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fake government id cards scanable A pharmacist's son online fake id checker where does the best fake id buy a fake drivers license fake caller id pakistan novelty id cards toronto,I was tremendously proud of him to say the least," his mother, Tina Durrant, once wrote to a judge as she pleaded for leniency for her son. ,But Douglas changed after high school when he was beaten with a tire iron and suffered serious head injuries, his mother wrote. His attorney, Sheldon Sorosky, acknowledged that Douglas has struggled with crack cocaine addiction. ,By 2006, Douglas had already accrued multiple charges in Lake County and was on probation for a conviction on burglary and other charges when he was sent to prison after his probation was revoked. ,While he was in Illinois prison in 2007, Douglas was sentenced to 71/2 years of probation for an earlier burglary conviction in Kenosha County. ,Less than three months later, Douglas was jailed in Cook County after being arrested in Orland Park and charged with using fake identification to buy a MacBook and iPod on another man's credit account. ,The day he bailed out, according to Sheriff's Office spokesman Frank Bilecki, records show Douglas' girlfriend called a Wisconsin agent to say he couldn't report. And records show when he met with his probation agent days later, he said nothing about his Illinois arrest, reporting that he had no contact with police. ,Despite the pending Orland Park case, Douglas got a commercial driver's license, and agents wrote him travel permits spanning months allowing him to check in by phone. Records show he reported roaming from the Chicago suburbs to Missouri, North Carolina, New York and Virginia. On Facebook, he posted a picture from this period of himself grinning next to a semitrailer. ,He continued to keep quiet about his arrest and, in June 2012, told an agent he planned to travel for longer stints, records show. Instead he pleaded guilty to theft in the Orland Park case and spent four months in boot camp on Chicago's Southwest Side, according to records and Bilecki. ,After boot camp, he spent a month on house arrest with electronic monitoring at a home in Glencoe, Bilecki said. One day in December 2012, when Douglas got permission to leave home, he took a drug test in Cook County that he passed and also visited a probation agent in Wisconsin, saying he'd been on the road for several months, according to records and Bilecki.Probe of silencers leads to web of Pentagon secrets ,WASHINGTON The mysterious workings of a Pentagon office that oversees clandestine operations are unraveling in federal court, where a criminal investigation has exposed a secret weapon program entwined with allegations of a sweetheart contract, fake badges and trails of destroyed evidence. District Court in Alexandria, Va., for a civilian Navy intelligence official and a hot rod auto mechanic from California who prosecutors allege conspired to manufacture an untraceable batch of automatic rifle silencers. ,The exact purpose of the silencers remains hazy, but court filings and pretrial testimony suggest they were part of a top secret operation that would help arm guerrillas or commandos overseas. ,The silencers, 349 of them, were ordered by a little known Navy intelligence office at the Pentagon known as the Directorate for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration, according to charging documents. The directorate is made up of fewer than 10 civilian employees, most of them retired military personnel. ,Court records filed by prosecutors allege that the Navy paid the auto mechanic the brother of the directorate boss 1.6 million for the silencers, even though they cost only 10,000 in parts and labor to manufacture. ,Much of the documentation in the investigation has been filed under seal on national security grounds. ,A former senior Navy official familiar with the investigation described directorate officials as "wanna be spook cops." Speaking on the condition of anonymity because the case is still unfolding, he added: "I know it sounds goofy, but it was like they were building their own mini law enforcement and intelligence agency. ,The directorate is a civilian run office that is supposed to provide back office support and oversight for Navy and Marine intelligence operations. But some of its activities have fallen into a gray area ,By design, that office is supposed to do a little more than policy and programmatic oversight," the former Defense official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because much of the directorate work is classified. "But something happened, and it lost its way. It became a case of the fox guarding the henhouse, and I suspect deeper issues might be in play. reputable fake id colorado fake id review fake maine id Navy officials declined to comment ,The girl's boss

