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fake id template colorado dallas fake id who make fake ids NewHampshire fake id It not a term most of us would choose to describe a double mastectomy buy real id how to make your fake id look real promo code for western union fast fake id reviews best state fake id to get Otis is one of some 224 ,Removing an entire breast along with several lymph nodes in the adjacent arm or the lining over the chest muscles fake id uk template fake id master real myoids fake id review All this is to say: A mastectomy is a huge deal ,Physically ,The pain was a lot worse than I bargained for. I had subpectoral tissue expanders to prep me for reconstruction, which really affected my mobility. Simple things like opening up bottled water or brushing my hair were really difficult, and I don have an easy time asking for help." blogger at Nope2BC, 35 ,"I was so afraid surgery would hurt so badly I wouldn be able to breathe, but I didn really feel pain as much as a tightness, almost like when you stretch too far. I didn have to take the pain pills they gave me at the hospital. I was ready to go home the morning after surgery, and I went back to my job as a medical assistant in 3 weeks." Echeverria, 54, Lebanon, IN ,MORE: 8 Things Your Nipples Can Tell You About Your Health ,Deciding on a treatment plan isn always so clear cut. ,"I only had cancer in one breast and was told there wasn a high risk of cancer developing in the other. But I knew I would spend the rest of my life feeling lumps and wondering if it was cancer if I didn have the bilateral mastectomy." 56, from the Midwest ,"I got three different opinions for treatment for my stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. The first doctor recommended a lumpectomy. The second said a lumpectomy was an option, but recommended a mastectomy. I had to be the one OK living with my decision. My breathing became shallow because of the pain, and I developed pneumonia from the lack of filtration in my lungs. The days after surgery is when there the greatest risk of infection." Byerlee, 35, Playa del Rey, CA ,"I had my ninth surgery in March. I expected the whole process to take about 6 months, and it taken over 3 years. It could have been worse, and I would still do it all over again, but I not had an easy time." wasn aware that anesthesia and narcotics for pain really bind you up. You have to dump them out and clean them and record the drainage, but the doctors don even show them to you before surgery. I think every woman needs to see this stuff beforehand so they understand it on an emotional level. I Googled it and was shocked. I could not believe that was going to be inserted in my body, and I actually freaked out a little." Marie ,MORE: The 10 Most Painful Conditions ,Reconstruction isn for everyone. ,"I knew pretty much from the beginning that I wouldn have reconstruction. I wanted to stay out of the operating room as much as possible. At my age, I felt prosthetics would be just fine. I had large breasts before, so I actually much more comfortable now." never liked my breasts. I was one of those girls who developed really early, and I had back problems from my breasts being so heavy. Almost 14 pounds were removed during my mastectomy, and I decided I wasn going to do reconstruction. My husband and I have been together since we were 16; he said I could do whatever I wanted." me, there was no option not to put something in. I chose to wake up from surgery with expanders in, and then went back for permanent implants. I thought it would be a big, horrible mess of disgusting stitches, but when they undid the wrapping it looked amazing. Now the decision is whether or not to get nipple reconstruction with my own skin or get a tattoo. ,I haven decided about reconstruction yet. I wanted to give my body time to heal after radiation, which I had following the surgery. One of the biggest fears of any woman is that the cancer will come back or metastasize. I think that one of the reasons why I waiting. It always in the back of my mind." Raymond, 55, Greeley, CO ,"I opted for immediate reconstruction, which surgeons don usually do with a unilateral mastectomy because it hard to match the breasts. It was good for my mental well being to see two breasts, but not for my physical well being was really painful to have a full size implant behind the chest wall. From what I heard, doing reconstruction in stages hurts less." Blake, 51, Bucks County, PA ,"I didn understand why reconstruction would look all that different from fake breasts, but they do. I didn keep my nipples, which obviously changes the look as well. It a bigger change than you would initially think. I did a lot of work toward