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how to get a tx id card ontario canada fake id Pennsylvania isn't really going to say very much about November no matter who wins fake interpol id card how can you make fake ids fake caller id cydia ios 8 fake id state of michigan fake id shops in dallas,Hawaii ,If you have reached this point ,If you have reached this point fake id that looks real fake id giveaways fake ids in vegas clubs It's an honor for me to vote," Portley said. "It's voicing what is happening in this country. It's letting people know that you care about this country, you care about what's going on, you care about your state and you care about your city. ,"If you don't vote and then whatever happens and even though you say 'It's not my fault,' you are at fault. You let the wrong person in when your vote could have kept that wrong person out. ,With the vast majority of Tulsa voters staying away on election day

fake miami university id fake id citation maryland fake id online reddit fake ids toronto 2015 On Tuesday how to get a nc state id fake DistrictofColumbia id generator getting a mass id fake id acoustic fake florida resident id For Gail Krisman ,Angela Hall fake california id online fake id pics for facebook hey mister sell me a fake id I feel there are a lot of issues that affect me, and I feel it's important to be able to exercise my right to vote for who I want to be elected," Hall said. ,Rick Disney said the local elections are most relevant, and he is evaluating the candidates on whether they keep their word. ,"No one is going to make everyone happy. You have to see if they at least did what they said they were going to do," Disney said. Johnson voted, he said public safety, crime and job creation are ideas he is looking for when making candidate decisions. ,"The issues are what get my attention, but I've always been politically motivated," Johnson said. ,Don't vote, don't complain: Oklahoma had the third lowest voter turnout of all states in the 2012 presidential election at 52 percent of voters. That year, the state was ranked 47th in the nation in the rate of voter registration. ,Two years later, voter turnout hit a 36 year low in the state when the governor was up for re election and a bunch of other local and state offices were decided. ,On Tuesday, Tulsa voters crushed the predictions of attracting about 15 percent of voters to the local races, including the mayor and seats in the City Council and Legislature. The final tally was that 28 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. ,That means 72 percent of eligible Tulsans did not bother to show up. Not all of that is from polling place irregularities, and there were some. ,I witnessed two people leaving without voting because they didn't have a valid ID, who were not informed of the provisional ballots. Three people left after arriving at the wrong location. One of them said she was going home. ,Voter apathy boggles my mind. So, when people make the effort to vote, there should be an accommodation for that. ,Every election, I take my kids, even though my 8 year old daughter argues with me about my choices. She can't wait to get her own ballot. ,That's how it should be. All parents or grandparents should bring children and youths with them to the polls. ,Let them see it's part of being an American citizen. Get them excited to obtain this right. ,Chuck Doyle did this last week, entering an elementary school with his 4 year old son, Charlie. ,"As a business owner, I have a lot of dealings with the state, so state elections have a direct impact on me," Doyle said. "It's a right I've had since 18. If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain. I brought my daughter to the presidential election. They think it's cool, and it's a good idea to instill that they need to vote. ,He was among Tulsa's most active mayors ,If you're going to be the kind of mayor who just likes to cut ribbons, it's an easy job. But when I was mayor I had to start addressing the city's capital needs. . When I tried to privatize the trash system, people dumped trash on my lawn. When you're mayor, there's no place to hide."Why Power Five Miami is playing at Appalachian State ,A handful of months later he had a deal with one of the biggest name brands in college football.Miami's visit to Appalachian State on Saturday marks not only the biggest athletics event ever held on campus but also a significant scheduling victory for Gillin in an environment where major programs typically avoid home and home series with schools outside the Power Five. State East Carolina or Ole Miss Memphis, it's quite unusual for a school in the so called Group of Five to draw that kind of respect.But scheduling is also hard for the Miamis of the world, which explains why Gillin was able to take advantage of a hole on the Hurricanes' schedule and get a deal done