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Brandy on your dummy anyone And your still here rightMumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police ,MUMBAI fake id australia free florida driver license generator fake id for free Many of the Indian police they encountered did not even have walkie talkies. ,The Mumbai gunmen not only overwhelmed security forces with their weaponry and willingness to die ,These terrorists] are well aware of the technology available and also know that the police are several steps behind. And a lot of this technology is extremely easy to use and to learn," said Pavan Duggal, a technology expert and New Delhi based lawyer. ,India's underfunded and poorly trained police force is simply unable to compete, experts said. ,"Crimes that involve technology usually make the police very nervous," Duggal said. ,To prepare for their Nov. 26 assault, militants examined the layout and landscape of the city using images from Google Earth, which provides satellite photos for much of the planet over the Internet, said Mumbai's chief police investigator, Rakesh Maria. ,The 10 gunmen also studied detailed photographs of their targets on laptop computers, Maria said. ,When the assailants traveled by boat from Karachi, Pakistan, to Mumbai stealing an Indian trawler along the way they used four GPS systems to navigate, Maria said. The sets could also be used as walkie talkies. ,The attackers were equipped with a satellite phone and nine cell phones. Throughout the attack, they called their handlers in Pakistan, who had eschewed conventional phones for voice over Internet telephone services, Maria said. ,Those services route phone calls over the Internet, making it far harder to trace them. For example, a person might have a New York City telephone number, but calls made to that number are routed over the Internet, allowing a client to answer from anywhere there is online access. ,Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, a Pakistani accused of plotting the attacks, spoke from two Internet phone numbers to six different Indian mobile numbers, India's Hindu newspaper reported. The Internet numbers were paid by wire transfer by someone using fake ID, the newspaper said. ,By contrast, many Indian police do not even have walkie talkies or cell phones to communicate with each other. The commando unit flown in from New Delhi to take on the attackers had neither night vision goggles or thermal sensors, which would have allowed them to pinpoint the locations of attackers and hostages during the siege, security experts said. ,"The communication expertise that the gunmen employed was clearly a few steps if not a generation ahead of what the police had," said C. Uday Bhaskar, a former naval commander and retired director of India's Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses. ,Bhaskar said the security forces in India, a country renowned for its huge supply of world class computer programmers, are especially weak in cybersecurity. ,"When it comes to tracking satellite communication or e mails and phone calls over the Internet, we know how to do this in an intellectual sense only," he said. ,It's unclear whether India will soon have the training and the funding to bridge the technological gap. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he discussed offering counterterrorism aid to India in a meeting Sunday with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but details were not released. ,The Mumbai attacks also raised concerns about how easily accessible and cheap civilian technology can aid criminals. ,India has expressed concerns in recent years that Google Earth could be used by terrorists to examine targets in preparation for an attack. military bases after images of a Texas base ended up on the popular Internet site. Google said taking such pictures is against its policy and that the incident was a mistake. ,Google said in a statement it condemns terrorism but believes that Google Earth's benefits outweigh its risks for criminal use, noting that the computer tool had been used for flood relief in India's western state of Gujarat, tsunami relief in southern India and earthquake relief in Kashmir. ,Indian investigators have not named the Internet phone service the planners and attackers used. ,Skype, one of the more popular voice over Internet providers, condemns misuse of its service and "cooperates with law enforcement agencies as much as is legally technically possible," spokeswoman Eunice Lim said, speaking about the company's general policy. ,"Unfortunately, criminals will use any type of communications tool to talk to each other or share information," Lim said. by citizens of six, predominantly Muslim countries. Lower courts have ruled the ban unconstitutional because, they say, it is based on primarily on the religious beliefs of those affected by the ban. Trump denies that and says he simply wants to make the country safer, and banning citizens from the six countries makes practical sense. Still others have said the ban would be ineffective, noting that most recent attacks have been carried out by citizens of the countries where the attacks took place, and will only help radical Islamists recruit more followers.Mumford' Is Entertaining But Strictly For Adults ,"Mumford" R is unique in that it deals with getting to the truth about people's lives, which makes it interesting and funny. It takes a subtle approach to the neuroses and idiosyncrasies many people have, and uses a character who's anything but the stereotypical psychologist to deal with them in an unconventional way. But this movie is strictly for adults because it deals with personality disorders and other adult issues that kids may be bored with or not understand. ,In "Blue Streak" PG 