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get missouri fake id NewOrleans fake id I hear it all the time. fake id Norfolk gaslamp fake id fake id purchase Minnesota id fake what do i need to get a georgia id,I let three small bucks go, waiting for a bigger one," says one hunter. ,"Our club has a minimum point rule," says another. ,I personally know of six private land holdings where such rules exist. In fact, I hunt on two of those and I am happy to follow the rules. ,I would vigorously oppose antler restrictions statewide in Maryland. I know many folks would like to see that happen. In fact, two very thoughtful letters to that end appear elsewhere on today's Outdoors page. ,Let's say you have antler restrictions on the property you hunt. You don't want 18 month old bucks to be shot. You want them to grow to 30 months or, wow, even 42 months before they are harvested so that they have larger antlers. ,Well, a 42 month old deer has been around for 3.5 years and I can tell you what they look like because I have killed some of them in Allegany County. ,They are 135 or so pounds when they are field dressed and they are 7 pointers or 8 pointers with not a tremendous amount of antler mass, at least the ones I have tagged. I know this because the Maryland Wildlife Heritage Service crews have weighed and aged them. ,Their antlers were no bigger than those on bucks a year or even two years younger that I have taken. ,Allegany County has the smallest deer in the state. The year and a half old bucks weigh the least and have the fewest antler points of deer anywhere in Maryland. ,To grow big deer, you need age, genetics and good food. If you don't have all three of those factors, your chances of creating a wallhanger dwindle. ,The ridge and valley country upon which Allegany County sits has the worst soil in the state. Go west to Garrett or east to Frederick and that situation changes for the better. ,If you are a person who wants an antler restriction, but also wants to see a greater number of bucks killed, then those two things are in opposition. ,If small bucks cannot be legally shot, the buck harvest numbers will decrease quickly. ,There is an antler mania taking place right now and I attribute much of it to hunting shows on television. This here ain't Iowa, you know. This here ain't a high fence operation. ,This here is the Appalachian Mountains where to take a branch antlered buck of four or five or six points should be considered an accomplishment of the highest order. ,If you whack a real nice buck, you get a double booyah!! You will some pretty good bucks when our Rod Gun publication comes out in January. However, you kill a forkie or even a spike, you get at least one booyah!! Way to go. ,Look, if you want to have quality deer management rules on your property, that is your constitutional right. If you want to lobby for antler point restrictions on Maryland's public lands, then by all means do so. That is your right as a citizen of the state. ,But if you want to force your rule on Uncle Paul's 300 acres where Uncle Paul and his hunters enjoy taking a 4 point, then you get no booyah from me. In any event, why would you care what is killed on Uncle Paul's when your land is 30 miles away ,In any event, there are some learned wildlife folks who believe that antler width and/or the number of points are not the real indicators of a buck's age. Antler mass is said to be the real barometer.Every family has a designated loser ,Most people have at least one loser relative. You know, someone like Uncle Donald who shows up for a wedding having not slept or showered in four days, especially unfortunate since it's his wedding. Or the nephew who's the basis of a betting pool to see who in the family he hits up for a loan most often. Luckily, relatives like these are a personal problem we can pretty much ignore in between family affairs. ,Politicians, on the other hand, aren't as lucky. For them, a loser relative can be a very public liability. ,What brings this to mind is Michael Fairman. He's the son in law of former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, who is on trial for corruption. Fairman testified last week that Ryan's co defendant, Lawrence Warner, lent him 5,000 to help clear up some niggling gambling debts. Fairman can't quite remember if he ever paid it back, though he does recall filing for bankruptcy shortly after receiving the money. He also admits receiving 55,000 in Ryan campaign funds, for which he busted his butt. Well, if you call passing out a few fliers and putting up a sign or two butt busting. On the stand, Fairman admitted to a gambling addiction, drinking problems, ongoing financial disasters and an inability to cut a deal with the prosecutors like four of Ryan's daughters did, so he wouldn't have to testify and embarrass himself. Sons in law like him make a dad proud. ,It would be nice to say he's the exception, but he's actually the latest in a long, undistinguished line of loser relatives. It started with Abel, who had Cain, a brother who, in spite of murdering Abel, still gets top billing whenever the boys are mentioned. Saddam Hussein had Uday and Qusay, Mitzi Shore had Pauly, and Lindsay Lohan has both of her parents. It's rampant. ,Politically speaking, loser relatives have been around for a long time. President Lyndon B. Johnson's brother Sam Houston Johnson was known to have a big mouth, leaking information to the press while drinking. That's why his brother stashed him in the White House where the Secret Service could keep an eye on him. Richard Nixon's brother Donald borrowed 205,000 from Howard Hughes to bail out his restaurant. It folded anyway, he never repaid Hughes, and when his brother ran for president in 1972, Richard so trusted Donald that he had the Secret Service tap his phone. With a court order, I'm sure. ,A few years later, Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy to be proud of. After all, who wouldn't like to be president of the most respected country in the world and have a brother who puts his name on a brand of bad beer, accepts a 220,000 loan from Libya, writes a book called "Redneck Power: The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Carter" without thinking the title's an oxymoron, and ends up having to sell his house to pay the IRS ,Then there's President Bill Clinton, who had his half brother Roger to contend with. Roger was arrested for cocaine possession while his brother was governor, embarrassed the family and nation by pretending to be a country singer, then was pardoned just before his brother left the White House. Pardoned for the drug bust, by the way, not the singing. Just to prove that we were all wrong about him, he almost immediately turned around and got himself arrested for drunken driving. Somewhere, Franklin D. Roosevelt is thanking his lucky stars he was an only child. ,Interestingly, there are no female relatives in this list. OK, except maybe the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, who were caught using fake IDs in college to party like grown ups, proceeded to go into hiding for four years, and