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fake id vancouver clubs More than any other identity or role he has assumed in the past ,Trump has been involved in a dizzying array of business endeavors. But whether he is engaged in selling steaks Creationist ,Acinetobacter baumannii is a perfect example of this phenomena and of Darwin's famous theory of the survival of the fittest." Most species in a stable environment remain stable as well. If there is no particular pressure to adapt then there is no mechanism to cause change but once there is a new threat to survival then "survival of the fittest" swings into action. ,Acinetobacter is a well adapted germ that has survived more or less unchanged for countless generations but once a new threat to its survival arises, in the form of the most advanced culture on the planet using massive amounts of antibiotics to treat wounded solders, then only those germs with a predisposition to resist these drugs will survive to pass their characteristics on to the next generation. ,If the next generation is hit again with stronger antibiotics then only the toughest of the tough survive this attack. Each generation that survives the antibiotics weeds out the "weak," meaning those not adapted to survive the drug assault, and the species changes more and more to meet the challenge of its environment. Soon the survivors are so different from their ancestors that they constitute a whole new sub species. ,If this were the only example of this natural phenomena then the ID crowd might claim that it is a fluke or that other forces are at work but this is far from the case. The scientific literature is filled with such cases. One of the more popular ones, often used where the teaching of evolution is allowed, is the case of the British "Peppered Moth" Biston betularia. ,Briefly the story goes like this. For countless generations the Peppered Moths had survived to reproduction age because their white speckled wings, which they keep open while at rest, mimicked the light color of the tree bark prevalent in their habitat. ,However with the coming of the Industrial Revolution British factories, trains, steamships and homes, began burning large quantities of coal which filled the air with black soot. This soot got onto everything, including the trees and turned their bark dark. White moths were now in deep trouble. ,However in every generation there are a few "mutants," creatures born with recessive genes or birth defects. Most of these defects, such as one blue eye and one brown, are benign and the person or animal goes on to a normal life. However some of these defects, such as black wings on a normally white moth, are a danger to their owners and these unfortunates quickly become bird food. ,However when the trees turned dark the "black sheep" of the family suddenly had an advantage over their snooty relatives, who were now too busy being eaten by birds to look down their noses at their dark relatives. Soon only the dark moths survived to get get the girl or boy who was likewise dark. And of course most of their offspring were also dark and those who weren't were soon taken care of by the birds. Almost over night, by evolutionary standards, the historically white moths became black. ,And there the story would have ended if the British had continued burning coal but with the "greening" of England came the whitening of the trees and soon the dark moths who had been having things their own way, suddenly found themselves back on the avian menu. ,So there we have it, one of the neatest little demonstrations of the "survival of the fittest" one could ask for. Not only did the white moths "turn" black when the trees turned black, they turned back to white when the trees reverted to their natural state. ,Evolution is a fact, demonstrated by numerous different and independent lines of evidence. We have fossil records, we have the retention of inherited substructures from one species to another, we have molecular biology, DNA and many, many other proofs. Finally we also have direct observation of evolution in action. ,Only willful blindness or a deep psychological need to hide from the truth, can deny the fact of evolution. If this is a personal decision then that is the person's loss but it is also their right. But to impose this belief on students in school in the name of religion masquerading as science is a crime and a danger to the well being of the entire nation. ,Evolution is the very corner stone of all other science. Failure to understand this most vital of concepts limits or destroys the student's ability to progress in any other field of science. And it is not only science that suffers. Agriculture, geology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and a host of other disciplines depend for their effective use on an understanding of evolution. At a time when the US is falling behind the rest of the world in science education we can no longer afford to coddle the uninformed or tolerate the charlatans who wish to preach the gospel of Creationism in our public schools.How Drugs and Paranoia Doomed Silk Road ,It be nice to read something about Silk Road written by someone who isn a drug war fanboy. Instead, it is to consider how its technologies can be used for horrendous evil. Sadly, Ross Ulbricht didn't learn this until he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. ,The only reason fentanyl ever got made and sold illicitly is that prohibition creates an extremely strong incentive for everyone in the supply chain to avoid detection if you get caught, you spend a few decades locked inside a cage, no fun and increasing potency is an excellent way to do so. This is known as the "iron law of prohibition": https: drug war is the reason opioid use has shifted from opium smoking and laudanum eating to injectable heroin to fentanyl and to literal carfentanil which is so potent it been used as a chemical weapon. Indeed, you remove prohibition altogether, fentanyl will disappear from the market, because there won be any incentive to minimise volume of product to avoid surveillance doorkicking is the only reason illicit fentanyl ever became a thing and it absurd to suggest that more doorkicking and arrests are going to solve this problem. Don like fentanyl being sold Cool. Take it up with those who are to blame the creators and enforcers of these laws. However, that is an argument for prison and sentencing reform not an argument for legalization. ,> laws designed with the intention people from injecting potentially harmful substances into their bodies would hardly qualify as those "terribly unjust laws that must be opposed."They are. Once again, they violate the basic principle of bodily autonomy you are the sole owner of your own body, and you have the right to do whatever you want with it, so long as such activities are not inevitably harmful to others. By claiming that you have the right to limit the substances that people choose to use for recreational purposes, you implicitly assert that you have the right to control their bodies without their consent.> If you think that throwing drug addicts into prisons rather than rehabilitation centers is harmful as your comment seems to suggest you may have a point. marijuana the vast majority of users are not addicted to it into rehabilitation centers instead of prisons is less harmful but it still harmful, since it still limits their freedom. It doesn matter if you do a sentencing reform so long as use remains illegal, by definition, admitting to it remains some kind of risk if not risk of imprisonment, then financial risk of a fine, or reputational risk of getting arrested and having a record of that etc. The only way to stop further victimization of victims of drug abuse is to fully decriminalize use. ,There are some people who remain open to the possibility that he never actually believed that people were being assassinated. It seemed to me that the whole assassination thing was a barely believable backstory used for a shakedown. Ulbricht conceivably paid the ransom to prevent the leak of user data, knowing full well that nobody was being killed. Power corrupts, he created a monster, etc. Indeed, most of the harm from illicit drug use comes from:1. dose uncertainty or potential contamination with higher potency drugs like unexpected fentanyl inside heroin2. contamination with unwanted or dangerous chemicals from manufacturing distribution processes such as https: or cutting agents3. Poly drug use: combining any two of opioids, benzos, alcohol to exploit synergistic effects which can easily result in respiratory depression4. Designer drugs research chemicals the result of someone trying to make a drug that works on a given neurobiological target but without the result being similar enough to the molecules on a Controlled Substances list. The problem lies in the fact that many drugs with long histories of human use opium, marijuana have long histories of human use, and so they been tested extensively and are known not to produce horrid adverse effects. It is hard to replicate the effects of a compound that has been selected and tested for efficacy and safety while being forced to make significant changes to the molecule. Those harms are not inherent to drug use; indeed, people who have adequate access to pharmaceutical grade opioids can safely use them for decades without any major medical complications. And Bitcoin payments are not at all "traceless None ,What a PNC customer can do is change his PIN to a specific new number at an ATM using his old PIN or inside a branch by providing identification., If a PNC customer can't remember his PIN ,At Fifth Third fake drivers licence template fake apple id that works fake id in new orleans realistic fake id

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