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fake id in Mississippi where can i get a texas id fake id macklemore download superbad fake id generator Reducing stress may give you a sense of control with fibromyalgia. Some experts believe that when people with fibromyalgia reduce their level of stress fake state issued id selling fake ids Alaska fake id for sale fake-id.cc legit id card in usa Can I Continue to Work With Fibromyalgia and Fatigue ,Some people with fibromyalgia say they experience great stress on the job. Some say they fear they may be let go and be replaced by healthier age card texas novelty id vegas vaction fake id name Symptoms of fibromyalgia may wax and wane over time. You may ,If your employer will allow it ,Try to allow more time during the day to complete your responsibilities. ,Budget your time carefully to avoid procrastinating. Procrastination can increase your stress level when deadlines come around. facebook fake id report pennsylvania id hologram nys fake id

how to create fake id card Make daily To Do" lists to remind yourself of the responsibilities you need to complete. ,Limit outside commitments on work days. ,Ask for help from coworkers when pain and fatigue are overwhelming. Pay them back with your assistance on days you feel better.and condemning terrorism ,After a presidential election, the losing Democratic Party candidate is joining in a call for a recount. Only the name has changed, from Al Gore to Hillary Clinton. The same Clinton who said, in her concession speech: must accept this result. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. ,That didn last long. ,November 8 culminated a movement to the right across the nation over the past eight years. Republicans hold the presidency and both houses of Congress for the first time since the 1920s, and the Democratic Party is the weakest it has been also since the 1920s. Since Barack Obama was elected they have lost: 242 state legislative seats and 30 legislative chambers; 11 governorships; 13 Senate seats and 64 House seats. In 2009 Republicans controlled both governorship and legislature in eight states. Today it 35. Democrats Now just five states. It was FBI Director Comey fault you mean the same Comey who in July spelled out an overwhelming case why Hillary Clinton should be indicted, then said she wouldn It Putin fault. It fake news fault. The voting machines were tampered with. Note: This time it not George Bush fault.] ,Bargaining: a recount will reverse the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Or some of the Electoral College delegates will ignore the results in their states and vote for Hillary. ,What we have yet to see is Stage 5 Acceptance. The Democratic leaders still don understand that the electorate has rejected all that their party stood for in the last decade. Instead, they have chosen Nancy Pelosi as the party leader in the House once more, despite her having presided over this and now the crushing defeat of their candidate for president. ,Speaking for more than half of the population who are troubled by our new President elect, there are numerous reasons for feeling anxious and disturbed about what the next four years may bring. ,It is no secret that our newly elected is a conspiracy buff. The Donald made waves for the last 5 years by pushing the conspiracy the completely fabricated and racist lie that President Obama was a secret Muslim from Kenya. He is a fan of alt right radio hosts like Alex Jones, who has lead the despicable conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook massacre is a hoax. Just last week, a listener of Alex Jones program, another Sandy Hook denier, made death threats against one of the Sandy Hook fathers who lost a child that awful day. It is hard to imagine anything more revolting. ,I listened to an interview on NPR radio a few days ago, when Terry Gross interviewed Megan Kelly of Fox News about her tumultuous last 15 months. It was Megan Kelly who challenged The Donald in the first Republican debate over a year ago with his derogatory statements about women. Donald Trump was not happy, and afterwards, warned her that he may just release his twitter army on her. He must have done exactly that, because for 9 months, Ms. Kelly faced email, twitter, and letters of abuse from the Donald followers, calling her the most vile names from the C word to threats of rape and death, all because she had the nerve to make Donald Trump look bad by using his own words. Megan Kelly said she had strange men coming to her home, stalking her and was fearful that she would be attacked when she was with her children. The abuse only stopped when she had a sit down interview with him this past summer. I wondered then why she only had softball questions for him, and now I understand. She had to appease the bully and get her life back. ,This is appalling behavior for the man who will become the most powerful man in the world! Donald