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no fake id fake polaroid maker Though she may have developed a more dangerous repertoire with added power potential fake id misdemeanor newark nj fake id how easy fake ids that scan australia can you order an id online florida fake id upside down,Last year, I tried to make a number three hitter out of her, but I found out in time that wasn't Ray," he said. "She's geared to more getting on base rather than a run producer. She can do a lot of things with the bat and the good speed. She's really the ideal leadoff hitter. She can hitter for power, too. When she wants to, she can ride the ball."Another added benefit of Furst's speed is the distance she's able to cover when she patrols center field. Her athleticism and running ability were tested in the PIAA Class A semifinals in a 4 1 victory against Southern Huntingdon. She made an impressive diving catch in the outfield against the Lady Rockets' first batter of the game, catcher McKenna Garlock. Furst later snagged a potential game tying home run from Garlock with a catch at the wall in the sixth. The score was 2 1 at the time. ,"It's been lights out," Kimmel said of Furst's defensive work. "She can go get them, as to a couple of catches she made in the semifinal game can attest. She really held us in that game. She has a nice, accurate throwing arm. Teams know that, and they're reluctant to take that extra base on you. That's all part of the defense, too. ,Robert Morris University saw so much potential in Furst that it offered her a chance to play for its softball program. It was a proposition that was too good to refuse for Furst ,It was an opportunity she may have passed up at the end of last season fake id editor online Oklahoma fake id template fake id websites yahoo I learned to always have fun doing this sport," she said. "For the next four years, I'm going to be doing it. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have fun. This team taught me to always have fun, work hard and try your best at it."On a Neshannock team that returned eight starters from last season, including five of last year's all stars, a big question mark was left at pitcher. Amanda Furst, Rayanna's sister and last year's softball co MVP, graduated, leaving the pitching circle in need of its first new starter in four seasons. ,Shaffer, a sophomore, was more than capable of filling the role and was eager to make the most at her new position.Gisella Mannello ,Gisella Mannello, affectionately known to her friends as has joyfully relocated to her permanent residence of choice in heaven on Feb. 1, 2016. As a woman of deep faith, Gisella is 105 and still counting. Her heavenly Father delayed her move until this late juncture in her earthly existence because He knew full well that He had to make some drastic improvements in his heavenly abode to comply with Jessie ideas about what heaven should be like. The Good Lord is praying Jessie will approve of his do over. No one on earth or in heaven, ever forgets who really is Sozio was born in Cellino d in the Province of Teramo in Abruzzo, Italy, on Nov. 30, 1910. She was a happy vibrant young girl, though she lived in third world abject poverty, incredibly with not so much as an outhouse. Her family only was a single kitchen fireplace where the family burned discarded scraps of wood for heat and cooking. Gisella used to joke she had running water, that is, water she had to run to get from a town owned well. ,Gisella emigrated to America in 1928 when she was 18 years old and resided in Tamaqua with her brothers, Albert, Guido and Gene, her sister, Josephine and her father and mother, Odorizio and Maria. There Gisella worked with all the other members of her family at Sozio Bakery on Dutch Hill. Jessie picked out her unsuspecting husband, Albert, while he was playing trombone in a marching band. Albert never had a chance with this winsome and vivacious young lady and the newlyweds moved to Mt. Carmel in the early 1930s. They spent their honeymoon picking and hauling home bushels of strewn coal near coal mines and breakers outside of town. ,From then until the recent move she most longed for, Gisella was a resident of Mt. Carmel. Albert and Jessie were able to save enough money to buy the home of their dreams, one on South Grape Alley between Maple and Vine Streets, with an icebox, a coal fired kitchen stove and an outhouse, no less. The couple had three children, Sammy, who together with his wife Barbara, to the heartbreaking sorrow of Gisella, passed on to better things some ten years ago, Maryann Fetterolf who lives in Pottsville with her husband Frank and Tim Mannello, who resides in Williamsport with his wife Kathy. ,Albert was permanently disabled in a mine cave in when he was 32. By working every day in a sewing factory on panty stretch waist bands, evenings as a cook at Nicoletti Restaurant, and weekends catering weddings or cleaning houses, Jessie supported her disabled husband, and raised three kids, all the while with her father and mother in law living in her home. ,Generous and non materialistic to a fault and a fantastic cook and baker, Jessie found time to take the lead at all the fundraising feasts of her beloved St. Peter Church in Mt. Carmel. St. Peter was filled with samples of Jessie intricate cutwork so prized by all her friends. Ever fun loving despite her difficult life, Jessie was renowned for her show stopping performances at weddings, where for decades, she danced to the rhythmic cadences of a Tarantella with a tray containing a full pitcher and ten full glasses of beer atop her head. ,Jessie has nine grandchildren: Dr. Keith Fetterolf and his wife Dr. Dana Fetterolf, Michelle Lescavage and her husband William Lescavage, Keri Aikey and her husband Dr. Jeremy Aikey, David Mannello and his wife Sheila, Danny Mannello, Chris Mannello