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Fourth St., Royal Oakthe Russians hack voting machines for Trump ,I really feel its similar to boat building the Government should subsidize a US business to make some of this stuff. I know its long term and complicated but its not impossible. ,Click to expand. ,Now all equipment planned for new systems have to be thoroughly tested and how they are testing is classified for embedded malware due to us not requiring military equipment contain only US manufactured hardware. Of course it would be impossible to do due to globalization of everything. I liked the good old days with US made 16 bit, 24 bit, and 34 bit custom made computers. That was the reason for the existence of the company I work for which is to collect all this different data and format it into standard data formats for analysis. This part of our business will go away in a few short years. ,Thanks for your detailed response. I left with one question though. How do you know that the machine you got and the software that runs on it originally wasn compromised Locking a bad computer up doesn fix it. Not that I have any proof that the manufacturer was purposely doing anything wrong, but they have every incentive and capability to do so. ,We are in completely different fields I an engineer designing medical equipment. But, I wouldn be able to get any test plan through my supervisors without at least 13 tests minimum number from many different standards. My wife works in the pharmaceutical business and her company won do any fewer than 30 tests on any piece of equipment. Three voting counter tests including before and after is necessary. But it sounds a bit skimpy. That is, unless each of those tests were repeated many times oin those three days. I left with one question though. How do you know that the machine you got and the software that runs on it originally wasn compromised Locking a bad computer up doesn fix it. Not that I have any proof that the manufacturer was purposely doing anything wrong, but they have every incentive and capability to do so. ,We are in completely different fields I an engineer designing medical equipment. But, I wouldn be able to get any test plan through my supervisors without at least 13 tests minimum number from many different standards. My wife works in the pharmaceutical business and her company won do any fewer than 30 tests on any piece of equipment. Three voting counter tests including before and after is necessary. But it sounds a bit skimpy. That is, unless each of those tests were repeated many times oin those three days. ,Click to expand. ,For me, the takeaway from this discussion is that there either a present or a huge looming problem, which we, as a nation, simply must take seriously. We must address this problem starting now, in a decisive and technically comprehensive manner. To me, this means, at the very least, that the Federal government has to take the lead, just as the Federal government took the lead in getting us to the Moon, or in fighting World War II. By that I mean that the funding and the broad technical outlines have to come from the one instrument we as a nation have to combat existential crises or opportunities of this seriousness and magnitude. ,Wannabe Libertarians and "starve the beast" Republicans, please put your ideology and partisanship aside in this matter. This is serious stuff. ,Click to expand. ,I agree with your post. I personally think it is a looming problem, not an actual problem today. ,Voting machines are easily hacked I love the part where the encryption code is not encrypted, but you have to hack so many of them to really make a difference. We must address this problem starting now, in a decisive and technically comprehensive manner. To me, this means, at the very least, that the Federal government has to take the lead, just as the Federal government took the lead in getting us to the Moon, or in fighting World War II. By that I mean that the funding and the broad technical outlines have to come from the one instrument we as a nation have to combat existential crises or opportunities of this seriousness and magnitude. ,Wannabe Libertarians and "starve the beast" Republicans, please put your ideology and partisanship aside in this matter. This is serious stuff. ,Click to expand. ,LOL, your side was the one with no interest in a comprehensive suite of voting and election reform when Voter ID was included because you thought it was an imaginary problem. Now you want a Manhattan project level effort to stop a hypothesized Russian hack that you fear will keep Hillary from being elected President. Now you want a Manhattan project level effort to stop a hypothesized Russian hack that you fear will keep Hillary from being elected President. And now you the one with the balls and lack of self awareness to say it the other side that has the problem ,Click to expand. They are nothing more than Republican attempts at voter suppression, AND AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT NON