Trump is continuing to bad mouth the main stream press, and anyone who crosses him. Can we expect his twitter Trolls to attack anyone he has a problem with Will he push to limit first amendment freedoms of speech, press and religion, and bully his way forward Will his legions of admirers continue to follow false news, conspiracy theories and an alternate view of reality that his Presidency represents It is up to the responsible members of Congress, Republican and Democrat alike, when our Bully tramples the constitution to push back. It is up to all Americans to hold our new President accountable for promises made, and vendettas unleashed. In the end our country can survive 4 years of Donald Trump, but it is going to be a very bumpy ride. ,Tom Buglio ,All votes must count ,While I do not live I the district and was not personally involved with the campaign, I have watched the drama over provisional ballots cast in the 156th Legislative District with great interest. I even attended the Board of Elections hearing on Nov. 22 just to observe. It is an interesting civics lesson about how a seemingly simple democratic value like vote counts can get bogged down by silly state regulations or clunky bureaucratic systems, even before any type of voter suppression takes place. ,One striking takeaway from this whole process is that each political party has a different take on counting every vote. As a Democrat, I am proud that my party is fighting for citizens votes to count. As the Comitta campaign argues to count the votes of eligible citizens and the Truitt campaign argues to deny those same citizens their right, it is important to note that neither campaign knows whether counting the votes will help them or not! What we learn from this is that Democrats are committed to protecting voting rights, whether or not it helps us, because as a Party we believe in voting rights without unnecessary obstacles. And we also learn that Republicans will oppose counting votes whenever they can, whether or not it helps them, because as a Party they believe in restricting the right to vote as much as possible. After years of Republicans across the nation supporting oppressive voter ID laws and restricting early voting or other measures to make registration or voting easier, should we be surprised ,Adam SwopeChange voting system ,On 8th November the state of Maine elected to have state wide Ranked Choice Voting. This is an easy way to obviate any effect. It allows the citizenry to rank candidates in order of preference. If a voter first choice does not gain a majority, the vote would go to a citizen second choice, and so on, until there is a winner. This ensures that the winning candidate always has a majority. We need this system upgrade so that we can vote for the candidates we love, rather than against the candidates we hate.and cyberwarfare between the USA and China ,You no doubt heard countless stories about how the internet is rifewithhackers and ruled by malware peddling malcontents. You probably read dozens of paragraphs onhow the next great theater of war will beonline rather than offline, and how China and the US are already battling each other for cyber supremacy. The truth is, though, unless you actually been hacked,it hard to appreciate just how real the prospect of cyberwar actually is; after all, the effects of hacking are mostly invisible to the untrained eye, with the exception of very high profile database breaches. Now, though, a security company has produced a fascinating geographic map that shows you global hacking attempts in real time and sure enough, you really can see China waging cyberwar against the US. ,The real time map, maintained by the Norse security company, showswho hacking who and what attack vectors are being used. The data is sourced from a network of servers maintained by Norse, rather than real world data from the Pentagon, Google, or other high profile hacking targets. In hacking a honeypot is essentially a juicy looking target that acts as a trap either to gather important data about the would be assailants, or to draw them away from the real target. The Norse website has some info about its but it understandably quite sparse on actual technical details. ,If you watch the map for a little while, it clear that most attacks originate in either China or the US, and that the US is by far the largest target for hack attacks. You can also see that the type of hack used, indicated by the target port, is rather varied. Microsoft DS port 445 is still one of the top targets it the port used for Windows file sharing, but DNS port 53, SSH 22, and HTTP 80 are all very popular too. You probably see CrazzyNet and Black Ice, too two common Windows backdoor programs often used by script kiddies and criminals, rather than actual cyberwar fighters. ,Norse real time hacking map, showing a coordinated attack from China towards the US ,Occasionally, you will even see a