Wyoming fake id template where to get washington state id osprey manasquan fake id toronto fake id shop Shao state id template western australia drivers license fake id book review new jersey fake id how easy georgia id card template Not a world news headline ,In 2009 Arkansas fake id laws fake id for free is it illegal to possess a fake id High price ,Factories flagrantly fail to respect Chinese lawLi Qiang ,British toxicologist John Hoskins ,We don't really know what's going on there," he points out. ,Li Qiang, executive director of China Labor Watch, which monitors workplace violations, says the guidelines that China's government has put forward to protect workers do, in fact, offer workers protection. ,"But the challenge is Chinese officials don't have any way to effectively implement them. Factories flagrantly fail to respect Chinese law," he says. ,Jukka Takala, director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work OSHA, says the annual death toll from mesothelioma, lung cancer and other asbestos related diseases in China may reach 15,000 by 2035. ,It is the price the nation will pay for being the world's top asbestos consumer and for failing, until recently, to address health risks associated with asbestos mining and manufacture. Brown and blue asbestos believed by some scientists to be more hazardous than white have been banned, as has the use of all forms of asbestos in automobile brake linings and other friction products. ,In Beijing, itself, no asbestos containing materials has been allowed to be used in construction since January 2004. ,But elsewhere in the country, asbestos use is booming. More than 400 factories turn out 300m sq m of asbestos sheeting for roofs and walls each year; other factories make asbestos brake pads, gaskets and cloth. ,'Exaggerations'The country has been debating the wisdom of asbestos use for years. The Nibo Evening News story exposing lax safety standards in Yuyao City was far from the first of its kind. ,Unlike some Western nations, China has been slow to embrace asbestos substitutes ,Stories abound of unsafe asbestos workshops, dust safety levels exceeded many times over, and employers getting hit with heavy fines. ,Chinese epidemiologists have also carried out numerous studies on asbestos, often concluding like most of their Western counterparts that exposure to white asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma. ,And just as in other countries, the industry's main lobby group, the China Non Metallic Minerals Industry Association, promotes the supposed safety of white asbestos, linking on its website to materials from Canada's Chrysotile Institute and Russia's Chrysotile Association. ,The Chinese group denounces what it calls "exaggerations" of the fibre's deleterious effects, and says that those who use phrases such as "time bomb" to warn of looming disease outbreaks are biased. The group failed to respond to multiple interview requests. ,Unlike some Western nations, China has been slow to embrace asbestos substitutes such as cellulose fibre reinforced cement. ,Still, concern over unbridled asbestos use may be building in the region. Last year, Hong Kong hosted a meeting of anti asbestos activists from around the world. The result a declaration calling for a ban on all forms of asbestos in Asia.Problem solving gadgets for everyday problems ,Dupli Color Scratch Fix All in 1: Quickly repair bothersome and costly automotive paint scratches, chips and nicks. It's the first touch up solution of its kind to combine paint and a clear protective top coat in a single package. The abrasive tip helps you prepare to paint by removing loose paint and rust. The one coat prime and paint formula helps you restore vehicles back to the original factory finish quickly and produces an expert finish at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. The patented Scratch Fix All in 1 tool features two paint applicators the first, a pin point pen tip that offers precision and control for small scratches, and the other, a taper tip brush for larger scratches or chips. Scratch Fix All in 1 also includes a separate foam applicator for use with the included clear coat to seal, protect and ensure a perfect factory matched finish. Dupli Color is also the only brand with a variety of colors tested and approved by vehicle manufacturers, ensuring a perfect match every time. Scratch Fix All in 1 is available at Advanced Auto Parts, AutoZone, Canadian Tire, Meijer, O'Reilly and Pep Boys for a suggested retail price of 14.99. For more information, visitzBoost SOHO and zBoost METRO: zBoost, leading provider of cell phone signal booster kits provides a solution for dropped, missed and choppy voice calls, eliminating dead zones and the need to say, "Can you hear me now" The zBoost SOHO and zBoost METRO boost indoor signal multiple carriers and multiple users simultaneously. cell phone signal boosters come in a kit with everything you need. cell phone does not need to be synced or connected to the booster. signal boosters do not create a signal where none exists. Instead, they an existing signal from outside or near a window, it into the home and amplify provide stronger indoor cell signal. An added bonus is the battery life is extended, since the cell phone isn't constantly searching for a weak signal. ,zBoost SOHO increase indoor coverage up to 2500 sq. ft. making