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kentucky id card fake id alberta canada At that time black web fake ids best northern state fake ids caller id fake id south carolina fake id vs real how to get texas id card,We're glad to give readers a forum to express their points of view on issues important to this community. That forum is the Letters to the Editor." Letters to the editor may be submitted directly to The Times Independent through this ,Letters may not exceed 400 words in length, must be regarding issues of general interest to the community, and may not include personal attacks, offensive language, ethnic or racial slurs, or attacks on personal or religious beliefs. Letters should focus on a single issue. Letters that proselytize or focus on theological debates will not be published. During political campaigns, The Times Independent will not publish letters supporting or opposing any local candidate. Thank you letters are generally not accepted for publication unless the letter has a public purpose. Thank you letters dealing with private matters that compliment or complain about a business or individual will not be published. Nor will letters listing the names of individuals and/or businesses that supported a cause or event. Thank you letters about good Samaritan acts will be considered at the discretion of the newspaper.County DUI Task Force will take to the streets ,INDIANA The county DUI task force will once again work to make the streets safer for pedestrians and drivers, as the county commissioners Wednesday agreed to file an application that will bring funding in for the program. ,Commissioners Rodney Ruddock, Dave Frick, and Bernie Smith heard from Denny Porter, director and coordinator of the Indiana County DUI Task Force. ,Porter said this federal funding is granted annually to the county, and is used by the task force to execute DUI check points, roving patrols, and its underage drinking enforcement program. ,The task force and funding has been in place since the mid 1990s, Porter said. ,This year, the county will receive 27,235.15, all of which is provided federally, with no state or local matches required. Fiscally, the task force runs from September through August, so this funding would be available for use by next month. ,Local police conduct DUI check points sporadically throughout the year, and are useful, Porter said, because they incorporate awareness, deterrence, and apprehension. ,Roving patrols, where officers saturate an area to increase the chances of catching illegal activities brought on by alcohol, are another tool used, and are usually focused on an area where drunken driving is known to be a frequent occurrence. ,To best prevent underage drinking, a program called "Cops in Shops," is sometimes used, where police operate surveillance in retail establishments that sell alcohol, possibly posing as employees or patrons, and watch for transactions and fake IDs involving minors. Officers also patrol the streets outside of these stores, on the watch for adult furnishers. ,Another way local police officers apprehend underage drinkers is by catching minors at parties. "Then, we go in and take what action is necessary," Porter said. ,County Solicitor Mike Clark, a former administrator of the task force while working as a county detective, commended the program and how it has grown. ,"It's been an interesting thing it's a good safety measure, a good deterrent for the community," he remarked. ,Porter, a deputy in the county sheriff's office, is the program director, but he noted that the funding for the task force is administrated by the district attorney's office. ,Any county police department, with the exception of the state troopers and IUP, can utilize the funding for check points, roving patrols, or underage drinking programs. The grant may only be used for the compensation of overtime pay for officers participating in these task force activities, though Porter stressed that they can take place anywhere in Indiana County. ,Porter also emphasized that municipalities or townships without a structured police department can still request DUI check points through the county district attorney's office or the sheriff's office. ,Any municipality, though, must prove that the location where the check point is being requested has a high record of drunken and reckless drivers. Porter said roving patrols can take place anywhere in the county, though, while DUI check points are usually set up in areas with a high concentration of traffic and instances of drunken driving. Statistics are drawn from PennDOT and arrest records made available by the various municipalities. ,After the meeting, Porter offered some of these statistics. ,For the past grant period, ending this month, Porter said a total of 891 drivers were contact through check points, 15 of which were arrested for drunken driving, 27 traffic and six underage drinking citations were issued, two drug arrests were made, and four other miscellaneous arrests were made. ,A total of 186 drivers and 31 pedestrians were contacted through the roving patrols this past grant period. Two DUI arrests were made, along with three open container citations, six disorderly conducts, and 10 other arrests or citations due to drugs, public drunkenness, or noise. ,The requested 500,000 would be applied