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how to make a fake australian id fake id review reddit Carriger testified Novak was being paid by both Thomas Mower and Dee Mower to get dirt" on each other and "probably took money under false pretenses" from them. ,The Mowers, who divorced in 2000, had owned Salem based Neways Inc., which makes personal care and nutritional products. Carriger said the Mowers sold Neways for 500 million and split the money. ,Wright told police he was hoping Dolezsar would loan him 2 million for a Park City land development, but was not sure Dolezsar was "for real." Wright said Dolezsar was "weird," "paranoid, " used prepaid "throw away" phones and even persuaded Wright to buy such a phone for him. ,Wright claimed he had met with Dolezsar a number of times. But Carriger has said there is no evidence of such a relationship. On Wednesday, Brass introduced e mails that suggest Novak was a go between for Wright and Dolezsar. Outside of court, Brass said it appears Novak was "scamming everyone, including Wright. fake drivers license template free fake sms id number idonline fake id for fun proof of age card vic,According to Carriger ,Throughout Kravis' argument ,The congressman and four codefendants are accused of schemes to misappropriate charitable donations easiest states to fake id fake id at summerfest buy id card online Most of the alleged plots center on money owed to creditors after Fattah's failed 2007 bid to become mayor of Philadelphia ,Fattah's lawyers maintain that their client was set up by two unscrupulous campaign aides

fake id kit uk fake id passport card fake college student id oklahoma state identification card Both have pleaded guilty to roles in a conspiracy and testified against the congressman at trial under agreements they struck with prosecutors a point that Silver made much of Monday. fake ids for movies rental car fake id queensland proof of age what do i need to get a kansas id fake id 60 The only witnesses] connecting Congressman Fattah to the supposed loan and its alleged repayment are Lindenfeld and Naylor, two convicted felons who have deals with the government," he said. ,Prosecutors say Fattah also tried to pay one of his political strategists from the mayoral campaign by misdirecting federal grant money to a fake nonprofit he instructed the operative to create. ,"You know what other people do when their kids have a college debt" Kravis asked. "They take out a loan. Their kids get a job. They don't buy a vacation home in the Poconos. Attorney Zane David Memeger, sitting in the front row, referenced the other primary allegation at the center of the government's case. ,The purported bribes include cash payments to Fattah's adult children, college tuition for his South African au pair, and an 18,000 bribe that covered closing costs on a vacation home the Fattahs hoped to buy in Pike County. ,Prosecutors allege that the men tried to disguise that last payment by faking documents in the sale of a Porsche owned by Chenault Fattah. ,"Dollar by dollar, Herbert Vederman bought himself a congressman," Kravis said Monday, referring to Vederman as Fattah's "human ATM machine. ,Vederman's lawyers fake id america law maryland state id fake id boston calling Friends do things for one another," defense lawyer Catherine Recker said. "They do things without strings attached. The government theory won't allow for politicians to have friends, and that's an awfully cynical view. ,The trial is expected to continue Tuesday with closing arguments from three other codefendants. ,Karen Nicholas ,Prosecutors say Bonnie Bowser how to get a fake id quickly worst fake id fake id order

fake college id generator All three ,As they closed their arguments Monday For Silver ,This case is not about the political system or reforming the political system," he said. "We might pine for the days when politics didn't involve money, but those days aren't here. But Kravis stressed what he called the most valuable thing in our democracy" the public's trust in elected officials.Defense shines as Portland State Vikings move to 2 ,A week after stunning the Pac 12's Washington State Cougars, the Portland State Vikings moved to 2 0 with another road victory, this time topping Idaho State 34 14 in Pocatello. ,The 24th ranked Vikings held the No. 23 Bengals to 242 yards of offense and snagged four turnovers, and PSU's Kahlil Dawson scored on a 94 yard kickoff return to answer Idaho State's opening touchdown. The Vikings also snuffed out a Bengals fake punt attempt. ,"Our defense, what a great job to stop that offense, are you kidding me" said Vikings coach Bruce Barnum. "It's like a hockey line with all the players on defense making contributions. They are playing as a group and we don't have any superstars out there. Not one guy is shining, it's a team, and it's fun to watch. ,The Vikings are 2 0 for the first time in four years and notched their first win over a ranked team since 2008., More from the Vikings on the PSU victory: ,On offense the Vikings had another 200 yard rushing game fake id maker for india get fake id new york city how to make fake identity texas fake id reviews

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