it the ideal choice for most homes and small offices. It signal antenna to be mounted outside where good signal is present at least 2 bars. zBoost SOHO be found through various such as, ,zBoost METRO increase indoor coverage up to 1500 sq. ft. making it the ideal choice for apartments, condo's, lofts and other smaller settings. For more information go toOoma Telo offers free crystal clear and reliable PureVoice HD ,TM calling anywhere in the United States. After purchase of the Ooma Telo, all you pay is applicable taxes and fees, which are usually less than 4 a month. It's easy to set up and even easier to use; all you need is high speed Internet and a regular home phone. With the Telo, users have access to voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more. Users can also gain some peace of mind with Ooma's unique ,911 Alerts feature, which immediately sends a text message or email to recipients when 911 is called from the Ooma phone number. Ooma Telo subscribers also have the option of upgrading to ,Ooma Premier service for only 9.99 a month. The Premier service includes more than 25 advanced features, such as blacklisting telemarketers and unwanted callers, voicemail to text so subscribers can read voicemail messages instead of listening to them, call screening and a multi ring option to simultaneously ring or forward calls. The Ooma Telo was ranked the 1 home phone service for the third year in a row by the readers at ,Consumer Reports 2011, 2012, and 2013 issues. The Ooma Telo is 149.99 and available at leading retailers and online destinations, including ,Best Buy, Costco, ,Staples and more. ,Honeywell Wi Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control The latest connected home innovation from Honeywell, the Wi Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is a first of its kind device. Simply say, "Hello, thermostat" to activate, and the thermostat will recognize simple, intuitive commands such as "make it four degrees warmer" or "make it ,much cooler" even from across the room and over the ambient noise of a busy household. The cloud based thermostat will even get smarter over time, adding more commands based on its interactions with homeowners. In addition, the Wi Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control allows design focused homeowners to customize it to match or accent their home dcor. The thermostat also offers Wi Fi connectivity that allows consumers to regulate their energy usage and home temperature through a smartphone, the Total Connect Comfort smartphone app which is the top rated thermostat app onProblem with HDD or RAM ,A week ago my everyday PC got some problems, I was working with GIMP and some 3D apps for a few hours so I was looking for a short break and went for a snack, it took me 15 min or so, when I came back everything seemed normal until I tried to start firefox, nothing happened so I tried again and still nothing, tried to kill the process in the task manager and every time I tried I got the typical bell sound and a couple of clicks sounds like in bad speakers, couldn't kill the process so I tried closing everything and suddenly I got a popup about drwatson error, tried to reboot and nothing the most I managed to do was logging out but then I had to reset manually, after that I got the message about a missing SYSTEM file, I knew how to fix that by copying the file from the repair folder with the recovery console but I wasn't able to access to the folder, so I ran chkdsk and it fixed some errors, even the system one so I was able to get in windows again. ,Everytime I get errors or crashes I scan for virus with AVG and Malwarebytes so I did it this time too, AVG reported no threats, but weird things started to happen while Malwarebytes was running, about the 4 hour got some popups regarding vericlass error or something similar, minutes later got a popup yellow globe on clock saying that MFT was damaged and that I should run chkdsk, minutes later I lost the royale theme, it changed to the classic one. I could only think to take a look at the event log and found some errors, some time later I got a BSOD with this message KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR, after that the HDD wasn't recognized in the POST or the BOOT menu. ,I tried to use Ubuntu to save my files but apparently my CPU doesn't support something so I got some errors, so I tried again with the recovery console and this time I wasn't able to open C: I couldn't even use dir command, thinking that I'll probably need another HDD to save the data I left the PC for a few days. A few days I was about to try again with ubuntu but this time everything worked, windows loaded and everything seemed normal so I focused on burn some backups and then weird things started to happen. ,The first DVD failed at verification, I thought it was a bad disk but everything I tested on the disk worked fine, so I burned another with same results, only two passed the verification, I noticed that the info in those disk is the info that I access more, like music or some files from work. While burning more disk I started to get popups