and his wife Miriam, Sean Mannello and Debbie Urankar and her husband Frank Urankar, as well as 11 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. They all listen to and almost reverentially respect their Nonnie as a giant of a person even though she is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall. Jessie almost disdained material possessions, and so, she gave away most of what she had when she was visibly with us blithely left what little she had to designated others when she moved on. ,Before her passing, Gisella lived with her daughter Maryann and son in law Frank Fetterolf for years. At 101 years old, Jessie moved to Seton Manor Nursing Home in Orwigsburg where she received the most loving of care from both staff and residents, especially during her challenging and difficult last years. ,Gisella unofficially holds the Guinness Book of Records for most rosaries said for others, a record never likely to be surpassed. Gisella abiding legacy flows from the extravagantly generous and deeply faith filled life she lived and can be summed up in two simple rules: be cheap and be afraid to die. in Divine Redeemer Church, 300 West Ave., Mount Carmel, with the Rev. Martin O. Moran III, officiating. Burial will be in St. Peter Cemetery, Mt. Carmel Twp. Lucas Funeral Home, Inc., 27 N. Lucas IV, Supervisor. In memory of Giselle donations can be directed to the Shriner Children Hospital, 3551 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19140.Giulia rekindles the Alfa Romeo flame but will it be enough ,At this point, I am doubting my judgment ever so slightly, and am perhaps not the man to answer the question of whether or not the new Alfa Romeo Giulia is good enough. ,Good enough to go toe to toe with the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Good enough to trigger a revival of Alfa Romeo from about 75,000 annual global sales to more than 400,000. Good enough to make us care again. ,The problem here is that some of us, some of me, never stopped caring. Disinclined to remove our extra misty, heavy rose tint spectacles, we still adored Alfa Romeo the brand through all the bad times, bad times largely of the brand's own making. ,A mediocre model range for far too long worked under the cloak of that famous badge and its associations with Juan Manuel Fangio, Mario Andretti, Nino Vaccarella and so many more. That won't pass muster these days, not when the new Giulia must, if it's going to succeed, take on the might of the German premium car hegemony and some Japanese and British rivals too. ,Right, objectivity hat screwed firmly on I think we can skip to the end and say that the Giulia is at the very, very least class competitive. In terms of placing it in the context of its main rivals, I'd put it slightly behind the Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class, about on a par with the BMW 3 Series and fractionally ahead of the Lexus IS and Jaguar XE. ,Alfa's decision to switch from from a front wheel drive set up to classical rear wheel drive with optional four wheel drive for some models in some markets was an inspired choice, even if it did add years to an already heavily delayed development schedule the Giulia's predecessor, the likeable if ignored 159 departed production in 2011. ,Sense of agility ,It gives the Giulia an instant feeling of rightness, of oneness with the rest of the cars in the class Audi excepted and a sense of agility and driver reward that never goes away. There is a tightness, and an obvious rigidity to the whole structure that pervades the driving experience and that gives you tremendous confidence right from the off. ,You won't be pulling any lurid tail slides though, in spite of the rear wheel drive. At least you won't in this 2.2 litre 180hp diesel model. In spite of a very healthy 450Nm of torque, the rear wheels track resolutely with the fronts. In fairness, not many company car drivers still the primary target market truly fancy themselves as modern day Pentti Airikkala, and the benefit is there in terms of both the overall balance and the fact that the Giulia sits rock solid even on wet, slippery surfaces. It's hugely confidence inspiring. ,A shame that the steering isn't better. It's very fast geared across its locks, and imbues the Giulia with great agility, but that speed also means it's a bit hyperactive and you need to recalibrate your own inputs to suit. It also turns the wheels so far, when manoeuvring at low speeds, that it actually pulls at the tyre treads, which is an odd sensation. ,Some of that is made up for by the steering wheel itself, a three spoke affair with the storied Alfa logo front and centre in a sombre black and dark chrome style. It looks and feels terrific, and as your first point of contact with the car that's hugely important. The Ferrari style siting of the engine start button hanging off a steering wheel spoke is a nice touch too, and the rest of the upper dashboard from the big, clear instruments to the long sweep of the dash top to those round 1960s style air vents is just lovely, and everything is well assembled from very high quality materials. ,Well, almost everything. Drop your left hand down to the infotainment controller and, while it's been designed to mimic Audi's MMI system, the push, turn, click wheel feels dreadfully cheap, like something off a late 1990s Daewoo. ,In fact, the Alfa has one small but lovely quality detail that all its rivals lack the paddles which allow you to take control of the standard fit eight speed automatic gearbox are made from solid aluminium, and both look and feel fantastic. They make a mockery of most rivals' cheap and nasty plastic gearshift pulls. ,The engine that they control is mostly good. It gurgles and rattles at low speeds and temperatures, so it's behind the Audi A4 for refinement, but about on a par with the Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar and all are well behind the hybrid only Lexus. ,Power is decent and so is performance. The Giulia never feels all that fast although throttle response is better in the Dynamic setting of the DNA adaptable driving experience but a 7.1sec 0 100km/h time is fine and Co2 emissions of just 109g/km are impressive. Less impressive is the fuel consumption. Alfa claims 4.2 litres per 100km, which is 67mpg. We could get no better than 6.8l/100km a paltry 41mpg which is simply not good enough. ,The Giulia as a whole is good enough, though. At least I think it is. I know my mind is clouded and my heart strings tugged by the memory of my grandmother's white Alfasud which she had when I was but five years old quite the supercar by early 1980s west Cork standards . . . and like many enthusiasts, I've made excuses for Alfa in the past. ,Character. Passion. Excitement. Styling. There's no doubting that the Giulia has enticing looks, nor that the 43,966 being asked for this well equipped Super Sport model a limited, introductory price is exceptionally good value. ,No doubt either that on a technical or quality level, Alfa seems to have stepped well and truly up to the plate and planted the Giulia right in the heart of the highly competitive compact executive class.give help for flood relief ,MARIETTA Although the storm is over, it is not business as usual for those who were affected by the floods in Cobb and Douglas counties last week. ,"While many people are breathing a sigh of relief now that they can get back into their homes, we want them to be aware that even though the storm has passed, many hazards still exist," said Pam Blackwell, director of emergency preparedness and response at Cobb Douglas Public Health. ,Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning: Don't use a generator, pressure washer, charcoal grill, camp stove, or other gasoline or charcoal burning device inside your home or near a window, door, or vent. ,To prevent mold growth, clean wet items and surfaces with detergent and water. To remove mold, mix one cup of bleach in one gallon of water, wash the item with the bleach mixture, scrub rough surfaces with a stiff brush, rinse the item with clean water, then dry it or leave it to dry. Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, and goggles when cleaning with bleach. Never mix bleach and ammonia. The fumes from the mixture could be deadly. Use fans and dehumidifiers and open doors and windows to remove moisture and get fresh air. ,Check and clean heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems before use. ,Prevent mosquito bites by wearing long pants, socks and long sleeved shirts, and by using insect repellents that contain DEET or Picaridin. Get rid of dead animals according to local guidelines. ,Do not enter a building if you smell gas. ,Wear waterproof boots and gloves to avoid floodwater touching your skin. Wash your hands often. ,For more detailed information please go to www. ,Also, a Disaster Resource Center is now open in Austell for all who need assistance from FEMA, GEMA, Cobb EMA and other community resources. Residents can also reach FEMA by calling 800 621 FEMA. The resource center is located at the library entrance of Threadmill Complex, 5000 Austell Powder Springs Road, Austell. The center's phone number is 770 499 4309. Cobb County also has a central Web page dedicated to flood disaster recovery information, where residents can find details including volunteering, road closures, emergency shelters, public safety and a field guide for cleaning up flood damaged homes. ,The benefit concert will be conducted Friday at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre. "Who's Bad," a Michael Jackson tribute band, will be performing. ,Contributions for flood damaged schools can be made to the Cobb Schools Foundation. Checks and gift cards can be mailed to: Cobb Schools Foundation, Attn: Support Our Schools SOS, 514 Glover St., Marietta, GA 30060. ,The Salvations Army and United Way are seeking donations. ,The United Way is accepting donations to its Disaster Relief Fund, which will provide short and long term recovery services to victims of the flood across the region. Funds raised will be distributed across the affected areas according to community needs. To make a donation, call United Way by dialing 211 or 404 614 1000. Checks should be sent to United Way in Cobb County Disaster Relief, 995 Roswell St., Suite 338, Marietta, GA 30060. ,In addition to raising funds, United Way is assessing the volunteer needs of more than 1,900 nonprofits within their network. They are encouraging people to contact United Way 211 for volunteer opportunities. United Way will provide the location of a food pantry close to their business that is able to distribute the resources. Box 49247, Atlanta, GA 30359. ,Also, beginning today, The Salvation Army will expand its Disaster Assistance Centers operations to victims of the following flood affected areas. Applicants must have a photo ID with proof of residence. Only one applicant may apply per household. ,Locations include: for Cobb and Paulding flood victims Marietta Corps Community Center, 202 Waterman St. SE, in Marietta; for Cherokee County Flood Victims Canton Service Center, 121 Waleska St., in Canton. ,FedEx and Cox Enterprises, Inc., have donated a total of 300,000. ,Cox Enterprises, Inc. donated 175,000 Tuesday to three non profit aid agencies to support flood recovery efforts in metro Atlanta. ,Funds went to the Cox Employee Disaster Relief Fund 75,000, the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta's Disaster Relief Fund 50,000 and the American Red Cross Metro Atlanta Disaster Relief Fund 50,000. ,Give blood and receive a frightening good deal to Six Flags. Guests can give blood on Thursday, Oct. at the main gate during the Fright