ISSUE from voting machine vulnerabilities. ,Either you are TOO STUPID to see the difference or you are posting in conscious bad faith. Either way, I am beginning to have real contempt for the bullshit way you post. Now you want a Manhattan project level effort to stop a hypothesized Russian hack that you fear will keep Hillary from being elected President. And now you the one with the balls and lack of self awareness to say it the other side that has the problem ,Click to expand. ,Glenn1, if you don know what the other side argument is, how can you possibly convince anyone in an argument that you are right or that they are wrong ,Democrats have said over and over again that they care about the potential for real voter fraud. You may be able to create an army of fake IDs, fake voters, and happen to show up at exactly the right polling location before the real voter votes, and maybe swing a vote by a few dozen votes. Not enough to matter in just about any election. 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When Patrick investigates, he discovers that they have moved to a new undisclosed location only accessible by helicopter. Intrigued by the mystery, Patrick's co workers, reporter Sam and cameraman Jake, suggest a feature documentary on the topic. The trip goes well, but the helicopter pilot warns them that he will leave with or without them the next day; they promise to be prompt. Issues first arise when they meet the guides at the airfield.At the commune itself, armed guards delay the entry of the film crew. Feeling uneasy, Jake and Sam begin to regret the trip, but Patrick is able to smooth things over when his sister appears. Caroline enthusiastically welcomes them and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Caroline leaves with Patrick, and Jake and Sam are given their own cabin. After settling in, the two attempt to find members to interview. Several of the people open up to them and tell stories of how Father has saved them and given them new found hope. The commune's nurse, Wendy, reveals that the commune has a well stocked medical center funded by donations from the members, who sold off all their possessions.Privately, the filmmakers express their skepticism but admit that the members seem happy and have accomplished much. Caroline arranges an interview with Father, and Sam prepares a list of questions. However, Father will only agree to do the interview during a public meeting. Father, an older Southerner, greets them warmly and at first answers the questions openly. However, his answers become more evasive and vaguely threatening. Near the end of the interview, Father raises the subject of Sam's pregnant wife, which Sam had mentioned earlier to Wendy. Put off guard, Sam fumbles and loses control of the interview, and Father politely but dominantly cuts it short with roaring applause from his followers, who proceed to engage in a party.During the party, Savannah, a young, mute girl, passes a note requesting help to Sam. When the filmmakers inquire further, they discover a dissident group that wishes to leave, alleging abuse and brainwashing. Jake does not want to get involved, but Sam insists that they help despite the fact that the helicopter can not fit them. When Sam and Jake attempt to locate Patrick, they find that he has been taken aside for a threesome, and an inebriated seeming Caroline explains that they need Patrick's money. Growing increasingly distrustful of Father and the commune, Jake and Sam anxiously wait out the night, unable to sleep.In the morning, they find that the dissidents have become outright rebellious. Sarah, Savannah's mother, insists that they at least rescue her daughter, and Jake returns to the helicopter to delay its take off. The pilot flatly refuses to help, but gunshots cut the conversation short. Jake flees into the forest and circles back to the helicopter; the injured pilot tells him to get the others. At the camp, Sam attempts to break up a fight, and a guard attacks him. Caroline angrily denounces him, and he is taken hostage. Father convenes the commune and forces everyone to take cyanide laced drinks. Anyone who refuses is shot dead. When Jake returns to the camp, he finds almost everyone dead except for roving, armed guards.Patrick, also held hostage, panics when Caroline injects him with a syringe, and she holds him as he dies. When Jake finds her, she refuses to leave the camp, saying that she has nothing left, and she self immolates. In another cabin, Jake finds Savannah and Sarah hiding; Sarah herself kills her daughter to spare her from execution, and guards shoot Sarah dead while Jake hides. When Jake finally confronts Father himself, he finds Sam bound to a chair. Father commits suicide, and the two filmmakers flee back to the helicopter, where they escape. He described the film as "West's first mainstream movie".6] Swanberg, Bowen, Audley, Seimetz, and Jones were announced to have joined the cast in October 2012, as it went into production.7] The parts were written specifically for the actors, as