about damaged dll's or exe's like rundll32, kernel or those the "memory can't be written" at the last disk I clossed the burning app and when trying to open it again I got a message that said something like "Nero has detected that the exe file was modified, you might have a virus so analyze your PC, if not, try reinstalling the software" so I reinstalled and it worked, after finishing the backups I turned the PC off till I find an answer. ,While burning the disks I got a lot of popups. ,More controller and parity errors. ,More popups about memory can't be written. ,Unexpected end from some exe's. ,Yellow globe popups about damaged files, I actually got a really weird one, "The file C: is damaged, run chkdsk" with the actual " signs. ,A few error about the cdrom not responding in time. ,I got some other errors but I don't have the details. ,I've read in another threads an so far it could be a bad cable, bad RAM, bad controller, bad HDD or a virus. I think that the files got corrupted with the reading/writting process while burning that's why the verification on the DVD's failed. ,My guess it that the most probable cause would be a bad cable/HDD but I'd really like to know if it could be a virus or some other thing, since I don't really know what's the next step I'd really appreciate some help. ,I'd like to be sure that it's not a virus, since that would mean that my backups might be infected as well and I won't be able to use them in another PC and some of those files are from work. ,Sorry for the long story but I think it's better to know the details. ,Well I have some news, I ran Memtest86 for about 8 hours and there were no errors, I don't know if there are advanced tests or something, I ran the default one. ,I downloaded and burned the WD utility only to get an error about the licence file and some A: error which is a known problem to WD in sata drives but in this case it is an IDE drive and disabling the floppy drive changed nothing. Unfortunately I only got one CD I'll try tomorrow with another utility. ,I tried to log into windows but it doesn't boot, I got kind of a loading bar followed by the "CONFIG/SYSTEM is missing" and that I should run chkdsk tried to fix it but didn't work so again I'm running chkdsk to log into windows and try to run the WD utility. ,First thing I noticed is that "Logging feature NOT supported" was listed and I guess that's why it didn't really report much, I tried first with the short test and about 30 seconds later I got a message about it failing and that seatools could save me some time repairing, nothing on the log besides test started and test failed. Then I tried with the long test and while reading LBA it kinda tripped during the test, I noticed that seconds on the clock was skipping about 5 15 seconds, about 20 minutes later I got the same message, didn't even get to 1%, I tried again and suddenly in half time it went to 3% but still failed the test. I got no repair options or anything similar or damaged sector messages, I guess that was because my HDD is WD. ,I got an error about "No human readable MCE not supported in this CPU type" and "Run the message through 'mcelog ascii' to decode" after selectin language, a few minutes later Ubuntu loaded fine. I tried the tool you mentioned and the smart data had some warnings, tried to perform tests but none passed, both failed shortly after started. The messages I got were. ,id 5: reallocated sector count: warning ,id 197: current pending sector count: warning ,I googled them and if I recall correctly one stands for imminent failure and the other one for aging but both are bad indicators if some values are present but didn't find which ones. I can still see the folders and all the info on the disk but windows won't start without a repair install I think. ,I guess it wasn't a virus after all. So, this is a definitive "get a new HDD" or it could work after low level formatProblems continue to mount for Flood ,Last September, this was a week of friendly banter for Kyle Flood. One in which the Rutgers coach could wink and prepare for his program inaugural Big Ten game against Team From Pennsylvania. of that this week. Neither Flood nor anyone at Rutgers is in a playful mood right now. ,Another log was tossed onto the Scarlet Knights fire of misery this week when star receiver Leonte Carroo was arrested on a domestic violence related simple assault charge. ,Carroo, a senior captain and arguably the Big Ten top wideout, has been suspended indefinitely and is not expected to play Saturday against Penn State. ,According to a complaint obtained by The Record of Bergen, New Jersey, Carroo is accused of injuring a woman he was romantically involved with by her up and slamming her down on a concrete surface, injuring her left hip, both palms, left elbow and left side of the head. alleged incident occurred Saturday night outside of the team facility less than an hour after the Knights last second loss to Washington State. ,at liberty to comment on the investigation, but there no status change to Leonte right now, Flood said Tuesday on the Big Ten coaches teleconference. ,The last few