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It might not be the best image for them if they are trying to stay classy. united kingdom fake id Michigan id fake www ids com When I go in, there are always some students and a lot of geezers like myself," Riley said. "People who go look like they have a real good time, even though you have to show them the ID, but for myself I show them my hair for identification."Vintage Dooney Bourke ,I really appreciate and enjoyed learning about D bags looking at your site. It is very helpful and informative, thank you! ,I am writing because I recently purchased a bag which appears to be a Medium Double Pocket Outback bag. I got it for a song so am of course skeptical. I am no bag expert but with the help of your site I was able to deduce the name of the bag. I also compared it to the checklists for authenticity and it came out pretty well. I do not have the fob but the accents brass, stitching, etc. and material seem correct. The ducks eye has a rather small looking pupil though, and I the interior pockets there are the correct number of them are not made of leather. The interior zipper pull is Talon brand as well, not the The interior sticker says R35 ST 80394346 and the bag is tan on tan. ,You did good girl !! This is indeed authentic and a highly coveted model plus it is in a color that usually shows its wear yours looks in pretty darn good shape. ,You wondered about the interior pockets you thought they should be made of leather. Actually most Dooneys have this type of snap, zip, credit card pocket combos and they are made from a Dooney Bourke proprietary fabric backed vinyl with a grain texture to look like leather. So you are OK there. ,The riri zipper is only on certain models your zipper for your interior pocket is fine. ,The fact that the fob is missing is not such a big deal. What great is that the tag is there and unsnipped. 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Once you have owned one and see the quality of materials and workmanship, it is hard to choose anything else. ,Here is one of my personal bags a solid black large Horseshoe bag that goes to town with me every time. ,Hello! I just found your wonderful website and blog, and am hoping you can help me identify my Dooney Bourke bag. It was a gift in the 1980s, and it looks very similar to the vintage Zipper Clutch you have on your site. It is all weather leather, black and tan, with a Bourke, Inc. tag inside, with the number A1759857 on the other side of the tag. It has a outer pocket/sleeve on each side. I haven used it for years, and in cleaning out my closet, came across it and got curious about it. If you have time, may I send you photos ,1. Bag was received as a gift in the late 1980s I too old to remember exact year!. ,2. Bag is black and tan, all weather leather black leather is pebbled, tan is smooth. ,3. Bag dimensions are approx. 10 3/4 inches long x 7 inches tall x 2 1/2 inches deep measuring across bottom. ,4. Bag has a metal zipper pull tab on zipper says Bourke two outer pockets/sleeves one on each side, two inside pockets/sleeves one zippered with a metal zipper; the other open but with a leather tab that closes over a metal button.Vinton woman raises grandson who was abandoned in closet as newborn ,Two years ago, Janet Pillis would have said motherhood was nearly behind her. ,That was before the tow headed dervish now whirling through the kitchen and living room of her Vinton home her grandson Sean came into her life. It was before her 32 year old son, also Shawn, just spelled differently, learned he was a father to a child who might not survive. It was before Shawn Pillis' ex girlfriend was jailed for abandoning the newborn she secretly bore in her bedroom. ,As her youngest child, Autumn, prepares to graduate high school and start work in the health care field, Janet Pillis is changing diapers and putting breakables on higher shelves. She removed the front yard ornamental pond, in case water loving Sean, who turns 2 in July, decided to investigate. Her husband, Mark, postponed his plan to retire early from his job jockeying Norfolk Southern Corp. locomotives in Roanoke's rail yards. Little Sean's father, Shawn, who dropped out of high school and hasn't worked full time for about two years, struggles toward independence. ,For now, Janet Pillis glories in watching Sean