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awesome fake id names scannable id cards Narang likens phishing to a person casually throwing a rod in a lake and waiting for a bite. Phishing emails don't contain a lot of specifics fake police id uk fake id london fake id work in new york florida id holograms fake id medical card,Spear phishing" is much more targeted and personalized. The people behind those attacks spend time researching their targets in order to create highly customized emails that look much more legitimate and are much more likely to be clicked on. ,The rise of social media has made this a lot easier. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, details including a person's place of employment, where they bank, like to shop and the names and ages of their children are just a few clicks away. ,What other red flags should I be on the lookout for ,In an effort to get more people to click on a link before thinking about the possible consequences, many phishing emails will give an impression of scarcity, or include some kind of time limit. ,For example, an email made to appear to be from a person's bank or email provider may state that if that person doesn't click on the enclosed link within 24 hours, they will be locked out of their account. ,And while poor English and long, complex Web links were previously sure signs of phishing, they're not as prevalent anymore. Many overseas hackers are no longer using clunky translation websites, because there are fluent English speakers who specialize in translating phishing emails for a fee, Samani says. ,Meanwhile, it's become easier to shorten the Web links that direct people to fake websites, he says. ,Narang adds that people should be wary of emails purported to be from banks, or other companies they do business with, but didn't opt into emails from. He also notes that banks generally don't include Web links in emails. ,Those links will likely take a person to a fake website where they will be asked to log in and those credentials will ultimately be stolen, he says. ,And attacks don't just come in the form of email. They can come as text messages too, with those links often containing viruses, Samani says. ,Is there any way to prevent it ,Basic cyberhygiene can go a long way toward preventing a data breach, even if a link in a phishing email gets accidentally clicked on. ,Using different passwords for different accounts, two factor authentication and changing passwords frequently all can be a big help. In addition, companies should test their employees by periodically sending out fake phishing emails to see who falls for them, Narang says. ,And companies need to make sure their security keys are up to date, along with their anti spam filters, so past bad senders don't keep getting through, Samani says. ,"I think common sense goes a considerable long way," Samani says. ,He adds that with any email communications, it's always better to just go straight to the main website of the entity it purports to be from, just to be on the safe side.Phoenix 'the Mythological Firebird' ,VolansThe southern constellation Phoenix2 is one of a dozen constellations delineated by Dutch astronomers Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman during their voyage to the southern seas between 1595 and 1597 on board the Hollandia. They drew up five3 star patterns to represent birds: Phoenix; Grus the crane; Apus bird of paradise; Pavo the peacock; and Tucana the toucan. ,Phoenix made its debut in the 1603 Uranometria of Johann Bayer, who drew it as a firebird. But historically it has also represented the griffin and the ostrich. Bordered by Fornax, Sculptor, Grus, Tucana and Eridanus, there are no Messier objects, and only a few deep space NGC items to report. However, there are some interesting features, including an historical meteor shower connected to a mysterious comet first recorded in 1819, and some exciting extrasolar planet discoveries bringing us bang up to date. ,Mythology and Historical Phoenix is a modern constellation, so there is no ancient mythology attached to it. However, there are plenty of legends about the phoenix bird which the star pattern honours. The Chinese know the phoenix as the magical 'firebird', a beautiful creature which lived to between 100 and 1,000 years, and was then consumed by fire. From the ashes, a brand new bird emerged; a perpetual cycle of life, death and rebirth. In Feng Shui the phoenix is a symbol of good luck which dates back 2,000 years. ,StarsThe scientific star names are simple to understand if you know your Greek alphabet. For example: the 'alpha' star means it is the brightest star in that constellation. The next brightest is designated 