relatively quickly.USA TODAYUSA TODAY Sports college football staff picks for Week 3"We started calling schools that were close in proximity, east of the Mississippi just to see if anybody would be interested in some type of arrangement," Gillin said. "It just so happened Miami needed a game in 2016. We had an FCS opponent plugged in for Saturday, and we weren't even necessarily looking for 2016. But we knew Miami would be willing to play us and we moved the FCS game and got it all figured out."Gillin is expecting a crowd of 35,000 plus on Saturday filling temporary bleachers and a hillside general admission area. Enthusiasm for the program has surged in recent weeks not only because of the opponent but also Appalachian State's performance on the opening night of the season in a 20 13 overtime loss at Tennessee. The Mountaineers, it would seem, have a legitimate chance to knock off one of college football's historically elite programs.The only downside, if it happens, is that it may make other Power Five schools skittish about going to Appalachian State, which made the move from FCS to FBS in 2014. Like Boise State and others have experienced, scheduling gets even harder when your program gets a reputation for being too good.Wake Forest is coming to Boone next season, and Gillin said he's had extensive conversations with two other Power Five schools who are interested in playing there. He might want to get those deals done quickly.USA TODAYRoundtable: Which team wins its way into College Football Playoff in Week 3"We played really well at Tennessee, but we haven't seen where people don't want to schedule us yet," Gillin said. "This is a neat area for traveling fans to come. It's a destination area, a resort area, and part of my sell to other folks is for our level, we travel as well as anybody. Part of my pitch is we're going to bring fans to your place, and that resonates with some athletic directors knowing we traveled really well to Clemson last year, traveled really well to Tennessee. And our history in the FCS was we would fill it up in Chattanooga for playoff games so we're somewhat different. There's a lot of history and tradition here."Schools outside the Power Five often have to bend over backwardor agree to two for one deals to get a big name in their house. One reason is money, as it's more profitable for a Georgia to bring in Nicholls State for a payday, as it did last weekend, than give up the revenue of 80,000 tickets sold. Plus, every Power Five conference now has a scheduling requirement to play at least one other Power Five opponent in the non conference as a way to boost strength of schedule metrics for the College Football Playoff.It doesn't leave many openings for an Appalachian State to take advantage of, but it's refreshing to see a school like Miami take the risk. Appalachian State will play at Miami in 2021."It would be a huge boost to win," Gillin said. "We were close at Tennessee. I was told we were the No. 1 trending brand in America that day. Everybody tuned in as the upset alert was going on so people who didn't know about Appalachian do now and certainly being on ESPN, the first time the Sun Belt has been on ESPN on a Saturday, there's a lot of great things going on and being successful would continue to enhance that."USA TODAYBowl projections: Stanford moves into Playoff spot as Clemson falls backCOACHING CAROUSEL CLIPSThough he's not necessarily on the hot seat, conversations with multiple people in the coaching search industry who spoke on the condition of anonymity pointed to Texas Tech as a situation to monitor in the coming weeks.That's how bad of a look it was for Kliff Kingsbury to lose at Arizona State last Saturday. It wasn't necessarily the result that caught the attention of some in the industry but rather the 68 55 final score. It's the third time in the last 11 games Texas Tech has scored 50 points and lost, and it brings more questions about whether Kingsbury has what it takes to fix the Red Raiders' defense.He already changed coordinators before last season, bringing the well respected David Gibbs over from Houston, but the results aren't getting better. Kingsbury has a contract through 2020 with 9.4 million guaranteed after this season.In other words, it seems highly unlikely that Texas Tech would come up with 10 million to fire a popular alumnus who, at 37, is still growing as a head coach. Still, his career record is just 20 20 and 10 17 in the Big 12. If the defense doesn't get fixed this year, pressure could build significantly for 2017.FAUX PAS OF THE WEEKDabo Swinney's heart was in the right place Tuesday when he gave his unvarnished opinion about Colin Kapernick's national anthem protest. In saying why he disagreed with Kaepernick's method of expression, he talked about big themes like unity and love for thy neighbor and Martin Luther King bringing people together through