Fest Blood Drive. Donors will receive 20 off admission to Fright Fest, which takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 2 through Nov. 1. The park is transformed into an eerie playground for ghosts and goblins.Give Peace Our Best Shot ,By David Norlin ,It could have happened to anyone. I was in an excellent local business, where I always feel comfortable, warm, and welcomed, checking on my auto satellite radio receiver. Another customer walked in. ,He didn't look dangerous at all. Quite normal, in fact. Until I saw what he held in his hand: A pistol. Thankfully, in a holster. He was there for a Velcro stick device for the holster, just under the dash, mere inches from his hand. I had a dash in mind dash out of there. Instead, I listened. ,"This holster backstrap unsnaps easily; it's in your hand like a flash," said the salesperson. "Sold," said the customer. I was out of there. ,As I drove away, visions of road rage gun violence plagued me. He seemed level headed. But a level headed guy leveling that gun left me shaking. And very careful not to cut anyone off in traffic. Even though three Commissioners had been close to deadly shootings before, each assumed that carrying a gun also carries some measure of safety. ,My head spun faster than a revolver. In an era when peace, understanding, and compassionate conversation have never been more important, how did we come to this pass ,True understanding can only happen person to person. But all talk ends at theend of a gun barrel. Reason is out the window. Along with me and the other nearly 80% of non gun owning Americans. ,Guns are, after all, instruments of death. When you are the one with your finger on the trigger, no one argues with you except someone with a bigger gun. Without it, who are you ,When we put aside guns and fears, coming together around common values, we open to real opportunities for understanding, and a richer life. When our riches are each other, not just material wealth, gun protection is not only unnecessary, it's tremendously destructive. ,Mass shootings are riveting, and horrible. But they are far less destructive than the "gun protection" mass psychosis inflamed by mass media. Although they create spectacle, the less obvious, but greater danger, is smaller and closer to home. Most of the time, American shootings are] impulsive, up close, and apolitical. ,Manufacturers now sell many more hand helds than hunting rifles. There are fewer hunters as more people move from country to city. In 1977

fake id syracuse fake id taken florida ids sell me a fake id But the small gun business is flourishing. In 2014 photo cards australia fake license id card make my own fake id reddit nyc fake id fake id punishment tennessee The TD survey also found nearly 90 per cent of parents think it's important to start talking to children about finances before they reach their mid teens. Almost four in 10 think the conversation should begin before their children are 10 years old. ,Nanny Robina fake Alaska driver's license www google ph how to create a fake id online Children love to learn new things, especially if parents can turn that learning into something fun to do," said Nanny. "One way to do that with younger children is to play games that also have an instructional element to them, like spelling games and those that teach basic math skills. ,MacKay agrees ,MacKay offers some age specific advice on how a financial gift can be used to help a child learn good financial habits: ,Under 6 years old: Keep it really simple. Give a child some shiny coins they can put in a jar or piggy bank to watch their savings grow. Make the experience of adding to the jar a big deal and as the number of coins grows driving license quebec easy fake id fake NewHampshire id generator

i need a fake id tomorrow 6 to 10 years old: Start introducing more complex ideas ,11 to 15 years old: The gift of a contribution to a child's Registered Education Savings Plan creates an opportunity to talk about how investments like a Registered Education Savings Plan work MacKay says it's easy to understand why many parents and grandparents are giving children a financial gift as a holiday present. ,The real gift here is financial education, which is the foundation needed to develop healthy financial habits in the future," said MacKay. ,About the TD Canada Trust Festive Investment Cheer PollTD Canada Trust commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a custom survey of 3,529 parents within a broader sample of 6,015 Canadians aged 18 years and older. Responses were collected between February 11 and 25, 2014. . About TD Canada TrustTD Canada Trust offers personal and business banking to more than 11.5 million customers. We provide a wide range of products and services from chequing and savings accounts, to credit cards, mortgages and business banking, to credit protection and travel medical insurance, as well as advice on managing everyday finances. TD Canada Trust makes banking comfortable with award winning service and convenience through 24/7 mobile, internet, telephone and ATM banking, as well as in over 1,100 branches, with convenient hours to serve customers better. TD Canada Trust is the Canadian retail bank of TD Bank Group, the sixth largest bank in North America.Give the gift of fitness this year ,Is all your shopping done Yes, I know that Hanukkah is over, but Christmas is coming fast. To be honest, I don't know if gifts are given for Kwanzaa or about any of the other holidays that likely are observed in this area with its variety of people from different ethnic groups and nationalities. ,But, if you do observe a gift giving holiday, there's one that fits any occasion: The gift of fitness. ,This is one gift where you can choose from a variety of styles and prices to suit your budget and your recipient's preference. For example, a