initially, Mackie said he was playing with the gun when he tripped, causing it to fire. In another version, he was cleaning the gun when it went off. ,Mackie later told police he was playing with the firearm and walked up behind the victim and pointed the weapon at her head and pulled the trigger, ,"The Medical Examiner report lists Caitlin's death as a homicide and that is what it was a murder," Don Trask testified last month in his victim's impact statement in the Virginia court that sentenced Mackie. ,"It's hard to believe we are sitting here looking for justice, but it should be murder in the second degree, there was no accident, no cleaning of the gun, no accidental tripping, but a walk up to an unsuspecting invited guest and shooting them in the head," he said. ,"I say this because I do not want to create a misperception that a subsequent military prosecution is routinely done or probable," Oldant said. ,Normally, military personnel prosecuted in civilian courts for committing serious crimes receive a discharge classified as "Other Than Honorable," he said. This is considered the harshest form of administrative discharge. Recipients are barred from re enlisting in any branch of the armed forces. They also lose most of their veterans benefits. ,The military considers a dishonorable discharge a punitive action, not an administrative one. It can only be issued for a conviction after a general court martial for serious offenses, such as desertion, sexual assault or murder.Kerry unveils audit in Afghan presidential election crisis ,Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday. ,no mistake. These will be the first steps of what will obviously be a hard, difficult process and we will be working hand in hand with both candidates, Kerry said. keeping with each of the candidate request, this audit will be conducted with the highest international standards. inauguration of the new president, originally scheduled for the first week of August, will be postponed while the audit of votes cast for Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani is conducted, Kerry said. Both candidates stood beside him. ,Ghani said he was by the accord in which candidates will abide by the will of the people. two candidates clasped hands and raised them for the cameras before leaving. ,Ballots cast in the provinces will be brought to Kabul by NATO led International Security Assistance Force and Afghan national security forces for the audit, Kerry said. ,Kerry arrived in Kabul on Thursday for the unannounced visit amid concern over signs of growing division following the country contested presidential runoff election. ,Despite efforts by the Taliban to disrupt the election, about 8 million votes were cast in June 14 balloting and provisional results showed Ghani ahead with roughly 56% support to 43% for Abdullah, according to Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission. ,Both candidates have alleged large scale vote fraud and manipulation during the runoff last month. ,The audit will take weeks to complete, Kerry said. ,Amid continued insecurity, a civilian vehicle hit a roadside bomb in the Panjwai district of southern Kandahar province on Saturday, killing eight members of one family, including four women, according to the Afghan Interior Ministry. Two children were injured. ,Only two days earlier, six members of a mine removal team were killed and three others were abducted in an ambush by gunmen in western Herat province, a local police official said. ,The United States is withdrawing most of its troops by year end, reducing the primary leverage it has had in Afghanistan. But it still supports the country with billions of dollars in foreign aid. ,The international community, which fears a resurgence of the Taliban, is keen to see Afghanistan continue on the path to democracy. ,moment Obama administration says it has no favored candidate but wants to see a credible and transparent process that produces a president who can bring Afghanistan together and govern effectively. ,Senior administration officials said Friday that Kerry meeting with the two candidates had focused on the need to preserve the gains Afghanistan has made over the past 13 years, through a legitimate political transition. ,Conversations have focused on two main areas, the officials said: how to address allegations of fraud in a credible manner and restore confidence in the electoral process; and how to ensure political dialogue so the process is inclusive and produces as unified a government as possible. ,The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has been looking into the fraud allegations. ,But the senior administration officials stressed that the political process must be Afghan led. ,Although once an ally of President Hamid Karzai, Abdullah has in recent years become an opponent and vocal critic of the Taliban. citizen, but he gave up his passport to run for president five years ago. ,The International Crisis Group, a nongovernmental organization, said in a news release Friday that Afghanistan had a critical moment in the development of its democratic system. It urged both sides to engage in talks and to accept the outcome of investigations into the fraud allegations. ,final result will be less important, however, than the way the contest is decided, the group added. periods of transition are a crucial test for a country institutions. This is a moment when Afghans must hold tight to their constitution and the rule of law, despite political turmoil. talks ,After Saturday meetings in Kabul, Kerry is expected to travel to Vienna, Austria, for talks on Iran nuclear program. ,Iran and six world powers, the United States among them, are engaged in a final round of negotiations ahead of a July 20 deadline aimed at reaching a permanent deal on the future of Tehran nuclear program. ,Tehran insists its ambitions are peaceful, but the world powers fear it has ambitions to build nuclear weapons. ,Kerry is due to speak in Vienna with his German counterpart Frank Walter Steinmeier, the senior administration officials said. The foreign ministers encounter will come amid a row over fresh spying allegations against the United States. ,Germany government on Thursday asked America top spy chief stationed in the country to leave. ,This followed the revelation that two Germans one working at a German intelligence agency, the other in the Ministry of Defense are suspected of spying for the United States. ,WASHINGTON, DC MARCH 20: L to R James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI, and Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, testify during a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing concerning Russian meddling in the 2016 United States election, on Capitol Hill, March 20, 2017 in Washington. While both the Senate and House Intelligence committees have received private intelligence briefings in recent months, Monday hearing is the first public hearing on alleged Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesKetchikan exhibit explores biblical beasts ,KETCHIKAN, Alaska During January, the white walls of the Main Street Gallery will feature the large, colorful paintings by Danelle Landis, in her second gallery show titled "Mark of the Beast. ,The theme in Landis' paintings is animals, or beasts, from the Bible, and not the "mark of the beast" as told in Revelation in reference to people. Her subjects include the four horses of the Apocalypse, the demon possessed pigs in the New Testament, a raven released by Noah after the flood, Jonah's whale, and the donkey ridden by Balaam as told in the Old Testament book of Numbers. ,Landis, a former Ketchikan Daily News reporter, said she read the Bible from beginning to end as a teenager, and her imagination was ignited by the stories of people rising from the dead, demons cast into pigs, and a seven headed dragon. ,"I am fascinated not only with the fantastical images and stories humans have archived, but also by how we can become so familiar with them that we can grow immune to how bizarre, funny and even scary many of them are," Landis said. ,She said inspiration for the show originally came from the book of Revelation's description of a red, seven headed dragon with 10 horns and wearing seven crowns. She said it was difficult to draw a dragon that did not resemble dragons in "cheesy teen novels." After months of throwing out sketch after sketch, she finally found inspiration in the devil fish a deep sea creature with a mouth full of jagged teeth. ,Another subject she struggled with was the remaining three horses of the Apocalypse. The pale horse, with its rider "named Death and Hell following close behind," received his own giant canvas. ,"I was afraid that it would look like a little girl's picture of horses, and people would look at it and say, 'Oh, horses galloping!'" she laughed, waving her fingers and imitating fake enthusiasm. "There were a lot of cheesy images I had to dodge so things would look interesting. ,Instead of etherial horses galloping through the woods Illinois fake id for sale american fake id review fake id website free call fake id app

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