then magically emerged reincarnated as The Darling Daughters. Maybe Dad's right that rendition can be a good thing. That's not to say they're the only loser relatives George W. Bush has. Brother Neil has the unique distinction of having demonstrated his loserness during two count 'em, 2! administrations. First, while his father was president, the bank he was a director of, Silverado Savings and Loan, collapsed, costing taxpayers 1 billion. Once his brother became president, he let it be known that he had picked up the habit of sleeping with women who showed up uninvited at his hotel rooms in Hong Kong and Thailand. While he was married. And then there's the 2 million in stock he's being paid by a computer chip company that's backed by the son of a former president of China, this in spite of the fact that brother Neil has no background in the field and probably wouldn't know a computer chip from a cow chip. ,It's moments like this that make me glad I have no plans to run for political office. Or for that matter, that neither of my brothers plans to do so. After all, it's hard to say which would be worse, having the loser relative or being him. It's something to think about, future presidential candidates.Every great leader needs a touch of populism ,I suppose no one will challenge the observation that the best account of populism was given by the most eloquent of presidents. Lincoln famous elegy at Gettysburg, which every high school student should learn by heart, contains in its concluding sentence the unforgettable prepositional triplet of of the people, for the people, by the people. Lincoln a populist I do not think, from these words or the record of his life, it can be argued otherwise. ,An ancient maxim houses the same wisdom. populi, Vox dei remains as a reminder of the primacy of the people voice. The maxim and Lincoln words are there to remind us that it is only lately that populism carries such a harsh cast in people minds. Which is a curious development in our modern democracies, since by definition and etymology both, democracies are, as Lincoln had it, rule of, for, and by the people. ,In our own country there are stagy rhetorical questions being posed almost daily hinged on whether tranquil middle ground Canada is vulnerable or susceptible to the winds of populism blowing through Europe and America. Is Canada the site of the next populist fever, is the always nervous inquiry. ,Worry on this point is either trivial or contrived. ,We have had experiences in Canada where assuredly populist governments offer demonstrated merit and well grounded appeal. Recall the vibrant tenure of the late Ralph Klein. Klein may not have been the let us say tidiest premier, but there was much in the Klein style, the authentic connection between him and his citizens, that made government real for people. That gave them to believe government existed for them a rare and healthy attitude these or any other days. ,Any leader that earns and enjoys a real connection with what we journalists unfailingly call people is a boon to democracy. In a time of deep cynicism about politics, a time when those who rule are seen and felt to be remote from their citizens, untouched by the tensions and burdens of everyday folks, a leader who with the mysterious charisma that governs these things owns an emotional identification of how the majority of citizens live, does much to shore up our democracies. Populism is just a short tag for another great rule of politics: never forget who put you there meaning, in office. ,Charles Krauthammer: The world is in crisis, and Washington is distracted by duelling conspiracy theories ,Conrad Black: We are finally ready to tackle our cruelly dysfunctional 'justice' system for the wrong reason, but still ,Donald Trump's lesson from Justin Trudeau: Infrastructure is no quick fix ,Lawrence Solomon: Here's why trade deficits matter to Trump's team, despite what economists say ,Klein populism was, mainly, a positive phenomenon. In quite the most literal sense he those he represented. People saw very much of themselves in Klein. He knew them; they knew him. Long ago in my own province, Joey Smallwood, before he fell in his later years into a demeaning rapture of self worship, had this great gift. He knew the fisherman, the plant worker, the miner, and housewife. He knew the outports, the mayors and deputy mayors. He was, certainly in the great Confederation debates of the late 1940s, the man and without that emblematic status, it is doubtful whether Canada would be the 10 province reality it is today. And what a diminishment that would be. ,Not even a short discussion of populism can pass over the late and lamented Rob Ford. Despite the turbulence of his incumbency, his many acknowledged and painful flaws, Ford in office actively sought to reach those at the lower ends of wealth or opportunity, to assure them that they counted as much as the boys, that he genuinely kept their interests first in his heart and head. ,His supporters held an unbreakable sense that he was one of them, that he knew their world, that he ,them. For those who scorned him he was a blight on worthy Toronto. Actually, the lines of trust and hope Ford extended to those outside high status and secure position worked to repair, in however limited a manner, that distrust of politics which is now so universal. Some touch of populism is actually a life saver for modern politics. ,Of course when populism is invoked now as something to be dreaded or feared, as an off ramp to imminent fascism, the word is inevitably yoked to Donald ,Of course when populism is invoked now as something to be dreaded or feared, as an off ramp to imminent fascism, the word is inevitably yoked to Donald. Trump. It is even an brand: Trump style populism. However Trump is not a classic populist. He is, at best, a singular, and I would suggest unrepeatable phenomenon, the product of a particular crisis in American governance. He is an outcome, not a cause. ,A system, American democracy, which has over time become the property of a class credentialed, secure, highly but narrowly educated and financially insulated from all conceivable want has politics for so long that the demos, the people, no longer feel connection with their governors. Or trust them. Out of that discontent the people opted for a wild card, Donald Trump, and found, perhaps to their astonishment, that a New York tycoon, of flamboyant style and erratic manners, had more than a touch of the common man. That the one element of Trump rise that may be called populist. And far from being something to dread, it contains lessons to be learned. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards, please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code. , phone , addressPostalCode ,By clicking "Create Account ,I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia's Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia's Privacy Statement. epaper , phone where to use fake id report fake id best fake id michigan addressPostalCode ,By clicking Create Account

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