certificate offering to take a walk with somebody three or more times a week is the cost of a piece of paper. A year's membership in a gym or an expensive piece of exercise equipment may cost the most, but there's myriad of choices in between. ,How about a jump rope, a pedometer or a set of hand weights Look ahead and give gardening equipment ready to use in the spring. Take up roller skating at one of the rinks in the area. Try cross country skiing when there's snow on the ground. You can rent skis in Deming Park. ,Yoga, anyone There are several places in town that offer just about as many styles of yoga as there are instructors. Fun With Yoga at 3726 Wabash Ave., for example, has five instructors offering five different styles of yoga during 13 or 14 classes a week. ,Videos and DVD exercise programs offer everything from armchair exercises to very intense workouts. Vary your routine by trying, oh, a hula instruction video, for example. ,How about a series of appointments with a registered dietitian to help your recipient design a meal plan that fits his or her likes and lifestyle If you register for a program that includes a diet, be sure the place has a registered dietitian to work with you who takes your overall health into consideration. Call your local hospital to start your quest for a registered dietitian. ,Use your imagination to customize your gift. Offer to work out along with your recipient if possible. Exercising together gets you both off your feet and on your way to better fitness. ,Are those sneezes and sniffles a winter cold or a seasonal allergy It could well be the latter, if you are sensitive to mold spores and have a Christmas tree in your house. ,Researchers who placed an air sampler in a house and took 12 readings during the 14 days a Christmas tree was up said a mold spore level of 5,000 spores per cubic meter of air was present on the last day the tree was up. Even the initial reading was 800 spores per cubic meter just slightly higher than the normal level of 500 to 700. By only the fourth measurement, the spore count was up to 1,500 per cubic meter, researchers reported at an American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology meeting in Dallas. ,This was the second year in a row Christmas trees have gotten the blame for increased asthma and sinus complaints during the time trees are up in the house, with people who have allergies, but no tree, faring better than the ones with trees. ,What can you do Well, you have three choices: don't put a tree up; put it up at the last minute and take it down within a few days or increase the amount of your medications. ,Don't count on alleviating symptoms by putting up an artificial tree, however: A previous study says the fake firs can accumulate mold, pollen and dust during storage. You might try cleaning those off really well outside. ,You know where germs hang out in your house, right Kitchen sponges, kitchen and bathroom floors, telephones, garbage cans, wet laundry ,Yes, wet laundry. Even transferring the wet laundry from the washer to the dryer can leave E. coli or salmonella on your hands. ,Yuck! What can you do Set your washer and dryer at 150 degrees Fahrenheit at a minimum and don't let those wet clothes sit in the washer. Transfer them to the dryer as soon as they're done. ,Wash undergarments separately, using bleach if they're all white. Colorfast bleach won't work. Then, run a cycle of bleach and water again, no colorfast bleach to kill any germs that may be left in the washer. In fact, it suggest the water and bleach cycle between loads of any laundry, but especially underwear. ,Top loading washers are better than front loaders and look for one of the new machines that can inject the laundry with silver ions. ,ArticlesFormer Vigo Sheriff Deputy Frank Shahadey pleads guiltyLorick, head of human rights panel, leaving Terre HauteGovernor announces ISU appointmentsFood stamp cuts would hit Wabash Valley hardLea Anne Crooks to serve as chancellor of Ivy Tech Terre Haute campus'Bash on the Bash' set for Aug.Give us our daily bread fad ,What food comes in a plastic bag and contains azodicarbonamide, a yellow powder used to make shoe soles, floor mats and window gasketsIt could be that slice of bread you're eating. ,The greatest thing since sliced bread may actually be. homemade sourdough bread like they used to make before 1900. That's the latest from the health experts. Well, some experts. Others will tell you a slice of any kind of bread could ruin your health, damage your brain or at the very least make you feel generally yucky. Opinions vary. Wildly. ,Darned if Ihaven't stepped in it again. I decided to make my own artisanal bread. SimpleSure, but the more I read about how to make it, the more I see that, crimminy, I've walked into a war zone. Even craft bread's not gluten free. Gluten is the devil, I've read. According to some, baking a loaf of yeasty bread is a crime against humanity. The fate of the planet could be at stake. ,But, you know, food hysteria is nothing new. Back in the '20s and '30s, the nation was gripped by a panic over white bread. A wave of 'experts' warned white bread will kill you. Dietician and radio show host Alfred W. McCann claimed that 400,000 children a year were sent to "little graves" because they were raised on white bread. Food pundits said that white bread could make you blind and ugly. ,Today with the Internet and mass media, it's even worse. We read that popping fish oil capsules is good for you. Then they tell us new research shows that oops that isn't necessarily so. For years we were told eggs would clog your arteries with cholesterol. Last year a government report said nevermind, eggs have little or no effect on blood cholesterol. You could get whiplash keeping up with the reports. ,There's a term for all this: Orthorexia nervousa. An eating