Roth gave West full creative control. Swanberg doubled as cameraman for parts of the film, as West trusted his background as a filmmaker to shoot the scenes without supervision.8] West described the film as his most horrific film yet, and said that he wanted the film's violence to be upsetting. When West cast Jones as cult leader Father, he wanted to make sure that Father seemed like a genuine, well meaning person who nonetheless was driven to evil by his paranoia. The film was shot outside of Savannah, Georgia.9]The Sacrament premiered at the Venice Film Festival. It was released on video on demand on May 1, 2014, and had a limited theatrical release on June 6, 2014.10] It was released on home video on August 19, 2014.11]Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 62% of 60 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating was 5.74/10. The consensus reads: "While it may be a bit too slow for some, The Sacrament offers enough tense atmosphere and intriguing ideas to satisfy discerning horror buffs."12] Metacritic rated it 49/100 based on 21 reviews.13] Guy Lodge of Variety gave a mostly positive review, commenting that making the cameraman of the found footage feature an employee of Vice magazine helped "provide] an alibi for Eric Robbins' fluid, generously lit lensing; most films in the found footage genre have no reason to look this good."14] David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter called it "a bone chilling genre piece" that may disappoint horror purists.15] Robert Abele of the Los Angeles Times called the first half a "dread inducing tour de force" but wrote that the second half is a disappointment that adds no insight to the real life tragedy.16] Manohla Dargis of The New York Times described the film as "a neo exploitation flick that shifts from the unnerving to the hollow after it becomes evident that Mr.The Sacrifice ,Plot Kassandra says, "Please state your CONSENT for the log. I'll start a pose to get us into it, then throw it to you for a pose or two getting to the meet."A call hits the streets very close to dusk. Silk has put the word in the ears of fixers and Johnsons, street vendors and bartenders, trix jockeys and finger wigglers that she needs runners for a rescue mission. The payment is rumoured to be good and even moreso, it is rumoured to be about the missing girl and possibly the serial killer. Whatever your reason, you are directed to the Ampersand in the CAS sector, the private upstairs section.Frost is in a hurry today, he has spent most of the day trying to track down this kid, and it didn't go well. He is on the way home when for speeds sake, he sends his Ally Spirit to the meet with a few elementals as backup, hopefully they can get in if there are no wards, otherwise he will have to drive faster.Nameless was muttering to himself when he got the word. "Sick fraggers. Going off on child pornography and who knows what other atrocities. And when the lights go out they're just another shadow. Another Nameless. Waiting for someone to put a damn bullet in their head and make a better future." When the bartender looks at him, curiously, Nameless cuts him down with a angry gaze, "Ah, shut up! I know I'm not perfect either." He slides some nuyen over the table and heads for the designated place.For some strange reason, the man known as Freeman has decided to take part in this operation. Sage is dressed in his usual red colors, face unadorned by another identity. Arriving at Ampersand, he allows the security to check his arms, and looks for the fixer who's called the meet.Stumpy makes his way to the Ampersand via taxi, helmet loosely in place on his head, fully armored out in his second hand gear. He makes his way to the upstair section with all the haste his short dwarven legs can muster.The rumble of a large Harley is the sound that shows that Creep has arrived. A huge troll decked out in Demolition Boyz colors drives the hog as the small human hangs onto his midsection. Once the bike rolls to a stop the girl reaches up and smacks the troll's helmet and drops off. Her satchel rests close to her side as she shuffles into the club. The bike thunders off and she removes her helmet, tucking it under her arm.On the top floor at the meeting spot, a Japanese woman in a very expensive suit simply appears. She looks around momentarily for Silk, the astral plane around the woman covered with three elementals.Thistledown spent this morning goofing about at the rifle range, then a bit of time lolligagging at the park, some time idling in the coffee shops, and a smidgeon of time meeting girls in bookstores. After such a busy day he went to work to take a nap, awakened from his siesta by one of the kids that hangs around the Knuckle for handouts and informed that Silk was calling a meeting. Rather than leave his comfy chair he just rolled his way into the clinic and decided to take make the trip astrally, sort of pointless to trek all the way out of the Warrens just to come back in again. He triple checks his wards before he