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mclovin fake id scene the book fake id summary Rivarrossi made a better loco powered version of the 141R after they absorbed Jouef and Hornby have re released this. But a Eureka model might be cheaper how to make your own fake id fake id paypal uk fake id maker free real fake id com how to spot a fake texas id,But if you could put up with a Lima chassis ,The 59 is much ,The 59 boiler is almost parallel while the USRA locomotives have noticeably tapered boiler barrels. fake id penalty colorado buying weed with fake id free fake id maker The best model to kitbash into a 59 class is the French class 141R which was built at the end of WWII. It is larger ,The good news is that Lima made quite a good 141R that could be easily kitbashed into a 59 class

any real fake id websites fake royal navy id card fake id program buy ids An acceptable 59 could be obtained by removing the smoke deflectors do most fake ids scan fake us id maker spot a fake military id buy custom fake id good fake ids online The info I have just received re: the 59's and 36's on turntables: ,The 36 class were turned on at least one 60 foot turntable and Bathurst would be the perfect example. Although fake id in Alabama printable fake id i need a fake id tonight Much as he enjoys visiting Canada ,I hate cold so bad I fear it," says the Maui based actor, his words coming out in a giant puff of frosted breath on the Hamilton set of his upcoming feature film, ,His discomfort with the elements aside, the Oscar nominated Texan by birth says he nevertheless agreed to hunker down in Ontario's industrial heartland for 20 bone chilling days last month to shoot the independent film. ,"This is probably the most original thing I've ever read. I've never really loved the traditional hero. I just don't like the typical role or the typical story," says the affable Harrelson, a raw food vegan, as well as a hemp and environmental activist. "I'm not averse to doing them. But to me, Peter's screenplay is just a really beautiful story, with heart. And wonderful humour. ,Written 3 years ago ,He kicks off the interview with a line he picked up from James Garner: Okay, let's go swap some lies." Then adds, "I'm so hungry I could eat my right armpit right now. south dakota fake id get a texas id hong kong fake id online

fake credit card to match id So we troop out of the Defendor's mock lair in a drafty former Packard Motor Car factory ,My character is attempting to be a superhero but he doesn't have the superhero properties," explains the actor, who is digging into a killer salad from Toronto's Live Organic Food Bar which the actor had shipped in filled with greens, seaweed, sprouts and sauerkraut. Chopsticks poised, he pauses for a second: "You want a bite" Then he continues: "So people can actually beat him up. And bullets hurt. To prepare for the role, I talked to psychologists, read a lot and met various people with mental challenges] including a young boy who despite his obstacles]was a bright light always in the present. ,"He was very inspiring for me, and I didn't want to appear phony in the role] I could relate to Arthur because he's always functioning from the heart, as opposed to the intellect," adds Harrelson, who first endeared himself to millions of viewers as Woody Boyd on ,Cheers and received an Academy Award nomination for ,The People vs. Larry Flynt. He recently appeared in ,Seven Pounds and ,No Country for Old Men. ,Then he meanders off in another direction, explaining how he became a health freak. "I can thank my excessive hedonistic lifestyle. ,"Isn't there a saying that the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom, or something like that" he adds, flashing a devilish grin. "I was just in a very hard core, pedal to the metal lifestyle and I got into the healthy side of things as a necessity. ,"I now believe in the Henry Miller approach. If somebody wants to go on a bender, give them a drink. Push them down the road. They're going to go down that road no matter what. You won't stop 'em," says Harrelson. ,Over the years, Harrelson's had a few brushes with the law, including an arrest in 1983 for dancing in the street, halting traffic. He later jumped out of a moving police van and punched an officer. In 1996, a jury in Kentucky dismissed charges against him for marijuana possession after he was arrested for planting four marijuana hemp seeds to challenge a state law that makes no distinction between marijuana and hemp. But last month Harrelson married his partner of 20 years, his former assistant Laura Louie, with whom he has three girls ,Defendor is Stebbings's feature film directorial debut. Perched on a box spring in a rickety loft that serves as Arthur's humble abode, the director says he still pinches himself that he was able to attract the likes of Harrelson and Dennings ,The 