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fake SouthDakota id generator route 21 fake id fake Kentucky identification card vic licence Because of its unstable neighborhood and the advancing scope of its strategic interests, Turkey will remain a significant shopper on the global defense market," Darling added. "While the goal of the SSM is to eventually achieve self supply for 50 percent of Turkish armed forces acquisitions, the present reality is that this remains a future vision. no longer regarded by Ankara as the sole source for its defense hardware, the market for those foreign firms willing to meet the SSMs contractual demands remains strong."A Rising Tide of Car Insurance Scams ,OFFICER CHRISTOPHER FERRO of the Nassau County Police Department said his first case of auto insurance card fraud was about four years ago, when he and his partner, Officer John Tymeck, called the 800 number on the back of a card handed to them by a driver during an otherwise routine traffic stop. What they reached, Officer Ferro said, was a pay by the minute sex line. ,They noted that the car had Pennsylvania plates, and over the next few months they encountered more and more cars that were registered in Pennsylvania with forged insurance cards. ,The problem receded for a while but picked up again about a year and half ago. Officer Ferro and his new partner, Officer Michael Ruggiero, said they had made about 40 arrests for fraudulent auto insurance documents in the past 18 months in the New Cassel area. In eastern Suffolk County, Investigator Dale Faro of the New York State Police said there had been at least 20 such arrests in the last six weeks. ,''It has gotten much more widespread on Long Island, and all of sudden it has blossomed on the East End in a big way,'' Investigator Faro said. He added that state troopers had been alerted to check for fraudulent insurance cards for cars with Pennsylvania plates and to be on the lookout for Pennsylvania plates that do not have stickers on them. ,If the there is no expiration sticker, or if the sticker or registration is forged and does not have the required hologram on it, the driver is then arrested and can be charged with up to three felony counts. ,The fake insurance identification cards are sold for 300 to 500, Officer Ferro said, less than half the cost of a legitimate insurance policy. ,Some people know exactly what they are buying, but others don't, Investigator Faro said. ,Melissa Laughlin, a spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance, said the fake card scam had become an ''increasing problem on Long Island'' and was ''widespread.'' ,But no one knows exactly how widespread the problem is. No separate statistics are available for these types of arrests in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, and a spokeswoman for the New York State Insurance Department said that statistics on insurance fraud were not kept for the Long Island area. ,Officer Ferro said the insurance scam was costing New York residents millions of dollars. In a two car accident involving a driver with fraudulent insurance papers, the uninsured motorist portion of the legitimate insurance policy will pick up the tab. But Officer Ferro said that a pedestrian who was hit by a car driven by an uninsured motorist would leave the victim or his health insurance, if he has any to pay the hospital bills. ,Newsletter Sign Up ,Investigator Faro said the fake insurance cards can be produced on computers. ''They scan in a valid insurance card. Once it is scanned in, they change the information on the computer screen, policy numbers, issue dates, then print out any number of ones because they have the basic one in there. They can change the policy number, dates, change who issued it, change the vehicle ID number, much the same as is done on a phony driver's license.'' ,The Pennsylvania connection apparently comes from the fact that a car can be registered there without proof of insurance. To register a car in New York State, you need a temporary insurance card, the title to the car and identification, such as a driver's license. Insurance companies issuing policies in New York State, but not in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, are also obliged to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles if a registered vehicle is not properly insured or if the insurance has lapsed. ,''The Department of Motor Vehicles automatically suspends licenses and the registration of the motorist and the vehicle, which makes it easier for the police to enforce this portion of the vehicle and traffic law,'' Officer Ferro said. ,In Pennsylvania, insurance brokers can register cars and then, for a fee, forward the paperwork to the State Department of Motor Vehicles. ,''In reality what may be happening is that the papers are never sent, but they are collecting a large fee from a person who may or may not know they are obtaining a fraudulent registration,'' Investigator Faro said. ''They give boxes of license plates to insurance offices, yet there are no checks or balances that the proper paperwork is coming back. employees may be getting a cut.'' ,On a recent stop by Officer Ferro in Westbury, the driver's paperwork indicated that the car was purchased from a woman in East Meadow and registered by a person living in Philadelphia. But the car's license plate did not have the proper sticker, the driver was unlicensed and the insurance card was from a company that Officer Ferro said was no longer issuing auto insurance policies. ,Anthony Haubert, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said that the department was trying to curtail uninsured and illegally registered cars by requiring that issuing agents to be licensed by December 2004. ''That way we can automatically terminate them if there is a problem,'' he said. ,Since Officers Ferro and Ruggiero have been following these cases, they have programmed the numbers of all the major insurance companies into their personal cellphones, and when they make routine traffic stops on cars with Pennsylvania plates, they check the validity of the cards by calling the insurance companies. ,''I would say 60 percent of them are fraudulent,'' said Officer Ferro. But in two nights on patrol with a reporter or a photographer tagging along, all six Pennsylvania registered cars stopped had what Officer Ferro said were fraudulent insurance documents.A robust US job market is expected