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get ny state id castiel fake id He then tried to explain away his success: 'Do you know why I am so popular It's not because I am good looking or rich but it's because I am such a nice person who has a great appreciation of art so many people love me and this makes me popular. driver license ontario fake caller id exe how do i get a new york state id university of iowa id card fake id places in houston,'The other most searched male on the internet is clearly the product of extreme plastic surgery and it makes me sick. Compared to me ,However he soon returned to attacking his opponents: 'Today I really can't take it anymore. Please stop comparing me with out of fashion internet sensations or other ugly people. ,'I am just a student and my nude photos are my contribution to art unlike others who are doing it for money. I don't need to do that for money.' texas real id fake id that scans and black light having a texas fake id Most watched News videos Nannycam video shows shocking moment nurse BEATS two year old Sickening moment strongwoman arm is SNAPPED during arm wrestle Kensington resident: Grenfell families move in I leave Get it AWAY from me! Dog is seriously freaked out by hamster Moment firefighters use hoses to stop blaze at flats in Bethnal Green Shirtless man shouts finish it off during Ascot fight Lawyer gets knocked out after getting into heated argument Wife and her family beat up husband after he cheats with mistress just see love in it Westminster victim on picture of his wife gotta stay strong Austin Harrouff talks to dad from jail Moment residents see huge blaze at block of flats in Bethnal Green Dramatic footage shows fire bursting through block of flats in Bethnal Green ,Dramatic moment 72 firefighters desperately battle to put. They're sure to turn some heads! Ladies get their hats. Stunned parents see image of GHOSTLY CHILD lying next to. Sunburnt runner shocked as 'gruesome' pus filled orange. First pictures of five people electrocuted in Turkish. Woman photographed tending to Westminster attack victim. 'Please god just let the man sleep': Outrage as airline. I wanted out

boston dmv selling fake id vegas fake id where to make fake id paypower reload pack KUNMING how to make a fake NewHampshire driver's license fake uk licence fogell fake id name arizona drivers license hologram fake but looks real id 11 Furniture ,This knock off Ikea store is emblematic of a new wave of piracy sweeping through China. Increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters no longer just pump out fake luxury handbags fake new jersey id arizona fake id template fake id pictures This is a new phenomenon," said Adam Xu, retail analyst with Booz "Typically there are a lot of fake products, now we see more fakes in the service aspect in terms of faking the retail formats. ,Brands are much more than a logo on a handbag or some half eaten pipfruit on a computer. ,Many of the most successful consumer companies have invested millions in promoting and building brands which encapsulate ideals ,The presence of the fake stores in Kunming highlights China's seemingly insatiable appetite for western brands in some consumer segments that have not been tapped fake photo id card how to make a fake Alabama driver's license fake id website ratings

fake ids at lewis beach What these fake stores indicate is that there is demand for the types of products and concepts that these brands sell," said Hong Kong based Torsten Stocker, a China retail analyst with Monitor Group. ,The problem for companies that have been faked is that even if the fake stores sell genuine products, the brands have no control over how customers experience their brands. ,Zhang Yunping, 22, a customer service representative at 11 Furniture, is used to the questions about Ikea. ,"If two people are wearing the same clothes, you are bound to say that one copied the other," Zhang said, shrugging her shoulders. ,"Customers have told me we look like Ikea. But for me that's not my problem. I just look after customers' welfare. ,11 Furniture's owner could not be reached for comment. ,Ikea said it has teams working at both the country and global level to handle intellectual property protection issues. ,"Ikea as one of the biggest home furnishing companies in the world, protecting Ikea's intellectual property rights is crucial," Ikea China said in a statement to Reuters. ,At 11 Furniture its Chinese name "Shi Yi Jia Ju" sounds very much like Ikea's Chinese name "Yi Jia Jia Ju" furniture is made to order, not flat packed as it is at Ikea. ,Customers also notice other differences. ,Ikea has nine stores in China, most of them in the wealthier coastal and southern cities. Xiao Lee, a Kunming resident who was shopping at 11 Furniture for a bedroom wardrobe with her husband, had visited Ikea stores in Beijing and Shanghai. ,"I thought of shipping their products from the real Ikea store by cargo, but I thought that would be too troublesome so I came here," Lee said. ,"At the real Ikea, the layout is much neater and the decorations are laid out properly, you really can't compare them," she said. ,Sometimes telling the difference between fake and real is not so easy. ,"My favorite character is Mickey Mouse," said Ling Xiao, a six year old girl walking out of a Disney Store along Kunming's popular pedestrian only shopping