40 Year Old Virgin and ,Nick Norah's Infinite Playlist to a film with a budget he half jokingly says is "desperately low. ,"You can say it's under 4 million and above 3 million," says Stebbings, who started acting at the age of 12 recently appearing in CTV'sWould Be Kings before branching out into screenwriting. Produced by Darius Films, the cast also includes Sandra Oh, Elias Koteas and Michael Kelly. ,"I really do feel in working with Woody that I'm working with an A list calibre actor. He took this major hiatus and he's clawed his way back now. When I work with him, I absolutely understand why he was nominated for an Oscar. His rivers run deep."Defendor, Stebbings says he set out to explore the issues of mental health and social injustice. His mom, he explains, used to take him to church in Vancouver's seedy Downtown Eastside because she wanted him to see "how the other half lives.What Makes a Good High School ,There's broad agreement that high schools need an overhaul, especially those that serve poor and minority students, where too many drop out and those that graduate aren't ready for college or even a job. For inspiration, researchers are turning to a small number of schools that prove these students can succeed. ,NPR's Elaine Korry visited one such school in Yakima Valley in Washington State. ,You know Richard Esparzaph is a different kind of principal the moment you meet him. He's in his officer at Granger High School, sleeves rolled up, wearing a novelty tie covered in greenbacks. And on the floor sits a big black suitcase stuffed with cash 400,000 in fake bills. ,Mr. RICHARD ESPARZA Principal, Granger High School: Myself, I've never even seen what does 400,000 look like. So this year I actually had it printed up. This is actually 400,000 in 20 bills. ,KORRY: That's the difference, he says, in lifetime earnings between a high school dropout and a graduate. Esparza's made sure every student at Granger High knows the dollar value of a diploma. He invites them to come hold the money, even fondle it, and imagine what they could do with 400 grand. Esparza watches the light go and then he knows he has them. ,Mr. ESPARZA: To me, I really believe you need to make it relevant. Why are we doing what we do Why is it important ,Soundbite of high school hallway ,KORRY: Esparza loves to roam the halls, mixing it up with all 300 students here. They're mostly poor, Latino, from the kind of farm worker families Esparza grew up in himself. He's constantly reminded of how much has changed since he arrived seven years ago. Then, he says, the kids were disillusioned, and even the teachers had given up. ,Mr. ESPARZA: Ten percent of the kids were meeting standard in reading. About 100 freshmen normally come in and 36 were graduating. ,KORRY: But you'd never know that from Granger's recent test scores. ,Ms. KATIE HAYCOCK Executive Director, Education Trust: In just four years, they moved from fewer than 20 percent of their students reading at the proficient level to 60 percent. ,KORRY: Katie Haycock is with the Education Trust in Washington, DC. The nonprofit group studies low performing, high poverty schools and recently issued a report profiling Granger as one of a small group that defies the odds and which can serve as a model. ,Ms. HAYCOCK: I mean this extraordinary growth, it's possible when a school really focuses. ,KORRY: Haycock says the key to growth is no big mystery. Studies show successful schools do remarkably similar things. ,Ms. HAYCOCK: What they do with kids who arrive behind in, say, reading is they put them into extra reading instruction. And that, of course, seems like common sense, but when you look at what regular high schools do, typically if students enter high school not being able to read, our response is to put them in courses that don't require them to read. ,KORRY: Not so at Granger, where Esparza promotes reading and math all day long, even in gym class. ,KORRY: Students dressed in track shorts surround PE teacher Kris Vickers, grabbing pencils and paper from a box she can barely hold on to. It's fourth period, the time when every student and teacher at Granger High work the same test problem, gym class or not. Today's is a short reading exercise, and Vickers makes solving it a competition. ,KORRY: Students who get it right can run easier warm up laps on the short, central track. Another big change Esparza made at Granger, one that research says is crucial, was to build a strong team. Vickers is one of only five teachers who was here when Esparza arrived. She says not everybody liked his ideas. ,Ms. KRIS VICKERS Teacher, Granger High School: Those that didn't want to get onboard, they got out. And those that did and saw the vision as Mr. Esparza, you know, saw it, then we all, we just banded together, had the same goal in mind. ,KORRY: Esparza demanded a lot more accountability from his