crawl into a cabinet, curl up on the couch, coo at the dog. Her face creased in a smile. ,"It's keeping me young, I guess," she said. ,The first she knew of Sean's existence was August 2008, when a pair of social workers showed up to talk with Shawn. They said they wanted to record the conversation, then asked about Shea Molloy, Shawn's ex girlfriend. ,"Do I need a lawyer" Shawn Pillis asked. ,The social workers told Pillis he might have a son. The baby was in intensive care. Molloy faced criminal charges. ,Court testimony months later filled in the details. Molloy, who split with Shawn Pillis before he knew she was pregnant, hid her pregnancy and gave birth secretly in a bedroom of the home she shared with her mother and brothers. She didn't feed, clothe or bathe the newborn and left him in the closet. Friday's on Valley View Boulevard in Roanoke, earning 150 in tips. After work, she spent the night at her new boyfriend's home. ,The next day, Molloy's mother found the noiseless 2 day old infant and forced her daughter to take him to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. ,Doctors and nurses testified the baby was born about four weeks premature. He was jaundiced, covered with excrement, and his temperature was so low that his bodily systems nearly stopped. His tongue was dry and he gasped for breath. He did not cry. He was so dehydrated it took four tries to insert an IV needle. His skin, covered in bedsores, was sloughing off. Wounds on his legs suggested he'd been left with his legs against his belly. He weighed about 3 1/4 pounds, probably 20 percent less than what he weighed at birth. ,The social workers asked Shawn Pillis if he'd take parental responsibility for the baby if tests confirmed he was the father. ,Pillis wasn't sure what to say. He couldn't help it, he said his mind raced through the math. How long had it been since he and Molloy split Since they'd slept together ,"It felt like somebody was squeezing me, like somebody got behind me and got me in a bear hug," Shawn Pillis said. ,He said yes, he'd be a father. ,Janet Pillis said she just wanted to go hold the baby. She didn't care if he was Shawn's son. ,"It just broke my heart," she said. ,Within days, one of Janet Pillis' brothers, a professional painter, put fresh paint on a bedroom in the Pillis home. Others in the family Janet Pillis counts about 200 relatives scattered between Vinton and Lynchburg rounded up baby clothes and furniture. Janet Pillis' close friend from when they cleaned houses together, Barbara Hearn, declared herself the infant's godmother. ,"We didn't even wait on the DNA," Janet Pillis said. Friday's. She waited tables. He was a bartender who'd been a cook and construction worker and had a criminal record that included petty larceny. ,Molloy had a fake driver's license that said she was 22, three years older than the truth, Shawn Pillis said. By the time Pillis learned her real age, he'd broken an unwritten rule among bartenders, taking an underage date for drinks at friends' bars. ,But Pillis and Molloy continued their relationship, partying with other restaurant workers and blowing through tip money with expensive dinners. They moved in together, first in an apartment, later in a Roanoke house with Molloy's mother and brothers. Shawn Pillis said he didn't get along with the rest of the family. ,Pillis said there were other signs of trouble. Molloy told friends she had graduated from Roanoke College, and Pillis held a sign saying "Go Shea" at the commencement. It was a lie, according to Pillis. She quit school without graduating. ,She gave him bottles of cologne, then a friend said the same bottles disappeared the night Pillis and Molloy came to his home for dinner. Co workers reported things missing. Pillis found a drawer stuffed with about 20 pairs of sunglasses. Molloy said they were hers. Pillis said he didn't argue. ,In July 2007, a year before Sean was born, Molloy's mother sensed her daughter was pregnant. Each time she asked, Molloy flew into a rage, Pillis said. One day he found Molloy in the bathroom surrounded by blood. Bloody scissors lay on the side of the bathtub. She'd had a miscarriage. ,"I have no answer for some of the things I witnessed," Pillis said. "I cared for her, but I couldn't get no understanding. ,Pillis said his relationship with Molloy unraveled after the miscarriage.