weeks have been nightmarish for Flood and his program. ,During training camp, Flood became the subject of a university investigation into alleged improper contact with a professor regarding a grade for would be starting cornerback Nadir Barnwell. ,Multiple Rutgers officials speaking anonymously to The Star Ledger of Newark, New Jersey have criticized Flood for allegedly breaching the firewall between coaches and faculty. ,In the week before the opener, five Rutgers players were arrested before a team practice on charges ranging from assault to home invasion. Three of the five were projected starters in the secondary, including Barnwell. ,A sixth player, a walk on fullback, was charged a few days later. All six have been dismissed from the team. ,Two other former players were also arrested in connection to those incidents. The latest was Jamil Pollard, a New Jersey defensive tackle who had originally signed to play at Penn State in 2012. He transferred to Rutgers without penalty that summer after NCAA sanctions released him from his letter of intent. ,Carroo and starting quarterback Chris Laviano were both suspended for the first half of the Knights opener against Norfolk State for violating curfew during training camp. Laviano was also busted for using a fake ID. ,Standout defensive tackle Darius Hamilton, who dominated the Nittany Lions in last year meeting, has yet to play this season because of a lower body injury. The Knights have already listed him as out for Saturday game at Beaver Stadium. ,On the field, the very green secondary allowed 478 passing yards in a 37 34 home loss on Saturday to Washington State, a team that was coming off a loss to FCS Portland State. ,Rutgers led 34 30 with 1:31 remaining before the Cougars went 90 yards in just 78 seconds for the winning touchdown. The Knights were flagged 11 times for 100 yards in the loss. ,Needless to say, Flood has been under heavy fire as questions about his team discipline persist. In total, nine current and former players are facing charges. ,people that know our program, the people that are invested in our program, the people that spend time with our program, they know the high quality of the young men that we have in that locker room, Flood said Monday at his weekly press conference. ,I not na either. I understand that people that aren as familiar with our program and all they see are the incidents of the last couple weeks, how they could have that perception. But I think the people that know our program, I don believe they have that perception. has received written support from athletic director Julie Hermann, who spoke with the team personally at the start of the week. ,New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, while on the presidential campaign trail Monday, downplayed the recent rash of issues. ,dealing with disciplinary problems with teenagers, Christie told reporters during a stop in New Hampshire. is not shocking, you know. I a father of four and having disciplinary problems with teenagers is the normal course on a college campus. ,breathless media coverage of all of this and every time there a problem or some indication of a problem, some deep seated problem at Rutgers man, you reporters gotta find something else to do. State coach James Franklin can empathize with Flood. ,Four of his players from his former job at Vanderbilt were charged in a high profile rape case that is ongoing. The first two to stand trial were convicted before a mistrial was declared. A new trial is pending. ,Franklin, who gave testimony for that case last October while at Penn State, said Tuesday that managing the behavior of more than 100 players is extremely difficult. ,probably the thing nowadays in our profession that you lose the most sleep over, Franklin said. do everything in our power to try to help them understand the significance of decision making, of perception, of the microscope that on them.problems with biometric security ,You have to wonder whether anything other than having watched too many James Bond films feeds the idea that biometrics are a good means of achieving security. Nowadays, Canadians are not allowed to smile when they are having their passport photos taken, in hopes that computers will be able to read the images more easily. Using a biometric say, a fingerprint to authenticate is akin to using a password in combination with a username. The first tells the system who you claim to be, the second attempts to verify that using something you have like a keycard, something you know like a password, or something you are like a fingerprint scan. Using a biometric for identification attempts to determine who you are, within a database of possibilities, using biometric information. ,Using a fingerprint scan for identification is much more problematic than using it for authentication. This is a bit like telling people to enter a password and, if it matches any password in the system, allow them into that person's account. It isn't quite that bad, because fingerprints are more unique and secure than passwords, but the problem remains that as the size of the database increases, the