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hey mister fake id lyrics china made fake ids fake id penalty DistrictofColumbia fake id card creator I saw Elway open for Masked Intruder a few months ago. They immediately caught my attention because the vocal style sounds a bit like Lawrence Arms' Brendan Kelly. The so called orgcore" genre has been imitated time and time again, but Elway's efforts are genuine and full of heart. ,I can't help but wonder how much of Caves' fanbase came from Dan Ozzi. The bands listed immediately caught my attention these are the same groups that flirted with my top 10 then I came across this little UK band that I had never heard of. Betterment is one of the best melodic punk records to come out in years. Caves' sound helps fill the void that bands like Lifetime left behind due to limited touring. ,The Bones of What You Believe is the album I wish Phantogram had made this year. Synthpop is all the rage right now, which isn't a bad thing, but drum machines are starting to get played out. CHVRCHES sounds a bit like Robyn fronting Crystal Castles for a great debut album. ,Critics try their best to be definitive, but this process is inherently subjective feel free to roll your eyes about some inclusions or complain about omissions. This is my personal top 10 list, not a definitive best of the best list for that, you'll have to check out the rest of the Pazz Jop Poll. ,Top 40 Songs with Arizona in the Title 9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show Why Indie Band Oregon Trail Is The Hardest Game Ever The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All TimeWhy I took my kids to Ferguson riot zone ,Why I took my kids to Ferguson riot zoneposted: August 28, 2014, 1:21 pm in: Big Kid, Preschooler, Toddler, You and Your Family, Development Behavior, Health Safety, Me My Kids, News, Mom Stories ,s 0 ,A friend point blank said I was for inviting my kids 6 an 9 meet me in Ferguson, the small St. Louis suburb that erupted in racial unrest, angry protests, looting, shootings and militarized law enforcement earlier this month after a white police officer fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. ,could have happened to your kids, my friend said. ,But, intuitively, I knew nothing would. ,I had spent the days before as part of the media reporting on the fast paced, furious events in Ferguson, and I felt assured all was safe least during daytime, which was when my kids visited. After dark, activities veered toward volatile, even violent, and I felt uneasy whenever I spotted a young child when the mayhem unraveled for good reason, an eight year old boy got tear gassed during one conflict. ,But daytime proved peaceful loud, crowded and impassioned. People were welcoming and kind, offering water bottles to strangers during unbearable heat and sharing umbrellas during a downpour. Even at night, I felt like strangers had my back: One guy physically moved me out of harm way and a woman helped me navigate the side streets to avoid police barricades while another gave me cream to put on my face in case I got tear gassed I didn matter what you opinion on the incident, it accurate to say Ferguson is an important news event because it has major implications for people nationwide in terms of racial relations, socioeconomic policy, law enforcement, city planning and development, freedom of speech rights, elections on all levels of government and more. ,Ferguson is a change catalyst unclear whether for better or for worse, but Ferguson will be the historical epicenter. ,I wanted my kids to see it for themselves. ,Initially, however, I had no plans to invite my kids to the scene. But that morning, I left in a hurry with a bunch of their stuff still stashed in the minivan backseat: Sleeping bag, pillow and change of clothes for my daughter slumber party that night as well as a wrapped birthday gift and signed card for my son birthday party that afternoon. I couldn leave work so my husband and kids meet me to get their things. ,Like a parent answering a small child questions about how babies are made, I didn go into the nitty gritty details about the fatal shooting. I kept it simple, explaining that peaceful protesting is an option for people dissatisfied with a specific situation. My husband emphasized individual voices mattering, but sometimes they are heard better in a group. ,We showed them the looted, burned out gas station, citing it as an example of making bad choices, of hijacking a cause by turning it into criminal activity and hurting innocent people. Going to jail is a consequence for bad behavior and, yes, I realize not all protestors who committed crimes were caught, but, again, I kept it simple. ,We wanted our kids to see people of all ethnic backgrounds united for a common cause. In many parts of St. Louis, and in the nation as a whole, people live in segregated communities. Neighborhoods become known for being mostly black, mostly white, mostly Jewish, mostly Catholic, mostly gay, mostly straight. In St. Louis, I often have to seek out diverse experiences or else my kids will not think beyond their homogeneous reality. ,Similarly, I wanted my kids to see me in a non mom role. My kids mean everything to me, but sometimes it good to humble by showing them that they are not always the center of the universe, so to speak. A different perspective stretches the mind, expands options and invites compassion. ,Wide eyed and silent, my kids took it all in. They were fascinated and a little scared. They never saw so many people chanting loudly or heard car horns honking continuously or smelled burned debris. So many police officers, so many TV cameras, so many protest signs waving in the air. ,I am not so idealistic that I forgotten my kids are only ages 6 and 9. They may or may not remember Ferguson or comprehend it on a deeper level. Maybe only one small detail will stick but that OK because a person character is built on collective experiences. It like a baby who does not specifically recall middle of the night feedings and nonstop snuggles but grows up knowing they are loved. ,I believe my friend was partially right: Something did happen to my kids it was good. ,As a parent, I often struggle between metaphorically protecting my kids in bubble wrap and taking them out of their comfort zones by learning about real life events. How do you manage it as a parent ,I would not have done it, that is for sure. There are things I feel EXTREMELY passionate about, but I work hard not to bring my children into it. I