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I thanked him for the thoughtful advice, his diligent, extended accent on the word "hood," and his correct insight that, yes, even though I'm black, I'm from a different culture and speech: Dallas, Texas, sans twang. ,And, after all that two cent philosophy, my real response was: "Are you smoking things That's the first way for me to get got!" What my colleague didn't realize was that changing my accent to mimic black Brooklyn makes some giant assumptions, both of which are precursors to plain drama: ,That I can actually mimic black Brooklyn ,That they're not smart enough to catch me doing it ,And once I get caught because I will, I will be rightfully confronted for the insult, "Ohhh, so you from Brooklyn, now!" So, when I'm playing ball in Marcy park, the only thing I lean on is the fact that basketballs are round in Texas, too. That's where our commonality starts, and I let it grow from there. ,Hip hop taught marketing the summary lesson here a long, long time ago, but marketing wasn't taking hip hop cues in its early years, particularly where it concerns multicultural marketing. ,Game Recognize Game. Real Recognize Real. ,That is: True skill and authenticity always win out. Now, I did grow up with that as my hip hop speech and ethic. Yes, we had hip hop in '80s Texas. Skill and authenticity is a little removed from the popular speech and ethic of hip hop now, but that's another day, another column. ,What complicates the task of a thinking marketer today is that some people know they're being hunted as consumers, not sought as people. There is always somebody who's onto your game and your "insights" and is just waiting for you to reach a bit even with honest intentions and drop a corny "Buenos Dias" at the beginning of your speech or a "Wassup" to a room of strangers. ,The trick is that there's no trick to speaking directly to specific cultures. So, don't cut to that weak cop out, "PC!" This is not about being sensitive to anybody. You should dare to approach insider language and culture because when you get it right, you'll get a pound not the British kind. ,And when you don't approach with a cultural angle, you can still win if you realize that sometimes all you have to do is say in your own brand's voice but in the ideal cultural context of whom you're speaking with: "Hello, my name is Brand B. I've got something I think you're going to like. Do you have a moment" Enter Seth Godin. ,This isn't a blanket rule. I'm really talking about how to reach the powerful and influential subset of any group, be it board members, surfers, black students, 30 something white men in Los Angeles. I'm talking about the group most likely to respond to an honest approach. They're important because they tend to be the trendsetters and not caught up in their own status. ,However, an honest approach can only come from matching thoughtful research have game! with thoughtful deployment of insight be real!. If you're a marketer, you should know how to challenge your agency on both counts or you'll relegate your brand to engagement on a lower plane, talking exclusively with followers and probably happily unaware due to your apparent success. But in the end . . .violence after police shoot another black man dead ,FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. A woman who watched as a police officer fatally shot her boyfriend during a traffic stop streamed the gruesome aftermath of the slaying live on Facebook, telling a worldwide audience that her companion had been shot no apparent reason while reaching for his wallet. ,Within hours, the Minnesota governor was pressing for the Justice Department to open its second investigation of the week into the death of a black man at the hands of police. ,should be shot and killed in Minnesota for a tail light being out of function, Democrat Mark Dayton said. this have happened if those passengers would have been white I don think it would have. ,The Hennepin County Medical Examiner said Philando Castile, 32, of St. Paul, died of multiple gunshot wounds. No other details about the injuries were released. ,It was the second fatal police shooting in as many days. A 37 year old black man was killed Tuesday by officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alton Sterling death was caught on video. ,The latest death happened late Wednesday in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights, a mostly white community of 5,000 people that is also home to Minnesota annual state fair and part of the massive University of Minnesota campus. ,In that video, Diamond Reynolds describes being pulled over for a tail light and says her boyfriend had told the officer he was carrying a gun for which he was licensed. ,Reynolds said Thursday that he was killed even though he complied with the officer instructions. She told reporters that Castile did but what the police officer asked of us, which was to put your hands in the air and get your license and registration. investigators named Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser as the officers involved. Both had been with the St. Anthony Police Department for four years and were put on administrative leave, as is standard. ,Yanez approached Castile car from the driver side, and Kauser from the passenger side, according to a statement from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. It said Yanez opened fire, striking Castile multiple times. No one else was injured. ,Several videos, including squad car video of the incident, have been collected, but St. Anthony officers don wear body cameras, the statement said. ,The bureau did not give the officers races. Reynolds described the officer who shot Castile as Asian. ,Thomas Kelly, an attorney representing Yanez, did not immediately return a call seeking comment after the officers were