probability of false matching increases. ,For another example, imagine you are trying to identify the victim of a car wreck using dental records. If person X is the registered owner and hasn't been heard from since the crash, we can use dental records to authenticate that a badly damaged body almost certainly belongs to person X. This is like using biometrics for authentication. Likewise, if we know the driver could be one of three people, we can ascertain with a high degree of certainty which it is, by comparing dental x rays from the body with records for the three possible matches. The trouble arises when we have no idea who person X is, so we try running the x rays against the whole collection that we have. Not only is this likely to be resource intensive, it is likely to generate lots of mistakes, for reasons I will detail shortly. ,The big database problem in security settings ,The problem of a big matching database is especially relevant when you are considering the implementation of wholesale surveillance. Ethical issues aside, imagine a database of the faces of thousands of known terrorists. You could then scan the face of everyone coming into an airport or other public place against that set. Both false positive and false negative matches are potentially problematic. With a false negative, a terrorist in the database could walk through undetected. For any scanning system, some probability which statisticians call Beta, or the Type II Error Rate attaches to that outcome. Conversely, there is the possibility of identifying someone not on the list as being one of the listed terrorists: a false positive. The probability of this is Alpha Type I Error Rate, and it is in setting that threshold that the relative danger of false positives and negatives is established. ,A further danger is somewhat akin to 'mission creep' the logic that, since we are already here, we may as well do X in addition to Y, where X is our original purpose. This is a very frequent security issue. For example, think of driver's licenses. Originally, they were meant to certify to a police officer that someone driving a car is licensed to do so. Some types of people would try to attack that system and make fake credentials. But once having a driver's license lets you get credit cards, rent expensive equipment, secure other government documents, and the like, a system that existed for one purpose is vulnerable to attacks from people trying to do all sorts of other things. When that broadening of purpose is not anticipated, a serious danger exists that the security applied to the originally task will prove inadequate. ,A similar problem exists with potential terrorist matching databases. Once we have a system for finding terrorists, why not throw in the faces of teenage runaways, escaped convicts, people with outstanding warrants, etc, etc Again, putting ethical issues aside, think about the effect of enlarging the match database on the possibility of false positive results. Now, if we can count on security personnel to behave sensibly when such a result occurs, there may not be too much to worry about. Numerous cases of arbitrary detention, and even the use of lethal force, demonstrate that this is a serious issue indeed. ,The problem of rare properties ,In closing, I want to address a fallacy that relates to this issue. When applying an imperfect test to a rare case, you are almost always more likely to get a false positive than a legitimate result. It seems counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense. Consider this example:I have developed a test for a hypothetical rare disease. Let's call it Panicky Student Syndrome PSS. In the whole population of students, one in a million is afflicted. My test has an accuracy of 99.99%. More specifically, the probability that a student has PSS is 99.99%, given that they have tested positive. That means that if the test is administered to a random collection of students, there is a one in 10,000 chance that a particular student will test positive, but will not have PSS. Remember that the odds of actually having PSS are only one in a million. This is something to consider when governments start coming after fingerprints, iris scans, and the like in the name of increased security.Process of recovery ,People suffering from addiction say that bottom doesn come just once. Neither does recovery. ,And in many cases, with the staggering nationwide heroin epidemic, the eventual alternative to winning that battle is death. ,Trumbull County Coroner Dr. Humphrey Germaniuk said there have been 35 confirmed drug induced accidental deaths in the county so far this year 34 involved heroin. Sixteen other cases are pending, all suspected drug overdoses awaiting results of toxicology tests. ,The county is on track to surpass the 54 accidental overdose deaths in 2014, 43 of which involved heroin. ,If the pending cases are confirmed, the county already is well past 43 heroin related deaths halfway through the eighth month of the year. ,Warren native Danielle Burk, 29, was the third person to enter treatment at First Step Recovery, which opened May 5 as