accepting my body before surgery, thinking about what important and of value. I spent many months thinking about my expectations, so when I woke up from surgery it wasn upsetting to see what my breasts looked like." still have trouble touching my new breast, but my doctor wants me to move the implant around to prevent the skin from tightening up. I hate it, and I have to psych myself up to do it. It was hard to look in the mirror initially. I gotten better, but half the time I still shower with the lights off." have to be prepared for the stress and anxiety and everything that comes with having to lose a part of your body.This Is Why Marky Ramone Picked Andrew W ,on vocals to promote the new Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone Touchstone; 28. came on board as singer in 2013 he was preceded by Michale Graves, most famous for succeeding Glenn Danzig in the Misfits in the Nineties, making his debut with the band at Santos Party House, the New York club he co owns. and Ramone's Blitzkrieg then went on several European tours. share tales that would enthrall any rock 'n' roll high schooler. ,Marky Ramone: We met through a friend of ours, Steve Lewis. ,Ramone: Yes, he is. He's known for building clubs in NYC. I've known him since 1979 80. Steve brought Andrew over to Bowery restaurant] DBGB and we ate. We had a rehearsal and everything worked out fine. Andrew brought his own way of doing things to the songs and it worked out great. Great performer. It just went well. I was very happy to even be asked, to be considered via Steve, but of course, it was up to Marky, and that dinner aloneI went into it not really expecting that I would get the position. Marky was looking for a singer to do some shows, and to continue on the legacy of these Ramones] songs being played live, which I really understood and believed in, but I was also very intimidated. Not just by the music itself and the legacy, and wanting to do a good job, but it was also a huge quantity of material to learn and do well, and there was a lot involved when you care about it, and I was taking it very seriously. It was very challenging. But Marky was very patient and gave me many chances to rehearse and improve. I can say going into it, I never expected 1 to be able to pull it off, but I never expected it would make me a better singer, a better performer, and all around a better personbeing better able to contribute to whatever I'm doing in life. There are a lot of added bonuses and unexpected life improvements that came from this adventure. I'm very humbled by it and very thankful. ,Ramone: And Andrew does it his way. Not to take away from Joey, obviously, but it's 2015. Andrew, he definitely does wonderful justice to the songs. The songs stand on their own, and for me at least, it's impossible to sing like Joey], and I would imagine for anybody, you can'tlive up to Joey. It's a futile attempt. ,Ramone: Or any other singer. Everybody has their own style. You don't even touch it. Out of respect. ,Ramone: Definitely. He had a style. And Andrew has a style. They both work. Many people think, "Oh, it's so easy ,to replicate this style." You cannot do it. It emerged out of a vortex that is not easily accessed by anybody. Even, I'd say, with all due respect, when the songs are being created, it's not clear sometimes how these things happen. It's so delicate, and the level of achievement, that any of this happened at all, let alone that I'm a fringe participant that's the thing: I think about these songs not even getting to play them, just thinking about the music it makes me feel better about being alive. How does that happen All the parts are so unlikely that something like that winds up. And I just get to be near that phenomenon, and it rubs off on you and improves your life. ,Ramone: And also, there were three chords. They were very memorable with really wonderful hooks, the choruses you could sing, they were two minutes long. And there were, I think, seventeen studio albums, so there's a lot to choose from. It's like playing with great athletes, I think. You may not be the best tennis player, but you play with Andre Agassi, and you're going to play better. The song makes you better at music. That's how powerful they are. ,Ramone: When the Ramones asked me to join, 1978, for the first album I was going to record with them Road to Ruin], you're so immersed in it because of the joy and the pleasure of hearing them that you start playing them really well. I feel the songs are too good not to be played. There is a whole new generation after we retired in 1996, so a lot of those people weren't even born then. That's why it's good to tour the world and keep the songs] alive. They played in Ann Arbor, where