disorder for people too wrought up over eating healthier. We're mad for fads and may be making ourself sick. ,But. back to bread, a basic foodstuff, the staff of life. As long as 30,000 years ago, man learned he could pound plants to make a starchy extract, than place it over a fire to make flatbread. grains were being turned into bread. Someone discovered that dough left to rest naturally rose because of wild yeast spores that are all around us. Bread fed the world. ,Then came the Industrial Age, with cities packed with too many people with too little time or means to bake. Enter steel roller mills, bread factories, mass produced loaves and the bread slicing machine, which quickly led to a backlash. People said sliced white bread fell flat on taste and nutrition. All the good stuff was taken out of white bread. Nearly a hundred years later, they're still saying it, although today the picture being painted is apparently even grimmer. ,About 1% of the population has celiac disease, an intolerance for gluten that causes intestinal distress. That percentage has remained stable for decades, but the number of people who say they suffer in various degrees from gluten intolerance has skyrocketed in the last decade. They're mostly self diagnosed. And many of them have read books likeWilliam Davis' "Wheat Belly," which blamed gluten for everything from arthritis and asthma to multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia. Sales of gluten free products will exceed fifteen billion dollars this year. It's a thriving new industry. ,But wait, how could gluten, present in a staple food that has sustained humanity for thousands of years, have suddenly become so threatening There are many theories but no clear, scientifically satisfying answers. First, it's true that white bread is virtually nutrition free. Then it's packed with vitamin additives to make it "improved." Even if you stick with whole wheat, know that today's wheat is less nutritious and tasty than that used just 100 years ago thanks to genetic tinkering by Big Agriculture to make bigger, predictable crops. ,Meanwhile, the growing artisanal bread movement has had a big side benefit other than making crusty bread that tastes better. Using sourdough starters cultures of yeast and bacteria to make the bread rise naturally without commercial yeast and the longer fermentation times typical with artisanal breads create loaves that are more digestible, may boost the natural protective bacteria in your gut, and make the nutrients in your bread more accessible to your body. Fermented breads also create a lower blood sugar surge than any other bread. The stuff's just healthier. ,If you feel better avoiding wheat and gluten, go ahead. But remember, there's no conclusive proof that that's what's making you feel tired and fuzzy headed and put the pain in your gut. Wheat and gluten are just the latest to be demonized. Science has cleared most previous victims of food hysteria and fads. And rigorous studies continue. Until the facts are nailed down by actual experts, I think I'll just keep enjoying my occasional slice of real bread like grandma used to make.Give us your fingerprints ,Coogee Bay Hotel's curious dress codeHemmes hits back at TV critics ,THOUSANDS of clubbers and pub patrons are being forced to submit to fingerprint and photographic scans to enter popular venues, seemingly unaware of the ramifications of handing over their identity. ,Biometric scanners, once the domain of James Bond movies, are flooding the pub market as the fix all solution to violence and antisocial behaviour. The pubs are exerting more power than the police or airport security by demanding photos, fingerprints and ID. Police can only do it if they suspect someone of committing a crime and they must destroy the data if the person is not charged or found not guilty. ,Yet one company boasts that the sensitive information collected about patrons can be kept for years and shared with other venues in the country in what appears to be a breach of privacy laws. ,There are no official checks and balances on how the data is collected, stored, used or shared. Federal Privacy Commissioner Tim Pilgrim has warned he does not have the power to audit the systems and the lack of regulation has even industry players calling for tighter controls. ,NSW premises using the systems include the Australian Brewery, Lone Pine Tavern, Phriction Night Club and the Mean Fiddler in Sydney's west; Home Nightclub, the Coogee Bay Hotel; Woy Woy Leagues Club, Woodport Inn and Munmorah United Bowling Club on the central coast; Fotheringhams Hotel in Taree; and Wollongong's Palm Court Hotel. ,At the Coogee Bay Hotel, patrons not only queue for fingerprint scans, but may then be rejected on the grounds of a curious dress code, which includes a ban on stepped haircuts, a common style where there is a clearly visible line between layers of shaved and unshaved hair. However, complaints have been made that the hotel does not enforce the code unless it wants to refuse entry to groups of Lebanese males. ,When The Sun Herald visited the hotel last week, it was not enforcing the dress code, which includes bans on visible tattoos, singlets, thongs and rats tails . ,Despite the explosion in the use of biometric scanners, criminologists at Deakin University warn they have ''slipped'' into use in Australia with ''little public awareness, no policy consideration and questionable claims concerning their effectiveness in enhancing safety and reducing crime''. ,The Biometrics Institute of Australia, the main industry group, has already called for changes to the Privacy Act including mandatory privacy impact assessments and audits, no exemptions for any group and a unified national privacy system. ,But one scanning company, ID Tect, advertises that the information is stored on a national database