'beta' etc. Combined with the genitive name, this is known as the 'Bayer designation'. Some stars have proper names as well, for example, alpha Phoenicis is Ankaa. Others are known by their catalogue number. ,Alpha Phoenicis, Ankaa 'head of the phoenix', is an orange giant star which has a companion, although so little is known about it that it is not even classified. Ankaa can be located in the northern hemisphere by star hopping from the asterism the 'Great Square' of Pegasus, but you need an uninterrupted view of the horizon. ,Nu Phoenicis is of interest because, not only is it the closest star of this constellation to us at just 49 light years4 distance, but of a similar stellar make up to our Sun and it has a dust disk. ,Beta Phoenicis is a binary system comprising a yellow giant and yellow dwarf double act. ,Delta Phoenicis is a binary system. ,NGC 625 is a barred spiral galaxy. One of the outermost members of the Sculptor Group, it is 13 million light years distant but shines 11 magnitude so telescope owners in the southern hemisphere should be able to track this beauty down. ,Robert's Quartet is a collection of four galaxies in the process of merging. The group is 160 million light years away and the members, which each have their own individual NGC number, average 14 magnitude. Ours is a spiral, along with the grand design Triangulum Galaxy M33 and the Andromeda Galaxy M31, which has two companion elliptical galaxies, M32 and NGC 205. The rest of the local group are either elliptical or irregular like the Magellanic Clouds. Some are dwarf galaxies, including the Phoenix Dwarf which measures just a few thousand light years across, and lies 1 million light years from the Milky Way. ,Discovered at the ESO European Southern Observatory by German astronomer Hans Schuster and Richard West in 1976, it was given the designation PGC 006830 Principal Galaxies Catalogue after its original classification of 'globular cluster' ESO 245 G 007 was proved incorrect. At first glance the Phoenix Dwarf galaxy looks more like an open or globular cluster of stars. But, after further research, it is now considered to be in transition between a dwarf spheroidal and a dwarf irregular galaxy. ,Meteor ShowerThe space debris which creates a meteor shower comes from the tail of a comet as the Earth crosses where the point the comet has passed previously on its own orbit. Imagine a trail of breadcrumbs, or sawdust like that used in hashing. The comet in this case is D/1819 W1 Blanpain, now officially recorded as a 'lost periodic comet', which means it has not returned when it was expected. One possible explanation is that an error was made during the calculation of its orbit when it was first discovered in 1819. ,The meteor shower connected with the comet is called the Phoenicids, which was first recorded on 5 December, 1956, when 61 meteors were noted. The display produced a number of bright meteors, with the mean brightness being 2.4 mag. There was then a gap until 1972, and meteors were also noted in 1973, 1976, and 1977, although the maximum was a rather disappointing five per hour. ,Extrasolar Planets in PhoenixThere had been several extrasolar planetary systems found in this constellation; the first was discovered in 2000. Figures given in the table below are the length of the planet's orbital period around its parent star, which we know of as a year. The mass of the extrasolar planet is compared with that of Jupiter, our Solar System's largest planet, known by astronomers as the 'Jovian scale'. ,The most interesting, from our point of view, is Delta2 Phoenicis, a yellow sub giant star which is 67 light years distant. Fairly inconspicuous in itself, it just happens to have a gas giant planet, Delta2Phoenicisb, orbiting in its habitable zone. Obviously not a candidate for extra terrestrial life itself, any moons that it may have which possess enough gravity to retain an atmosphere could be a distinct possibility. Speculation about any inhabitants has already been mentioned in the light hearted Entry 'Broadcasting to our Galactic Neighbours'.Phoenix Concerts May 15 ,been a long time since you come down, Kristina Moore, who records under the name kolezanka, sings at the start of Issues, one of the scant two songs featured on her Bandcamp page. Both recordings concern the passage of time. Her repeated refrain of too long to come to terms with anything punctuates the second, Cone Summer/Flyfishing, which melts into a languid drone in its second half. A fuller project called Fun With Depression is promised at some point in the future. But slight discography aside, Moore an artist worth making note of now. With kolezanka, Moore refines and expands the spaciest elements of her