I grew up. You played the Blind Pig it's on YouTube, which is amazing but that club was eighteen and over; I couldn't even get in. ,Ramone: We always tried to stay away from that eighteen and over. We wanted everyone to come. I didn't have a fake ID: I never would have had the balls to try to break the law at that time. ,Ramone: I had a fake ID when I was a kid. I was born into it. It permeated so many levels of culture. It was] an ideology, a way of how you could do things in life. ,Ramone: The set we play now is cream of the crop. I look back at old videos all the time I own the largest Ramones video library so I can see the reaction of the audience, the cheers, so then I'd gather the set list. Of course, we'd play new songs every time an album came out, then integrate them with everything else. I have 400 High 8 tapes of the band from around the world. But I like those challenges. Then there are songs I feel like I've known my whole life, even if I didn't, they're so inherent, and those are usually the Ramones songs. Like "I'm Affected," which is one I had to learn new. Without even trying to memorize it, I realized I had memorized it. I can't think of any other lyrics to sing. That's the only thing your body feels like singing. ,Ramone: Like "I Don't Care": "I don't care I don't care I don't care I don't care." I'm sure it's fully ingrained, you know what I meanthis Kong's king of his terrifying island ,I don't talk during movies. ,However, if I did talk, and you were siting next to me during "Kong: Skull Island," you might have heard me say "wow" at the superbly photographed moment when a soaring dragonfly blended in with helicopters racing towards a landing spot in a mysterious place that a giant ape calls home. My lips didn't move, but my brain registered the moment as brilliant. ,Cheers to cinematographer Larry Fong and director Jordan Vogt Roberts for that bit of sensory excitement. Some members of the audience sitting around me actually gasped. Do you know when I've heard audience members at an advance preview screening in Buffalo, or anywhere else for that matter, gasp Never. ,And then there's the spider. Of course, we don't know it's a spider, and you won't either, until the big reveal, but it's the best killer spider I've seen in a movie. It's the Death Star of spiders. I'll leave it at that. ,Oh, one more thing, if I talked, you might have heard my verbal surprise about the spider. ,The unchartered Skull Island lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A perpetual storm surrounds it. Something demonic lives on it. John Goodman's Bill Randa character has obsessed about the island since he was the only survivor of a naval vessel that was torn apart by a unknown font of doom. ,It's 1973, and the war in Vietnam is almost over. Everything's coming together for Randa, who is determined to lead a mission to Skull Island to discover its secrets. ,He's got a United States Senator Richard Jenkins approving some federal money. military officer Samuel L. Jackson, who doesn't want the war to end because he'll have nothing to do. ,Movies about King Kong are mythological, even if some aren't good. There have been a number of variations of the story about the giant ape run amok, including "Son Of Kong" and "Queen Kong," as well as many Japanese "monkey monster" adventures. ,However, the most visible are the three that adhere to the story of a giant ape, which is captured and brought to civilization. ,The classic "King Kong," from 1933, is the winner and still champion. Then there's the awful and forgettable 1976 version of "King Kong" from producer Dino De Laurentiis. Add to these the bloated and equally forgettable Peter Jackson "King Kong" from 2005. ,This new Kong adventure smartly stays on the island. No show business glitter wanted, needed, or necessary. ,There is the important Fay Wray moment, when the main female, Larson's photographer, ends up in the ape's paw, but what's energizing about the movie is that it comes up with reasons never to follow the expected route off the island and onward to the bright lights of Broadway. ,Not only do we have Kong and the spider, but there are also predatory birds, dead "trees" that come to life, rapacious lizards, a tribe of mute island dwellers, and a fabulous John C. Reilly as a grizzled military pilot part curmudgeon and part voice of reason long ago lost on the island. ,Truth be told, the entire cast is terrific. Important characters are killed off, which is alway great for pulling the rug out from under audience expectations. Kong is angry thirty minutes in and the action never lets up. The film is available in fake 3D, but I saw it in realistic 2D, which was perfect. ,"Kong: Skull Island" is old fashioned