street Zhengyi Road. ,Ling Xiao and her mother shop at the Disney store about once a month and they have been going there for the past few years to browse for Mickey Mouse handbags and accessories. ,"It should be real; it has been here a long time. I prefer coming to this store because it sells a big variety of toys," said Ling Xiao's mother, who declined to be named. Apart from Disney products, the store sells poorly made Angry Bird soft toys of dubious origin. ,A Walt Disney spokeswoman said there are over 6,000 points of sale for Disney branded goods in China. Disney confirmed the store is legitimate, declining to elaborate further. ,Outside a Nike store on the same retail strip, Han Zhimei, a 17 year old student, looks longingly at a "Help Wanted" sign posted in the store's window. ,"I feel their stores have a spirit of teamwork and I really like the Nike brand," said Han, who sports a trendy asymmetrical haircut. Han stopped by to apply for a job at Nike. ,When asked how she knows the store is a legitimate reseller and that the goods are real, she pauses before answering.Chinese sentiments don TMt worry Widodo ,JAKARTA: Oblivious to the oppressive heat and the smoky emissions from the stalled traffic, a middle aged Indonesian couple ambles up and down the pavement outside the office of the governor of Jakarta. ,Garment merchant Pak Eeng and his wife Ade are out of towners from the neighbouring island of Sumatra. ,They had taken a boat and a bus, travelling overnight and through the day to the capital city, partly to meet with suppliers but also to pay their respects to a defeated politician. ,Since the gubernatorial election last week, row upon row of floral tributes to the incumbent has sprouted in front of the governor office. Ade, 55, stops for a picture. ,Her 58 year old husband nods in approval and taps his camera phone. Her red and white headscarf picks up the red carpet of roses on a banner reading: defeat, one thousand flowers will bloom. Thank you Ahok! Tjahaha Purnama, or Ahok as he is popularly known, will have to vacate the post in October after being soundly beaten by former culture and education minister Anies Baswedan. ,Although only a municipal election, the event took on far greater significance, as a possible bellwether of Indonesia young democracy and its openness towards its neighbours including a China eager to pump massive investments into the country. ,Basuki is Chinese and a Christian in the world largest Muslim majority country. He is also an ally of President Joko Widodo, having served as Widodo deputy when Widodo was Jakarta governor. ,Basuki popularity had been seen as an indicator of Indonesians appetite for effective government and rational economic policies over the visceral pulls of identity politics. ,Conversely, his defeat after a campaign marred by hardline religious appeals has upset many people inside and outside the country including this Muslim couple from Sumatra. ,just want to express my sympathy for Ahok, says Ade, a bespectacled mother of three. ,Basuki religion is a non issue for them. It a question of peribadi, Ade says, using an Indonesian term that indicates a personal and private matter. all take different paths to God. however, was evidently not how the majority of Jakarta voters were persuaded to weigh what was at stake. For the past six months, Basuki has found himself on the defensive against accusations that he had blasphemed against Islam. ,Speaking at one campaign event, he had forthrightly stated that if voters wanted to believe the lie that their religion forbade them from electing non Muslim leaders, they should go ahead and vote against him. ,Hardliners sniffed an opportunity and pounced, twisting his words to accuse him of claiming that the Koran was lying to Muslims. ,He was charged with violating Indonesia sweeping blasphemy law, for which he is still under trial. The radical Islamic Defenders Front also orchestrated a public demonstration numbering almost 200,000 protesters. ,When he first took office, Basuki had threatened to take action against the organisation for its use of intimidation and violence. ,The Front and other hardliners had the last laugh when his more malleable challenger Anies Baswedan scored his resounding victory. ,Anti Chinese sentiment is not new to Indonesia. The ethnic Chinese minority is tiny, making up an estimated 1.5 per cent of the population. ,Many Chinese Indonesians are humble merchants and farmers, but enough of them, including some of the country richest tycoons, are disproportionately and visibly wealthy to make them a sore point. ,Ethnic Chinese were targeted in Jakarta riots that accompanied the downfall of the Suharto regime in 1998. ,When Basuki was elected deputy governor of Jakarta alongside Widodo in 2012, the event was viewed as a moment of healing in the city relationship with its Chinese population. ,He was elevated to the governorship when Widodo became president, despite opposition from groups like the Islamic Defenders Front again suggesting that Indonesia was entering a new era of stability. ,Now, however, the ease with which ethnic and religious suspicions were activated against even a popular incumbent is reviving doubts about Indonesians tolerance of diversity. ,This time, the potential targets are not just local citizens and businesses but also foreign investors in particular the big wave of