13, Miles Logan Martin Lawrence is a jewel thief caught stealing a 17 million diamond, but before he's arrested he manages to tape the diamond in an air duct of a construction site. When he's released from prison, he returns to the site and discovers that it's now a police station. He obtains a fake ID and manages to con his way into the department, only to find he's assigned to the streets with a by the book partner Luke Wilson. The two are assigned to uncover a drug deal, and soon Miles is chasing his diamond and the bad guys and trying to escape at the same time. ,Lawrence brings a unique style of physical comedy along with hilarious one liners that make his character slick, smart and very human. The story line is reminiscent of other cop movies, but there's always room for one more entertaining humorous romp. ,"American Pie" R is a brazen coming of age comedy about four high school friends who make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. Along the way each discovers some surprising qualities about himself and his views on romance, love, life and, of course, sex. This is one of those movies older teens and 20 something's will appreciate because they can relate to the high school mentality and the exaggerated sexual themes. The movie contains an abundance of foul language, sexual references, innuendo, dialogue about body parts and some nudity. ,"An Ideal Husband" PG 13 A likable but diluted screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 1895 comedy of politics and Victorian morality with wonderfully lavish settings. ,"The Blair Witch Project" R In this pseudo documentary, a trio of film students head to the woods to make a thesis documentary on witch sightings in Blair, Md. As they get deeper into the woods, they get lost and film their terrifying efforts to get back to civilization. "Blair Witch" is a throwback to films that use the audience's own fears, rather than gore, to build suspense. Though there's only a smattering of profanity and only one shot of a bloody object, "Blair Witch" can be quite scary for younger viewers. ,"Bowfinger" PG 13 Kids who loved Eddie Murphy in "Doctor Dolittle" and "The Nutty Professor" should be warned that "Bowfinger" is a different sort of animal. There are good sized helpings of sex along with the sharp satire, and one of the movie's funniest moments involves the character running across a crowded Los Angeles freeway. Don't try that at home, kids. ,"Brokedown Palace" PG 13 The story of two teenage girls languishing in a Thai prison after being framed for drug smuggling is a glum affair, but it features a compelling depiction of two friends in trouble. ,"Chill Factor" R In this buddy action movie, Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr. have to get a chemical weapon named Elvis to a fort 90 miles away and keep it out of the hands of a demented and vengeful former military man. The movie relies on lots of explosions, chase scenes, car crashes, a high body count to distract the audience from a mindless and cliche ridden script. ,"A Dog of Flanders" PG Director Kevin Brodie's tender adaptation of Marie Louise de la Ramee's classic children's book, which deals with the "family" created by a boy, his dog and his grandfather, should delight filmgoers of all ages with its skilled exploration of love and the power of dreams. ,"Dudley Do Right" PG If you liked "George of the Jungle" you'll probably enjoy this one too. The comedy is Mel Brooks style, with an announcer, corny dialogue, campy acting and costumes, elaborate musical numbers, silly jokes and a flatulent horse. Kids 6 12 will enjoy the simple story and goofy calamities the characters get into. ,"For Love of the Game" PG 13 This is an adult love story about a professional baseball player and his struggles with life. ,"The Haunting" PG 13 This movie will give parents headaches and their kids nightmares. It's filled with the ghosts of dead children, ominous furniture with sharp claws and strange nocturnal noises. Not only is it somewhat scary for grown ups, but young kids may be truly spooked.Mumps outbreak on campus prompts vaccination clinics Berkeleyside ,A young man with mumps. Photo: Creative CommonsUC Berkeley students are being encouraged to get a booster shot after an outbreak of mumps afflicted 20 students. ,The Tang Center at Cal will be offering free MMR vaccines from noon to 6 pm on October 6, and from noon to 6 pm on October 14th. ,"The UC Berkeley campus community is experiencing an outbreak of mumps," university health officials said in a campus wide emailsent out on Tuesday. "University Health Services and the City of Berkeley's Public Health Division are working closely with the California Department of Public Health to limit spread of the disease. ,Students who came down with the mumps were clustered on the Clark Kerr campus fake id blake shelton how to check fake email id fake drivers license generator

fake id video Before this recent outbreak ,Because a significant number of people in the Berkeley community has not been immunized for mumps Mumps is a contagious disease caused by the mumps virus. Mumps typically start with a few days offever ,There is useful information on the diseaseon the Center for Disease Control website. For those resisting giving the MMR vaccine Richard this story is about Mumps. Is it reasonable to require a vaccination when the vaccination risk is equal to or may even exceed the risk of the disease As is almost certainly the case with Mumps ,The Mumps vaccine is administered by injection, Is it reasonable to represent that every single dose of every single vaccine administered is perfectly manufactured ,If so where to get fake id fast fake state id us fake id for free australia proof of age card

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