and can ''share a banned list of troublemakers whether that listing is local, statewide or national''. Company director Peter Perrett did not return calls to The Sun Herald. ,The Privacy Commissioner warned that: ''Anyone using this technology should be aware that under the Privacy Act, organisations must provide individuals with notice of what will happen to the collected information. It cannot be automatically shared with other venues, even if the purpose for sharing it is the same across all the organisations.'' ,The Privacy Commissioner has drafted guidelines for ID scanning, which are available on its website. ,NightKey fingerprint scanning system director David Wallace has called for regulation and protection of data saying ''anything bad in the industry reflects back on everybody''. NightKey has been working with NSW Police to ensure it complies with security and licensing laws. Mr Wallace said the system was audited annually. He would not reveal the audit results but said the system had been improved based on the findings. ,Australasian Council of Security Professionals chairman Jason Brown said biometrics were a higher level of intrusion than just checking a licence and ''it needs to be managed, accountable, audited and subject to the same professional ethics as security and surveillance''. ,The fingerprint scanning system takes a photograph of the patron, scans their ID and takes a fingerprint which is converted into a map of the meridian points on the print and converted into a PIN. When a patron returns, the scanner matches the meridian points of their finger to the code to find their identity. The company insists there are no fingerprints kept in the system. Patrons can request their details be deleted from the system although not if they are flagged as troublemakers. ,ID Tect scanners scan identities into a database which can be shared with hundreds in the country. The system stores the data for 28 days and then it is deleted. But the troublemakers' IDs can be kept indefinitely. ,Among the drinkers scanned on entry to the Coogee Bay Hotel on Australia Day was Ben Davies, a fraud investigator from Mosman. He was ''shocked by the willingness of so many people to hand over their entire lives in this way''. ,''You have to be so careful with identification details. If someone breaks into the system, that means someone could be walking around with a fake version of my driver's licence.,'' Mr Davies said. ,Laura O'Donnell, a Bondi PR manager, said a driver's licence should be enough. ,Lost hikers spend night in bushMan charged after detaining, chokingpartner: policeWinter wonderland opens in Hunter ValleyWoman allegedly choked and held captivePerry suffers agonising British Amateur loss videos ,Formal opening for Toronto police stationPasha Bulker memories floodback photosA gentle man who endured with dignityFormal opening for Toronto police stationPasha Bulker memories floodback photosWATCH LIVE: NHRU Merewether VS MaitlandHearts are locked and loadedSearchingfor some Hunterhearts of gold.Give your competitiveness a new lease on life ,Having equipment that lets you remain competitive is just as important to manufacturers as being innovative with your products. ,Having reliable coding and labelling equipment that doesn't cause downtime read "losing profits" is a vital contributor to smooth operations. ,But what if your technology needs replacing, and you don't have the capital funds to do it Basically, you have four options. Here's how to pick the right one. ,Leasing reduces the cap ex on equipment and gives you all the benefits of up to date technology: greater automation, good integrateability, greater efficiency, increased productivity, no shortage of spare parts and consumables, more compact units, increased ease of use and so on. ,If you don't have the funds to purchase capital equipment outright, you're far from alone. So which of these four options do you pick ,Buy something cheaper that may not suit your purposes ,Pay for it via a director's loan not always practical or doable ,Limp along not a very long term solution ,Lease it bingo read on to do it the right way ,Leasing not only reduces the cap ex on equipment, it gives you up to date technology with all the benefits that brings: greater automation, good integrateability, greater efficiency, increased productivity, no shortage of spare parts and consumables, more compact units, increased ease of use and so on. And gives the option to upgrade to the latest and greatest at the end of the lease term. ,It also means you can take advantage of evolution in process automation or coding and labelling equipment that links in to other business areas or other equipment such as vision or weighing technology thusincreasing your overall "business intelligence". And with small businesses increasingly looking at exporting to Asia particularly China and India they need to gear up to exportand not just with coding and labelling equipment. ,Leasing is particularly useful to small business and larger ones if you need to update several pieces of product ID equipment at once. ,While some business owners have a preference to buy, leasing gives added options to those with restricted cash flow to put into buying the right assets for their business. In a highly competitive market it's important to keep costs low, but it's also important to know which ones to prune. Updating office artwork is nice, but not necessary, but cutting back spending on capital equipment that contributes to product output, or improves your operational efficiency, is not the way to stay competitive. ,An added bonus is that leasing is a fixed cost, with a known outcome. ,Matthews partners with Macquarie for leasing because of its solid reputation, and in some cases we can bundle integration software in with product ID equipment. There are two ways to lease: ,operating lease can also be known as rental: whereby at the end of the lease term, you can continue leasing casually, set another fixed term, have the option to buy the equipment at fair market value or return the equipment. ,finance lease: at the end of the lease term, you can the continue leasing casually, or buy the equipment for a small residual value. ,Each has different tax and finance implications, so choose the option that best fits your business's needs after you talk with your accountant. ,To talk through leasing options, contact us today. ,If your current equipment is struggling to meet the demands of this evolving industry, this whitepaper may help. You may also find this whitepaper on choosing cost effective coding, labelling and inspection systems useful too. ,Matthews has an entire library of whitepapers and case studies, which are all free to download. ,Mark Dingley is General Manager of Matthews Australasia. With 20 years of experience in the product identification industry and the wealth of knowledge gained from working closely with manufacturers and industry associations, Mark actively contributes to industry forums, magazines and the Matthews blog. An avid soccer fan, he also gets out on the field every Saturday, in between the "sports taxi run" for his family. ,For more information please contact Matthews: ,Wholesale buyers head online to secure fresher produce for discerning consumersConsumer demand for quality and provenance in the food they eat is changing the very nature of fresh. ,Here's how to avoid the common mistakes with OEEWith companies facing increasing pressure to squeeze as much productivity as they can from their ass. ,Which inspection technology should you useChoosing which inspection technology to use depends very much upon your need, your product and your . ,FoodLegal Clean Labelling workshops announcedFoodLegal will be running its Clean Labelling workshop in Sydney and Melbourne in May 2017. ,FoodLegal announces Fighting for your Front of Pack symposiumFoodLegal has announced its 'Fighting for your Front of Pack' symposium to be held in Melbourne 17 A. ,FoodLegal Country of Origin Compliance Portal launchesFoodLegal has launched its new Country of Origin Compliance Portal.Give Your Email Data a Good Spring Cleaning ,Ah, April 'tis the season for spring cleaning. But scrubbing the floor and reorganizing the pantry at home shouldn't be the only tasks included in marketers' cleaning regimen. In the spirit of good tidyings, marketers need to dust off their email data sets before the only thing tarnished is their reputations. ,Chris Kolbenschlag, director of deliverability for marketing platform provider Bronto Software, says having an unclean data set, one containing email address that bounce, contain spam traps, or include typos, puts marketers at risk of being black listed or blocked. He adds that using an old, contaminated data list can cause marketers to be viewed as spammers and fall victim to spam traps. ,"Spammers will typically have a higher bounce rate," Kolbenschlag says. "What ISPs do is they tie anybody, legit or non legit, that has a high bounce rateinto a spammer category because you're not cleaning your lists. Here are six tips to help marketers spruce up their data sets no mop or broom required. ,For hard bounces, Our biggest challenge is making sure that the ones that we're removing on the first try are indeed just bad addresses versus just a temporary bad address] where, when] trying again later, it may go through," Kolbenschlag says. ,Provide a double entry or double opt in ,Kolbenschlag says having customers enter their email addresses in twice can be a cheap and effective way to avoid invalid email addresses or unsolicited emails caused by typos and fat thumb syndrome. ,When in store, employees can lure customers into providing their actual email addresses, instead of fake addresses or ones they never check, by providing customers with an incentive. However, make sure that both the customer and the brand benefit from this inducement. For example, Kolbenschlag says that offering customers 10% off their current purchase rewards customers whether or not they provide a valid or invalid address. Instead, marketers should entice the customer to provide a legitimate address by offering future sales or deals, such as a 10% discount on their next purchase for signing up. ,In addition, Kolbenschlag discourages incentives that solely reward employees, such as rewarding employees who accumulate the most email addresses. He explains that this incentive can motivate employees to fulfill their own agendas rather than the brand's, such as by inserting faulty email addresses to bulk up their numbers. Kolbenschlag also suggests allowing customers to enter their own email addresses via an in store laptop to avoid employee typos or having employees distribute cards with a registration link so customers can share their email addresses at their leisure. ,Success! The customer has shared his email address, but how do marketers know it's the right one Kolbenschlag says sending out a confirmation email can help marketers sniff out invalid addresses that bounce and identify spam traps from customers who don't confirm a sign up. He also recommends sending a confirmation email to thank customers for signing up, verify that the customer is who he says he is, and confirm that the customer actually wants to hear from the brand. ,"It gives you a choice if you want to hear from the brand]," Kolbenschlag says. "It's like asking], 'Would you like to go to dinner' 'Yes.' 'Are you sure you want to go to dinner' 'Yes, I really want to go to dinner.' Versus 'Would you like to go to dinner sometime' 'Yeah,' but it's really a blow off. ,Remember fake id customs fake id god brazilian fake id australia id

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