guess I try to spend my time keeping my children young, and to have as carefree a childhood as they can, while they can. Maybe because I felt old so young, by all the things I knew and understood. I definitely don want that for them. I also wouldn ever want my children to grow up wondering if the police were good or not. I not saying its wrong what you did, but I wouldn do it and I not sure it should be done. But I also live in Israel about half the year. When you have little choice about running to a bomb shelter, you shield your children from whatever you can, and do NOT EVER EVER take extra risks for them, because why would you ,But in this situation, even if you did take a risk with your kids, it worked out. Sometimes that all that matters. ,Personally, I feel for the police here as well. People really dont understand what a dangerous job it is. What they deal with every day. So many of the critical voices we hear have never been on the other side of a drug busted door, never encountered a man in the act of raping, never had to take on four men with sawed off metal railings at one time. I not talking about the Brown killing specifically or at all, only that I have a deep and abiding respect in law enforcement officers, who risk so much, and receive so little thanks, and so much criticism for their dangerous and important work. I would probably spend as much or more time teaching my children that. ,But I am very involved in the secular pro life movement. So I could see taking my kids to walk for life, or something like that. Then again, there is no violence, nor much police at all there, so maybe its not a good analogy.Why I Want My Sons To See Me Naked ,I live with a houseful of boys: four, to be exact. But they're still relatively young so there are no nudie mags stashed between mattresses, no stealthily accessed porn sites that someone forgot to erase out of the Internet history, nothing like that. As much as I'd love to think my kids won't be curious, I'm well aware that won't be the case: those things are looming and will probably start happening much sooner than I'd like. I mean, if I had my druthers, they wouldn't even think about sex until they were like 25. ,But before all that happens before they're exposed to boobs that are as round and firm as cantaloupes and pictures of taut, airbrushed, dimple less butts I'm exposing them to a different kind of female body. ,Ours is not a modest household. I don't lounge around in the buff like my boys do and I spend more time saying, "Put on some pants!" than anything else but I've never refrained from changing clothes in front of them, or leaving the door open when I shower, or nursing babies without a cover. Because I want them to see what a real female body looks like. Because if I don't and their first images of a naked woman are the impossibly perfect physiques in those magazines or those movies what kind of expectations will they have And what woman could ever live up to them ,Between you and me, I'm dismayed, big time, by my post baby body. But for the sake of my boys and my future daughters in law I lie through my teeth. When they ask about my stretch marks, I tell them proudly how growing a baby is hard work, and that they're like badges I've earned gaming references always hit home with dudes, no matter what you're explaining. As much as I'd like to cringe and shrink away when they touch my squishy belly, I let them squeeze my flab between their curious fingers. Do I hate it Yes. I want to wail, "Leave my fat alone!" and run for the nearest oversized T shirt or, like, the nearest liposuction clinic. ,But I don't. Because for right now, for these few formative years, my flab is their one and only perception of the female body. And I want them to know that it's beautiful, even in its imperfection. ,I tell them how strong my body is. They see me work out. They see me make healthy food choices, but still indulge my love of baked goods. And though like most women I might inwardly beat myself up over my jeans getting too tight, or groan in frustration at the numbers on the scale, I'm never anything but proud of my body in front of my boys. Even when I feel the complete opposite inside. Instilling a positive body image is not an issue reserved for people with daughters and for boys, it involves not only making them confident about their own bodies, but also letting them know that real is beautiful when it comes to the opposite sex. ,I don't want to do them, or any women they might happen to see naked in the future, the disservice of telling them that saggy boobs are bad or that a little bit of flab is something to be ashamed of. I want them to know that this is the norm, not the nipped tucked and digitally enhanced images they're going to be bombarded with. Sure, they'll gawk at those bouncy boobies and flat stomachs and perky butts. but I have hope that, deep down inside, they'll know that isn't the standard to which they should hold women's bodies. Like, ever. ,There will come a time when I cover up when they're around. I'm sure at some point I'll hear, "Ugh, Mom, put some clothes on!" or that they'll learn to knock before barging into the bathroom which sounds heavenly, I'm not gonna lie. But until then, I'll let them run their fingers along my stretch marks, and grin and bear it when they squeal with delighted laughter at the way my butt jiggles when I walk across the room to grab a towel. Because while they're young, I want to plant the seed so that when they're older, and their wives say, "I wish my thighs were smaller," my sons can say, "They're perfect just the way they are. abc15 investigators fake id fake id pics fake id uk cheap faking caller id cell phone fake id online reviews Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Contact HuffPost Parents ,The Golden Globe winner told HuffPost Live how her father shaped her perspective on beauty: how to make a fake Iowa driver's license faking caller id on iphone fake id for sale cheap Beauty was very much on my mind. I had a father that would we would look up at billboards and he would say ,MORE: Q The Wrongly Convicted Central Park Five on Their Documentary ,But false confessions aren just a strange anomaly they a phenomenon that beginning to get attention by criminal justice experts and legal academics. In his book Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong ,Despite the increased awareness order fake id online us new york state fake id laws buying alcohol with a fake id

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