previous group, the folky Foreign Language currently enjoying an extended hiatus, pushing her spectral songs into woozier, more synthetic territory. Her performances around the Valley at all ages venues have showcased her slippery and hard to define blend of indie pop and art rock abstraction. Poised center stage with her red Stratocaster, flanked by dual keyboardists, Moore commands rooms with a steady ease. There an alien quality to her voice, capable of sustained echo and staccato flutters, but also a volume to her delivery that suggests a reserve of punk intensity. Jason P. Woodbury ,Wednesday, May 17 ,Livewire in Scottsdale ,From living large to barely surviving and back again: that been the story of both Testament vocalist Chuck Billy and thrash metal, the neck snapping genre that he helped to codify in the late Back when tight jeans and white high tops ruled rock, Testament and their ilk of hairy, shredding musicians virtually wiped hair metal off the face of the planet. Just when thrashers were hitting their high water mark in the early though, alternative rock arrived to steal all the credit. As tastes changed in the hard rock community, Testament and other thrashers fell hard, many never to be heard from again. Few fell harder than Billy. ,Related StoriesThe 30 Best Concerts in Phoenix in May 2017 ,After Testament was dropped from Atlantic Records, the band fortunes turned sharply in the After countless lineup fluctuations, Testament was nearly leveled when the singer was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer affecting his heart and lungs in 2001. Much like thrash itself, Billy appeared to be on his way out for good. very proud of what I accomplished and what this band has accomplished since my illness, Billy says. that point, life was looking kind of grim, you know. The future of Testament, in my eyes, was done. From that time, 2002, to where we are today, I very, very proud of what we accomplished. He ought to be. Testament isn just hanging on, playing old hits like to Serenity to European festival crowds in the middle of the afternoon. After defying death, Billy and the group rallied to release the two highest charting albums of their career in the past five years, 2012 Dark Roots of Earth and last year Brotherhood of the Snake. It a different era, to be sure. But in a world once again awash in fear and corruption, metalheads have regained their taste for thrash whipping righteousness. Nathan Smith ,Wednesday, May 17Ren Marie certainly knows about being on the road. The esteemed jazz singer has traveled her fair share since she first started singing professionally in the mid '90s. At the urging of her brother, who told her, "You need to jump, and the net will appear," she quit her job at a Virginia bank. That was on a Friday. The following Tuesday, she got a call from a theater company that was desperately in need of a singer for a 10 week production. The gig was ideal, since it gave her time to work on compositions at night and book shows for herself, as well. The Motema imprint has issued the last three Marie albums, including 2013's I Wanna Be Evil With Love to Eartha Kitt and last year Sound of Red, both of which were nominated for Grammy Awards. Adult contemporary is a pretty spot on description for this Chicano power rock trio from San Angelo, Texas. And with their latest album, Revelation, the band revisits their roots. The Garza brothers combine their classic mix of Tejano, a brush of the blues, a tinge of country and a healthy dose of rock roll guitar solos in songs like It on Love and Walk Away. Singer Jojo Garza shines in particular with his rugged, yet calm vocal styling, as brothers Henry and Ringo lay down the smooth rock foundation for Jojo guitar solos. They also have elements of conjunto and reggae in some of their songs, like It a Little More, demonstrating that the group isn just sticking to their old formula. Of course, their lyrical content is filled with the emotional heartbreak of life, just perfect for that solitary uncle. Witch, which is set to drop its debut album on Seattle independent punk label Suicide Squeeze Records this summer. It taken a lengthy stretch of releases to get here, each single and EP further honing the trio languid psych by way of garage rock, which conjures visions of everyone from Sonic Youth and the Brian Jonestown Massacre to the Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It sensual and sinister, dramatic but never overblown. Frontwoman and guitarist Sade Sanchez seductive drawl is a constant, and at its best while she unfurling the tale of a woman scorned among the scuzzy, silken blues guitar of My Baby Tonight. On Your Car, a pulsating lo fi psych number with a