to creating affordable housing within the county, particularly through the Countywide Affordable Home Ownership Program, the Housing Rehabilitation Program, and the Seymore Street Project. ,The commissioners' last order of business was the approval of a contract for a Children and Youth Services private provider, the Westmoreland County Detention Center. ,The center raised its rate by two percent for the 2004 05 year, up to 243.32 per admittance. Because of its higher rate, the Westmoreland center is most often used as a backup, while the Cambria County facility is usually the first choice of the CYS because of its lower rate. ,Two juveniles in the county's custody utilized the Westmoreland County center last year. ,The next meeting of the county commissioners will take place Aug. ,Now a yearly tradition, the Indiana County commissioners Wednesday proclaimed August 2004 as Native American Awareness Month in the county. ,The commissioners accepted the proclamation, which was read by Pat Selinger, Turtle Clan mother of the Thunder Mountain Lenape Nation. ,The proclamation supports the Thunder Mountain Lenape Nation and its sixth annual Native American festival that it hosts each August. ,For the second year, the Thunder Mountain tribe will make use of a plot of land had recently been opened up for them to use as a headquarters, near the village of Nowrytown.County emergency heads accused of faking training records ,VEVAY, IN FOX19 A FOX19 NOW investigation uncovered allegations that Switzerland County emergency services faked medical and fire certifications for years. The allegations come from current and former staffers and has led to an investigation by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.We received an anonymous tip that multiple CPR certification cards were printed and issued to people who never took a course. The cards were issued in December 2013 and expire in December 2015. A source provided FOX19 with copies of the cards same copies state investigators received.The faked certifications go beyond CPR. Multiple people with certifications tell FOX19 their fire and EMT certifications were falsified.ARE IN JEOPARDY HERE IN OUR COUNTY Janelle Lustig got a text a few months ago with a picture of a CPR certification with her name on it certification that came from Switzerland County. Lustig lives in Switzerland County, but works 60 miles from Switzerland County as a paramedic in Louisville, Ky.Lustig hasn worked on the Switzerland County EMS squad in a decade. Lustig left the department around 2006 because of conduct she told FOX19 she couldn a part of. same stuff that was happening then is happening today, Lustig told FOX19 in a June 11 interview.Lustig was the first paramedic hired by Switzerland County and now works with an ambulance service in Louisville. All of Lustig certifications and training are handled by her employer, which Lustig said makes no sense why she need a CPR certification out of Switzerland County.didn take it. I haven taken the first class in Switzerland County in 10 years, Lustig said. The CPR card shows Lustig completed the course on Dec. 1, 2013 and is certified through December 2015.CPR certifications last two years.The cards show Switzerland County Emergency Management Director, Chris See, instructed the classes. Lustig said she never taken a course under See or under his father, Randy See, who is the director of the Switzerland County EMS squad.On June 11, we followed Lustig into the EMS office to pay Randy See a visit. Lustig wanted to know how she was certified in CPR through Switzerland County and never never took the December 2013 course. We found Randy See in his office.like to have a copy of my CPR card, Lustig asked See. don have a copy of your CPR card, See replied. do I get certified in CPR and I never took a class, Lustig asked. can answer that question, See responded.See did not provide Lustig and our crew with any information about the alleged December 2013 CPR course or copies of the class rosters.Lustig pressed See about how she ended up with a card and never signed up for the class. want to know how this happens to me, Lustig asked See. not going to discuss this with you and I asked you to leave, See told Lustig.See would not return our calls or meet us outside his office to discuss the allegations. See did call Vevay police on our crew and placed FOX19 on a trespass notice for the EMS offices. The offices are privately owned, but the squad is partially funded with tax dollars.Lustig launched her own investigation into the CPR certifications and contacted about a dozen people whose names appeared on the same CPR card she was issued. didn do this, was the response Lustig told FOX19 she received from every person she spoke with.want an explanation on how this happens. I not out to ruin someone reputation, I just want an explanation on his this happens, Lustig told FOX19.DIDN SIGN UP FOR IT. The former assistant chief of the Jeff Craig Fire Department told FOX19 he was also issued false CPR cards and witnessed his chief, Chris See, faking certifications during his time on the department. Josh Gosciniak served as the assistant chief until he gave up the position in January, he explained in a June 5 interview with FOX19 investigative unit.times, almost every certification was falsified, Gosciniak said. of the classes