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new id wv id card But he's not pulling his punches. Taylor's film crew spent a year following the family. Some of Taylor's footage includes filming people in jail or getting out of jail Delaware fake id for sale colin cowherd fake id iowa fake id australia 2017 colorado fake id charge buy steam codes online,But we also talked to the sheriff," he said. "We talked to the attorneys. We interviewed some of the pastors from the community. We tried to keep it well rounded and true. ,Taylor says part of White's issues come from the intense poverty the family has endured over the years. A culture of entitlement has developed around them. A belief the family is owed money has caused rifts between people who could and would help them. ,He says White is surrounded by more than enough great friends," who don't care so much for the man, but would rather see the crazy character. ,"They want to take him out drinking," he said. "They're the ones killing the guy. fake id ohio catch fake id sparknote using fake id costco Taylor isn't saying he hasn't been guilty of the same thing. Back when he first started coming to visit White at his trailer ,These days, I call ahead and make sure he's got something to eat," Taylor said. "He doesn't eat right. He doesn't take care of himself.

fake tennessee id template fake id overnight how to make a fake id online confiscated fake id ohio Taylor says the film is almost finished. With another month of editing fake id laws massachusetts how to fake caller id free fake id charge iowa Greensboro fake id fake id in new orleans Although he hopes The Wild and Wonderful Whites" will be picked up for distribution at movie houses, he's realistic. Only a spare handful of documentaries get picked up for national distribution. A few end up as art house films. But he expects "The Wild and Wonderful Whites" will probably find its audience on DVD. ,The city has budgeted money to hire a public relations officer at the behest of some members of the commission. The rationale is that the city is inadequate in relaying information to the public because it has no one person dedicated to the job. ,The new employee would update the city's website, run the social media accounts, respond to inquiries from the general public and the media. ,The employee's salary may be about 35,000, and he or she would also receive benefits, including insurance. The City of Huntington has a communications director, as do others cities with comparable populations to Ashland.Jessica Kolakoski ,Southington NewsSouthington schools recognize 22 retirees in 2017It takes a village: Southington school officials recognize staff and volunteersThe Class of 2017: A list of Southington High School graduatesFinance board sets mill rate at 30.48Blue Knights announce Val Leach and Spirit award winners Bristol Observer NewsObituaries: Rachel H. ManningObituaries: Brian M. CyrObituaries: William E. ProvostObituaries: Bernard P. KozikowskiObituaries: Ruth Southworth Tubbs Plainville NewsBristol Blues rebound from slow startParty with a Purpose coming June 30Kids listings, starting June 23Meetings listings, starting June 23Miscellaneous listings, starting June 23Latest NewsFarmers market opening in Beacon FallsA first for festivals in NaugatuckBeacon Falls nonprofit gets assist from PatriotsObituary: Lucille Rau KogutBudget passes on 2nd try CN SportsNaugatuck shows well at NationalsPost 17 falls to Waterbury, SheltonSports briefsPernell races to national spotlightA look back at some of the top moments"Without a doubt, I was going to continue to play," she continued. "A black eye wasn't going to stop me. I was proud that I didn't back down."Torrington coach Mike Fritch, a Connecticut High School Coaches Hall of Fame selection, noticed that intangible about her from the moment his Raiders started playing against Kolakoski."I would best describe Jessica as determined, focused and driven to excel," said Fritch. "She would run through a wall. She was always a player you had to worry about and one who made her teammates better. She was a leader in every sense of the word and, most of all, very respectful of all those around her."Kolakoski, the all time leading scorer in girls basketball at Wolcott with 1,424 points, led the Naugatuck Valley League in scoring for three consecutive seasons.She also proved her versatility from season to season as a three sport All NVL selection in volleyball, basketball and softball.But as good as she was as an outside hitter in volleyball and a pitcher in softball, her basketball skills were a bit better."Jessica had great size 5 foot 11, quickness and could jump," said former Naugatuck coach Keith Raczkowski. "You had to be able to defend her facing the basketball, and she could always post up. Trying to stop her was very