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where to get good fake id fake id illegal ontario The injections are convenient to oil companies because drilling brings up 13 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of petroleum. And one of the easiest disposal methods is simply to send that waste back underground. The federal government now is demanding that state officials take immediate steps to find and deal with any contamination and end oil industry operations in all aquifers set aside for families and farms. washington fake id reddit online id creator real fake id com connecticut identification card really good fakes id review,Those water supplies are especially vital because California ,State officials acknowledge that regulators erred ,The vast majority of the permits were granted after the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974. ids pictures how can i get a fake id fast fake id uk For some of the permits ,Over the summer

novelty id card best fake id stories how much is bail for fake id how much is a photo id in pa Officials are determined to both manage the transition" back into compliance with federal law and to "maintain a robust oil industry," said Steve Bohlen, head of oil, gas and geothermal resources for the California Department of Conservation. ,Of the 2,553 injection wells that the state has identified as risking contamination of protected aquifers, 1,172 were approved by the state or began injection in the last four years since Brown took office, according to state records. Marshall said Thursday that he believes the number in those years is actually lower than the records show, but the state does not know how much lower. ,"We know our data has problems," he added. ,Brown is a leading supporter of solar, wind and other renewable energy. But the Democratic governor has also supported tapping California's oil reserves. ,In late 2011, Brown fired the state's top two oil and gas regulators after oil companies complained that their environmental reviews were slowing drilling permits. By early 2012, he was boasting of a double digit jump in drilling permit approvals as a result of those firings. ,"The oil rigs are moving in Kern County. We want to use our resources . our sun and all the other sources of power," Brown told a crowd in 2012 at the opening of a solar plant near Sacramento. "It's not going to be easy. There's going to be screw ups. There's going to be bankruptcies. There'll be indictments, and there'll be deaths. But we're going to keep going. fake id passaport fake email id generator using fake id rent car fake id number app florida fake id vs real Richard Stapler ,What we really want to do right now is make sure we're not currently impacting public health and to put safeguards in place to make sure this does not happen again, and then we can determine precisely how it occurred in the past," Stapler said. ,Most of the permits were granted for drilling sites in central California's Kern County, one of the country's main oil producing counties. Many of the injection wells are in oilfields thick with rigs, tanks and disposal wells. But others sit among citrus groves, row crops and homes. ,The AP found more than 170 permits involved aquifers met both federal and state standards for potential drinking water. ,At issue are so called Class II injection wells, used to inject high pressure steam or other material underground to force up oil and gas or to dispose of water often briny and other waste that comes up with the oil. ,California oil and gas industry wells bring up 13 barrels of water for every barrel of oil, and oil companies say having a way to dispose of the waste is essential to the industry. ,The injected wastewater is often cleaner than the water already underground. Other times, the injections can include high concentrations of salt or other chemicals. ,Industry representatives say any threat to underground water sources is minimal. ,"It's not a crisis, not a wide scale problem. I think the fact the state identified the issue, took action and is now seeking to remedy, suggests the system works pretty well," said Tupper Hull of the Western States Petroleum Association.California Avenue trees get the axe ,The removal of 50 mature street trees lining the California Avenue business district has some residents, shoppers and merchants upset. ,The tree removal began on Monday, after the City of Palo Alto sent out notices to area businesses about the project, which is part of an overall beautification plan to help revitalize the city's "second downtown. georgia fake id card fake irish id fake school id maker The plan includes replacing the mature holly oaks with red maples; resurfacing the street and adding additional parking spaces and striping; reducing the lanes from four to two with bike lanes; and adding new trash cans ,Workers said the new trees will be at least 10 feet tall ,As chainsaws buzzed Tuesday afternoon and large pieces of tree trunks were loaded into trucks ,It looks like any other street in the Valley," said Joe Villareal, surveying the now treeless northern side of the street. He added that he hoped the new trees would make up for the loss. ,Hector Sol, owner of Palo Alto Sol restaurant, said the removal of a large tree in front of his place was already affecting his business. ,"A huge, nice tree gave shade to the customers. They like to sit at the tables