were falsely done. Like I said, it was regular practice when people didn show up, you just signed the next time you showed up, Gosciniak said.We found a November 2013 training record submitted to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and signed by Switzerland County EMS Director Randy See and EMS instructor, Stephanie Stewart that shows a roster containing 15 names of people the form claims completed 180 hours of EMT training on Nov. 9, 2013.The training was composed of 40 classes the form shows that were held between June 29, 2013 and Nov. 9, 2013. The courses required participants to complete 160 class hours, eight clinical hours and another 12 hours performing work in the back of an ambulance. The document shows 15 people on the list, but only 10 received passing scores.Josh Gosciniak was one of the ones with a passing score.impossible, Gosciniak told FOX19 when we handed him the form. Gosciniak said he never seen the form until we showed it to him during the June 5 interview.didn sign up for it. I was signed up for it by somebody else for the class. I was approached at the firehouse that I had class that day, it was for an EMT class that I had no intentions of taking, Gosciniak said. didn want it. They pushed me through it because I was the assistant chief, they wanted me as an EMT, but I got pushed through it. told FOX19 he only attended a couple of classes for a total of about 18 hours of the 160 classroom hours shown of the form. Gosciniak said he was working as a boilermaker out of town when the courses were held and knew he couldn complete the course.Gosciniak provided FOX19 with pay stubs showing he was working 12 hour shifts, seven day workweeks 143 miles away in Petersburg, Indiana during the majority of the scheduled classes for the EMT course.The former assistant chief said he was one test away from being a fully credentialed EMT by the state of Indiana. All he needed to do was attend a testing session at Ivy Technical College. Gosciniak said he wasn about to take that step.County expenses in biker cases could have major budget impact ,As lawyers threaten civil rights lawsuits, seek bond reductions and clamor that their biker clients have done nothing wrong, McLennan County is spending 7,958 a day to house those jailed in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout. ,According to county records, 173 of the 175 people who were arrested in the wake of the deadly brawl, which left nine dead and 18 wounded, remain jailed. Two bonded out with ankle monitors. ,The mass arrests are presenting unprecedented challenges to the county's criminal justice system and have McLennan County officials keeping a close eye on the potential devastating budgetary fallout from the incident. A week and a half after the shooting, the county has spent upward of 80,000 just to house the inmates. ,"We've never had an issue of this magnitude, but another thing is all the other business here at the courthouse is still going on," said 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother, the county's senior judge who presides over one of McLennan County's two primary felony courts. ,Lawyers are filing motions for expedited hearings to try to get their clients out of jail while county officials are processing pauper's oaths to determine which defendants are entitled to court appointed attorneys, paid for by the county. ,Cathy Edwards, the county's indigent defense coordinator, said of the 175 bikers at the county jail she interviewed, 63 have requested court appointed attorneys. Edwards said she appointed 14 attorneys Wednesday to represent the bikers, including attorneys from Waco, Corsicana, Temple and Copperas Cove. ,The bikers are jailed in lieu of 1 million bonds on first degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity charges. That limits the number of attorneys who can be appointed because not all are approved by the courts to handle first degree felony cases. ,The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association is rallying its forces to try to help provide enough attorneys to represent the defendants, and some already have retained lawyers from Waco, Dallas and Austin. ,Strother said Billy Ray Stubblefield, administrative judge of the Third Judicial District, has offered state funds for the county to bring in visiting judges if necessary to handle the onslaught of new cases. ,It is likely that not all 173 in jail now will face criminal charges, some attorneys have said, claiming their clients merely were in the wrong place at the wrong time and then swept up in an all encompassing area dragnet. ,Strother and Judge Matt Johnson have set hearings for early next month to consider motions to reduce the 1 million bonds. The judges did not set the hearings sooner because prosecutors haven't gotten offense reports from Waco police yet and need them to be prepared for the hearings. ,It is not clear when or how many of the cases will be presented to a grand jury for indictment. If they are not indicted within 90 days of their arrests, the bikers are eligible to be released on personal recognizance bonds or bonds reduced sufficiently for them to be released. ,McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna did not return phone messages Wednesday seeking comment for this story. ,Court appointed defense attorneys are