the first detoxification facility in Warren. ,She said she started abusing substances at 14, avoiding problematic issues in her home life. ,didn really even enjoy the feeling at first, Burk said. I couldn figure out any other way to find happiness in myself. It took me out of myself. I would do anything for a buzz drink, huff gas, drugs I got outside of myself. said she was involved in volleyball and cheerleading; she went to church. She could hide it, but when her family caught on, they instituted consequences. They tried to get her on track and put her in programs designed to help. ,the time, I wasn honest. It didn work because I wasn honest with my counselors, my family, my friends, Burk said. ,felt like. I felt like I deserved a break, like I had done enough good for the day, and I deserved something for myself, Burk said. ,Burk dropped out of school. She said she remembers wanting to travel the world searching for the meaning of life as a hippy. said that now that she is recovery and setting attainable, short term goals, she intends to get her GED. ,The first substance that took over her life was alcohol. ,started waking up with the shakes, feeling like my skin was crawling, Burk said. I was unwilling to see what a jerk I was being. I would hurt someone to avoid being honest with myself, to avoid my feelings. ,was getting scared then, but I didn know what to do. I had to drink to alleviate the symptoms, she said. ,At this point, Burk said, it was easy to accept a heroin addicted boyfriend. It made her own addiction seem acceptable. When he died of an overdose, Burk said she fell into a sense of guilt and depression. She said she thought she hit bottom when she jumped into a new relationship, gravitating toward another heroin user, using it as an excuse to drink. ,Ironically, Burk said, she felt a sense of pride when she quit alcohol for heroin. The opioid made her nauseous if she drank, and, 25, I thought I could handle it. ,had been a functioning alcoholic. I had managed to work three jobs to support myself, but heroin took that away. I did things I never thought I would do, I lost my self respect. said she lived that way until a friend referred her to First Step Recovery. She said she had tried rehab twice previously. ,clicked this time, Burk said. found honesty was the biggest thing. family, people she had once alienated with her behavior, have started accepting her back into their lives. She said she is honest now. She said she cannot tell even the smallest lie without slipping. She said she stopped seeing the heroin addicted boyfriend before entering detox. ,One of the scariest parts of recovery is accepting the brief but very real pain of detoxing, she said. ,But you really want recovery, you will find it, Burk said. ,Recovery: Medicine on a human level ,I do with the patients is I try to get into their world and try to understand them as a person, First Step Recovery addictionologist Dr. Joseph Lydon said. ,don walk in thinking, here is a 26 year old male dealing with heroin for the last six years. I want to get a broad picture of the person, starting in the early adolescence, determining how a pattern of addiction formed. addictions to any legal or illegal substance begin with traumatic experiences and toxic family dynamics, Lydon said. ,Lydon tells his patients, have been taking one of the most effective anti anxiety pain medications out there to avoid anxiety and pain. said his patients have never heard addiction to an opioid explained quite like that. ,According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of newly addicted heroin users first took a prescription opioid as pain relief. The plant based drug masks pain, but it interferes with resolving an individual underlying problems, Lydon said. ,acknowledge the reason behind the drug abuse, he said. tell them, are not bad, dumb or immoral for having this addiction.' said his approach is producing results for some of the more than 300 patients he has seen as the medical director at First Step Recovery. He sees an average of three new people a day. So far, 350 people have come through the facility doors. ,Caseworkers examine a client file carefully and place them in sober housing, or arrange further treatment after the initial detox time and, if necessary, a stay in one of the 32 beds for men and women in the dormitory a construction project just about to open. ,places I been to were more textbook, more institutionalized, First Step Recovery patient Nick Schroeder said. I feel like they break things down in addict term. ,am human, not just another patient, and it is important to them all that it isn just some of us that make it. They don treat me like I am not going to make it. I feel like the odds have turned. facility is full. It receives referrals on a daily basis, more so recently, as word of mouth spreads about their program, said co founders Tom Dailey and Dave Kapp.Process writing in L2 Classrooms ,'Process Writing in the L2 Classroom ,Writing. Each day, each hour, each minute is a chance to express ourselves in writing. Despite constant opportunities to write, many remain