moviemaking, and I mean that in the best way possible. I had a good time. It's fun, action packed, and completely entertaining. Excellent soundtrack, too. ,One more thing. Stay through the entire end credits for a two minute mini movie, a continuation of the story. The story, drawn from the writings of Alice Munro, has depth and its colors are rich. ,Almodovar follows Julieta from youthful motherhood to mysterious loss. She's a teacher of classical literature played by Emma Surez when older and Adriana Ugarte when younger. The daughter she had from a liaison with a handsome man she encounters on a train is at the center of the movie. The child will abandon her mother, but a chance encounter begins a vivid search filled with surprises. ,Estranged lives offer puzzles to solve, but there are no easy answers. Grief and guilt merge. ,Almodovar's fans, of whom I am one, will delight in the role played by a favorite cast member, Rossy de Palma, she of the Cubist face. ,The well acted "Julieta" has an ending echoing poet Robert Frost, and asks: What road would you take Through it all, Almodovar keeps you alert and filled with anticipation. He's created a wonderful journey. ,ON SCREEN ,"Kong: Skull Island" PG 13ArticlesFormer Lewiston Village Pub owners working to open the Griffon HouseBOCES heading to former Falls school buildingGun shots fired into Falls home hit child's bedroom wallReview: Randy Bachman, 54 40 deliver despite Artpark bomb scare, rain cloudsFive properties sold at homebuyer's auction'Suspicious package' found at ArtparkFalls councilman pleads guilty in DWI caseState board offers financial advice to Niagara FallsBuffalo officer injured during NT training exerciseDeluca: Strength in forgiveness for abuse victimThis law will help us bring that to you ,In October of 2015, Justin Trudeau, on the verge of being elected prime minister, was asked a pointed question during a press scrum. Trudeau was surrounded by supporters and there was some groaning and moaning from the Liberals about the question. ,Trudeau turned away from the microphone and shouted at his own partisans, Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country! They ask tough questions and they supposed to. silences boos after Gagnier mentioned, defends questions journalists have to ask ,It was an eyebrow raising moment at the end of an eventful campaign. It made for great TV. And it was, on a purely personal level, nice to hear. The problem is, in Canada, it not true, and never has been. ,READ MORE: ,Journalists call on feds to bring in legislation to protect press, sources ,Soon, though, it might be. And that would be a good thing all Canadians. ,Canadian journalists have never operated under a so called shield law that allows us to protect the confidentiality of our sources which could, one day, be you. Without such a law, sources, who may have vital information, critical to the public interest, that they are not supposed to share, can be understandably reluctant to approach the press. ,It not that journalists don have rights we do but not special or specific ones. When journalists publish or broadcast, we using the same freedom of expression rights you have. When we speak with sources, on or off the record, we availing ourselves to the rights to freedom of association and movement that anyone in Canada enjoys. ,READ MORE: ,Montreal police were issued warrant to listen to journalists calls: La Presse ,Normally, this is enough. ,Journalism is rewarding and important work, but the day to day grind is surprisingly uneventful. Most stories are assembled by a combination of careful research and interviews with willing subjects. But sometimes, things get more dicey. And that when people who may well be sitting on critical information need to know they can speak with the press without fear of legal or financial consequence. That why it so important that when a reporter promises confidentiality, they need to be able to mean it. ,Many Canadians, highly influenced by American pop culture, probably believe that Canadian journalists, like their American counterparts, already have a clearly established right to protect the identity of a source who supplies them with information. ,The opposite is true. ,In 2010, while I was employed at the National Post, the paper lost a battle at the Supreme Court of Canada on exactly this matter. The case, which took a decade to reach its conclusion, involved bank documents, alleging financial impropriety by then prime minister Jean Chretien, that was passed to a National Post journalist on condition of confidence. The police then obtained a warrant to seize and examine the documents, but the National Post refused to provide them, citing a right to protect its