leaves his body behind the locked doors of the clinic, his imps standing guard.Thistledown wanders over to the Japanese woman, his astral form flickering constantly through varying clothing styles, each just as outrageous and stylish as the one before, "Socome here often" He says to her, smiling at the elementals cheerfully.The Japanese woman frowns at Thistledown "Take this serious please, we have spent all day trying to track down this child. We found nothing so far, only Silk seems to know that its connected to the headhunter."Silk is pacing upstairs as the runners arrive via astral travel or taxi or whatever means they may, a number of small briefcases set up and waiting for her attention. A small bar is set up for convenience sake but there is no server, no other lifeforms on this level other than the waiting elf.Adam arrives via a motorcycle a simple, electronic one with just enough gear in the cargo for a camping trip. He parks his car where parking allows in the CAS sector stepping off of his bike as he texts over his pocsoc to Frost. You going to the meet As he passes through the synthrcrete parking garage, he steps through some shadows, emerging as a completely different person: a rustic australian with bronzed skin and crew cut white hair.Masked as such, he puts his pocsoc away, sliding into the club/bar/place of interest at dusk and looking for the assembled runstuffs upstairs.Nameless does not leave the bar unattended. Even though he figured drinking now was bad, but just a tiny winy gulp of beer or something. Anyway his head snaps up and says, "Sorry if I am not on the mark here." He pauses. "But who's the kid"Stumpy nervously takes a seat at the empty bar, holding his hands in front of him, his helmet still on, as he glances around at the others trying to figure out how he should be behaving himself.Thistledown looks at the Japanese woman, "What child"Once she takes her place at the seat, Creep nods her head to Silk and she draws out her poc sec, she places it on the top of the table and gets comfortable. She flips up the small screen and presses a button on the side, keeping the small device held firmly in her two cloth wrapped hands.Frost arrives in the parking lot a few minutes later, and simply remains sitting in his car with his eyes closed, his attentions are all on the scene upstairs, he checks his pocsec and sends a reply Cara is already thereThe Japanese woman frowns at Thistledown "A child was taken from the zoo today, we went to investigate to see if it was anything linked to the headhunter we have been tracking. The only thing we found out is no one knows where the child was taken, its like the child simply vanished without a trace. We found no evidence of magic though."The sad new life of exiled Ruth Madoff ,OLD GREENWICH, Conn. Every morning, the petite blonde with the bright red lipstick walks the few blocks from her nondescript condo to the Upper Crust Bagel Company on Sound Beach Avenue, the main drag in this picturesque New England hamlet of 6,600 people. ,Just about everyone who lives here knows it's Ruth Madoff in exile, and they mostly leave her alone. ,They know the broad outlines of her fall how her privileged world exploded in December 2008 when her husband, Bernie, confessed to the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, an 18 billion fraud for which he is serving a 150 year sentence. ,Ruth lost everything her money, social status, husband and her two sons. Mark, the elder, committed suicide in 2010, and Andrew died of cancer in 2014. ,Ruth will turn 76 this week, two days before HBO airs "Wizard of Lies," a dramatic retelling of the fall of the house of Madoff, starring Robert De Niro as Bernie and Michelle Pfeiffer as Ruth. ,Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro play the Madoffs in HBO of Lies. ,It's only an hour's train ride to Manhattan, but it's a world away for Ruth, who once owned a sprawling apartment on the Upper East Side and mansions in Palm Beach and Montauk. ,After her husband's conviction, Ruth was forced to give up her palatial digs, and was no longer welcome among her socialite friends. Donald Trump, who denounced Bernie as "a sleazebag and a scoundrel without par," refused to rent an apartment to Ruth in any of his Manhattan buildings as she desperately searched for a place to live, a source close to the Madoff family told The Post. ,Before her husband was sentenced in 2009, Bernie made a deal with prosecutors. In exchange for giving up most of their wealth 80 million worth of mansions, jewelry, cars and art Ruth was allowed to keep 2.5 million. ,Ruth took the cash and skipped town. ,Bernie Madoff with Ruth Madoff and Mark Madoff in 2001Getty Images ,After briefly living in an exclusive condo in Boca Raton, Fla., Ruth came to Old Greenwich in 2012, to be close to her three grandchildren who live nearby. She lived for two years at 57 Tomac Ave. in a quaint house, built in 1905 and then owned by her son Andrew and his estranged wife, Deborah West, public records show. ,"She was a very nice