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fake id to get into mexico online fake id template Both Stuber and Graves said they would probably hold a sale should the ban pass. Stuber added that new york fake id for sale create fake id photoshop make a fake create a fake license buy fake id montreal,ArticlesFatal bear attack reported at Pogo Mine; 2nd person injuredNorthway man killed in shootout with Fairbanks policeDrunken woman accused of biting off man's earBlack bear kills 16 year old boy during race in AlaskaMan arrested on murder charges in Denali Highway double killingFormer Fairbanks district attorney dies in Yukon motorcycle crashMidnight Sun Festival captures all that is solstice weekendConstruction accident leaves one dead in North PoleAthabascan elder reflects on her 96 yearsNorth Pole accident victim was Army Corps of Engineers workerAlaska Senate awaits next moves from House on deficit ,Menu Alaska News Obituaries Arctic Politics Outdoor/Adventure Opinions Sports SubscribeLawmakers here are poised to blow through their 90 day deadline set by voters in a 2006 initiative instead saying they'll aim for the 121 day limit set by the state Constitution. ,Sign up for The Agenda how can i get fake id florida fake ids review fake id las vegas clubs In the end ,But with the state at such an important crossroads, and with a set of substantial measures under consideration that are crucial to solving the fiscal crisis, we're more than willing to take the pushback," he said. ,The Senate majority, meanwhile, argues that only budget cuts and a restructured Permanent Fund are needed this year meaning that it's now left waiting to assess any additional measures that emerge from the House. Anchorage Republican Sen. Natasha von Imhof published a Sunday op ed in Alaska Dispatch News detailing her arguments against an income tax. ,Eagle River Republican Sen. Anna MacKinnon talks with activists from Great Alaska Schools, an education group, at the Capitol on Wednesday. Nathaniel Herz Alaska Dispatch News ,Eagle River Republican Sen. Anna MacKinnon talks with activists from Great Alaska Schools, an education group, at the Capitol on Wednesday. Nathaniel Herz Alaska Dispatch News ,The Senate also effectively killed the U Med road in its budget proposal a long sought project by Anchorage's university campus that had attracted local opposition. ,On Tuesday, we published an interview with Gov. Bill Walker in which he took an accommodating view of lawmakers' progress on deficit reduction measures this year, saying: "My focus is what we get done, not when we get it done.

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best place to get a fake id online On Saturday ,Even if lawmakers are already acknowledging that their 90 day deadline is unreachable Our intent is to get our major pieces of legislation over to the Senate before the 90 day period expires," Edgmon said.Alaska Senate passes pension bill KTVA 11 ,As has often happened in the past, some of the most important work of the Alaska Legislature happens in the last 48 hours of the session. ,Often there are surprises, as there was on Saturday. ,The Senate Finance Committee took a new approach to dealing with the state's 12 billion obligation to the public employee and teacher retirement systems, known as PERS TRS. About 120,000 state employees and teachers, both active and retired, are owed benefits from the system. ,For most of the session, the debate has been over Gov. Sean Parnell's plan to pull 3 billion out of savings to bring down the debt, and go forward with annual payments of 500 million. ,Otherwise, lawmakers would be stuck carving hundreds of millions of dollars out of the budget every year to pay down the debt, an obligation the state is constitutionally mandated to meet. ,The House passed Parnell's plan, House Bill 385, but not without expressing some of their reservations. ,With declining state revenues, including a 2 billion shortfall this year, they wondered if the state would be able to afford 500 million payments. ,Some lawmakers had earlier pushed for a plan with lower payments over a longer period of time, known as the "Pay as You Go" plan. In the end, the governor's bill remained intact with only two lawmakers voting against it. ,The Senate Finance Committee reworked the bill, which stuck with the 3 billion infusion of cash to reduce the overall debt, but changed the annual payments which would start out low and gradually get higher over a 25 year period. ,The hope is that oil revenues will increase and a liquefied natural gas project will be up and running by the time the bigger payments kick in. ,On the Senate floor Saturday, lawmakers reflected on the decision before them. ,"This is a huge step today you're taking when you push that button," said Sen. Pete Kelly. ,Kelly is co chair of the Senate Finance Committee and one of those who crafted the new proposal. ,"What we need to do is husband our resources as best as we can, as we're getting to a place in time where we'll have some resources," Kelly said. "This plan does that a little better. It's not the answer to all our problems. ,The state has about 17 billion in reserve accounts Kelly noted that the Senate plan makes a bigger cash infusion to the teacher's system. ,He looked over to some education advocates sitting in the gallery and told them he hopes they're taking note of this spending., This proposal puts 2 billion into the teacher's retirement system. 2 billion," Kelly said. ,Sen. Johnny Ellis talked about how politics played a role in letting the debt get out of hand how past legislative leaders wanted to make their budgets look good, so they chronically underfunded the retirement systems. ,"We should remember those lessons of history, which our legislators helped get us into this mess," Ellis said. "A fake budget cut plan was rolled out that underfunded these retirement systems. I called it for what it was at the time. Nobody listened, and it caught up with us. ,The retirement funds were also slammed by the 2008 stock market crash and bad financial advice. premium fake id tasmanian drivers licence fake id passport card fake id penalty Maryland

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