source. ,READ MORE: ,Forcing news outlet to turn over source materials court told ,In its final ruling, by a margin of 8 to 1, the court agreed that there might be cases where a journalist or news organization may have a valid legal claim to protect the privacy of a specific source, but that there was not a broad, automatic right to protect sources. ,I disagreed with the ruling at the time, but it was, at least, clear. In the absence of a specific law protecting the rights of journalists and their sources, Canadian journalists and potential sources had to make their own decisions accordingly. ,This issue has been in the news of late because Ben Makuch, a reporter at Vice, has resisted police demands for records of conversations he had during interviews with an accused Canadian jihadist, so as to assist in his prosecution. Makuch refused, and Vice backed him. They lost in court again just a few months ago, and this matter, too, may go all the way to the top court. ,READ MORE: ,Canadian media to intervene in RCMP battle with Vice ,Time will tell what comes of Makuch and his principled stand in a debate among journalists just over a year ago, I noted that the law was clearly against Makuch, and he should have known so, but he had my moral support. ,Future Canadian journalists may be spared his ordeal, though. A bill that would establish a source protection law for Canadian journalists, originally introduced by Sen. Claude Carignan, has now been adopted by the federal Liberals. It is rare for a government to back a private member bill, even rarer for it to back a bill from the Senate, and rarer even still for it to adopt a private member bill from the Senate introduced by a member of the opposition party Carignan is a Conservative. This is a sign, clearly, that the prime minister has become convinced this is an issue worth pursuing. He right. ,Bill S 231 has not become law yet; it is still subject to some amendment work. And the right to protect sources would not be utterly absolute; in cases where there was no other way for police to obtain the information, they would need to prove to a judge that their need for the information was more important than the journalist need to protect a source. ,But this is still a huge step in the right direction, and it one I become increasingly convinced is necessary. I have generally been reluctant to treat journalists as a special class of citizen, somehow removed and separate from the society they supposed to cover. I also believe that journalism should not be a credentialed class or profession, as that would impose pointless barriers to entry anyone can and should be able to be a journalist. But democracy is under siege the world over, and one of the first lines of defence in a free society is a thriving, aggressive and fearless press. ,A shield law won solve all the problems facing my industry. It won help restore our often rapidly collapsing business models, or restore our credibility in the eyes of a public quick to dismiss any story that challenges their worldview as news. But good, accurate, high quality reporting might help tackle both those problems.This Little Piggy Went to Market ,Accessories Advice Ashely's Bride Guide Attire Averting A Crisis Awards Beauty Best of 2010 Best of 2011 Blog Fun Body Image Bouquets Bridal Shows Bridesmaid Brocade Art Designs Budget Cake Carissa Uribe Ceremony Color Contest Contests Contests Decor Designers Destination Weddings Details DIY Dresses Dulce Photography Etsy Fake Weddings Family Fashion Favors Featured Blogger Finances Flower Girls Flowers Food Food/Drink Freebies Fun General Banter Gift Registry Give Away Grooms Guest Blogger Hair Health Holidays Honeymoon House Hunting House Inspiration How to Make Love I Wish Important Love Stuff Inspiration Inspiration Boards International International Weddings Introspective Invitations JCP Life Link Love Local Nashville Make Up Marriage Marriage Prep Music Name Change Philanthropy Photography Politics Product of the Week Rant ReCaps Reception Recipes Rehearsal Gathering Resources Sarcasm Save the Date Shopping Snarky Sponsored Post Table Settings Tablescapes Travel TruLu Couture TruLu Couture Unfake Boudoir Unfake Boudoir Unfake Engagement Shoots Unfake Engagements Unfake Weddings Unfake Weddings Updates Veils Venue Vintage Wedding Gowns Wedding Planning Meltdowns Weddzilla WIC ,Oh, my little chickens! I feel revived. I feel inspired. I feel like my head is about to explode with all the ideas. Why, you ask Well, I tell you. This little piggy went to market. More specifically, America Mart in Atlanta. It an industry trade show that I been attending just about every year since the late 90 This particular show, The International Gift and Home