big burst of coordinated attacks from China towards the US. It obviously hard to directly link these attacks to the Chinese government, but it does appear that there is someone calling the shots. A lot of hacks originate in the US, too, but their targets are much more varied; they not coordinated towards a single target like China. ,Because this data comes from Norse network of honeypots, rather than real targets, it hard to say whether real attacks on the Pentagon, on US universities, on big Silicon Valley companies follow the same patterns. If Norse knows what it doing, it should be possible to make a honeypot server appear to be a US Department of Defense or Google server, though. But without more details from Norse, it hard to say. ,Just so you have some idea of the global scale of hacking and cyberwarfare, here are some stats. Back in 2012, the US DOD reported that it was the target of 10 million cyber attacks per day; likewise, the National Nuclear Security Administration which is in charge of the US nuclear stockpile, says it saw 10 million attacks per day in 2012. In 2013, BP CEO said it sees 50,000 cyber attacks per day. The UK reported around 120,000 attacks per day back in 2011, while the humble state of Utah said it was up to 20 million attacks per day in 2013. ,I suspect there quite a big variation on what exactly constitutes an but still, it clear that hacking and cyberwarfare are topics that governments, corporations, and institutions need to pay attention to. The Obama administration, at least, has announced that it won sit on its hands while China steps up its attacks but it a fine line between shoring up defenses, and triggering a full on cyberwar that could cripple both countries. ,i eant with state of the art technology new cutting edge research not the a netwrok infrastructure, there is less R beeing done in china than in the west. they are also behind in militairy tech or atleast it looks like ,except chip production and nano materials because it is big bussiness and thus it is needed to do some research. ,also almost every cuntry that was behind with its internet network and is creating it now has a better netwrok than the earlier countries. because they can just implement the latest tech because laying the cables is cheaper than in the older countries. ,Ah, very much looks like they are using a heavily modified web based version of Etherape and are just running the data back out to a global map of the geolocated IP Neat eyecandy. So each honeypot is just reporting whats going on back to a file server running etherape against those files being collected on the server.and Department of Correctional Services ,Laurence Stuebig, A/K/A Lawrence Stuebig, by His Guardian, Maria Carole Heckmann v. Robert J. Hammel, Acting Administrator of Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Bernard J. John M. Fitzgerald, Director of Social Services, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Francis Truman, Captain of the Guards, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Charles A. Vincent P. Ferraro, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and J. Pa ,by Scribd Government Docs ,Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, an Unincorporated Association, Individually and as Representative of the Brakemen Employed by the Local Lodge No. 32 and B. E. Roark, Individually and as Local Chairman of Said Lodge Local Lodge No. 401, and H. G. Thayne, Individually and as Local Chairman Local Lodge No. 446 and W. C. Chandler, Individually and as Local Chairman Local Lodge No. 349 and Carl F. Ahrens and N. E. Doolittle Each Individually and as Local Chairman of Said Local Lodge Local Lodge No. 31 and M. C. Feather, Individually and as Local Chairman R. E. Carroll, Individually and as General Chairman of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and as Representative of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and of the Above Named Local Lodges and of the Membership Thereof Employed by the v. The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company, 290 F.2d 266, 10th Cir. 1961 ,Laurence Stuebig, A/K/A Lawrence Stuebig, by His Guardian, Maria Carole Heckmann v. Robert J. Hammel, Acting Administrator of Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Bernard J. John M. Fitzgerald, Director of Social Services, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Francis Truman, Captain of the Guards, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane Charles A. Vincent P. Ferraro, Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and J. Penal Law 135.20. There, he abductedWilliams' ten year old daughter Andrea at knifepoint, covering her eyes with apair of boys pants. He took Andrea to his mother's residence, approximatelyfive minutes away, where he broke a window to gain entry to the house. There,he repeatedly sodomized Andrea before falling asleep.4Although Dean had put band aids over Andrea's