peace."I just think that this just creates more division," Swinney said as part of a several minutes long answer. "That's what I hate to see."It certainly sounded good, but Swinney got some blowback and deservedly so for a portrayal of race relations that came off as a bit naive to the plight of many African Americans. He also was criticized for oversimplifying King's method of changing the world as "love, peace, education, tolerance of others, Jesus."Swinney, whose own rise from homelessness and family strife has been well documented, obviously meant no harm. But he found out how coaches wading into social issues can mushroom into a much bigger media story than they intended, especially with race relations taking on a central place in the current national conversation.Why public wifi is a 'hacker's playground for stealing information' ,Banking risk: A quarter are willing to bank on their device while connected to a public wi fi spot ,This is despite 81 per cent thinking hacking is a risk and a similar number believing ID theft is also a possibility. ,Tony Anscombe, security expert at AVG, said: 'The majority of us are guilty of hunting down public wi fi abroad on holiday to save on potentially hefty data charges.'The majority of Britons will use free public wi fi on holiday and a worrying amount choosing to use it to make financial transactions potentially putting their financial data at risk. ,As well as a quarter willing to log on to internet banking using public wi fi, 16 per cent are happy to use it for online shopping, the survey of 1,000 people showed. ,The survey also placed having solid wi fi connection ahead of good restaurants and meeting new people in order of importance while on holiday. ,Fraudsters can easily hack public wi fi connection. There are thousands of videos online showing how to do it one YouTube video has millions of hits on the topic. ,Using simple kit, scammers can capture details and even hijack devices to mine information. ,In turn, this can be used for ID theft or access bank accounts to swipe money. ,As previously reported by This is Money, banks are becoming more strict when it comes to refunding money lost to fraudsters. It varies on a bank by bank and case by case basis. ,If they found a customer to be negligent, which could include using a public wi fi spot to bank online, the chances are it will have grounds to not compensate. ,Illustrating how many are willing to blindly connect, 2,000 did so. ,The firm says it would have been able to see identities of 63.5 per cent of them if it tried. ,It is relatively easy for hackers to set up these official looking hotspots to steal data. ,If device users don't need to enter a password, it's easier for anyone to view information sent and received by devices that connect up this means cyber criminals can set up a 'honeytrap' to harvest information. ,Last year, 594million people around the world were believed to be victims of cyber crime, according to Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report. ,It says that 'free public wi fi is a hacker's playground for stealing personal information.' ,HOW TO STAY SAFE USING FREE WI FI When preparing for holiday, or using public wi fi here in the UK, people should take some simple steps to protect themselves according to AVG: ,Be careful to connect to the correct network, if the hotel of coffee shop has public wi fi make sure you are connecting to the right network rather than one that just looks free check with staff. ,Secure your mobile devices and laptops with strong passwords and if you have not already set up anti theft software on your smartphone, then download it and register. ,Ensure your online accounts for example banks aren't using the same e mail and password combination that you use on social media. If so, change them and where possible, use two step authentication. ,If you are going to use public wi fi, consider installing a personal Virtual Private Network product on the devices that you are going to connect to it. A VPN encrypts the connection in case any snoopers are watching the data being transmitted on a public network so they won't be able to see what you are doing. Tools to snoop on wi fi are readily available and easy to use making this a real threat. ,When purchasing online always make sure you're using a secure payment method at the checkout. This will ensure that the information being sent in the transaction is encrypted and can't be intercepted. You can confirm that an online store's checkout is encrypted by making sure there is a little lock icon visible in the address bar, followed by 'https' and not 'http'. ,Watch out for phishing e mails. These often look legitimate and from businesses you would normally use it could be a bank, online store or government agency. When on holiday you might get e mails from organisations that you don't normally deal with. The fake