killer guitar solo shortly after the two minute mark, mind you released last year, she repeats the same three lines drive your car I promise I won go far For you, for you like a femme fatale who already knows you going to hand over the keys. But it took years of practice. Raised on Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, Sanchez started writing songs in sixth grade. She met drummer Ellie English in high school, and the two started Pow Wow, which she remembers as rock built around unconventional time signatures. Using a fake ID, the then underage pair would sneak into venues. Their strategy Play to whoever will listen. Now, six years into being a band and on the brink of releasing a debut album, the trio boasts a r that includes opening for the Kills who stay in touch, Sanchez says, selling out shows across Europe, and playing indie festivals like Desert Daze in California and Austin Levitation. Elle CarrollPhoenix Finds No Water on Mars Surface ,The results are now in from the first sample of Mars regolith to be baked in Phoenix oven. It not good news there no water. the scientists were hopeful for a clear science run. They were finally able to sift the clumpy regolith through the TEGA screen last week. However, the sample was waiting on the deck of Phoenix for some time until tests could be carried out on the sample; it seems probable that any water ice will have sublimed into the thin atmosphere. Over the weekend they were able to carry out the first tests on the sample and it appears that everything functioned as it should when the sample was heated to 35 95 At this temperature any water in the sample will have melted. In the second phase of the test, the sample was heated up to 175 350 No water vapour was detected. ,Scientists are in no way surprised or discouraged about this early result. The regolith sample sat atop the lander TEGA hatch for several days whilst scientists tried to find an answer as to why no particles had fallen into the oven. It is believed that any water ice in the sample will have quickly vaporized in the Martian sunlight and thin atmosphere. As the atmospheric pressure is so low on Mars, exposed water ice cannot melt into liquid water, it will sublime straight to water vapour by passing the liquid phase. ,Over the coming days, scientists will instruct Phoenix to fire up the TEGA again to heat the sample to 1000 1800 This will vaporize minerals that might be chemically bound to H2O, CO2 or SO2 and then use instrumentation to measure the vented gases. Scientists are very confident that, although water has not been directly detected today, they will detect evidence of its existence in the next round of tests. ,Whilst the drama unfolds in the lander oven, Phoenix continues its excavation work on the surface with its robotic arm. It has just expanded a trench a 3D visualization can be seen at the top of this post by linking the two trenches and into a new united trench. This is the location where scientists noticed white sediment last Friday, so they will be keen to learn whether this is water or salt. I am a solar physics doctor, but my space interests are wide ranging. I am also heavily involved with the Mars Homestead project run by the Mars Foundation, an international organization to advance our settlement concepts on Mars. ,First, we have no idea whatsoever, at how thick the ice layer actually is ,Second, we have no real way to power the craft to melt its way through that much ice without it taking an extremely long time. ,Three, we also have no know technology that will be able to handle the immense pressure of the interior of a moon ,Four, we have to look at other factors such as our own contamination leaking into a potential environment where there is a remote possibility that life could evolve. ,With that in mind, Mars is not a waste. Any research is a step in the right direction, regardless if it turns up the results we want or not ,I don think our scientists are really ready to see an alien. What would have happened if the Mars rover shoveled up dirt and uncovered a sleeping giant something I don think we be prepared for that. I doubt they even considered the possibility. They sifting dirt looking for microscopic particles not fossils or buried civilizations. Every step the scientists take is progress toward bigger steps. ,I agree with the comment about of another world. If there any indication at all, of organic life somewhere, we should treat it with the utmost respect. I hoping in my lifetime to hear of organic life somewhere out there, but it better not take too long won live forever. ,You got to be kidding me man. You don believe we made it to the moon yet. wow conspircy ,Erm, Van Allen belts When a