paid 750 for a guilty plea in a first degree felony case, 500 for a second degree felony and 400 for third degree and state jail felonies. They are paid the same fee if cases are dismissed. ,If they itemize their time and prefer to be paid hourly, they are paid 75 for out of court preparation and 80 an hour while in court. ,With the influx of new cases, county officials are keeping a close eye on how the cases are affecting budgets. ,"We are watching it all with a cautiously optimistic approach," Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ben Perry said. "The commissioners court obviously has to support the decisions that law enforcement and the district attorney's office make, and any adjustments that need to be made to the budget, we will do so. We are monitoring the situation to make sure we are all on the same page and prepared for whatever may come. ,"It is a process and something we have to be patient with and know and trust that the folks with the county who are handling this are good. They have done a great job, and there is no reason for us to think anything other than that. ,Stan Chambers ,It costs the county 51 per day to house inmates at its own facility. The county pays 45.50 per inmate per day to LaSalle Corrections to house them at the privately operated Jack Harwell Detention Center. fake id review australia best online fake id sites fake card maker The county budgeted 5.5 million to cover any cost overruns from overflow prisoners at the jail ,If that money is expended

fake id social security card fake id punishment illinois fake police id card get fake id austin In terms of paying for the additional court appointed attorneys fake Michigan can scannable fake id colorado fake caller id for ios fake id card usa fake police id badge He said the county budgeted 4.2 million this year to pay for indigent defense ,In home care workers paid to look after the dead. Homeless men and women recruited to collect government checks that don't belong to them. Con men using one ID to receive medical payments and another to provide care to themselves for even more money. Los Angeles County investigators have uncovered these and other fraudulent schemes in recent weeks that prosecutors say are costing California taxpayers millions of dollars a year. A newly created home care fraud team has made nearly two dozen arrests and carried out a number of search warrants in the San Fernando fake id Cleveland fake id and password how many fake id in the us Pence said in the last three years of Downtown Morehead they've been able to fill their board and maintain accreditation as a Main Street program. ,Our mission is changing somewhat from preservation, to moving towards economic development of downtown," Pence said. ,The group provides events such as Hometown Holidays, Antique Market, Arts and Crafts Fair, Arts and Eats Festival, Hometown Holiday and Freedom Fest. ,"The problem is they are big expenses and we've pretty much ran out of money," he said. "We will have to make a move on those things. Come budget time we would like to be on both agendas to speak about funding. ,Paul Goodpaster ,He said the committee has met five times over the past year and has had great discussion on the future of recreation. coupon code for western union where can i get a fake license fake id picture iphone

most common fake id We decided to take a step back because we felt we possibly got too far in front of the discussion," said Goodpaster. "When we initially met we wanted to focus on the wellness and recreational needs of the entire community. That's our focus unless otherwise charged. We feel that's important for people to understand. ,The committee has most recently voted on a mission statement and has started a needs assessment project with a marketing class at Morehead State University that should be finished by the end of this year. We want our work to positively impact the quality of life and also the livability issues in our community," Goodpaster said. ,Goodpaster said that there is currently a lot of discussion about the livability in the community, especially at NewCity Morehead meetings. ,"I've been to a few of their meetings an there is a focus and everyone there is interested in making Morehead the best it can be," said Mayor Jim Tom Trent. "In the mission statement there is nothing about leagues, children, ballgames or anything like that. It's not about that. It's about an overall wellness plan through programs and upgrading facilities. This is much about a five year old as it is a 95 year old. This is not about sports and athletics but the overall wellness of our community. ,The future of the inter local agreement regarding the Community Recycling Center also was debated. Allie Secor ,The county, The bulk of what they get it what they pick up from locations, not what is dropped off at the facility," said Council member Glen Teager. "It's a service type venture and we aren't going to make money the way prices are on recyclables. It's one of those things we are doing for the betterment of the community. ,Rowan County Jailer Wes Coldiron said the new county jail may allow him to help staff the facility at times to help ease the financial burden. best fake id state for nyc fake nys id get fake id maryland trends in fake ids

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