e mail might provide plausible reasons for you to click a link to visit a website and update your details. Don't reply to the e mail or click any links, instead go directly to the organisation's website in your browser and log in into your account to verify everything is in order. Also, remember to avoid opening any file attachments from unsolicited or unknown senders. If you do, you could be at risk of accidentally installing malware or trojans. ,Most watched Money videos How to get out of your credit card debt Big Money Questions: What is a stock and what is a share Investing Show: Are stockmarkets too expensive Jaguar Land Rover teases the opening of its classic car tour New McLaren Applied Technologies road car simulator The new Nissan Qashqai will be in the showrooms from next month Successful female landlords talk about challenges they face Rolls Royce showcases its bespoke capabilities in stylish car Jaguar Land Rover introduces Andy Wallace as it new test driver Footage showing the amazing evolution of the Porsche 911 Carrera Corbyn confirms Diane Abbott is back as Shadow Home Secretary Check out this high speed LEGO Porsche 911 crash ,MIDAS BREXIT UPDATE: Trio of tips rocket since Brexit. Mike Ashley's 15M bar bill: He says deal talk was just. TONY HETHERINGTON: Mystery of joint annuity and a. Rail fares set to soar as inflation gathers pace. Britain faces 3 years of recession if we leave the EU. Open all hours: Tesco and Sainsbury's go shopping for. Funeral plans sector must be controlled says JEFF. The telly is sorted. let the games begin which. Government tax breaks clampdown on entrepreneurs will. Hipster cola firm that uses 100 year old recipe hopes for. Chipping in: From banks to utility providers, firms are. Petrol prices tank to record lows and are expectedto. Michelin starred chef Phil Howard tells how he makes. Brexit fallout is damaging business triggered bybusiness. Restaurant entrepreneur and founder of Planet Hollywood. Want to be like Audrey Hepburn Free your inner film star. Promising food start ups battle it out in Virgin. I'm thrilled says celebrity Jeweller Theo Fennell as he. MOST READ MONEY PreviousDo you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook TimelineWhy Real Reform Is Now Impossible ,It difficult for well meaning pundits to abandon the fantasy that meaningful reform is possible. Indeed, a critical function of the punditry and corporate media is to foster the fantasy that the status quo could be reformed if only we all got together and blah blah blah. ,As I explain in my new book Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform, real structural reform would trigger the collapse of the status quo. As a reminder, the status quo benefits the few at the expense of the many. But there another dynamic that makes reform impossible. I prepared a chart to explain this dynamic: ,Central banks have transformed the market in stocks, bonds, commodities and risk into the signaling mechanism that tells us all is well. Even though the real world finances of the bottom 95% continue deteriorating, a rising stock market and suppressed measures of risk signal that the economy is doing well. If you not doing well, it your personal problem; the status quo is fine and needs only minor tweaks. ,Elevating the market into the oracle of economic health creates a systemic risk: If the market tanks, the status quo is called into question. People start asking, is it truly a wonderful arrangement that benefits us all, or is it really just a skimming machine that funnels money and wealth from the many into the voracious maws of the few Central banks thwart this existential danger to the status quo by rescuing the market every time it approaches the market clearing event level. see chart In a market clearing event, risky loans and bets are liquidated, credit dries up, risk soars and the price of assets falls to levels that once again make fundamental sense. ,Market clearing events are a necessary part of a healthy credit and asset allocation system. If the market is never allowed to clear away the dead wood of mal investments, high leverage, nose bleed valuations, bad bets and risky loans that should never have been issued, all this dead wood eventually chokes off healthy expansion. The problem for central banks is a market clearing event pushes markets to levels that call the entire travesty of a mockery of a sham status quo into question. That is too dangerous to risk, so central banks quickly defend the fantasy that markets only drift higher, stopping any market clearing event in its tracks. ,This leaves the economy increasingly vulnerable to the financial equivalent of an uncontrollable forest fire that burns away all the collected dead wood that has been protected by the central banks. At some difficult to predict point, a random financial flame ignites the accumulated dead wood and the