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how to make a fake age card A spokesman for Europol ,John Baird Baird said he didn know when the suspect was last in Canada. ,The revelation of a Canadian link to the attack in Bulgaria comes as federal officials have been trying to wrestle information from the Algerian government following its claims that two Canadians played a role in a deadly gas plant attack in Algeria last month. It does say something about what CSIS has been warning about and what I've been talking about. There have been a large number of Canadian passport holders who have remained engaged in political and religious conflicts," said Raymond Boisvert, a former assistant director at CSIS, Canada's spy agency. ,Last July 18, a bus exploded as it took a group of Israeli tourists from the airport to the Black Sea resort of Burgas in Bulgaria. ,In the first major announcement in the investigation, Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov on Tuesday said that one suspect entered the country with a Canadian passport, while the other entered with an Australian one. ,"We have followed their entire activities in Australia and Canada so we have information about financing and their membership in Hezbollah," Tsvetanov said, according to a statement posted on the ministry's website. "A reasonable assumption can be made that the two of them were members of the militant wing of Hezbollah. ,Hezbollah, According to the Bulgarian minister statement ,An unclassified assessment of terrorist and extremist threats produced by CSIS last year said that Hezbollah has had a presence in Canada" and that its supporters "conduct fundraising, procurement and intelligence activities in Canada, and are involved in organized crime, including fraud. Hezbollah continues to threaten retaliation against Israeli interests worldwide for the killing of key individuals in the past two years. fake Florida driver's license fake id in philadelphia state ids without holograms fake california id online

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