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He later developed an infection and passed away on Thursday. ,Although Nanuq had been undergoing treatment for the infection at the time of his death, a post mortem examination has been arranged to confirm the cause. The results are expected in weeks. ,Scroll down for video ,Deadly interaction During a recent encounter with two of the three beluga whales he lived with, Nanuq pictured suffered a fractured jaw. He later developed an infection and passed away on Thursday ,It comes just a month after SeaWorld's chief executive resigned following low visitor numbers in the wake of the 2013 documentary Blackfish, whichcriticizedthe firm's treatment of killer whales. ,Jim Atchison, who had served as CEO and president since 2009, stepped down in January amid accusations that the company's treatment of killer whales may have led to the deaths of trainers. ,Paying tribute: In a Facebook statement, the resort said: 'Fans, please join us in remembering one of our favorite beluga whales, Nanuq. An older whale, he] passed away yesterday at the estimated age of 31 32 ,'As an ambassador for all arctic animals, he has delighted millions of visitors to our Wild Arctic attraction, and has been part of the SeaWorld family since 1997. ,'Nanuq was a wonderful whale and dearly loved by his trainers and our vets, as well as guests. ,The park, operated by SeaWorld Entertainment, added that the whale's fractured jaw 'resulted from an interaction between two animals that were part of a compatible social group'. ,During his time at SeaWorld Orlando and earlier, SeaWorld San Diego, Nanuq interacted with members of the public as part of an 119 plus scheme called the 'Beluga Interaction Program'. ,On its website, the park says the 'intimate' program offers visitors 'a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn more about the amazing Arctic and connect with one of its most charming inhabitants'. ,Getting up close: Sarah Michelle Gellar left and Kelly Clarkson And Clay Aiken right are seen with Nanuq ,On Friday, Scott Smith, a University of South Carolina assistant hospitality professor, said Nanuq's death could be potentially damaging to SeaWorld following the release of Blackfish. ,'It really is one of the worst times this kind of news could come out,' he said. 'Any other time, it probably wouldn't even make a blip on the radar, but now everyone is watching SeaWorld.' ,Longtime SeaWorld critic and Animal Welfare Institute marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose added that in the wild, suffering a broken jaw from an 'interaction' with another animal seems unlikely. ,Speaking to the Orlando Sentinel, Ms Rose said: 'If he died because of something related to that infection he got related to the broken jaw, then he died of being in captivity.' ,Blackfish, which implied that the stress of life in captivity may have been responsible of an orca's killing of Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, sparked widespread criticism of SeaWorld, ,Since its release, attendance has declined at the company's parks in Orlando, San Diego, California and San Antonio, Texas. SeaWorld's stock value has also plummeted. ,To counter the backlash, the firm, which has participated in animal rescue programs for more than 50 years, has announced plans to nearly double the size of its orca enclosures in upcoming years. ,SeaWorld has not yet named a replacement for Mr Atchison. ,Most watched News videos Nannycam video shows shocking moment nurse BEATS two year old Sickening moment strongwoman arm is SNAPPED during arm wrestle Kensington resident: Grenfell families move in I leave Get it AWAY from me! Dog is seriously freaked out by hamster Moment firefighters use hoses to stop blaze at flats in Bethnal Green Shirtless man shouts finish it off during Ascot fight Lawyer gets knocked out after getting into heated argument Wife and her family beat up husband after he cheats with mistress just see love in it Westminster victim on picture of his wife gotta stay strong Austin Harrouff talks to dad from jail Ton of fun! 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