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real fake id websites uk This past year was a challenging, fulfilling and very productive year," Dr. Kirijan said. ,Dr. Kirijan, 68, grew up in Scranton and left the area 40 years ago to pursue a career in Georgia. Formerly the chief strategy and development officer for the Atlanta Public Schools system, Dr. Kirijan wanted to return to Scranton to be closer to family and make an impact on her hometown. ,After a national search, the school board appointed her in March 2015 with a 6 3 vote. Minority members alleged politics and nepotism plagued the interview process. Dissenting directors Robert Casey, Mark McAndrew and now former director Kyle Donahue questioned the process and the relationship between the then board president and new superintendent. Dr. Kirijan is Cy Douaihy's father's first cousin's niece through marriage. Both Dr. Kirijan and Mr. Douaihy have said they do not consider themselves related. ,The district will pay Dr. Kirijan 153,750 this year, the second year of her five year contract. The contract calls for her to receive a 2.5 percent salary increase each year. ,While critics have questioned the former Atlanta administrator's motives, family ties and expertise, Dr. Kirijan said she wants to make a difference for the 10,000 students in Scranton. ,"Above all, I will do what is right for the right reasons," she said. ,Dr. Kirijan's tenure in Scranton began during contract negotiations with the district's 940 teachers and paraprofessionals. Union leaders said any progress on a deal halted when the new superintendent began sitting at the bargaining table. Teachers unions do not exist in Georgia. ,An 11 day strike in September and October included strong accusations against the new superintendent, as teachers called for her to return to Georgia. Rumors circulated and teachers pasted her photo on posters as the educators demanded she treat them with respect. A new two year contract ended the strike, with the new deal expiring in August 2017. ,"Many of my members feel their work is underappreciated and undervalued," said Rosemary Boland, president of the Scranton Federation of Teachers. "We got off to a very, very bad start last summer. Proposals from Dr. Kirijan were just totally off. ,Since January While Dr. Kirijan said the communication between herself and the union has greatly improved ,There has been some building, but there is a long road ahead of us," Ms. Boland said. "We're hopeful that things will change. This is a strong union environment. . As the year progresses, we are committed as a union to collaborating and cooperating with the district. We want our district to grow. Scranton teachers begin in service days on Thursday ,Instead of teacher strikes and rumors, The 2016 Times Shamrock newspapers' Grading Our Schools analysis found that the district scored lower than state averages on all standardized tests. Scranton also has higher populations of low income ,Dr. Kirijan and her team worked on strengthening curriculum and creating pacing guides to ensure all district schools are teaching the same concepts at the same time. Administrators now use data in more meaningful ways facebook fake id maker buy RhodeIsland fake id fake id Missouri real good fake ids

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