to keep delivering ,employers are showing few signs of letting up. ,Job growth for February, to be reported Friday, might not match the furious pace of November through January, when 1 million positions were added. Harsh winter weather likely discouraged some hiring. ,Yet economists foresee a solid job gain of 240,000 and a drop in unemployment to a near normal 5.6 percent evidence of a job market that continues to outshine others around the world. economy, and they're hiring," said Frank Friedman, interim CEO of Deloitte, the consulting firm that counts 80 percent of the Fortune 500 as clients. ,A bright outlook among employers has translated into a robust average of 268,000 jobs added monthly over the past 12 months. That means there are 3.2 million more Americans earning paychecks now than at the start of 2014. That additional income, along with sharply lower gas prices, has left more Americans able to spend. ,It also helps explain why the unemployment rate has sunk so far below the 10 percent peak it reached in 2009 even though the economy isn't growing as fast as it often has during expansions: Increased customer demand is compelling employers to fill jobs. ,In addition, many Americans who lost jobs in the recession have retired or given up looking for work and are no longer counted as unemployed. ,The steady hiring may also finally be forcing wages up. Average hourly earnings rose 0.5 percent in January, the most in six years. Economists did caution against reading too much into one month's figure. Most expect a more modest average wage gain in February. ,On Thursday, the government said the number of people who sought unemployment benefits rose last week to the highest level since May. Still, the four week average of unemployment applications, which is less volatile, remains near a historically low level that typically signals healthy job growth. ,Friday's jobs report will come less than two weeks before the next policy meeting of the Federal Reserve, which is considering when to raise interest rates from record lows. Tim Hopper, chief economist at TIAA CREF, suggested that the strengthening job market and tentative signs of pay increases give the Fed room to move toward raising short term rates. ,Most analysts expect the Fed to pave the way for higher rates by adjusting the statement it issues after its March meeting, to be followed by the first hike in June or September. ,It may turn out that some temporary factors held back job growth in February. Snow and ice storms in the Midwest and parts of the Southeast closed some businesses and possibly delayed hiring. Boston and other parts of the Northeast have been hit by enormous snowfalls. ,Investment bank UBS estimates that such factors lowered February's job gain by 25,000. Construction companies, auto dealers, and retailers are the sectors most likely to have been affected by winter storms and unseasonably cold weather. ,Several industries may also be hiring less than in recent months or even cutting back. Oil and gas drilling companies have cut jobs in response to the 60 percent drop in oil prices since summer. Applications for unemployment aid have risen in such oil heavy states as Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota. ,In January, retailers reported a sizable job gain, which most economists don't think is sustainable. ,Manufacturers may also have pulled back in the face of weaker growth overseas. A survey of manufacturing firms shows that export orders have shrunk for two months. dollar has also soared in value compared with the euro and Japan's yen, thereby squeezing profits for American multinationals that operate overseas. job market and economy, for all their obstacles, are still outdoing those of other major nations. Though Europe and Japan are showing signs of growing more than last year, their economies remain feeble. level. ,On Thursday, China lowered its economic growth target for 2015 to 7 percent from 7.5 percent last year as it tries to make its slowing economy more productive. economy expanded at a breakneck annual pace of 4.8 percent in last year's spring and summer, only to slow to a tepid 2.2 percent rate in the final three months of 2014. Many economists estimate that growth is picking up slightly in the current quarter to an annual rate of 2.5 percent to nearly 3 percent. ,Still, economists remain bullish about hiring despite the slowdown in growth. The fourth quarter's slowdown occurred largely because companies reduced their stockpiles of goods, which translated into lower factory output. ,But companies focus more on consumer demand in making hiring decisions, and demand was strong in the October December quarter. Americans stepped up their spending by the most in four years. ,And though consumers are saving much of the cash they have from cheaper gas, spending in January still rose at a decent pace after adjusting for lower prices. ,Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, expects the economy to grow 3 percent this year, which would be first time it's reached that level in a decade.A Romance With Islamism ,We know that Barack Obama has said that one of the sweetest sounds is the Muslim call to evening prayer. We know that he has repeatedly said that Islam is a religion of peace and side swiping Danish cartoonists who must now fear for their lives told the UN that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. ,We know that Obama has been a proponent of the idea that is a heinous offense, comparable to racial and gender hatred. ,He had made it out to the city the previous week for a celebrity fundraiser and an appearance on Letterman1] and then back again for a taping of The View while turning down a meeting with Netanyahu who did not have a talk show or an envelope filled with money.2] ,The next day, while at least one of the Americans killed in Benghazi had yet to be buried,3] he declared at the UN General Assembly, "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."4] ,That statement also encompassed the agenda of the Benghazi killers, the terrorists who would attack Charlie Hebdo and the "Draw the Prophet" contest in Texas along with all the murderous censors of Mohammed determined that the future should not belong to those who slander their holy warlord. ,It was Obama's only mention of "Islam" in a speech addressing the brutal murder of four Americans by Islamic terrorists in a terror campaign targeting American diplomatic facilities on the anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks in Benghazi. The 9/11 attacks, like so many others, had begun with a cry of "Allahu Akbar."5] ,When the killing in Benghazi was done, the Jihadists left behind the slogan "Allahu Akbar" or "Allah is Greater" scrawled on the walls of the American compound.6] These were the same words that Obama had recited "with a first rate accent" for the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof. Obama had called it "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth."7] On that too, the murderers of four Americans agreed with him. ,Those who disagreed and were to be denied a future included Mark Basseley Youssef, a Coptic Christian, whose YouTube trailer for a movie critical of Islam was blamed by the administration for the attacks. ,Two days after Obama's UN speech, Youssef was arrested and held without bail. The order for his arrest came from the top. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had told Charles Woods, the father of murdered SEAL Tyrone Woods, "We're going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video."8] ,The ACLU, which had developed deep Islamist connections,9] sent a letter to Hillary Clinton thanking her for her support of freedom of speech.10] ,The Supreme Court's "Miracle Decision"11] had thrown out a blasphemy ban for movies, but Obama's new unofficial blasphemy ban targeted only those movies that offended Islam. The government had joined the terrorists in seeking to deny such movies and their creators a future. ,At the United Nations, Obama had compared the filmmaker to the terrorists. He had used a Gandhi quote to assert that, "Intolerance is itself a form of violence."12] Americans who criticized Islam's violent tendencies could be considered as bad as Muslim terrorists and if intolerance of Islam was a form of violence, then it could be criminalized and suppressed. That became the administration's priority. ,It took the administration years to make its first arrest of a Benghazi perpetrator,13] but only days to urge Google to take down the Innocence of Muslims video14] and weeks to arrest the man behind it. ,In a little over a week, there was already a State Department apology video airing in Pakistan.15] It took until the next month for the United States to even get access to the Benghazi compound.16] Instead of going on the offensive against the attackers, Obama went on the offensive against critics of Islam. ,His administration not only blamed a YouTube video to distract from its failures in Benghazi, but to exploit the crisis in order to suppress the truth about Islamic terrorism. ,Obama had illegally fought a war to aid Islamic terrorists and was covering up his role in the Islamization of Libya by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda17] and eventually even ISIS.18] He exploited a terrorist attack against Americans caused by his Islamization of Libya to advance the Islamization of America. ,The new Islamized Libya, where Christians were beheaded and churches were bombed,19] was what a nation that denied the future to those who did not accept the prophet of Islam really looked like. ,Obama's Islamist regime change had denied the Christians and non Muslims of Libya a future. Among those non Muslims who lost their future in Libya were four murdered Americans. ,Blaming the video turned a public relations disaster into a policy win. The blame was shifted from Obama's backing for Islamist regime change in Libya to critics of Islam. Not only was the cause of the attack covered up, but Obama's ideological agenda was advanced by an attack he had helped cause. ,Our current conflict with Islamic terrorists is not caused by joblessness, poverty, the climate, dictators or any of the other familiar excuses. Instead it's caused by the unholy alliance between Islam and the left. ,Obama embodied that unholy alliance as no other occupant of the Oval Office since Carter had. ,When discussing Muslim complaints about FBI counterterrorism operations, Obama believed that they needed assurances that, "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."23] Counterterrorism with its emphasis on exposing plots and potential terrorists singled out Muslims. His preferred form of counterterrorism empowered Islamists while shifting the blame to Americans.A rose named Odom ,What's in a name That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. That phrase was originated by William Shakespeare, and it perfectly encapsulates why Kellie Odom is so special and why she is an integral part of the City of Roses. ,Odom's ties to Thomasville began at birth. She said, "I was actually born at Archbold, so my ties to Thomasville go back to the very beginning of my life. This is where I have spent my entire life and where I have always wanted to raise my children. Thomasville has a small town feel and a very outgoing and active atmosphere. I feel very safe here. fake id toronto yonge street fake Alabama license NewHampshire fake id for sale myoids fake id review best Alabama fake id In 1993 ,To her surprise route 21 fake id fake id that works in clubs how to make a fake RhodeIsland driver's license Odom graduated from Thomas Technical Institute now Southwest Georgia Technical College and became a licensed practical nurse in 1993. She practiced as an LPN on the medical/surgical floor and the Emergency Department at Archbold. ,In 1997, I obtained an associate's degree in nursing from Darton College. I was so excited to finally become a registered nurse, but still had a desire to go further in my education," Odom explained. ,While working as Director of Risk Management at Archbold, she acquired certification in Healthcare Risk Management from the Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School and became certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Several years later, I started received a bachelor's degree in nursing from Thomas University. She will complete her maser's degree in nursing administration at Thomas University this fall. ,Odom loves what she does for a living, and it shows. "I began working at Archbold as a high school student. My first job was in the snack shop. After graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to get into the health care field, but wasn't sure which specialty I was most interested in. I began working at a local insurance agency as a receptionist. It was during this time that I knew nursing was the career for me. ,Director of nursing at Archbold ,She and her husband fake id delivery fake licenses online fake address for apple id us