difficult."Jessica was a great player," added longtime Holy Cross coach Frank Lombardo. "She was very versatile. She was able to play the perimeter as well as inside. She was a very good player and a hard worker."And she also had a versatile game."Everyone wants to be a starter or the leading scorer, but as a coach, I am trying to emphasize the need for role players," said Geddes, 34, who has been head coach at Wolcott for the past four seasons."You need to have someone stop their best player or get the defensive rebounds or putbacks. When I got to college, I received a reality check. I wasn't the All Star. I needed to switch my roles, and needed to understand and accept that."After playing as a reserve as a freshman, Geddes was a three year starting forward at Southern.When she was appointed head coach at Wolcott in the summer of 2012, one member of the team asked her an obvious question."Are you the girl on the gymnasium banner of 1,000 point scorers"I said yes," said Geddes. "I think some parents knew who I am and have educated their kids on what I have done. But I don't want to go in there and boast about me. It's not about me anymore. It's about them."Still, 16 years after graduating from Wolcott, Geddes will always be considered in high regard."It's very humbling to see my name up there on the wall," she said. "I try to use that with the girls now to show that hard work in practice and dedication everyday can pay off in a very successful way."One of her best moments came the night she scored her 1,000th career point at Torrington's Connie Donahue Gymnasium."When we went up there this year, I said that I had a lot of great memories," said Geddes. "I showed her players the exact spot where I hit a 3 pointer for my 1,000th point, and they thought that it was cool that I remembered that. My parents Thomas and Lucille were there and the game was stopped. It's something you dream about. I reached that goal and lived it."But she also recalled a less than favorable moment against Torrington at home, also in her senior year, that left an impression to this day as a coach."I remember dribbling down the right side and the referee called me for an offensive foul, saying I pushed off," recalled Geddes. "We were in a close game, and I ended up getting a technical foul and being out of the game. We ended up losing the game. It was heartbreaking knowing that if I had stayed in the game, I could have helped and we could have prevailed. It showed that if you don't control yourself, you and your team could end up suffering. I wish I didn't have any regrets, but I acted inappropriately and there was a consequence to that action."Jessica Marie Ewing clears up confusion ,Jessica Marie Ewing wants to set the record straight. ,"I don't want my name getting twisted now or further down the road," Ewing said. "That's what my concern was, especially involving anything with the university. ,A weekend of bizarre events has changed things in the past 12 days for recent Virginia Tech graduate Jessica Marie Ewing fake id names for guys fake california id maker how to make fake ids reddit Ewing received texts and calls Feb. 8 and 9 from students at Tech and police in Blacksburg asking where Samanata Shrestha was and what she had done to her. She also received numerous Facebook friend requests from people in the Blacksburg area. ,Ewing quickly realized that everyone thought she had something to do with Tech student Samanata Shrestha's death. ,Jessica Michelle Ewing has been charged with second degree murder in connection with the case. ,Everyone from Shrestha's roommate to the police to media were searching Jessica Ewing" online, not realizing there are two Jessica Ewing's connected to Tech as well as several other keywords that would make them appear to be the same person. ,"The similarities there are so bizarre to me, that I keep thinking about the odds of this happening," Ewing said. "The fact that our initials are the same, it's so weird to me, but the middle name got me. where to buy fake id reddit fake oregon id south carolina drivers license fake

ca vendor fake id Ewing said not only are their middle names similar ,Jessica Marie Ewing graduated from Tech in 2013 with a biological systems engineering degree Jessica Michelle Ewing is a senior fisheries science major. ,If somebody searches my name, there's so many similar keywords there, that if there isn't a picture to go with what you're looking for, both of us are going to come up," Jessica Marie Ewing said. ,She said it all started Saturday or Sunday while she was fixing her hair in the bathroom when a 540 area phone number began calling her repeatedly. ,Initially, Jessica Marie Ewing thought it was the university calling for a donation or someone was pranking her. She said she didn't take it seriously or think anything of it until