intimadated by it or lacking in much writing skill or competencies. This writing apprehension often extends from when first attempting to write as a young child to late adulthood. When I first taught writing to adult English language learners ELLs, I took a form focused writing approach that left the students uninspired to write and me unmotivated to read their writing. The class consisted of lectures plus grammar and rhetoric exercises. The students were thoroughly bored and so was I. According to Thiagi, internationally known expert on active learning, I was taking the "deadly, dull, boring" approach to teaching ,After numerous dull lectures and repetitive grammar exercises, my students were led through the planning stage of a composition on a topic from the textbook. These students were then given assigned a composition to be written at home with limited feedback from the instructor. Later, students were given an in class exam composition that was checked for every grammatical and rhetorical mistake. Students then diligently re wrote their compositions according to the teacher made corrections, although I had the suspicion that many students failed to understand the reason behind the red marks on their papers. ,Since all of the topics were teacher assigned, I functioned more as an editor/proofreader, mostly concerned with students' rhetorical and grammatical structures rather than the quality or expression of their ideas. Students, moreover, were so anxious about using the forms practiced in class that they stopped focusing on coming up with original ideas. After reading one boring, meaningless composition after another, I decided it was time for a different approach process writing. ,Heald Taylor 1986 describes the process method in the following way: ,"Process Writing is an approach which encourages ESL youngsters to communicate their own written messages while simultaneously developing their literacy skills in speaking and reading rather than delaying involvement in the writing process, as advocated in the past, until students have perfected their abilities in handwriting, reading, phonetics, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In Process Writing the communication of the message is paramount and therefore the developing, but inaccurate, attempts at handwriting, spelling, and grammar are accepted, know that within the process of regular writing opportunities students will gain control of these sub skills. These skills are further developed in individual and small group conference interviews." as cited in Jarvis, 2002 ,Components of Process Writingedit]The first stage is coming up with ideas for writing. There us a cyles of prewriting activities that free the mind for idea generation and later evaluation of those ideas. During the past few decades, writing teachers as well as students have gained appreciation for the prewriting stage. Students are encouraged to write multiple drafts. During this process students consider audience and format. Thoughts on paper; that is the goal of this stage. There might be further reflections back on prewriting during this time as the process approach to writing is neither prescriptive or totally sequential. Ratiocination is a revision activity for de coding one's writing in order to look for clues that will help improve a piece of writing Carroll Wilson, 1993. Many writing instructors teach students to avoid revising too early or focusing too narrowly on editorial activities that they lose a sense of the macro structure of the text. When clocking, students sit facing each other in two concentric circles like a clock. The teacher calls out details to be checked. There are many forms of self publishing. It may simply mean that students write or type a clean, revised and proofread final copy of their composition. Other students may want their writing shared more publicly in a school newspaper, anthology, wiki or class webpage. This particular wikibook is one example of how technology foster publishing in new venues which brings extended audiences and the potential for still further feedback. ,In a face to face classroom, students might create an anthology of their work and put it on display in a dentist's office or in the school library. Spillover is a technique in which students read a piece of writing as many times as they wish and then turn over their paper and write a retelling of what they just read from memory. Students then compare what they wrote with their classmates before the teacher debriefs the activity Freeman Freeman, 2004. ,Another such technique is the cooperative script. In a cooperative learning script, pairs of students might read the same passage and write down their summary of it as a tool for memory. In a cooperative teaching script, they read separate passages and turn them over and teach them to each other. Writing could play a significant role in the summarization of that passage. These mini lessons may be presented to the whole class, a small group, or to an individual student during a student teacher writing conference Weaver, 1996. 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