alaska state id The Odoms also serve on committees where their children attend school. ,Said Amy Griffin MSN Tammy Bryant ,Kellie is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met. She goes out of her way to help others. As a nurse, she's very patient focused and works very hard to assure that our patients receive outstanding care. She is professional and courteous at all times. She steps in to help others whenever needed and wherever the need may arise," said Jan Croley, RN BA MBA, director of surgery at Archbold. ,Odom sees a bright, beautiful future in 2014 and beyond. ,"I have hopes and goals personally and professionally. Personally, I pray that I will always be a loving wife and support my husband. He is truly a wonderful gift. Together, Chris and I want to raise our boys to be men of strong character, integrity and that have a desire to serve God and to always be compassionate and caring toward others. Professionally, I want to continue to grow as a leader within the health care field, providing support to my employees and working together with our leadership team to provide high quality health care to our community and demographic region we serve. When questions are being asked and decisions are made, we always want to base our decisions on what is best for the patient."A roundup of digital news ,Hotel News Now Tech Impact Report each month features a news roundup from the hotel technology sector. Subscribe to the free monthly report here. Federal Trade Commission can proceed with a lawsuit against hotel group Wyndham Worldwide for allegedly failing to safeguard consumers personal information, a district court judge ruled Monday, according to Reuters. ,Wyndham argued the commission did not have jurisdiction to sue over what it saw as lax security leading to data breaches and wanted the lawsuit dismissed. ,The FTC has accused Wyndham of not providing adequate security for its computer system, leading to three data breaches between April 2008 and January 2010 that the FTC alleges led to fraud worth 10.6 million. ,The Priceline Group now represents five brands that are independently managed. ,company should expand its presence in alternative accommodations, but these properties are essentially meaningless to the top line, the investor note reads. is because they have a lower occupancy, average daily rate and commission. We think this factor will contribute to slower growth rates for the company going forward. adding alternative accommodations to the base will not drive significant revenue growth, Analysts Brian McGill and Tyler Batory wrote. estimate a hotel in Europe could generate 280,000 of revenue for Priceline per year. This compares to 1,800 for a vacation rental. ,The two companies hope to build technological solutions at all stages of the guest journey and will move first into a planning and development phase, creating a roadmap for potential technologies and solutions. ,Eric Pearson, executive VP and chief information officer, said IHG will use Amadeus insight to anticipate consumer trends and behavior. ,Users providing content for Trivago ,Trivago, Expedia metasearch product, has expanded its hotel testing program, a mystery guest program that allows users to save money on their hotel booking by completing an online questionnaire. The guest research collected will appear on hotel search results throughout Trivago site, according to a news release. ,Hoteliers can purchase test results for further insight into their guests and to maximize their visibility on Trivago. The questionnaire consists of 400 questions and takes around 45 minutes to complete. Users must sign up as a hotel tester and book their hotel stay at the regular price. They receive incentives of to 50 to 117 upon completion of an online questionnaire. The test results provide verified reviews from actual guests and the results are integrated into Trivago filter options, enabling users to choose specific criteria, such as "fast Internet connection" or "a great breakfast. Chinese TripAdvisor under investigation ,Daodao, the local imprint of TripAdvisor in China, is the subject of an investigation after reports of fake reviews, according to a Tnooz report. The company claims suspicious activity on TripAdvisor, particularly in Asia. On DaoDao, a member has posted 2,633 reviews since November 2010, and another member posted 1,361 reviews since October 2012, claiming to have stayed at 51 hotels in Paris and another 50 hotels around the world in March 2013 alone. ,KwikChex co founder Chris Emmins told Tnooz it was difficult to say the posters were paid reviewers. ,we first looked at the phenomenon, we thought that there may have been some type of incentive running in China; a similar thing happened in India. But now we are seeing patterns where the same properties are cropping up on several of these reviewers profiles, he said. do know, beyond doubt, that various budget type travelers with good IT skills tout for the business of fake good reviews with businesses around the world, and this may be the cause of some of it. Washington Times to offer travel services ,The Washington Times has partnered with Yellowstone Hotel Systems, doing business as OpenBook, to provide comprehensive online travel planning to its readers and the general public. with Trust will allow Washington Times readers to book travel through its website after reading about travel destinations. ,The travel services can be found on many pages of The Washington Times website, branded as Washington Times Travel Center. Only accommodations are available, but future plans call for airfare and car rental. ,DropThought tackles experience management ,A new software company aims to change experience management by providing brands a single, integrated view of customer engagement across multiple channels. DropThought harnesses mobile, social, cloud and big data to help boost customer service performance levels and provide real time customer engagement, according to a news release. ,The software as a service platform helps track and enhance customer relationships via instant feedback and resolutions, text analytics and social media marketing. Hotels are able to address negative comments on the spot or promote positive feedback instantaneously. DropThought