eyes, she was able to see himthrough the band aids as daylight broke. She recognized Dean as someone shehad seen at least twice before.5When Dean heard his mother returning home, he put Andrea in a bedroomcloset. Later, he took her out of the closet and pushed her outside onto a sidestairway. Andrea recognized her friend Katie's house next door. A frienddiscovered her there, wrapped her in a pillowcase and brought her home.6At home, Andrea told her mother that the man who had visited their home afew weeks earlier took her to his house, next door to her friend Katie's house,and raped her. Her mother then took her to Children's Hospital where fluidsamples were taken and placed in a rape kit.7The subsequent search of Dean's mother's home revealed a box of band aids inthe bedroom, band aid wrappers in the bedroom garbage can, a jar of vaseline,a pair of boys pants, Andrea Williams' key ring with house key, andcrumpled up band aids with eyelash hairs stuck to them next to the outside ofthe house. The investigation at the Williams' home produced petitioner'sfingerprints on a piece of glass found outside the broken window of the house.8At trial, defense counsel pursued an intoxication/insanity defense. In hisopening statement, he argued that the prosecution likely would prove that Deanabducted Andrea and was "guilty of certain acts," but that he was not capable offorming the intent required to convict. ,I'm warning him that it's over my advice ., but making clear that . Dean's own mouth that even as he sits heretoday he's not in complete agreement with what the defense of this case is. You'veheard every psychiatrist testify that he resented, rejected and did not want a defenseof non responsible by reason of mental disease or defect. Something is being proven here overhis objections.9The defense psychiatrist testified that Dean's drinking produced organic brainsyndrome, causing him to lose all rational ability and any sense of right orwrong. He further testified that Dean already had been convicted of a sex crimeinvolving a minor and that there was "no doubt that he did it." Finally, hetestified that Dean denied involvement in the crime and was very muchopposed to a temporary insanity defense when he interviewed him in October1983, nearly a year before the trial. The government's psychiatric witnessescorroborated Dean's opposition to the insanity defense.10Dean testified against the advice of counsel. Out of the presence of the jury,counsel stated to the court:1112Dean took the stand and testified before the jury that he was intoxicated on July4th, that Cecelia Williams, with whom he had been having an intimaterelationship, had given him the key to her home and that he could not recall anyof his activities at the time of the crime. He denied any involvement in theabduction, and although he recalled seeing Andrea outside his mother's houseafter he awoke, he specifically denied pushing Andrea out of the house.13In summation, counsel argued that Dean's condition precluded him fromforming the intent required to convict. He also attempted to explain Dean'stestimony in the following manner:141516and dropping out of a network windows 8 ,I was experiencing "limited connectivity" on a new Asus Windows 8.1 laptop errors every 5 10 minutes. I contacted comcast who had me perform a bunch of different things without success, who then recommended I contact the manufacture Asus, who also said my network adapter was broken and to exchange my computer. I am not involved in fixingcomputers other than being an experienced Windows user. However, there are 2 other Microsoft ones. ,This only happened after switching ISP went from Fios to TWC. TWC tried different methods but all failed. I still had LIMITED connectivity on my wifi. I knew it was something with my laptop because when I connected Ethernet cable it worked. Also, my 5G devices picked up the 5G wifi and that worked. It's the 2.4MHz wifi that was not working with windows 8.1, maybe something to do with dual band routers I dont know. I'm not a techie but I resolved my issue:SOLUTION: Uninstall and then reinstall your wireless driver.1 You probably cannot access the internet at this time so connect via ethernet cable. 