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nyc fake id bars reichenbach hall fake id Britt sided with The Tribune. In his written opinion chicago fake id store how to fake a photo when your fake id works domestic fake id how to make fake id uk,Britt further wrote that the dismissal of a public employee becomes a matter of public business. ,It is clear 'termination' and 'resignation' are not used synonymously by Ivy Tech; therefore, there must be a factual basis as to why the employee was let go," he wrote. ,The day after Britt issued his opinion, Lux, the Ivy Tech attorney, asked Britt to reconsider and claimed the college made a mistake by listing Vargo's departure as a termination. ,"The word 'Termination' should not have appeared as the reason for the employee's departure from employment with Ivy Tech on the human resources report. That description was an error. It was a mistake in the Human Resources department in the South Bend Region," the attorney wrote. ,Lux further states Vargo "voluntarily separated" from her job at the college. "It was a mutual decision reached between the College and the employee," he wrote. ,Lux wrote that the college apologizes for the confusion and for not providing a better explanation regarding the situation. He is asking for Britt to modify his opinion. ,Britt said he is reviewing the matter. ,Vargo, reached Monday by telephone, said it was a "mutual agreement to part ways" with the college. ,"There wasn't anything on my part that I did that would have led to termination," she said, declining further comment. ,Vargo in the past has been a candidate for local political office, including St. Joseph County auditor and commissioner. ,Before Ivy Tech, Vargo was director of fiscal affairs at Indiana University South Bend. She also worked as a middle school business teacher in the South Bend Community School Corp. ,Meanwhile, at the January meeting of Ivy Tech's north central regional board of trustees, the latest human resources report was included in the board packet. ,The report listed three recent employee departures, including the region's executive director of human resources, the Elkhart campus president and an academic support coordinator. The column headed "reason for leaving" was left blank on the report. Those three employees were paid salaries of, respectively, 105,601, 100,930 and 31,461 in 2015, according to a state website.IZombie TV series ,Liv Moore: voice over] Major wanted to know if there was a chance for us. I thought shutting him down was noble. But what if there is hope Even if it's dim and somewhere in the nebulous future, it's a hope I need in order to survive. But what about what Major's needs Can I really ask him to wait for a day that may never come When you die, life goes on without you. If you're among the living dead, you're around to watch. Giving up my dream of becoming a heart surgeon was depressing. Eating brains sucks beyond words. But seeing Major possibly moving on with someone else That's my threshold. That's the soul crusher.Liv Moore: voice over] When you die, life goes on without you. If you're among the living dead, you're around to watch. Giving up my dream of becoming a heart surgeon was depressing. Eating brains sucks beyond words. But seeing Major possibly moving on with someone else That's my threshold. That's the soul crusher.Liv Moore: I'm having a hard enough time pretending I'm alive, let alone throwing a performance as a psychic into my repertoire.Ravi Chakrabarti: Liv, you ate the girl's temporal lobe. Going to the police with her potential murderer is the least you can do.Liv Moore: voice over] It's probably wrong that every time I see a dead body I think, "What the hell am I doing with my life. I didn't map out and color code a 10 year plan for this. This is not me going confidently in the direction of my dreams. I used to have ambition. I used to be passionate, inspired. alive. Now, I'm mostly just hungry. And, and a zombie. So, there's that.Liv Moore: I wanted to do something with my life. I wanted to help people. Not necessarily as a zombie psychic who eats murder victim brains, but still I so nailed it today. I've spent five months bemoaning all that was taken from me. It never occurred to me that I'd have something to give. A way to contribute. A reason for being not alive. To sleep, perchance to not dream. All I needed was some hope that there's a future that I fit into somehow. At last. Sweet blissful sleep. wakes up in a panic]Brother, Can You Spare a Brain 1.02]edit]Blaine DeBeers: Look, I get that you work here at the brain automat, but for the rest of us, meaning me, procuring brains is kind of a massive undertaking. So I was hoping, from time to time, you might be so inclined as to help a brother out.Liv Moore: long stare, then finally] Okay.Blaine DeBeers: Jeez, that pause was like a year!Ravi Chakrabarti: This art show. I should probably come as well. In case you need help with the art and the open bar. And possibly the models.Liv Moore: voice over My need to feed on brains is weird, but how many people can say that satisfying their munchies could potentially help solve a murder case This is my contribution to society. I'm just a fake, psychic zombie trying to do her part.Blaine DeBeers: to Jackie] Oh, yeah, that. Sorry. I buried the lead. You're a zombie now. Like, for real. I know. Shock. Disbelief. Confusion. Welcome to Team Z. 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I set up a Google alert for the terms "Seattle, zombie."Liv Moore: Me, too. No. Uh, I signed up for Z Date.Liv Moore: I am too hungry right now to work out if you're joking or not. Your skull just turned into an animated ham.Liv Moore: In my old life, I was a lot of things. A doctor, a fiancee, a fan of Pilates. Now, I'm only one thing. A stomach, hunger incarnate. When I'm hungry, I forget my lunch used to be a person. When the hunger's bad, I forget I used to be one, too.Blaine DeBeers: Why'd you stand me up last night You were bringing me some of your bountiful brain supply, remember I guess you got busy and forgot. You know, since that's the sort of thing that slips people's minds. Buy milk, take out the garbage, feed the starving zombie. Who can keep trackLiv and Let Clive 1.04]edit]Ravi Chakrabarti: Is that gonna be weird for you, by the way You being Liv's ex fianceMajor Lilywhite: Yeah. NoRavi Chakrabarti: Are you sure It seems like you're a little off about it. Like that "no" kind of had a question mark at the end.Major Lilywhite: I'm pretty sure I'm okay with it.Ravi Chakrabarti: Okay. GoodLiv Moore: What a pleasant surprise it might have been if Chinese brains or Spanish brains or Italian brains tasted like the cuisines for which their regions are famous. No such luck.JA Happ Injured By Scary Line Drive To The Head PHOTOS ,It was the latest injury to a pitcher struck by a batted ball in the last few years, and baseball has discussed ways to protect hurlers who ply their craft against the world's strongest hitters only 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate. ,General managers discussed the issue during their meetings in November and MLB presented several ideas at the winter meetings weeks later. ,MLB staff have said a cap liner with Kevlar, the material used in body armour for the military, law enforcement and NFL players, is among the ideas under consideration. ,The liners, weighing perhaps 5 ounces or less, would go under a pitcher's cap and help protect against line drives that often travel over 100 mph. ,"We are actively meeting with a number of companies that are attempting to develop a product, and have reviewed test results for several products," MLB spokesman Pat Courtney told the AP in an email after Happ was injured. "Some of the products are promising. No company has yet developed a product that has satisfied the testing criteria. ,Several pitchers around the majors sounded resistant even after seeing replays of Happ's injury. Wilson said. Guys get hurt crashing into fences. Guys get hurt tripping over first base and blowing their knee out. This is professional sports, and we are paid well to take those risks. SaltLakeCity fake id how to test if your fake id scans north dakota fake id MLB could implement the safety change in the minor leagues ,Colorado Rockies left hander Jorge De La Rosa said if a helmet or liner is developed for pitchers