markets are torched in a conflagration so intense not even massive central bank intervention can extinguish the flames. ,Structural reform is only possible when markets and sentiment crash far below the market clearing event level. Meaningful reform only becomes politically, economically and socially possible when the status quo has failed so obviously and so painfully that even its most entrenched defenders concedes that the choice has boiled down to either full blown revolution or meaningful reforms that limit the power of the few at the top of the wealth/power pyramid. ,The pyramid by the number of people in each wealth bracket: ,But the process of real reform is quickly hijacked by vested interests once the markets recover back to the market clearing event level. Once the crisis has passed, the well oiled machine of lobbying, grift, graft and campaign contributions kicks into gear and waters down or co opts the reforms into PR facades designed to fool the masses into believing the reforms will work as advertised for example, all the passed in the aftermath of the 2009 meltdown: thousands of obfuscating pages of Obamacare, bank regulations etc. ,The only time meaningful reform is possible is in a crisis that reveals the true nature of the status quo, and central banks will create as many trillions of dollars, yen, yuan, euros etc. as are needed to erase that moment of clarity and truth. ,The endless bleating of well paid pundits in the corporate media about is just more circus designed to distract us from the much colder truth: the status quo is beyond reform. The choice is either collapse or well, collapse: letting the status quo strip mine the bottom 95% will eventually lead to collapse and so will structural reforms that deprive the few of their power to create near infinite sums of money and credit for their cronies. Negroponte Overnight Tiny Desk Jam: Sister Sparrow the Dirty Birds Walker angry about money spent challenging Voter ID, will punish us by opposing cash for information campaign on the new Law. Anti Muslim Extremist to Be Keynote Speaker at Central New York Police Expo Libertarian Party: Executive Committee Meeting 4/27/16 on Ohio Ballot Access Anti Muslim to Be Keynote Speaker at Central New York Police ExpoWhy Real Sex in Real Movies Never Quite Works ,Contact Us,The new, semi gritty indie About Cherry is all about a semi reluctant slide into the porn industry, and it's also the first mainstream feature co written by a busy porn actress, Lorelei Lee, otherwise famous for double penetrations and clothespin bondage. This shouldn't strike us very strange. Beyond that, everyone has heard that you should write what you know. Beyond that, though, the question remains: Why would anyone want to make a film about porn, anyway Doesn't porn do that already ,Just because porn's Internet ubiquity has pushed it closer to the public mainstream than ever in the history of humanity doesn't mean it's so fascinating that we need to know more than porn itself tells us. Or provides for us, to be concise. But the relationship between the two schools of expression, between the Hollywood you'd bring to the prom and the other Hollywood, has always been fraught, like the one between sisters when one's Ann Romney and the other is, oh, Lorelei Lee. The plain old "normal" film business, here and elsewhere, has traditionally shunned hardcore porn both as a subject and a methodology, and for good reason by definition does not play well with others. For the most part, the bio neuronal function it serves actively excludes and/or obliterates the other reasons we might watch movies. Porn is a walled ghetto built by our dicks and pussies, and you don't drive through unless you're looking for one thing and one thing alone. ,Of course, "straight" filmmakers have dared to go there, to use the extremity of hardcore media for their own purposes. It's usually folly, explicit sex being something like Kryptonite to movie narratives sudden introduction of real sex and sometimes even just sexually charged nudity will immediately distract us from the movie it's in. Susan Sarandon once said it's difficult not to be upstaged by your own tits, and she would know. The key to art, as Nagisa Oshima knew when he forged ahead with In the Realm of the Senses 1976, is to make the fucking as grim and unpleasurable as possible. In 1981, porn magnate Anthony Spinelli though his porn drama Nothing to Hide had enough story and character to be regarded as a suitably "mainstream" release, with the cum shots edited out; Siskel and Ebert torched it on PBS, and that was that. The late '90s saw a French run on insertions, from Bruno Dumont's first films to Leos Carax's Pola X 1999 muskily confronted us with the merging genitalia of Guillaume Depardieu and Yekaterina Golubeva Catherine Breillat's Romance 1999, which revealed porn god Rocco Siffredi as being preternaturally