identified. Kelly declined to comment on the case earlier Thursday. ,The St. Anthony Police Department 2015 annual report points to Yanez volunteerism; he gave a tour of the station to a local Cub Scout troop and volunteered with St. Paul Cinco De Mayo celebration, participating in a parade with other members of the National Latino Police Officers Association. ,The previous year report includes a photo of Yanez solemnly standing guard at a memorial to fallen officers at the state capitol. Department of Justice announced that it would monitor the investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The governor said he and other state officials would seek more direct involvement. ,On Wednesday, the Justice Department launched a civil rights investigation into the Baton Rouge shooting, which took place after Sterling scuffled with two white police officers outside a convenience store. ,In a Facebook post Thursday, President Barack Obama called Sterling and Castile deaths of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve. word of the Minnesota shooting spread, Castile relatives joined scores of people who gathered at the scene and outside the hospital where he died. He was a well liked 32 year old cafeteria supervisor at a Montessori school. ,Speaking to CNN, Castile mother said that she suspected she would never learn the whole truth about her son death. ,always told them, whatever you do when you get stopped by police, comply, comply, comply. a vigil Thursday evening outside the school where Philando Castile worked, Valerie Castile called her son angel. She said she never thought she would lose him. ,has to cease. This has to stop, right now, she told the crowd. ,Hundreds of demonstrators braved the rain and gathered to protest the shooting outside the governor mansion in St. Paul, where a crowd had also convened the night before. Dayton waded through the crowd of about 1,000 as protesters chanted: do we want Justice! When do we want it Now! were outraged that Castile was not tended to after he was shot. Reynolds said it took about 15 minutes for paramedics to arrive. ,William Moulder, a police consultant and longtime former police chief in Des Moines, Iowa, said all officers carry first aid supplies in their cars and are instructed to start rendering aid as soon as it clear there no threat. ,The Facebook footage shows Castile lying motionless in the car for several minutes, his shirt covered in blood, while Reynolds speaks calmly to the camera. ,time to start mitigating the damage, Moulder said. ,The video posted Wednesday night on Facebook Live shows the woman in a car next to a bloodied man slumped in a seat. A clearly distraught person who appears to be a police officer stands at the car window, telling the woman to keep her hands where they are and intermittently swearing. ,Castile was driving the car, with Reynolds riding beside him. But because of the way the video was recorded or the way Facebook posted it, some versions of the footage were reversed, making it appear that Castile was in the right seat and his girlfriend seated on the left. ,Facebook Live is a form of internet broadcasting that can be initiated in seconds from the Facebook app. In a few taps, users can send live video straight from their smartphones to friends or to a wider audience. ,On the video, the officer tells her to keep her hands up and says: told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand out. shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir, the woman responds.Violence in Surrey continues with two murders and a shooting this weekend ,Police have identified the victim of a fatal targeted shooting Sunday morning in Surrey as 22 year old Arun Paul Singh Bains. near88th Avenue and 126th Street is believed to be linked to a violent clash between young drug dealers and a series of earlier shootings. ,The young man is the nephew of Surrey Newton MLA Harry Bains. A distraught person answering the phone in his constituency office said he was not available to comment. ,The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is seeking more information about Bains activities in the hours before his death. ,you saw or heard something even if you think it is unimportant we want to hear from you, Surrey RCMP Sgt. Dale Carr said Sunday. We are appealing to those involved in this ongoing dispute to not take any more lives and to understand that this is more than gunplay, it's murder. said the Mounties have dedicatedsignificant resources investigating the recent shootings. Still only one person believed to be involved has been charged so far. ,Sgt. ,A man was arrested, interviewed byIHIT investigators and laterreleasedwithout charges pending further investigation, Ashton said. ,is our belief the victim and suspect knew each, Ashton said. ,The deaths follow reports of another shooting late Friday in Surrey. ,Police responded and talked to several witnesses, describing hearing shots, and observing vehicles driving away quickly from the area, when the shots were heard, Hedderson said. ,of vehicles and residences in the area failed to locate anything that had been struck by a bullet. Witnesses indicated that a small newer grey import car, and an unknown make dark coloured sedan were observed leaving the area shortly after the shots were heard. While checking the area, a spent shell casing was located a short distance away from the intersection. on Friday is asked to contact IHIT investigators at 877 551 4448. ,I don hate the police or anything but they are clearly powerless in this situation. ,And just FYI, going to community leaders such as Sikh Temple Presidents will not make any difference. These elderly men have no connection whatsoever to the youth. Also, shaming the families of the individuals who were shot by releasing pictures will not lead them to helping you either. ,I know there is a family