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fake ids indianapolis Newark is one of just a few dioceses across the nation that have issued advisories about the Ice Bucket Challenge ,The archdiocese sent the letter Thursday to principals at all 94 Catholic schools in the archdiocese The ALS Association responded to the warnings with a statement saying it primarily funds adult stem cell research ,In fact, donors may stipulate that their funds not be invested in this study or any stem cell project," the statement said. ,It was unclear what impact the archdiocese's letter would have. Catholic schools won't be back in session for another week and a half. Pastors were sent the letters for informational purposes, said archdiocesan spokesman Jim Goodness, but it's up to them to decide how or whether they will share that information with parishioners. ,Embryonic stem cell research does not rank as a major issue for most Catholics. In a 2009 Gallup survey, 63 percent of Catholics said embryonic stem cell research was "morally acceptable. This is not the first time the archdiocese has instructed parishioners to be cautious of popular fund raisers. Goodness said a similar letter was sent about Susan G. Komen ,It's something that normally our Office of Respect Life would do for a regular education thing for parishes, to remind them this is Catholic teaching on a particular subject," Goodness said. ,While Myers did not write the letter this week, he has been outspoken on other issues and their relationship to Catholic doctrine, including same sex marriage. He has been especially vocal on abortion, having published a five page letter a decade ago stating it was dishonest for Catholic officeholders who favor abortion rights to receive communion. ,Last September, Pope Francis said church leaders had become too focused on social issues such as same sex marriage and abortion, and had strayed from their pastoral mission of helping the poor. ,Goodness said the guidance regarding donations to ALS does not conflict with the pope's message, and merely tells people to be aware of potential conflicts with Catholic teaching. ,Raul Caceres, a Teaneck parishioner who has campaigned against lavish upgrades to Myers' future retirement home, said the letter is an example of the archdiocese defying the wishes of Pope Francis. ,Caceres, a surgeon, said he disagrees with church teaching on the issue of embryonic stem cell research. "I'm a doctor; how could I oppose that" he said. ,ALS attacks the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary motion. The bucket challenge began modestly to raise awareness and money to fight the disease, but exploded as a social media phenomenon. The campaign now appears to be among the most successful grass roots charitable fundraising efforts in history. ,The challenge calls on people to post videos on social media of having a bucket of ice dumped on their head either by themselves or someone else. They also have to publicly name others to do the same thing within 24 hours or donate 100 to the ALS Association. Many people do both. ,Since July, videos of participants being doused with ice water have blanketed Twitter and Facebook. Celebrities including Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey and Derek Jeter have taken the challenge and posted their videos online.Catholic ministry under fire over Girl Scouts' pro ,The Girl Scouts "100th Anniversary" Convention in Houston this past weekend sparked a firestorm of protests from conservatives and pro life advocates over the Girl Scouts' speakers: an A list of entertainers, journalists, and philanthropists that included many champions of pro abortion and LGBT causes. ,The speaker lineup was but a symptom of a deeper pathology, according to current and former Girl Scouts. And a growing number have left the Girl Scouts, embracing a mission to tell other families what they've uncovered. ,Christy Volanski, a former Scout leader, and her daughters Tess and Sydney are prime examples. They left the Scouts in 2010 when they saw evidence materials, resources, and partnerships that their Girl Scout dues promoted an agenda of abortion, contraception, explicit sex education, and homosexuality. "We felt so hurt and betrayed when we found out about this agendaThere is no reason for other families tobe deceived," says Christy. ,So where's the Catholic Church in all this ,Not where you'd expect. ,It's quite literally in the Girl Scouts' camp. The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry NFCYM, the Church's representative and "advocate" for Catholic Girl Scouts, occupied Booth 932 in the Girl Scout Exhibit Hall in Houston. The NFCYM, which connects some 700,000 Catholic Scout members with the Church and provides Catholic materials for the Girl Scouts' religious recognition program, set up shop near the official Girl Scouts' booth and the large WAGGGS exhibit a great space to "meet and greet" as they promoted their religious recognition materials. ,Nary a public word about the Girl Scouts' links to groups promoting abortion, homosexuality, and sexual "rights" for teens. Or about the controversial speakers. ,For parents like Christy Volanski, the NFCYM's cozy relationship with the Girl Scouts creates a smokescreen that obscures a disturbing reality. The NFCYM website and FAQs, along with the NFCYM GSUSA position papers, gloss over the Girl Scouts' involvement with pro abortion advocates, suggesting erroneously that parents need not worry. As a result, parents who do see problems with the Scouts find themselves stymied by pastors, bishops and laypeople who interpret NFCYM's relationship with the Scouts as unqualified approval. Instead of insisting on rigorous, independent investigations of credible complaints, the NFCYM states in its position statement that questions will be resolved by "directly contacting GSUSA" for answers. ,This first step, however, is typically the last, as the NFCYM seems willing to accept GSUSA answers as gospel truth without independent factual corroboration, parent interviews, or consultations with knowledgeable experts including former Girl Scouts. McCarty dismissed out of hand the possibility that the Girl Scouts might advocate or partner with pro abortion groups. "Most of the concerns I hear from parents are about what they heard or saw written on blogs and websites engaging in misinformation. It's never anything they saw themselves., Perhaps McCarty needs to look more closely. ,For example ghana madi fake id fake caller id number fake caller id real number fake id nsw

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