also gives consumers new and easy ways to share their satisfaction and complaints with hotels, restaurants and other businesses via on site devices, such as kiosks, tabletops and check presenters, a mobile app, QR code scan and text messaging.A roundup of local sports briefs ,Youth baseballBow Auto Parts defeated Flag Works, 12 8, in AAA baseball action. For Bow, Owen Webber, Peyton Larrabee and Owen Walton combined for seven hits. For Flag Works, Josh Turant two hits, double and Andrew Hunton three runs led the way. ,In AAA Concord Little League action, Concord Family Vision defeated Concord Search and Retrieval, 10 5. Jackson Gamache triple and Cullen Dougherty double, two runs led the Search and Retrieval offense. Dow pitched well three innings pitched, two runs, five strikeouts and Jackson Gfoerer reached base twice, run scored led the way offensively. ,Davis and Towle defeated Kiwanis, 10 5, in Concord Little League action. Cam McGonigle three hits, home run led the Davis and Towle squad with Bodie Coffee and Jackson Tewksbury adding key hits. Brooks Craigue was the winning pitcher. Ryan Philbrick and Tyler Bruns led the Kiwanis offense. ,On Saturday, in Bow Minors baseball, the Bow Auto Parts Pirates defeated the Taylor Rental Mariners, 8 6. Bow Auto Parts was led by Payton Larrabee 2 for 3, RBI, two runs, Owen Webber 2 for 2, home run, two RBI, three runs and Patrick Walton two IP, four strikeouts. Taylor Rental was led by Nate Greene three IP; 2 for 2, two runs, Austin Bouch RBI and Aiden Ciminesi 2 for 3, two RBI. ,In Concord Northeast Majors baseball, the Pine Lane Farm Whales of Hopkinton defeated the Constantly Pizza Reds of Bow. Sophie Buteau pitched a great game for MCSB while Libby Brown played well behind the plate and Jordyn Lengle contributed with several hits. For Suncook, Tiana Jenkins had a was solid behind the plate and Cierra Hill had several good at bats. ,MCSB also defeated Deck Rite Builders, 11 4, on Monday night. Anna Gaby pitched well and Elizabeth Blinn made a great play behind the plate. For Deck Rite, Maddy Hazelton was tough behind the plate and Sarah Miller played heads up defense. ,In Cap Area Babe Ruth Majors softball, Concord National's Cimos Deli defeated Bow's Rowley Agency. For Cimos, Emma Burbank led the offense with a home run. For Bow, Makayla Trundel anchored the defense with a great catch in right field while Katie Lessard chipped in with some solid outfield defense. ,In Cap Area AAA softball action, Concord Family Vision defeated Dick's Sporting Goods. For Dick's, Sarah Taylor hit a two run home run and Molly Page did well at the plate. For Family Vision, Briar Halle went 2 for 2 with an RBI, Haley Weld scored twice, walked and picked up a hit and Margret Sheehan played well at first base. ,In Cap Area AAA softball action, Storms Fitness defeated Quality Cash Market of CNE. For Storms, Steph Elrick and Shaylee Murdough both pitched well from the circle and had strong hits. For Quality Cash, Katie Vlacich had two doubles while Rachel Gridley and Lili Hackett also hit well. ,Middle school resultsHopkinton Middle School defeated Winnisquam, 18 5, in softball action. Megan Kimball Rhines scored four runs and pitched a complete game. Renee Brogan made an outstanding catch in deep left center while Jordyn Barrett, Emma Crawford and Annie Bamford all had strong days at the plate. ,The Franklin Middle School 11 1 softball team defeated Gilford, 9 0. Payton Crowley complete game, 19 strikeouts, one hit led the way for Franklin. on both Saturday and Sunday. Open to players in grades K 8. Cost is 40 for the weekend or 25 for one day. Cost is 112 for an eight week session. ,Learn to Row program, offered by Concord Crew, is for middle school and high school students. Session one is held June 20 July 14 and session two is held July 18 Aug. Sessions take place behind Everett Arena. ,Hopkinton High baseball camp for players ages 7 15 from June 20 23 rain date is June 24 led by Coach Dave Chase. and costs 120 if paid before June 1. ,Hawks Softball Camp, being held June 20 23 at Hopkinton High, is open to all area girls ages 7 13. The camp stresses fundamentals and fun and is run by Hopkinton varsity Coach Dan Meserve. Cost is 75, including a t shirt and prizes. ,Paul Hogan Basketball Camps will be held as follows: Rip City Basketball Camp at NHTI June 20 24, Girls' Pt. Guard/Post Player Camp June 26 28, Boys' Point Guard/Post Player Camp at NHTI June 29 July 1, and the 23rd annual Specialty Basketball Camp July 24 28. Shooter's Gold Basketball Camps will be held in six towns around NH: July 5 8 at Littleton High School, July 10 13 at Rivendell High School, July 11 15 at Inter Lakes Elementary School in Meredith and Gilford Middle School. Laconia and Hooksett will be Shooter's Gold sites for boys and girls in grades 1 8 July 14 18. Forms are printable from the site along with information, tuition and other facts. beginner/advanced beginner at Memorial Field. ,Cap City Basketball summer camps will be June 20 24 and July 25 29. Monday Friday. Cost is 215 per camp. Sign up for both camps and receive 15 percent off both camps. at Broken Ground Elementary School. The camp is open to all incoming 2nd through 8th graders. ,Lacrosse overnight camp for girls entering grades 6 12 in the fall will be put on by the UNH women's lacrosse program June 27 29. The camp has both an overnight 425 and commuter 350 option. A minimum deposit of 200 is due at registration with any remaining balance due June 4. ,UNH field hockey team will hold two summer camps as well as two summer youth clinics. Session I will be held June 29 July 2, followed by Session II from July 6 9 and the youth clinic will be held July 7 8. The Session I and Session II camps both have overnight 475 and day 375 options for the four day camps. The single day youth clinics on July 7 8 cost 35 per day or 60 for both days. The sessions are open to junior high and high school students as of fall 2016.A roundup of recent federal court decisions ,But this month, the regulators backed down. ,This week on the podcast: Mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds, Syrian refugees, and a pair of taxi cases. military commission convicts Yemeni man of conspiracy to commit war crimes. but not international law, so I should have been tried in a regular court rather than by military commission. Circuit sitting en banc: Conviction affirmed. Allegation: Corrupt officials raid