out there grieving the loss of their son, grandson, brother, nephew , cousin. It breaks my heart to think this . ,I also know you young teenagers are reading my message . Pls be smart boys girls don be part of the drug trade . money might be good but what is money when you dead by 22. There is more to life than easy dirty money . Go to school , Educate yourself be young and free . Don ruin your life think also of your family . You will be more successful with a real job . If you don take my advise you will be murdered ! ,Fatty n kalu these bitches have been hiding out ever since they fkd with 68 . Used to pick up dope off Khun Khun n think they ran Surrey till somebody from 68 shot up fatty, bitch can barely walk now. They thought they were hard repping sukh dhak klun klun. 68 knew WP had plans That would eliminate all these goofs older guys at these bitches now no where to be seen in the hood. Kalu is probably already back in Africa by now n fat Ricky still sucking on his mommas tits. as for Gmoney u were always a bitch u acne faced fuck now u got ur cousin in the game murked. Grow up u little shits the dope game is not for u. ,Arun was a good kid, doesn matter what anyone says on this blog. At the end of the day, its his poor mom who has to suffer the loss of her child. I cant even begin to imagine how devastated she must be. Please stop posting horrible things about him saying that its a good thing he was killed or whatever Who are YOU to wish death upon another human being. I bet 80% of the people on this blog had never even met Arun. I know he was hanging out with the wrong people, doing wrong things, but I bet half of you stupid kids are still doing the same thing. Weekends in Surrey consist of hanging out in every shady corner of Surrey, smoking weed and talking about dumb ass things. You kids need to GET A REAL JOB, MAKE REAL HOBBIES, SPEND TIME WITH YOUR PARENTS, MAKE A FUTURE FOR YOURSELF. I wish I could have stopped Arun from going out that night, but I guess god has a plan for everyone. ,Thank you for your comment. I couldn have said it better myself. It shouldn have been Arun. he didn deserve what was done to him. Down to the core he was a good, kind hearted kid who was misguided too young. My biggest regret is not trying harder to get through to him and now I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. Whoever murdered him needs to be brought to justice. If anyone has an inkling of who was behind this please inform the delta pd. An anonymous tip can go a long way. Rest in peace Arun, see you on the other side. ,You think these Somalians are afraid of you fake gangsters hahah you guys come on a blog and snitch like bitches. My money is on the Somalians bc these Surrey crews are as soft serve as the bathtub salesman. Haha cops can even catch the Somalians. They can even rap phones bc most dialects they use they can find a translator. Gaha goodbluck browntown. You are about to meet people who are serious bout ther biz. Not serious about stuntin and fighting over girls. Have a good sleep with the bed you chumps made. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards, please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.violent stories of romance gone wrong ,There this show that I obsessed with called "Who the Bleep Did I Marry" The opening credits begin with a shot of a traditional bride and groom cake topper as a narrator intones, "When it comes to love and marriage, things aren't always as they seem." Cue the "Wedding March, followed by a dun dun dun and a close up on a gun in the plastic groom hand. Each documentary style episode features a true tale of someone, almost always a woman, finding out that her spouse is living a double life. She thinks she's met Prince Charming, but then he turns out to be a bank robber, a spy, a polygamist, a drug dealer, a serial rapist, et cetera. ,Naturally, I watch it with my husband. I've always found crime shows compelling. I used to watch "Rescue 9 1 1" as a kid, knowing full well that it was going to give me nightmares that sent me snuggling up next to Mom in the middle of the night. I am and always have been a worst case scenario ist who likes to contemplate all of the many ways that things can go terribly wrong. ,It also happens that a longtime friend recently revealed a shocking secret that completely challenged my powers of observation. I SO WISH I COULD WRITE ABOUT IT, BUT I CAN Plus my mom died, leading to a fascination with the macabre and a penchant for asking my husband things like, "What if my face burned off in a fire" And my dad, trying to reinvent his life, started promptly dating women who were very much unlike my mom, his wife of 35 happy years. Can you ever really be sure that you know a person How do you survive the worst thing you ever imagined What in the fuck is happily ever after What if you get too comfortable and lose everything ,It's not just me, though. He charming, funny, good looking everything you ever imagined. But what you don know is that he will soon become your worst nightmare". ,Just to drive the point home, a few other titles: "Very Bad Men," "Devil You Know," "Scorned: Love Kills," "Poisoned Passions" and "I'd Kill for You."What is with these tales of gone wrong Why do they appeal so much to women in particular ,I gave the Bleep executive producer Pamela Deutscha call to find out. "I think there's something relatable about these women telling their stories," she said. You might think: Really, being married to a bank robber or mafioso is relatable "For me, I find there are experiences in their stories that remind me of my past. We've all dated, we've all met Mr. Wrong," she said. "We all have those nightmare dating stories where Mr. Perfect turns out to be a nightmare." She adds, "Your husband might not be a Cuban spy, but he might be having an affair." My husband confirms that he