she started receiving long texts from a woman asking where Shrestha was. ,Ewing still wasn't worried, because she thought it was just a wrong number. ,It wasn't over yet. More phone calls from the same area code were lighting up her phone. ,"I finally answered one of them, because I was like, 'What is going on,' and this time it was a police officer I didn't even believe I was speaking to a police officer and just thought someone was really messing with me," Ewing said. ,Despite her telling the officer that she did not know who Shrestha was, the police called back again and again. ,With that, she handed the phone to her boyfriend who is a sheriff's deputy in Virginia Beach, and he explained to the officer that they didn't live in the area and the police had the wrong person. It wasn't until she was at work Monday morning when a coworker asked Ewing if she had seen the news article with her name. ,Suddenly, everything made sense. ,She's convinced that if she was still in Blacksburg, she would have received more than just phone calls. ,"It was just word of mouth at that point, and had I been there, there's no doubt in my mind that I probably would have been arrested, because at that point, her roommate only knew her Jessica Michelle Ewing name," she said. ,The police weren't the only ones who were confused, however. ,"Classmates, especially, that I graduated with, have had people contact them and ask how they knew me, and asked them why they hang out with me," Ewing said. "That's what was initially happening was my friends were being told about it and going 'Oh my gosh, I was in class with her,' and it wasn't until they saw her image that they knew it wasn't me. Damir Grljevic ,A little confused, I 'liked' the article she posted and commented on it, but a few days after I messaged her on LinkedIn, because she was referring me a job over in Virginia Beach and then I also told her, 'I'm sorry about what happened by the way with the confusion,'" Grljevic said. ,Though Grljevic said the event didn't disrupt their friendship overall, it did cause him to worry about sharing a job reference from a person who was being confused with someone who was arrested.Jestin Coler tells us where to go from here ,We talk to Jestin Coler, dubbed the retired News King by NPR. Hetells us how the fake news craze has changed media, and where we can go from here. ,After the the 2016 fake news bubble burst, the world wasshaken. Enter Jestin Coler, the creator behind the National Report and Denver Guardian. presidential election. ,We spoke to Jestin, who will be speaking at our inaugural summit, WhipSmart next month. Severalmonths after the election, Jestin now calls himself a news publisher. tookus through hisfake news journey, how hyper partisan news is now the most damaging content out there, and what media, readers, and tech platforms alike can learn. ,Life After Fake News ,Q: What are you up to these days, since the initial fake news hysteria ,Jestin: Things have quieted significantly over the past month or so. I have "retired" from the fake news industry and have been traveling the country speaking at journalism events and with journalism students. I appeared on Dr. Oz, 60 Minutes, did a keynote at SxSW with the head of research for Google Jigsaw. Currently I am working on a book, consulting with a couple tech companies on methods of identifying and slowing misinformation, and spending time with my family. ,So are you advocating looking at the world in a new way, in the aftermath of fake news ,I'm not sure what they're necessarily learning from my experience. I think I have a unique perspective and am able to put a face on the industry, making it less evil. ,The stuff I was into, no one was doing this as propaganda. The motivation was financial. A lot of these people are screwing around online and seeing what goes viral and doesn't. I never even thought about people using it to influence one way or another. ,The Fake News Gold Rush ,What made you start creating fake news then ,I'm most known for Denver Guardian but that was just one site I put together. I got my reputation from the National Report and sister sites built through my company, DisInfoMedia. I started writing for a satire site, and when they closed up shop, I wanted to keep doing this. ,I had become fascinated by this super partisan rightwing media. They were putting together things that were totally false. I wanted to see how it all works. What makes a viral story, and what makes people believe this kind of stuff ,I started the National Report in February 2013 with a buddy of mine; we started messing around online and writing hoaxes. I always considered the site to be entertainment; we wrote straight up hoaxes, "fake news" and satire. ,That was 2013; I didn't think that we could be profitable. By the end of the year, advertisers