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fake id ever using a fake id Officers arrested Childs on suspicion of driving while under the influence and hit and run and booked him into the Martinez Detention Facility fake id flashlight test LosAngeles fake id arizona state id card how do i make a fake id fake id philadelphia pa,Is a JackHole. You don know any of the circumstances except that the occupants of the vehicle that hit the biker ran and were subsequently arrested for hit and run and suspicion of drunk driving. There is NO statement about the poor deceased rider not wearing proper riding gear or splitting lanes. ,You should go have a drink with TIFOKCIS fka sickofit because it sounds like you both have the same mentality. Nice abrupt tangent into left field. Alcohol ,867 drunk driving deaths in CA in one recent year year not specified according to MADD website fake state id generator doordash fake id reddit fake id for ezoo Disgusted I know Angelo personally and never liked that guy was hella rude to women and even abusive and has a SEVERE drinking issue ,Eric on The Claycord Online Museum The Escalators and the Old JC Penney Sign at the Sunvalley Mall in ConcordI've been getting off early from work the past month or so

how much for fake id fake id law california fake ids icon boston fake Alaska id card Sam on Four Bay Area Counties Have Unemployment Rates Below 3%Thank you Hmmm For providing true information to the liberal sheep of California. About 20 Indiana fake id for sale using fake id at the q fake college student id fake id black friday sale making a fake id from a real one concerned on Claycord Talk About WhateverDoes anybody know how to keep Jehovah Witnesses from coming to your door. We have a No Soliciting sign right as you walk up the ,Original G on Northgate Uncapped fake id movie props kentucky fake id template fake id review Kelly on Claycord Talk About PoliticsPresident Donald Trump just followed through on another of his campaign promise and America is better off for it. Trump is the only honest politician ,Jeepers on City of Walnut Creek Releases Information on Walnut Creek BART Transit VillageShould say almost six dollars each way. ,Hmm on Four Bay Area Counties Have Unemployment Rates Below 3%Too bad additional data is not provided such as number of employed working at two or more jobs ,Mika on Northgate Uncapped total frat movement fake id necto nightclub fake id girl flips out fake id

fake id laws florida anon on Claycord Talk About PoliticsThe truth is not the Democrats friend." The Democratic Party's problem, if you can even call it a "party," is that they are "morally andMount Pleasant could add three officers ,MOUNT PLEASANT The village is hoping to add three additional police officers with the help of federal money. ,Adding officers was part of initial discussions on the 2016 budget, which will likely include an increase in the tax levy, Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen said. It's too early to say how much the levy, which includes property taxes paid by residents and businesses, might rise, he said. ,Mount Pleasant also is considering new breathing equipment for firefighters, about 1 million in borrowing for road projects and more body cameras for police officers. ,The additional police officers would initially be funded largely through the federal Community Oriented Policing Services program, which would pick up 75 percent of the cost in the first three years, Police Chief Tim Zarzecki said. ,Mount Pleasant was awarded 375,000 in grant money, which was allocated based on the greatest need, he said. The program looks at factors like number of officers per capita, crime rate and calls for service. ,"If you compare us to other departments of our community size in most cases, you'll find the other departments have probably anywhere from eight to 10 more officers than we do," Zarzecki said. ,Three more officers would help the village cut overtime costs by about 75,000 per year and bring the number of sworn officers up to 47, Zarzecki said. ,Mount Pleasant, if it approves the grant, would pick up the entire cost of the additional officers after three years. ,Meanwhile, trustees in a budget meeting Wednesday noted ongoing challenges to fund roads and parks. ,Several expressed frustration over about 100,000 that has been designated for a new ball diamond near Village Hall, but has instead gone toward general parks department operations and salary costs. ,Officials said it's indicative of a larger struggle to fund new parks and maintain current facilities. ,"Parks make Mount Pleasant beautiful and we're going to have to come up with a solution," Wahlen said. ,Also a struggle: roads funding. Trustee Gary Feest called a proposed 1 million in borrowing for road construction a "Band Aid" and said the village needs to come up with a better, longer term solution. ,A public hearing and final approval on the budget will come next month. ,Really Add more officers when you have a perfectly, well trained great officer who is not being allowed to return to work. She was cleared after a non work related injury to return to work but is now getting the run around from the Department and still not working. The department should take a good hard look at their current roster and allow a perfectly trained, hard working offer to return to her job. The Department needs to wake up and be held for their wrong doing. ,Looks like Kurt Wahlen is back to his old antics. I hope Mount Pleasant is prepared for the same path of destruction that he left in Racine. My question is did Kurt's "mentor" who was hired by the village with taxpayer dollars approve this latest budget move ,It just amazes me that Tim Zarzecki still has a job after his domestic violence incident a few years ago. I'm sure the Journal Times recalls having to file a lawsuit just to get the information. He isn't exactly a model Police Chief either. That is probably why he and old Kurt get along so well. ,Best of luck Mount Pleasant. Your village will soon be full of worthless COP houses and thugs. ,I think it is great that the police department took the initiative to apply for these grants to fill badly needed positions, as it saves the taxpayers a lot of money. My experience with grants is pretty limited, but typically they are all about the 'need ,Mt. Pleasant wants to add 3 officers They mention COP House expansion. I hope they take a good hard look at their current roster of sworn officers. Especially the one who is sitting at home totally recovered from a personal time injury. The officer was the key officer when building the current COP House If you compare us to other departments of our community size in most cases, you'll find the other departments have probably anywhere from eight to 10 more officers than we do," Zarzecki said. ,Lemmings Because What are the crime statistics in the other villages vs Mt. Pleasant. ,Three more officers would help the village cut overtime costs by about 75,000 per year and bring the number of sworn officers up to 47, Zarzecki said. ,Now this is a good reason provided the 3 new officers don't exceed the 75,000, but I strongly suspect that is not the case. ,Mt. Pleasant should ANNEX the City of Racine. tongue in cheek Then they could have real problems! ," in most cases, you'll find the other departments have probably anywhere from eight to 10 more officers than we do," Zarzecki said. ,In most cases doesn't mean all cases why does Zarzecki use the Lowest Common Denominator instead of the Highest one FAILURE. When would a Police Chief say we don't need more Officers because our Community is Safe and Law Abiding. Or is it because Zarzecki plans to use the additional Officers as Revenue Agents to continue harassing residents Seems he's been VERY successful. in 2014 the Village planned on 502 ,She said her opposition to Common Core is part of her strong support of states' rights, Ideally, Wisconsin should govern itself and should make its own decisions about its people," Biemeck said. ,Vos formed a committee to review Common Core and supported a bill that would have essentially eliminated the standards in Wisconsin. The bill died in the state Senate. ,"I can't force people to vote for it if they don't support it," Vos said Thursday. ,Vos said he was surprised to see a challenge from the right it would be his first primary since he was elected in 2004 especially considering his position as Assembly speaker. He said he's proud of his record and what Republican legislators have accomplished, noting the passage of Act 10 and laws on conservative friendly issues such as concealed carry and voter identification. ,"Many Democrats would be shocked that she is running on a platform that I am not conservative enough," Vos said. "I have tried hard to govern in a way that makes conservatives see how our agenda is moving the state in the right direction. ,Two or more candidates collecting the necessary 200 to 400 signatures between April 15 and June 2 would force a primary on Aug. 12. No Democrats have yet registered a campaign how to make fake identity bo burnahm fake id fake Missouri id card ontario fake id

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