isn a Cuban spy and denies that he having an affair. ,Viewers write in to tell the show producers that they familiar with some of the red flags, Deutsch says, like him "keeping the mail away from you or keeping his finances separate." In that sense, the show serves as yet another cautionary tale for women. It just more data to add to the list of rules for protecting yourself as a woman in the world you know, don walk down dark alleys, and don marry the guy who won introduce you to his parents. There a reason it simply not as compelling a watch for my husband and it isn just because he has more taste that I. In the world of the Bleep, women face danger at every turn from the man sleeping in bed next to them to the man next door. Certainly criminals aren as common in the world at large as they are on the show, but it does reveal the potential dangers of being female. So, yes, it relatable and instructive. ,But it occurs to me that there more going on here. On a fundamental level, there is the vulnerability of intimacy and, somewhat paradoxically, the undeniable of even a life partner. We may try so desperately to eliminate the divide between us, to know the person completely whether it be through sex, therapy or snooping in each other email but it always there. That about as core an existential quandary as there is. You know the saying, born alone and you die alone. You see There that penchant for the macabre again. Maybe your significant other has a secret porn stash, or maybe he a serial killer who to say! ,Women in particular grow up hearing Disney fied fairy tales about Cinderella and Snow White, stories that inevitably end when the relationship begins; ever after is just an ellipsis. These docu drama stories begin at ever after and end with upon a time, as Jamey Hatleywrote in describing Roxane Gay dark fairy tale Untamed State, in which a woman finds Prince Charming and then faces challenges and tumult. In so many ways, marriage is no longer a ever after. The divorce rate may be going down, but the illusion has already been shattered. Marriage is also increasingly delayed and even avoided altogether. And in our modern world, it is perhaps harder than ever to pretend that a husband actually makes a woman any safer. In the original Beauty, the princess was raped in her sleep by a king. And, let be honest, that might feel a bit like an unrealistic, escapist fantasy, depending on the news that week.Violet Chachki Never Stops Chasing the Neon Rainbow ,"My parents are really supportive of my drag. They're old and they don't get it, but they love me," says Violet Chachki. "They don't come to my shows, but they see I'm able to pay off a mortgage with my drag. can you order an id online fake secondary id Idaho fake id laws

forms of fake id Jason boyface Violet is 21 ,It's Sunday night Violet is known for her statuesque" beauty she's tall, ultrathin, and has the most impeccable legs. Upon hoisting up panty hose number 5, she says "You have to create the illusion darling." What she refers to is a complex arrangement of white, nude, and flesh colored panty hose that create the look of perfectly smooth skin. It's a look her fans have come to expect, and she's surely going to run into many of them tonight. Making a living off of drag requires a performer be willing to put her drag on at the drop of a gaff. ,She usually has just three paying gigs a week, but this week she has six. Violet will serve day drag at an Adult Swim photo shoot Tuesday afternoon, diva standards at drag showpalace Lips on Wednesday, Edgewood girl realness at Church It's a Bar! for a Living Walls block party on Thursday, whatever the hell she wants at The Other Show on Friday, big city showgirl at an event at The Dollhouse in Savannah on Saturday, and then back to Atlanta on Sunday to perform burlesque beauty at Red Light Cafe. ,Jason's become a beautiful, successful business woman through focusing all of his attention towards Violet. If the work schedule doesn't sound exhausting, Jason squeezes weekly lessons in aerial silks into his routine. Violet twerks as the only acrobatic burleque drag queen in this town, and it's taken a tremendous amount of energy to get there. If there's a reason Jason can pay a mortgage off with drag it's because he's constantly honing and improving the persona of Violet. ,All of this drag success came from a very special one night only performance Violet did at LeBuzz in suburban Marietta in late 2011. ,"It's a place where drag queens go to be born and to die," says Violet. ,The club has produced several fabulous young queens who have taken metro Atlanta by storm. Just before Violet's first performance, the CD she had planned to use wouldn't read and she was forced to borrow music from a new drag friend she had just met Evah Destruction. With Evah's help, Violet's first performance was to "Heavy Metal Lover" by Lady Gaga. ,"The next week I used my fake ID to get into LeBuzz for a drag contest I was 19 at the time. I used my real birthday when I signed up for the contest, and they clocked me and banned me from the club. ,Months later in February 2012 and still underage she won Miss New Faces at Friends on Ponce Atlanta's favorite drag dive. In April In the finale ,I met my sister Brigitte Bidet when she was serving tables at Homegrown. I put her in drag for her first time. She taught me to dance, and I taught her makeup., The two girls soon found a drag mother ,We became Dax's pseudo drag daughters," says Violet. "Mostly we went out with her in drag and got drunk. She taught me how to set a wig, socialize, and commit to a look. We never took off our shoes at the bar. She taught me how to drink on a budget just go out in drag and you get free drinks. promo codes for western union fake email id sender fake provisional licence fake id SanFrancisco

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