2 Now lets find the existing driver on your system and delete it. I was experiencing "limited connectivity" on a new Asus Windows 8.1 laptop errors every 5 10 minutes. I contacted comcast who had me perform a bunch of different things without success, who then recommended I contact the manufacture Asus, who also said my network adapter was broken and to exchange my computer. I am not involved in fixingcomputers other than being an experienced Windows user. However, there are 2 other Microsoft ones. ,I have had the same problem with my Samsung Laptop and my Surface Pro 2. I have tried everything that is described like re installing drivers, command prompe etc but nothing fixed my problem. At least this solved my problems for 2 of my windows gadgets that had this problem ,Limited connection means the PC has successfully connected to the router, but the PC wasn't assigned a valid IP address, so you can't actually get to the Internet. It can also indicate that a valid IP address was assigned but that the PC doesn't have Internet connectivity. If you're connected to a home network, try restarting the router. So with that said Go to Device Manager Go to Network adapters and expand it Now from the list, choose your network adapter Wireless Network Adapter that is showing limited connectivity. Right click on your wireless network adapter and choose Update Driver Software. A new window will open, in which you are required to click on Browse my computer for driver software. On next step, select, Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Check the Network Adapters, and see how many are listed. You may find two drivers here; one by Microsoft and other from the Manufacturer. Choose the Manufacturer drivers and select Next. Upon completion, you are advised to restart your PC and check if your problem is solved. Do the following:Open command prompt with administrative rightsType the following commands and hit enter after each command:netsh int tcp set heuristics disablednetsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disablednetsh int tcp set global rss=enabledTo verify that these settings are disabled, typenetsh int tcp show global and hit enterOnce done, you are advised to reboot your system. This should resolve the problem. ,Fred, that was a great fix. One question. None worked. I still get limited access multiple times a day. It must be something with Windows 8 8.1 because I have another laptop that is running windows 7 and it never goes to limited access. I only have one driver Intel listed so I can't switch to a different one. I've updated the driver but it still doesn't work. I paid good money for this Dell laptop with Windows 8.1 and it's nothing but a headache! ,After trying every fix I could find with no luck, and trying everything else I could think of, I finally figured out the problem. Then I clicked on "Change adapter settings" on the left side of the screen. It the showed my Wifi plus "Bluetooth Network Connection". I never use Bluetooth, so I right clicked it, then clicked "Disable". No more "limited access" problem! Hopefully this will solve someone else's limited access issue who hasn't had any luck with all the other fixes. ,Thank you so much for posting this answer. This waa exactly what I needed. I was experiencing "limited connectivity" on a new Asus Windows 8.1 laptop errors every 5 10 minutes. I contacted comcast who had me perform a bunch of different things without success, who then recommended I contact the manufacture Asus, who also said my network adapter was broken and to exchange my computer. I am not involved in fixingcomputers other than being an experienced Windows user. However, there are 2 other Microsoft ones. ,My issue with Windows 8.1: SSL Connection errors, page cannot be displayed, pages not rendering properly, downloads hanging at 99% complete, PDFs corrupted. This happened for for IE, Chrome, Firefox. Hitting F5 to refresh would work sometimes 1 out 25 times. Made internet access almost useless. SOOOOO FFFFFFrustrating. I tried everything google had to offer and nothing has worked. Countless number of FFFFF BOMBS were dropped over the last 2 3 months. I am a patient guy. I was considering downgrading to Windows 7 but was worried about all the stuff downloaded and installed for Windows 8. FINALLY TODAY I BIT THE BULLET AND UPGRADED TO WINDOWS 10. SO FAR SO GOOD. I've been able to browse without a single SSL error, page cannot be displayed, no hanging, sites render incorrectly, I finally got my ITunes working, I got ZUNE installed properly for my wife's phone. I could not install these on Win 8.1 because downloads would fail. Its been only a few hours but I feel sooooo relieved that I am able browse the web like I used to on my old XP machine. I just hope that this is the end of my Windows WOES. Just hope this helps somebody before they bite the bullet and go to Apple. which I considered doing but I bought this new DELL XPS 8700 last April and cannot afford to go that route. My advice: Upgrade to windows 10 and avoid all the FFFFF'n FFFFFrustration. Window 8.1 SUCKS don't even give it a try.And Electronic Mind Control Community Spreads Online ,ATLANTA CBS ATLANTA A massive expansion of an online community battling what they call "gang stalking" has occurred in recent years, with the spread of thousands of websites, videos and organized events for followers of the movement. Those who believe "gang stalkers" exist publicly and brazenly express their concerns that there is a systematic form of electronic and physical pursuit of "targeted individuals" being conducted by government and corporate entities. Postal Service employees, electrical company