teachers, who in turn began making more demands on students. ,KORRY: Algebra teacher Tony Barcenas has a few 11th graders stay after class to find out why they haven't completed their homework. He's willing to give up his lunch hour to get them back on track. ,Mr. TONY BARCENAS Teacher: I have extra sheets, I can help you get caught up on whatever you didn't finish. So all of you guys that are here, just come in at lunchtime. If you can get it done before then, just turn it into my box. ,KORRY: Granger's motto is No C's, No D's. Esparza drums it into students and then works on their parents. And to keep everyone on the same page, he assigned each teacher, counselor, and himself 20 students to advise. Today he's working with his group in the library. ,Mr. ESPARZA: Okay, so what do you have to doMr. ESPARZA: Okay. You guys have any questions Any questions ,KORRY: Esparza knows these 20 kids like they're his own, and the students respond. Cruz Minorezsp, one of his kids, is a skinny boy with soulful eyes, baggy black jeans, and a diamond stud in one ear. With the help of his mentor, Principal Esparza, Cruz is mapping his future.What makes border guards so mean ,to detonate a bomb in Los Angeles. ,Mr. from Canada drove a rental car onto the ferry from Victoria to Washington State in December of 1999. border inspectors searching his car found some white powder in the trunk, and began testing it as though it were a drug. But after watching Mr. Ressam's panicked reaction to the way they were handling what turned out to be a massive explosive, they figured maybe they had something else on their hands. ,In the decade since, the story of Mr. border protection has become a mandate that has shifted from counter narcotics to counterterrorism, and whose biggest success stories are as likely to be the result of heightened vigilance on the part of border officers as blind luck. ,That greater emphasis on security has changed the border crossing experience. border officer has become the stern symbol of post 9/11 America. border officers are meaner. The reality is that they are likely to be younger, under more pressure and should you give them a reason yes, meaner. ,There used to be a time when crossing the border, even amid the gridlock of a holiday weekend like this one, was a quick formality. In the age of counterterrorism, however, that's no longer the case even though there are more border officials than ever. government agency, department and office underwent a drastic metamorphosis as a result of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Customs and Border Protection, it's true. The number of border agents and customs officers has more than doubled, and continues to grow. In 2000, there were 9,000 agents; today, there are more than 19,000. Before 2001, there were about 350 agents assigned to the Canadian border; today, that number is closer to 1,500. ,The border patrol's recruitment budget last year alone stood at almost 40 million, money it used on everything from sporting event sponsorships to job fairs at overseas military bases the agency seeks out former military personnel, in part because they are already trained. ,As a result of the massive recruitment drive, younger employees are making up a larger portion of the agency's front line force. ,But the agency's size and demographics are not the only things that have changed: Its mandate also has morphed. Whereas border officers and agents used to focus much of their energy on combatting the drug trade, today the priority is unquestionably anti terrorism, a mandate that became formal in 2003, when Customs and Border Protection became an arm of the Department of Homeland Security. ,"Our mission has changed," says Mucia Dovalina, public affairs liaison officer at Customs and Border Protection's office of field operations. "It's about anti terrorism and homeland protection. Our role has changed and is more geared towards the security of our country. ,Because of that greater emphasis on security Take information sharing. Since Sept. The result is the digitization of files that otherwise would be collecting dust in a local police office's archives ,They're doing a much better job of sharing information," says Peter Rekai, a Toronto based lawyer and specialist in immigration law. "But what's coming up now are 20 or 25 year old impaired driving charges, or the CEO who, when he was 20, took a stop sign off the road and put it in his basement., That problem isn't confined to just one side of the border ,But Mr. Moran says American officers actually have a technological advantage over their Canadian counterparts when it comes to thoroughly checking people's backgrounds. border officer scans a traveller's name charges for selling fake ids fake id software download fake id website paypal south dakota fake id laws

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