outside. Now they don't want to sit there; the sun hits the tables," he said. ,Sol said he can understand pruning the trees, but he doesn't see a need to cut them all down. ,"I feel so guilty that I wasn't here this morning. I would do anything not to let them cut my tree," he said. ,The new maples won't be able to replicate the old, mature trees, he said. ,"It will grow out in 20 years. By the time they will be nice and good I will be dead," he said. ,Sol said he and other business owners were not consulted about the tree removals. He reasoned that if he wanted to remove a tree from in front of his place, he would have to get permission from the city; that arrangement should be reciprocal, with the city consulting with merchants who pay taxes, he said. ,But Sartor said city planners had worked a long time with the California Avenue community and with the California Avenue Area Development Association CAADA to come up with the beautification plan. A city arborist had determined the oak trees were largely diseased. Those not needing immediate removal would have to be taken out in a few years. ,"Rather than replace them over the next few years, it was decided to do it all at once," he said. ,Acorns dropped by the oaks also cause a tripping hazard for pedestrians, arborists wrote in a notice to businesses. ,The street "looks dead. It's going to take a long time until the trees will grow. We didn't expect them to cut everything down," Jit Lakngam of Lotus Thai Bistro said. ,But some merchants said they are happy their storefronts can now be seen from the street, according to Ronna Devincenzi, president of the business district association. ,"Others said it will be fun to see the fall colors change on the newly installed red maple leaves," she said. ,At the California Avenue plaza, near the Caltrain station, some trees will remain while others will be uprooted, Devincenzi said. ,The plaza's Chinese pistachio trees are doing well and will stay, but the pine trees behind the flagpoles and those parallel to the train tracks were removed due to poor health. ,They "were so dense they were growing around the streetlights, impeding light from shining down, causing safety concerns, especially in that area, so close to where there were robberies of women last year," she said. ,At least one merchant said he approved of the change. Sami Lama, owner of Mediterranean Wrapps, said if the oaks were a hazard, then he's happy the new maples will be put in. ,The tree removal will continue on Wednesday and part of Thursday if necessary, workers said. ,I think making sidewalks wider and reducing traffic is a great idea. I love outdoor cafes. Lower traffic will make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street safely. Car drivers can always use the parallel streets to reach the nearby parking lots. There is no through traffic anyway, since the street dead ends at the train tracks. ,The trees were reportedly removed because they were heavily diseased, and falling branches were a risk to pedestrians and parked cars and nearby buildings. ,Think of how much nicer Castro Street and University Ave. became after their face lifts. I hope the city invests as much effort into California Ave. ,I can't believe the stupidity of our City Council and government when it comes to investing our tax dollars. ,Our streets make Disney's "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" seem tame and yet they're happy to cut down mature trees to replace with other, smaller, some day they'll be wonderful trees.California Chrome raises hopes of a Triple Crown winner ,NEW YORK It has been so long since a horse won the Triple Crown that racing fans across the United States are starting to wonder whether it will ever happen again. ,The quest for American racing's Holy Grail has frustrated and fascinated an entire generation since Affirmed last win the Triple Crown in 1978 but the long wait could be as over as early as Saturday. ,California Chrome is on a hot streak and if he captures the Belmont Stakes, the final leg of horse racing's Triple Crown, he will be the 12th Triple Crown champion. ,His rags to riches tale has already endeared him to a nation and given new hope that he could be the colt to break the spell. ,"You think about it, 36 years and nobody's won the Triple Crown. It'd be quite an honor," said Art Sherman, the 77 year old trainer of California Chrome. "I'm hoping that we can get the final race. It would mean a lot to racing. how to make a fake video reddit fake id fast fake id in amsterdam

consequences of fake ids California Chrome is two thirds of the way there after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes but the Belmont Stakes is the one that ultimately separates the greats from the immortals. ,While not as famous or lucrative as the Kentucky Derby Only 11 horses have completed the tricky treble ,A 12th In a sport where the rich and famous own the best horses while the poor have to be content just to bet on them ,Horse racing struggles for mainstream recognition in America with attendance and betting figures in decline. But more than 100, Feted like pop stars ,The bookmakers have installed California Chrome as the odds on favorite after he stormed home to win the first two legs how to make a fake id that scans destroying fake ids fake school id how to create fake email id

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