space shuttle approached the Belts on a recent high level research experiment, all the radiation alarms went off and the pilots reported seeing as escaped, highly energetic particles passed through their brains, and they were still HUNDREDS OF MILES away from the boundary of the first weaker belt. Your only defences, should you want to try, would be a; lead shield, a number of inches thick, a concrete shield a number of FEET thick, or maybe an inch of gold all the way round the inhabited quarters. Other than that, you wanna borrow my tin foil hat I wear it somewhere else if I were you ,a space shuttle approached the Belts on a recent high level research experiment, all the radiation alarms went off and the pilots reported seeing as escaped, highly energetic particles passed through their brains, and they were still HUNDREDS OF MILES away from the boundary of the first weaker belt. sure like to see your source for that claim. ,Anyway, instead of a world wide massive conspiracy of all scientists and engineers, maybe you should apply Occam razor:The reason they will not find water is because the Phoenix lander would actually have to be on MARS to conduct the test. ,The Lander is in Area 51 as with every image they ever sent from a moon walk or Mar landers. ,The editors failed to delete the image of one of the antenna that are spread through out the site. ,The fact they can show color images of the dirt inside the craft but are to show us color images out outside, is one of the in your face, what you gonna do actions NASA is famous for. ,The masking of the sky, the leveling of the horizon to make it look flat, are clearly seen in all their so called Mars images. Photoshop 098, at your local college ,There may be something on MARS but what they release is much like the Apollo images. Studio released garbage, made by Rookie losers that couldn make it in a real animation studio. probably because once you know they have to kill ya, so they probably roll through a lot of peoplePhoenix Heavy Metal Bands Enter the Whiskey Game ,Some of the most legendary artists found inspiration from their favorite alcoholic spirits and unfortunately for several, an untimely death. However, it wasn't until the past decade or two when artists and the creators and distributors of said brands decided to put their metal heads together to create something truly unique for the marketplace. ,Bands figured out another way to make money off their brand by actually helping create a bottle of booze instead of just chugging it on camera. With spirits like Motorhead vodka, Mastodon beer, and KISS wine, fans could feel even close to their favorite band, while the musicians had an endless free supply of the alcohol they endorsed. ,Some have even made a lot of money off the concoctions. Take Marilyn Manson, for example. nightmare fuel, producing it out of Switzerland. It's a solid absinthe; however, you basically have to realize that you're not getting the real deal unless you to somewhere in Eastern Europe, like Prague. Metal icons Iron Maiden have sold more than 3.5 million pints of their beer as of 2014 and I will admit, it tastes pretty damn good. ,And as of late there's been some Arizona influence in this market and much to my delight, it's all about the whiskey. ,One of the Valley's most successful independent rock outfits, Digital Summer, has broken into the whiskey and wine making sector with Headbanger. Digital Summer has been around since 2006, and for the most part has independently established themselves on the festival circuit, and have had six singles chart on major radio airplay. One day, lead vocalist Kyle Winterstein started up a conversation with a man backstage at a music festival. The man turned out to be Paul Hoffman of Hoffman Cellars in Sonoma. With Hoffman's decades of wine making experience, a mutual passion for rock 'n' roll, and a love for whiskey, they decided to create Headbanger American Gold. ,Hard Rock in Las Vegas have developed four signature cocktails by twisting some classics like the Margarita, Sidecar, Long Island Ice Tea, and a Raspberry Mojito all with Headbanger. Other acts that endorse the brand include Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael, Sevendust, Adelita's Way, and Dan Johnson. White Dog and aged Whiskey that marries like Plant, Paige, Jones, Bonham. ,With that being said ,Winterstein admits that the goal was to hit the flavors right in the middle fake ids market fake id consequences Maryland fake new york state id card As a whiskey and scotch lover ,It's around the same price as Jack Daniels, but it provides more of a party appeal to it," says Winterstein. "It has that party appeal that Jager has, but isn't as heavy and syrupy.