neighbor is all I have to say," said Mike Worden, who lived across the street from the Madoff house. ,Two months after Andrew died of a rare form of lymphoma, Ruth was booted from her son's home. It was sold by West two years later and was recently razed by its new owner to make room for new construction. ,Ruth moved from 57 Tomac to the townhouse in the condominium complex called The Gables, where she now lives. The gated community features a heated swimming pool, squash courts, gym and security, although there was no guardhouse attendant when The Post visited last week. A one bedroom unit was listed for 3,100 a month. ,It was here that Pfeiffer reportedly sat in Ruth's kitchen in preparation to play her in "Wizard of Lies," the drama directed by Barry Levinson. "She sat in her kitchen and studied her," a source said. ,"I don't think it would be appropriate to say she 'cooperated' with the film," Levinson told Page Six. "Michelle simply spent a little time talking to Ruth. I don't think Michelle talked much about the script. It was simply to get to know her however brief the time spent. ,Neighbors say Ruth mainly keeps to herself in Old Greenwich netspend reloadit best WestVirginia fake id louisiana id template But mostly she just walks and walks ,She strolls every morning to buy a bagel at Upper Crust but avoids the other bakery in town Sweet Peas. Last week

mass id form print fake student id ids history fake id for south dakota Ruth never comes in here because these people are part of her old life, and the ones who lost money with Bernie," said a woman who described herself as a friend. ,Now her new friends are a group of women who are active in church craft sales and don't get their nails or hair done, said a neighbor who has seen Ruth. ,"If they weren't living in Old Greenwich, you would think these ladies were all homeless," she told The Post. "Ruth spends a lot of time with them, and I have never seen her dressed up here. She's always in the same jeans. using fake id in los angeles fake id bc ultrabar fake id delaware fake id template pennsylvania fake id vs real Last Christmas ,It was quite the sight to see Ruth Madoff fetching crafts from a tub under the table, and taking in money at the sale," the neighbor said. ,Other neighbors have seen her on brisk morning walks at the nearby beach on the Long Island Sound, and strolling up and down the town's main street, stopping in at Anna Banana, a store that sells children's clothes, and frequenting the Indulge Salon and Beauty Bar.The Sad Song of Skippy ,The story of breakfast cereal is a lively and fascinating tale the origins couldn be farther away from the demon Boo Berry, and the endless post war variations are a fine lesson in marketing and design. Isn that enough No. Digg teases the story thus: ,How Cereal Transformed American Culture ,Hijacked, eh Diverted from its true course by dah dah DUM CAPITALISM Meaning, someone saw an opportunity to profit, which ruined everything. The Mental Floss article has this summary: ,More than a century ago, Christian fundamentalists invented cereal to promote a healthy lifestyle free of sin. Little did they know, their creation would eventually be used to promote everything from radio and cartoons to Mr. T and tooth decay. No cereal ever promoted tooth decay, except in the sense used by Trident gum in the ads. Let go to the article: ,During the early 19th century, most Americans subsisted on a diet of pork, whiskey, and coffee. It was hell on the bowels, and to many Christian fundamentalists, hell on the soul, too. They believed that constipation was God's punishment for eating meat. The diet was also blamed for fueling lust and laziness. To rid America of these vices, religious zealots spearheaded the country's first vegetarian movement. In 1863, one member of this group, Dr. James Jackson, invented Granula, America's first ready to eat, grain based breakfast product. Better known as cereal, Jackson's rock hard breakfast bricks offered consumers a sin free meat alternative that aimed to clear both conscience and bowels. ,But a radical shift in demographics came in 1936, thanks to a boy named Skippy. A Dennis the Menace type who frequently interrupted his adventures to extol the virtues of Wheaties, Skippy was the first cereal character directly marketed to children. As it turned out, kids ate him up, and cereal producers learned an important lesson: Children are suckers. ,Skippy wasn a cereal character. Skippy was a creation of Percy Crosby, and he was popular before his use as a cereal mascot. Here the story gets interesting, although you wouldn know it from the article. Skippy is the real story. What Retaliation by people who wanted control of a cartoon character Read on: ,Percy Crosby was falsely imprisoned in a New York mental hospital for the last 16 years of his life, following years of harassment by the IRS. He referred to this period of his life as a "political witch hunt". During this time, Crosby's famous Skippy trademark and its valuable goodwill was pirated by a bankrupt