investments from China. ,Indonesia and China are on the brink of cultivating a sizeable economic partnership. ,Widodo, who will meet business leaders in Hong Kong on Sunday, has embarked on an aggressive infrastructure development agenda. ,His administration has tried to slash Indonesia notoriously cumbersome red tape and drain rent seeking from the system. ,China, meanwhile, is on the hunt for new markets. With Indonesia investment climate improving in recent years, Chinese foreign direct investment grew four fold last year, to reach a record US2.7 billion. ,Zhang Min, chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, does not expect the pace to let up. ,I continue to see more Chinese companies coming to Indonesia to find out more about the business environments here, I foresee the growth in investment will be huge in the coming five years, he says.Chip and Pin cards brought in to tackle fraudsters ,A cashpoint surprise is lying in wait for members of the plastic paying population, as retail assistants have stopped requesting their autograph and started asking them if they know their personal identification number Pin instead. ,It's not a trick question. In a bid to curb card fraud, the 2.2 million credit cards and 1.1 million debit cards in circulation in the Republic are being reissued so that they carry new chip and Pin technology. ,According to the Irish Payment Services Organisation Ipso, more than one million chip and Pin enabled credit cards are in circulation, and banks will start reissuing debit cards later this month. ,More than 100,000 keypads into which consumers will enter their Pin are in place and ATMs have been updated so people can change or unlock their Pins. ,The chip and Pin programme, to be completed in the Republic by the end of 2005, is supposed to eradicate much of Europe's 2 billion annual card fraud problem. ,The chips are much more difficult to clone than magnetic stripes and should substantially reduce incidents of counterfeit fraud or "skimming". The Pins are designed to help cut incidents of fraudulent use of lost or stolen cards by eliminating the possibility of signature forgery. ,That should prove soothing news to the 18 per cent of Irish consumers surveyed by credit card issuer Visa who claimed to have been the victim of credit or debit card fraud. ,Card fraud was estimated to take place to a value of 10 million in the Republic last year. ,But chip and Pin won't wipe out all types of fraud. ,In the UK, there was a spike of 62 per cent in mail not received fraud last year, as criminal gangs managed to intercept many of the new generation of cards as they made their way through the postal service to consumers. The cost to the card industry was 73 million 105 million. ,"We haven't seen that here," says Barry O'Mahony, Ipso's chip and Pin programme manager. One reason is that the Republic just hasn't got the same scale of cards as the UK, where more than 140 million cards are being reissued. ,Consumers should be cautious and avoid the temptation to treat letters from card providers as junk mail to be casually discarded. "There are real security issues at stake," says O'Mahony. ,Most banks and credit card companies are distributing the chip and Pin enabled cards on a blanket reissue basis, rather than waiting until a customer's next expiry date. ,The card provider should write to the customer in advance, telling them that they will receive their card and then their Pin. ,There could be a gap of up to two weeks between the posting of the card and the Pin, says O'Mahony. If customers are waiting any longer for the Pin, or if they don't receive either card or Pin, they should start to worry. ,The UK industry figures show that fraudsters there managed to swindle 505 million in 2004, an increase of 20 per cent on the previous year. Some 48 per cent of all card fraud in the UK is either counterfeit fraud or fraud arising from lost or stolen cards. ,However, the type of fraud that has topped the table for the second year running is "card not present" fraud the very kind that chips and Pins can do nothing about. ,The theft of card details, which are then used to buy goods over the phone, online or via mail order, accounted for 150 million worth of fraudulent transactions, a rise of 24 per cent on 2003. ,The industry says "card not present" fraud grew in proportion to the number of businesses offering phone, online or fax transactions. ,However, with chip and Pin deterring criminals from counterfeit and lost or stolen card fraud, it is likely that more sophisticated attempts at defrauding cardholders will move online. In some cases, fraudsters use computer viruses called Trojans to capture Pins through keystroke logging. ,Another common scam is "phishing ,Ipso's advice is simple: Never, ever, key in your Pin online or disclose it to anyone. With the advent of chip and Pin ,Retailers have also been asked to respect their customers' privacy. That includes the location of CCTV cameras. And Ipso would ask staff to use a bit of discretion look away when customers are entering their Pin. Vigilance among consumers is important because ,The old generation of chipless cards will continue to be accepted by retailers, For the time being ,credit card market kicking and screaming fake id Hartford fake id texas punishment fake id page driving licence wa

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