started coming to us, and in 2014 we just exploded. ,In 2013, I think we had one story that hit 30,000 page views. In 2014, there were several that hit over 6 million views. ,What were some of those successes ,We did a hoax that Banksy had been arrested. We did a series of stories about an Ebola outbreak in Texas that scared the pants off everybody. It was our modern day version of the "War of the Worlds" we said that we were the only outlet that was allowed to get in before the media gag order. ,In January 2015, Facebook announced changes to algorithms to choke out sites like mine. Our traffic took a huge hit. I had a friendship with the guys I was writing with, and I enjoyed their creativity, so I made the decision to switch to more traditional satirenot trying to be deceitful, just entertaining. ,Once I made the editorial change, several of our contributors left to go do their own sites, because they wanted to keep doing the fake news stuff, and they were putting out several stories that went viral. ,I guess my ego kind of got the best of me when I saw that. I did my best to build a site that would get around traditional debunking techniques, so I put together the Denver Guardian. That's where my infamy came from. ,Audience Building and Emotion Stirring ,How did you build your audience initially ,A lot of the things that contributed to our success wouldn translate that well to a reputable publication. We did more guerrilla techniques, building Facebook users that were fake, infiltrating groups that were susceptible to the content we were going to spread around. ,I never put a large focus on building a social following. I did right out of the gate, but it doesn really help unless you're paying Facebook. ,So we did a more grassroots approach, standard media manipulation techniques. A lot of people get into bot discussion these days, but we didn't do that. I wish I had known about that, to tell you now. ,We'd work on getting emotional responses from readers so they would share stories. You want to hit some buttons whether they laugh or make them angry that gets them to share it to hundreds of their friends. Then it might get picked up by other news outlets as being possibly true.Jesus Chrysler Supercar ,We will honor that band with a commemorative digital single that you, the digital public, will have only seven days to download to your computers and smart phones before this single gets marked up to an exorbitant price as determined by the mp3 collector community. When that happens, a new Heritage Hump subject will be chosen and the free for a limited time only cycle begins anew. ,This week, all three of Jesus Chrysler Supercar's albums in the '90s Hail Bailer, Latterday Speedway, and Land Speed are mysteriously available again as free downloads to coincide with the release of former Jesus Chryslers guitarist Jason Corman's third album as Mr. Fantastical, titled Born to Boogie, Born to Die on the Sunset Alliance label. ,Three Cross Curve by Jesus Chrysler Supercar ,This flamboyant band, fronted by singer Mitch Steele, was famous for performing in NASCAR jumpsuits and playing rock heavy on the testosterone. . . ,"Even by normal JCS standards, this was a raucous gig from the first cymbal crash, with glitter flying all over the crowd and booze being sprayed in every direction. Before Jesus Chrysler even hit the stage, word was spreading that some video ringers were gonna make it up onstage and turn the proceedings into a kind of homage to "Hot for Teacher" or "Girls Girls Girls," depending on which brand of sexist '80s metal you prefer. ,Sure enough, early in the show, a couple of excitable women in the front row lowered their skimpy tops for the camera. But that was hardly preparation for what was to come. About 45 minutes into the gig, 10 or so VIP types jumped onstage and jiggled like it was 1999. Josh Prior of Yoko Love who opened the show, along with Digital Free Loner Boy joined the festivities, alternately grinding with the dancers and getting passed over the crowd like a beach ball. Meanwhile, breasts were getting exposed like it was Cinemax on a Friday night. The lingering question at the end of the night, though, was who were those merry exhibitionists, and what did they have to do with Jesus Chrysler Supercar ,"I have no idea who the hell they were," says singer Mitch Steele. "I know that some of them were from Tiffany's. I didn't know 'em from shit. I think it might have been that our co manager's girlfriend used to work at Tiffany's, and she just came down with a bunch of her friends. So I'm just like, 'Whatever. I have no problem with you showing us your tits all night long.' ,Wild as the video shoot was how to identify a fake id fake Utah license fake id tutorial city underground nyc fake id

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