peanut butter company, which later merged with a Fortune 500 company, making a fortune in illicit sales under the Skippy brand name. WHAT This is like learning that Jif ordered a hit on Peter Pan. Well, that's what the page put up by the pro Crosby camp say; it details the long going legal battles. Let go to Wikipedia: ,"Skippy" was first used as a trademark for peanut butter by the Rosefield Packing Co., Ltd., of Alameda, California, in 1933. Percy Crosby, creator of the "Skippy" comic strip, had the trademark invalidated in 1934, but Rosefield persisted after Crosby was committed to an insane asylum, and its successor companies, most recently Unilever and Hormel, have been granted rights to the trademark over the objection of Crosby's heirs. There has been much litigation on this point over the decades, some of which has continued into the 2000s. Skippy comes in many different sizes, including a 4 pound jar, known as the "Family Jar". ,Classic irrelevant pedantry, wiki style. The Wikipedia entry on Crosby says the IRS did indeed come after him, and he thought it was because of his political writings. Then it got worse: ,The previous year, Crosby had begun drinking again, and his behavior became increasingly erratic. His marriage suffered, and after a violent episode in February 1939, Crosby left for Florida for two weeks. When he returned, repentant, his family had decamped, and his wife had filed for divorce. He never again saw his children, then aged five to nine. A devastated Crosby moved back to Manhattan and eventually entered Presbyterian Hospital for an extended stay for exhaustion and an infection. The man who created one of his era most beloved child characters ever saw his children again. It like the real Dennis the Menace story. ,The biography says he was declared a paranoid schizophrenic in He continued to write and draw, but nothing was ever published. ,But we were talking about cereal. Turns out kids like sugar and cereal companies made money living up to the market expectation for sweet crunchy things, and so the original intent of cereal was HIJACKED and America was and there were ads on TV that appealed to kids. Horrors. Here some more from the Mental Floss article: ,Burnett was one of the earliest believers in motivational psychology and understood that colors appealed to kids and moms subliminally. When color TV became a reality, he persuaded Kellogg to use anthropomorphized cartoon animals as mascots. He thought animation would make for better, more colorful commercials. The first mascot they produced was Tony the Tiger, whose meteoric success was followed by hundreds of other cartoon icons. In 1964, about three percent of US households had a color set. Here a Tony ad from 1956: ,Tony was created in 1951. So if someone at lunch today says know, Tony the Tiger was invented because they wanted a mascot for color TV, you know they been reading highly compressed histories. ,If you not properly horrified about the hijacking and the transforming, wander over to Mr. Breakfast and peruse the astonishing variety of cereal box art, and think back to your own childhood cereal experience. You thought you were enjoying that stuff. Hah! You were manipulated into thinking you were. ,By the way, here's something you may not have known about the real life Dennis the Menace: ,The real life Dennis was 12 in 1959 when his mother died of a drug overdose. . . . Dennis Ketcham served in Vietnam, suffered post traumatic stress disorder and had little contact with his father. Sigh.The Saga of a YouTube Bodybuilding Broscience Celebrity ,Dawn has yet to crawl up in the east, but 30 year old Jason Genova is awake. No alarm need pluck him out of his sleep cycle. The first thought forming in his fuzzy topped head is the same one that was sitting there when he blacked out seven hours ago: Get freaking huge. A dozen missed calls and texts from strangers sit on Genova's iPhone. The mystery digits are from all over 506, 708, 510 area codes. Half the messages are from fans, he knows. Half from haters. "Hey, Jason, big fan here. Just want to say I love your videos," one might say. Or: "M'lord, there is a gorilla prick infiltrating your channel. is owning a fake id illegal bc fake id template hologram on fake id Genova's meaty thumb opens a YouTube app and checks his account. Brown eyes squint to see whether the number of subscribers to his channel has grown overnight. It has ,Jason has a legitimate cult following globally."More sharesA flat screen TV washes the room in orange light. The rest of the condo is black: the tidy living room and the kitchen where fruit flies hop around a cityscape of supplement tubs and pill bottles. Up on his feet, Genova 190 pounds stacked on five feet seven inches, 10 percent body fat, capable of benching 340 pounds is wobbly at first. A buffalo stampede of shit is going through his system right now supplements and anabolic activators and epicatechin and caffeine boosters and pre and post workout concoctions. He's a walking laboratory beaker. ,Genova fires up the camera on the phone, his bleary face up close, Blair Witch style."This is Jason, Lord Vader," he announces sleepily, his voice high pitched with a helium wobble. "I'm about to go to the gym this morning to train at World's Gym. I'm going to do a video there with Andrew. Pretty sick. Pretty piss. That's all I can say. ,Before signing off ,Please read web version for embedded content where to find a fake id syracuse fake id real looking fake ids