financial firm's Moscow office, take its assets, and use them to claim fraudulent 230 million tax rebate from Russian treasury. The firm complains to the Russian gov't, which, instead of pursuing the raiders, files charges against the firm and its lawyers, who flee the country but for one who infamously perishes in prison. With their ill gotten gains, the raiders purchase properties in NYC. gov't: Which we can forfeit. Second Circuit: The alleged raiders cannot challenge the forfeiture with their current counsel, who previously worked on behalf of the victimized firm after its first team of lawyers fled. Newspaper reports on Lehigh County, Penn., woman who never married David Lee Roth but felt compelled to file for divorce from the celebrated musician. She sues the newspaper for defamation. Third Circuit: No need to reconsider the ruling against her. Former detainees sue private contractor over "sadistic" torture at Abu Ghraib prison. District Court: It's not for the courts to second guess the military's sensitive judgments. The case should not have been dismissed. Jury: Memphis, Tenn., police's aggressive, confrontational early morning efforts to herd patrons of entertainment district off the streets and into bars or out of the neighborhood violated arrestee's right to intrastate travel. Sixth Circuit: Which is a fundamental right in this circuit, so the city needed to produce some evidence the sweeps advance public safety or are at least meant to, and it didn't. Hotel guest avers he could not have waved a gun menacingly at another guest, as he was elsewhere at the time. Nevertheless, Battle Creek, Mich., police cuff him in an extremely painful manner and arrest him. Sixth Circuit: He can sue the officers and the city. Nonresidents of Illinois are barred from obtaining a concealed carry permit in the state unless they reside in one of four states that have gun laws that are substantially similar to Illinois'. over a dissent: The law is imperfect but not so unreasonable as to justify a preliminary injunction while a challenge to it proceeds. Allegation: Columbia, Mo., detectives manipulate teenage murder suspect into false confession; he implicates a friend as well. Detectives pressure witness to falsely identify the pair. A state court throws out the friend's conviction on account of withheld exculpatory evidence, actual innocence. Can the friend sue the detectives Back to the district court to address qualified immunity in the first instance, says the Eighth Circuit. California law requires licensed pregnancy counseling centers that do not provide abortions to make patients aware of clinics that do. Unlicensed centers need not provide that information but must inform patients that they lack a license. Compelled speech in violation of the First Amendment No, the law withstands intermediate scrutiny, says the Ninth Circuit. For 1k/month, man allows use of his name to obscure the true ownership of a Los Angeles County medical marijuana business. He's caught. Man: I have chronic pain. Any chance I can get sentencing condition that prevents me from possessing marijuana lifted No can do, says the Ninth Circuit. The congressional appropriations rider that forbids the feds from interfering with states' implementation of their own medical marijuana laws doesn't help your case. Federal agent infiltrates "carder" website run by malefactors in the former USSR, sells fake drivers' licenses to a teenager in Phoenix a user of the site. Investigators find counterfeit cash, stolen IDs, and other damning evidence at the teen's house. Then teenager: I was underage when one of the two counts I was convicted on transpired, which renders my conviction infirm. Ninth Circuit: Conviction and 20 year sentence affirmed. Lawyers assisting service members facing disciplinary action encouraged them to drool and otherwise fake mental illness, says Fort Carson base commander, so they are banned from base. Lawyers: We would never do that, and the ban violates our due process and free speech rights. Tenth Circuit: Very understandable that the lawyers want to clear their names, but we owe much deference to a commander's decision to exclude someone from base. Dismissed. Tenth Circuit: Kansas officials may not, for the time being, enforce state law requiring individuals to proffer one of 13 acceptable forms of ID to prove their citizenship before obtaining or renewing a voter ID card. This year, South Carolina legislators banned online eye exams not to advance any public purpose, but, according to Gov. Nikki Haley, who vetoed the law, "to stifle competition for the benefit of a single industry." The legislature overrode the veto, however, and now residents have no choice but to make annual visits to storefront optometrists. Prescriptions for corrective lenses expire after just one year in South Carolina far sooner than medically necessary. This week, IJ teamed up with a newly illegal online startup to challenge the law under South Carolina's Constitution, which prohibits arbitrary rules unmoored from a true threat to public health or safety. ,More about badges Request a badgeCulture Connoisseurs consistently offer thought provoking, timely comments on the arts, lifestyle and entertainment.a rusting spine ,What Two in less than twelve hours Yes, it partly bad mood carry over from last night/waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but it has more to do with shock and disbelief. ,I was frustrated because I wasn getting out to run and stuff and because nothing seemed to be happening. I still frustrated by the running because nothing will happen if I stop doing stuff, but, in an effort to improve my spirits or affirm that I had every right to be annoyed, I weighed myself. Five pounds have vanished in the intervening two weeks. FIVE It makes me think the scale is broken or wrong or something. But I have worked hard, eaten fairly well. All of these things. So maybe, just maybe, I actually having the somewhat logical outcome. ,I still don quite trust it and need to keep working at it, because I still can run 5k or easily throw 50lb boxes around and I don feeeel especially healthy. Not entirely unhealthy, but I want to be a beast! I want to be able to knock out a bunch of pushups and then some pullups and then maybe run 10k and still be grinning after it all. ,But just maybe this is a sign that I am on my way to these things. I been lifting heavier in pump and when have I ever