technicians, and people simply walking down the street to implore them to stop gang stalking them. One viral video poster repeatedly shouts that she "has done nothing wrong," and that the seemingly dumbfounded "gang stalkers" should "stop following" her. ,Stop Stalking Me: The Best of Lena KochmanGang stalking bloggers utilize thousands of likes, shares and video posts describing gang stalking as "a highly criminal campaign, one directed at a Target Individual, and one that aims to destroy an innocent persons life through covert harassments, malicious slander and carefully crafted and executed psychological attacks. ,By nature of their fears The list of terms used to describe gang stalking" and the concepts that surround it are numerous and frequent, with comment sections to stories remaining one of the largest hotbeds of such discussion:Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, an online organization that ensures other gang stalking victims that they are "not alone," describes the gang stalkers themselves as "perpetrators. ,One website Last year's National Security Agency leaks from Edward Snowden sparked hundreds of gang stalking bloggers and websites ,Many websites declare that the Affordable Care Act is among many lists" being formulated to track targets without their knowledge. "Whistleblowers" and the "outspoken" are among the most targeted characteristics. ,"This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual," according to Gang Stalking World. East Germany's Stasi, the Soviet Union's KGB, and the Nazi's are commonly referenced as having used these "zersetzung" German for "decomposition" or "corrosion" tactics to psychologically tear down victims. ,In the majority of gang stalking related media circulating online, at least one large body of government or corporate individuals is accused of targeting and attempting to control the lives of the alleged gang stalking victims. ,"This harassment includes electronic mind/body attacks, street harassment skits, destruction of family and other relationships and destruction of careers," writes one blogger. ,Most descriptions of gang stalking claim that people are not only physically following them, but also that there are "psycho electronic" mind control tactics being used. ,A 2012 KMIR News report found a group of men who all believed that "corrupt business officials" and "rogue government officials" were sponsoring "synthetic telepathy" and other forms of "electronic harassment" that allowed them voice to skull manipulation of the men's minds. ,"How much more can you invade me, than to go into my brain," Cathedral City resident, Randall Ringger, told KMIR TV. "It sounds like somebody else is reading the book, except it's thoughts," said Palms resident, Kevin Bond. ,"We're not having a group hallucination, this is actually something that is happening," said Palm Springs resident, Bob Stansfield. ,"I started hearing as you'll hear, hearing voices and what they'll call voice to skull or microwave hearing," said Bond, who said he'd found more than 300 people in the local community who had experienced similar electronic harassment. ,Benjamin Simon's Yahoo! Blog post describes his own run ins with gang stalkers: "Breaking in and vandalizing your home; Knowing you and your family's schedule; Placing wiretaps/hidden cameras in your home. They usually have ties to, are protected by, or go easily undetected by any government branch police, psychiatric hospitalsessentially any organization that's supposed to help you. They are well organized, and seem to have unending resources I've been followed at/around concerts, events, freelance job positions, many of which I found out about last minute. ,A 2004 UK and Netherlands study estimated that 11.5 percent stalking claims were false, and that 70 percent of false stalking reports were made by people suffering from psychological delusions. ,But there are those who truly believe they are being stalked, with such delusions often stemming from past situations where the person did feel targeted or mistreated and has learned to be constantly on the defensive. ,"Tendency towards paranoia often originates from a place in which the person had to be hyper vigilant to protect himself, whether physical or emotionally," notes clinical social worker Laura Miller, adding that "there is generally a grain of truth at the base of even the wildest delusions., The ongoing NSA revelations have given nuggets of truth for wide ranging theories across the online gang stalking community. ,Miller notes that on the extreme end" of some of these communities, some sites "do more to sever ties between these people from reality and the grounding relationships in their lives and may serve as a poor substitute to real relating interpersonally. fake id facebook name hey mister fake id lyrics provide old id to minor fake using a fake id in maryland

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