fake ids indianapolis how to fake your age on id fake student id uk get a fake student id card You can get it at Total Wine and More; plus it's distributed at a ton of Valley bars fake id dc law state ids without holograms fake you caller id fake id bars dc texas fake id penalty There's another little brand you may have heard of that has the same mentality: Coldcock Whiskey. One of the original investors in Coldcock is none other than John Reese ,Coldcock's whole business model is based around artists directly sharing in the profits of the brand they're helping to build. Bands earn profit sharing units in the spirit's company easiest state make fake id alameda swap meet fake id novelty id vs fake id Coldcock's herbal" blend of aged whiskey, herbs and spices, such as green tea, ginger and eucalyptus, claims to nix the morning after sugar hangover. Yes, it's 70 proof and has less sugar, but it reminds me of a cross between Jager and Jack Daniels. ,So the Phoenix music scene is not only helping develop a mainstream brand of whiskey that metalheads could love; they are trying to make the industry stronger. Just one more thing to love about the Valley of the Sun's true metalheads. ,Find any show in Metro Phoenix via our extensive online concert calendar. ,9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show 10 Classic Punk Records That Actually Kind of Suck The 10 Coolest, Scariest, Freakiest Songs About Heroin The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All TimePhoenix's Jerusafunk Is the World's First Klezploitation Band ,Wait a second, you might say Phoenix has a Jewish funk band It's true. As the name implies, Jerusafunk skillfully blends traditional klezmer with the ass bopping sensibilities of R rhythms, tossing in jazzy twirls here and there. Using instruments such as bass clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet, the band attacks its southeastern European roots with sarcastic, hip gyrating Afrobeat sensibilities. Oddly enough, no one in the band is actually Jewish. ,And with nine core members, plus three rotating drummers, Jerusafunk is far from being the smallest band in town. We met in the cluttered, instrument filled living room of the north Central Phoenix house where four of the band members reside. The boogie bungalow also serves as a practice space for other bands, including Wolvves. ,See also: 9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show ,Jerusafunk's origins begin with lovebirds Jessie Demaree clarinet and Chris Del Favero guitar, vocals, who have been dating for five years. They founded the band in Flagstaff four years ago while students at Northern Arizona University, then briefly moved to Phoenix, where they joined forces with Isaac "Ike" Parker bass and Bryce Broome drums, percussion. In true Gypsy spirit, the lovers took a two year schlep around South America, returning fresh to the States in January. ,"This music culture we have in Phoenix has been more interesting than some of the other music cultures we experienced while we were traveling. It's just a lot more progressive and has a lot more ballsy initiative," Del Favero says, which is kind of surprising to hear. "Being in like B or Panama City, it was all still kind of, I don't want to say 10 years behind, but we saw a lot of jazz there, and some of their progressive jazz there was a bit mild compared to stuff we've already seen here. Which is why we stay here in Phoenix.] ,Back in the Valley ,Well, it was really just a party," Elliot Fox tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet chimes in. "Can't call it a party since the real party got canceled before we played. We just relocated. ,And proceeded to get naked," Demaree emphasizes. "We were all topless. Chris was representing the fully nude. best fake id websites 2015 fake ca best ways to spot a fake id

fake id laws chicago Au naturel performances aside ,You got it first, New Times," Del Favero chuckles. "It's going to be the biggest thing ever. That's all we can say. Like Alejandro] Jodorowsky's Dune." Isaac's brother, Zach Parker guitar, adds, "But it's going to be completed. Let's hope so ,All the klezmer stuff is, like, thousands of years old and has been refined to inspire that dance," Fox says. "Ancient technology. It's designed to make you dance. And that's where the familiarity comes from, even if nobody's Jewish. That music pervades our culture. It's why Broome says ,Between the ancient folk styles and songs like Diary of Anne Funk," a mix of hip hop, Afrobeat and swing, 'variety' is probably the best way to describe Jerusafunk. Demaree says she is also working on a song called "Boss Nigun," a reference both to the Blaxploitation film Boss Nigger and 'nigun,' a Yiddish word for religious chanting songs like "ai ai ai!" So basically, Jerusafunk have written the very first Klezploitation song. ,Yet, choosing to perform primarily instrumental songs could be seen as a risk some crowds just can't jive without a sing along chorus. So why pick lyric less music Del Favero explains, "It felt right. Anytime that music came on, and I got my erection, I knew., He adds ,Shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh said phoenixing was the equivalent of athletes 'tanking' fake maryland new id fake salesforce id arizona fake id laws macklemore fake id

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