run, even if inconsistently in the last few weeks, this much in my life afraid to hope. I afraid to fail at this again. Except I never really tried hard enough before. Give it a year of trying and if I still haven succeeded, maybe I can say I failed then. It not about hope, it about work, and I just need to put my head down and keep going. ,Thursday, October 25, 2012 ,Attempt at making this post not about my apparently predicatble slide back into not so good. ,It somehow ironic that work is the culprit in bad things. Obviously, work itself is good, but it has this annoying habit of being smack dab in the middle of all the nice parts of the day: especially as my northern little world gets darker and colder. I was doing really well with keeping up with my running, but now I haven been regularly in two weeks maybe even three. I set my alarm, I wake up, most of the time I even prepared to get up, but it so dark out. I went once and it was okay, but I don really like running in the dark. And I never get around to running in the evening though I always sort of hope I will. ,These are the conflicting things. ,1. I need to be able to run a race I already paid for in November. ,2. I think I need to give up running three times a week so I can focus on trying to do something else. ,Unfortunately, I want to be able to run 5k before I stop running, but I never get there because I never go and I not going to get any fitter sitting here on my couch. ,I bet you rolling your eyes wondering how long it going to take me to figure this out. You pointing over there at that giant obvious sign that says "so do something else and run on the weekends and any other time you feel like it and maybe it will all work out". Well, apparently it took writing this entry to come to that somewhat obvious conclusion. ,Swimming twice a week not ideal in winter, but conveniently well lit and going to pump, plus running on the weekend and anything else I end up doing would probably make me just as well prepared for my run as running three times a week. And it will certainly only make me more prepared than the great lot of nothing I seem to be doing right now. I have been going to pump and lifting heavier, which is certainly exciting. ,And then maybe once it starts lightening in the morning I can go back to running more often. ,I just really don want to lose this. I been feeling so good for the last few months. I tired of going back. I tired of drowning. I don want to do that again. ,Tuesday, June 26, 2012 ,It occurs to me that all this turmoil is between whether to be the strong, confident, core inner me and risk getting hurt. Or accept hurt, by being damaged, uncertain outer me all the time. Maybe not outer depressed, anxious, fragile me, wherever she lives. ,Can I make the decision to pick one I not sure. I not sure how any of this works, but I like to try. I want to be the person I am. I don want to sit on the sidelines of my life, worrying about everything. I want to try the things I afraid of and not care what other people think about what I doing. So long as I happy doing it. ,I know this person is there. I want the guts and the energy and everything to embrace that person to not be afraid. I don want to be afraid anymore. ,Friday, June 15, 2012 ,I feel like I can breathe. I can. I not choking. It like there this weight on my chest or a hand around my throat. I don know how to make this better. I going to go out of my mind. Maybe I really should talk to someone. I just feel like if I got a job I could deal with the rest. I wouldn have to be anxious about that and I could sort everything else out. Christ I hate this. ,Thursday, May 31, 2012 ,Hello. It been a while since we talked. I here because I having a crisis, right. You know that how this works. Things are fine I don bother coming here. This is like the dark, comfy, little room I roll myself up into when I can stand how everything else is in the rest of the world. ,Let me put you at ease, a little. The world isn coming to an end. I not thinking too hard about applying sharp edges to my wrist. Part of me almost wants to say I good. I feel like I close. Maybe that what the problem is. I afraid to try and succeed because then I could actually fail. ,I been cycling. And not just quick jaunts to my Dad or to work though I been doing that too, but 40 45km trips every weekend. I weirdly addicted to it. On top of that I been biking to work a few days a week, going to pump on Wednesday and swimming most Tuesdays. It only been a month and a half, but it been a whole month and a half!A SALFORD ODDITY PART TWO ,A Salford Oddity 2 The Gritty Sequel ,See Part 1 here ,I would like to thank everyone for their support of my last article and your kind words, they mean a lot. However I have got to get this off of my chest before I start ,The other day I was asked if I had moved my bike. I had a look outside and my bike was not where it was left. After looking around it was not anywhere to be found. The only evidence of it was the smashed padlock and chain on the ground as if to say mockingly 'I don't think you'll be needing this any more'. The thing that struck me as odd was that both of the tyres had burst. So I don't know why it was stolen because they won't have gotten very far with it, or at least anywhere up hill. ,So if anyone sees a black Reebok suspension bike that answers to the name Mitzy and has two burst tyres get in contact. In the meantime I will try and contact the A team. And if they can't find my bike at least they can always make me a new one from a piece of string and an elastic band in a matter of minutes from what I've seen of their work. ,On to other things. Salford is a beautiful city. I do some filming in my spare time and what with no car, and now no bike, I have found numerous locations that look like something straight from a story book. I will have lived here for 21 years come May 4th, born in Hope Hospital. I have always lived in this city I did live in Eccles for a while but the old fella down the pub would swear that it isn't in Salford regardless of who receives his poll tax. ,Politicians tell us that change is a good thing but what are we changing When a light bulb wants changing it's because it's stopped working and we want we want more what of we are used to. Salford Reds are moving their ground to Barton but I don't want to travel that far to watch them lose. If it isn't broke don't fix it and what needs fixing in Salford ,Most people are happy, if not content, with living in this city and, if anything, once we get that new Tesco if there is an area of Salford we don't like we can always riot and claim it on the insurance like they did in Bristol. However we are too modest for that sort of thing, plus with no big sport shops to get the baseball bats from and at 1.36 a litre who's going to be lighting petrol bombs We'd have to go to Tesco for the supplies needed and that defeats the object unless you're after the club card points. ,In leaving you this time I want to tell you a story from when I was younger: I wanted to leave Salford at one point. I felt that I had seen it all and was bored with Salford. I also wanted to be an actor back in the day and was auditioning at the Guildhall School of Acting in London. I went down there with my mum and scouted out the general location on the Tube but didn't know where exactly; so I tried asking for directions and out of a good dozen people asked, not one of them would stop and help, let alone give me the time of day. ,I finally found the place and went inside, whilst my mum waited in the lobby with a paper. I went for the audition and the interview and we got on the train to Piccadilly. On the way back my mum told me she had been sneered at for reading the Daily Star. ,When we finally got back we took the tram home and I stood there in quiet awe noticing these people with their Mancunian accents who would have been considered 'common' having their various conversations. I knew that most of these people would have given me directions and the time of day if I asked them for it. After less than a day away I was happy to be home. ,Until next time guys ,Star date: 23rd June 2017 ,THOUSANDS OF OBJECTIONS TO SALFORD GREEN BELT PROPOSALS ,Salford City Council officers have stated that "it may be necessary to undertake some further public consultation" on plans to build on the city's Green Belt, in a new report to the city's councillors. ,During his campaign to be elected GM Mayor, Andy Burnham called for a "radical re write" of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which included proposals to build 2,250 houses on Green Belt near Irlam and Cadishead. Officers cited "the scale and nature of public objections" as reasons for the re think. ,Star date: 22nd June 2017 ,COMMUNITY PETITIONS AGAINST LOSS OF STAFF AT SALFORD COMMUNITY LEISURE ,Salford Community Leisure is proposing to axe reception staff from Ordsall Leisure Centre. A community petition from users of the centre has been launched, arguing "This will have a detrimental impact on the service we rely upon Meanwhile ,Star date: 21st June 2017, AS CLADDING TESTS CONTINUE ,Despite being assured of tenant safety" by housing providers for the city's 43 tower blocks, Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long Bailey, has written to the Government demanding immediate "total assurance of safety on the materials used" for cladding. ,In a letter to residents, the MP also demands from the Government "funding to carry out any necessary works to remediate once the assessments are complete plus funding to support or re house residents whilst that is carried out." She also calls for the Government to pay for the retrofitting of sprinklers in the blocks.A salute on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor ,The events of the past few minutes coursed through John Anderson's mind like the hellish nightmare that it was. He had been assigned to set up chairs on the ship's main deck for the Sunday morning worship service. His brother Jake and many others were still sound asleep below deck on a serene Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor. ,John initially stared in disbelief when he saw bombs falling on a nearby island. But his instincts as a turret gunner aboard the USS Arizona took over he rushed to his post, a bomb soon glancing off his turret and penetrating the deck. Seconds later, another bomb hit the forward ammunition magazine with its 1.5 million pounds of gunpowder. The ensuing massive explosion ripped open the ship's hull, sending sailors flying in all directions. ,Amid the hellish mix of death, destruction, and confusion, John could only think of saving his brother Jake. Farm boys from North Dakota whose family moved to Minnesota when they were still young, John Delmar Anderson and Jake Delbert Anderson had bonded like most brothers. ,Knowing the ship was sinking, John headed below deck in a desperate search for Jake. But an officer ordered him off the ship and onto a barge taking surviving sailors, many wounded, to shore. Once he got to shore, John immediately found a small boat and began paddling back to the Arizona. But it was too late; the massive ship settled into a watery grave in just nine minutes. ,John sustained injuries swimming back to shore but survived, one of only 335 of the Arizona's crew of 1,512 who escaped death on Dec. 7, 1941. Thirty seven sets of brothers were aboard the Arizona that fateful morning. My family bought our first house from a man named Howard Keniston who lost his two sons, his only children, aboard the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. ,Researching an article about the Keniston brothers for last year's 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor brought other stories about brothers on the Arizona to my attention. ,An editor's request for a list of Minnesotans who perished on the Arizona led to the story of John and Jake Anderson. Another was that of the Miller brothers of Marysville, Ohio, the only other set of brothers from Ohio to die that day besides the Keniston boys of my native Cincinnati. ,One of the sad ironies of the Millers' family story is that the parents were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary when word of the attack came crackling over their radio on Sunday afternoon. Their worst fears were soon confirmed, Jesse and George Miller also perished on the Arizona. Every Memorial Day thereafter, Mrs. Miller would take a bouquet of flowers down to a small stream on their farm and place the flowers in the water. She later told a neighbor "maybe the flowers will float into a bigger creek and then to a river and maybe to the ocean and finally float to the place where my two boys lay. NorthDakota fake id laws identification card canada getting a massachusetts id Kentucky fake id for sale

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