Furnishings Show, is a mecca of all things new and amazing. In addition to the the gift and home goodies, lots of showrooms in the apparel mart are open too! Um, SCORE! Please say hello to wholesale priced jewelry and clothes. ,I don even know where to start. I didn even think I was going to go. I definitely couldn afford to drive down there and stay in a hotel for a few days. It just not in the budget, regardless of how cheap of a hotel I stayed in! However, I checked in with a designer friend of mine, Belinda Miley you may remember her from the awesome contest we had here and she graciously extended space in her hotel room for me to bunk with her. I decided at the last minute to head south and see what kind of trouble I could get myself into. ,Trouble indeed! All kinds of fabulous and fun trouble! First of all, it was simply good for my soul to be amongst my peers again. I ran into a handful of co workers from my old job. It was incredible to see them and catch up on what they were doing, plus hear all the super duper juicy trade gossip! I swear, stories move faster at market then they did through my sorority house! ,I had drinks and dinner with my old boss from FTD, who along with Belinda are total non commenting lurkers on this site hello, ladies!. I had a small world experience meeting the owner of a Nashville store and event rental company called Fabu, while I was talking shop with a small furniture company. I ran into an overseas vendor who made me feel missed and appreciated. I saw incredible, quirky, unique and simply fabulous designs that delighted and inspired me. I talked shop with Belinda and we walked some of the show together, ooohing and aaaaahing over cool trends and designs and channeling Rachel Zoe on several occasions with the exclamation of, BANANAS! I met a designer who made fabulous goodies for her daughter recent wedding. I met a woman in a super cool showroom photos to follow this week! who owns Watermelon Moon Farm outside of Nashville who was recently featured here on Once Wed. ,Crazy, right I so glad I went. The inspiration alone was worth the four hour drive! ,I be sharing as much of the stuff as I can I took over 300 pictures! Ack! So to start, I just share a few of the miscellaneous stuffs I ran across that totally made me think of you guys. ,Of course, the fact that they are Lucite makes ZERO difference in the cost of renting/buying. Still, could be worth the gorgeousness if you all about Lucite and/or Chivari! ,Along this same vein, I saw what I thought was a brilliant idea. Table and chair covers. I bet y are thinking I lost my lid and that my brains are left somewhere along I 85 between Atlanta and Charlotte. So. Not. True. I thought these suckers were cool and clever and could really be a part of some kick ass d particularly if your venue has nasty ass banquet tables and/or those gross gold and burgundy hotel banquet chairs God, I gagging just at the thought of them. Check these out: ,And how cute would these be with those table and chair covers above Totally, that how. While disposable, I couldn find any literature on whether or not they were green/sustainable, so all you mega green brides might need to dig a little deeper for that info. These are from a company called Seletti. You can buy them from their website here, but they are are um, totally not cheap. At all. The wholesale trade price is 3.20. If you want these, get your planner or anyone with a tax resale ID to buy them for you at cost. Minimum buy quantity is 36 sets. ,So that it for today, kiddies! I so jacked on coffee right now that I think I might go run around the block a few times. I got inspiration for TruLu Couture oozing out of my pores, so need to channel that while it hot. What do you think of these little gems I found Do tell. ,Awesome stuff! I used birch flatware for our wedding although definitely NOT with the pretty designs. The caterers were supposed to put them to the side so we could use them in a bonfire later that night, but since it was like 100 degrees, there was no need for a fire and they were thrown away. They are biodegradeable/compostable though, which is awesome. And really quite charming, if I do say so myself. Can wait to see more from Market! I may have a question or two for you as I get closer to my own booth in October . .This Man Watches Porn for a Living ,Karl Marx once said and we're paraphrasing that porn is the opiate of the people. At the very least, says comic Dave Attell, "Porn is an instant connection for dudes. Lots of clean up, but you work the major muscle groups and you don't need a yoga mat. bar owner sues over fake id buy fake drivers license florida felony for fake id

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