fake caller id spoof android The one minute ,On paper Jason has a legitimate cult following globally," says Andrew Fiedelman, a friend and fellow gym rat who films and edits Genova's clips. "It's like they're obsessed. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. and Australia. ,Genova kicked down the door of the YouTube world in July 2009 with a nine minute and seven second clip that would serve as his protein shake encrusted raison d' My Story Part 1." Featuring all the production value of a kidnap victim's proof of life footage, the clip showed baby faced Genova punching out bench presses to a soundtrack of chipmunk screeching hair metal. ,"It Has Alway's been my biggest dream growing up To Become One Of the WORLD'S best bodybuilder's," the text, in ransom note spelling and grammar, said over the images. "And I Know I Have It In Me to out do the Compatishion And This Is My Bodybuilding Storie. I'll do whatever it takes to go to pro," Genova told the camera in his first appearance. "Even if I have to sacrifice my body to go to the pros. I'm the real deal. ,Since then, He's not alone. Fiedelman's camera has also caught a crew of similar South Florida common men whose feats of strength and hilarious banter have earned them their own online following. Dubbed the Delray Misfits," their YouTube channel has 18,036 subscribers and 5.4 million views. Combined with Genova's 8.5 million views, that's 13.9 million. Both channels have inspired fan sites and video tributes. ,Now, with internet fame serving as a regular trampoline for other types of exposure reality TV, mainstream acting gigs, business success the world's most famous Publix bag boy is waiting for the right bounce to launch him somewhere new. ,Andrew Fiedelman right realized the characters working out in his gym were as interesting as anything on reality TV. Hence, the "Delray Misfits."The Salt Lake Tribune ,It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. ,New York Donny and Marie Osmond stood at the top of wholesome, family oriented entertainment 35 years ago, back when they were teenagers and Times Square was full of X rated movie houses and adult book stores. ,The duo from Utah's famous first family of singers were chided for their uncompromising approach to old style entertainment during the 1980s. That was the era when Times Square began its gradual transformation into a center of pulsing lights, shops and attractions that makes visitors feel as if they are inside a video game. ,True fans might say the timing couldn't be better for a Donny and Marie show on Broadway. Ticketholders to Dec. 9's opening show sounded more interested in extending old memories into the future than making side by side comparisons. "It was less money then, but it's worth it even now. It brought back memories of being 12 years old and watching them on TV. ,Donny Marie: A Broadway Christmas" sold out both its opening and second weeks at Marriott's Marquis Theatre on 1535 Broadway at 46th Street, with tickets starting at a reasonable 51.50 and soaring to 251.50. ,The show marks the revival of the show business siblings' careers, by their return to Broadway after a return to the national spotlight via separate high profile stints on "Dancing with the Stars." On Broadway, Marie starred as Anna in a 1997 revival of "The King and I," while Donny played Gaston in the 2006 revival of "Beauty and the Beast" in 2006. He made his Broadway debut in 1982 in a flopped revival of "Little Johnny Jones," a show that opened and closed in one night. ,It also marks a step forward for the Salt Lake based promoter NewSpace Entertainment, which with Magic Arts Entertainment is producing the Osmonds' show. The show cost an estimated 3 million, according to Steve Boulay, NewSpace Entertainment chief operating officer. ,For the opening night show, the Osmonds mixed seven Christmas numbers into their high octane Las Vegas production they'll return to the Flamingo Hotel stage in January. And since the run opened on Donny's 53rd birthday, after the closing curtain Marie continued ribbing her older brother by presenting him a dynamite topped, purple frosted giant cupcake. ,Early crowd reviews seemed uniformly positive. "It was first class entertainment," said Frances Sanger, a London resident who came to the show while on a family visit to Connecticut. "They worked well together all the way through a rigorous presentation of almost their entire repertoire. fake id review sites uk fake id book series spot a fake military id how to print a fake id card

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