drivers licence south australia fake ids from china news virginia id fake id WestVirginia It wouldn't be hard for me," De La Rosa said. "To protect against those kinds of things, it's good for us. fake video chat how much is the california id Utah fake id template how do i know if my fake id scans fake id hologram stickers Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey doesn't like the idea of wearing protective headgear. ,The game's been played a long time. Situations like that are unfortunate, but we have to keep it our game," he said. "I don't think you have to adjust the whole program. legit fake ids that scan unlimited fake caller id fake id software download And Seattle Mariners right hander Aaron Harang thinks it would be difficult for veteran major league pitchers to adapt to new equipment. ,I know it's a hot topic," he said, "but I don't think it's a problem that's easily solved. I know a lot of people want pitchers to start wearing helmets. It's a good idea in theory, but I don't know how practical it is. I think you need to start with that at the lower level, I'm talking high school and maybe even lower, and then gradually introduce it into the higher level. I've been pitching since I was 6 years old and I've never worn a helmet. I think it would be tough to make that adjustment while pitching in a major league game. ,Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington wondered if there's a viable solution. ,What can you do" he said. "Tell hitters not to hit it back up the middle fake Delaware id generator fake id misdemeanor or felony id uk fake

bc fakes com Oakland right hander Brandon McCarthy was hit in the head by a line drive last September ,McCarthy I don't know what the GMs and the owners have to do with anything. It's not like they're pitching," McCarthy said. "Until someone makes something that works, it's going to be tough for someone to wear it. ,"Most everything that's come out wouldn't have protected me, and it wouldn't have protected Happ if he got hit directly in the ear. You're at a point now where you're looking at batting helmets. You'd have to have something that protected the ear and then the face and beyond. So it's kind of a slippery slope. Someone will have to come up with something really good and really sound. Otherwise, I don't know how you answer that question. ,Still We've put things on the moon before, so I feel like we can create some sort of a device that sits over your head and protects you," he said. "Someone will do it. It's just a matter of when, not if. ,Jennings' liner caromed off Happ's head and halfway up the right field line in foul territory as Jennings raced around the bases for a two run triple. The 30 year old Happ dropped face down at the front of the mound, Team trainers ,The pitcher was wheeled off the field to a waiting ambulance. Just before he disappeared under the stands how to order a fake id getting fake id made hologram id card florida id cost

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