capable of handling relaxed dialogue while stroking himself to erection. Still, sex that's not meant to be arousing is always boring, because we are not having it. Rape Me Baise Moi 2000, co directed, co written, and starring working porn actresses, used a Thelma Louise template wherein the motivating rape trauma wasn't backstory but all in your grill, while Michael Winterbottom's dull 9 Songs 2004 demonstrated the dangers of thinking that authentic sex, just because you think it's generally awesome, can sustain a feature length screenplay. ,We're not yet ready to nonchalantly incorporate full on sex into our workaday movies, but that day might be coming. How could you stop it For now, movies like About Cherry course, Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights 1997 is the tiny subgenre's Oliver Twist the adult film industry as a business and a lifestyle. Otherwise, it's a rare movie that doesn't merely use the porn industry for a joke and leaves it at that. Which might be the smartest avenue. The Showtime TV movie Rated X 2000, about the infamous Mitchell brothers' descent into ruin and murder, was frank about things, but even About Cherry, exuding a saucy optimism and self interestedly painting the industry polite and professional on the ground, is aware of the ambivalences. Even here, it's clear we're talking about modern media's ghost subculture, a far from healthy ecosystem of no impulse control meta children, old fashioned exploitation scum, sublimated predators, and young dim bulb beauties of both sexes for whom nothing is not for sale. ,But look at some porn problem is right there, in the rented mansion living rooms, the cyborgian implants, the industrial repetition, the intensifying emphasis on spit ready humiliation, the lack of real humor or sympathy or motive. Any viewer's thoughts not focused on arousal instantly detour toward the uneasy weirdness of the film/video's production piece of porn has the drama and ethical dilemmas of its own making built right in. Who are these people, anyway There's little mystery as to why the adult industry is still fringe a gigantic id driven daydream built upon a single, embarrassing, and usually private physical function. Once that's satisfied, there's not only no there there, but also there's an anti there, a vacuum of purpose. Any effort to make it look like a savvy and cozy career choice strains against the reality of the glance of frustrated boredom that appears at least once in every adult film. That's the real drama. You can always see the trail of ruinous decisions, the shadow of old rationalizations, and time passing badly. That is, at least when you're not getting off.Why Republic Of Doyle should visit the West Coast ,This was originally posted on June 17, 2010 one of our first posts!. With Season 2 of Republic of Doyle, we thought we take another look at the topic. ,As I write this I have a dirty little secret to reveal: I not in Corner Brook. ,No, I am in Halifax, and according to the lovely lad I staying with Dave Connors standup gentleman I in town the same time as Ellen Page and Rutger Hauer. Of course we all know Ellen, a Haligonian, from such quirky and lovable films such as Juno and Hard Candy, and Rutger Hauer hails from a lengthy Hollywood background that includes the villain in Blade Runner up to a crazy cannibalistic priest in Sin City. Charming fellow. ,They shooting Hobo With A Shotgun. ,shooting what You ask. At least I assume you did, because it threw me for a loop when I heard it. They currently in the process of filming a movie titled With A Shotgun which is a feature based off a preview shot in Halifax for a contest surrounding the Quentin Tarantino/ Robert Rodriguez mashup Grindhouse pictures. The idea of Grindhouse was to have two overthetop movies made like old low budget horrors that would double feature at your local rundown movie theatre or at an outdoor screen. In between these double features were previews for other low budget horrors that would double feature at your local rundown movie theatre or at an outdoor screen. ,The fake previews that squeezed in between the mashup of Planet Terror and Death Proof were directed by friends of Tarantino and Robrod, as well as the two themselves Robrod Machete getting a feature release later this year. They also had a contest for aspiring film makers to produce their own fake previews, the winners would be featured. Non Oui Oui. ,Why such a venture hasn happened yet is beyond me. Don we have Pepsi Studios set up to host such a set building venture Well yes. But last I heard all the equipment was and sent to St John shortly after they finished filming Life With Derek. I hope it doing well there. ,Now conveniently enough, the pepsi center studio happens to be right across the street from a fine arts school with programs in acting and stagecraft for theatre, as well as visual arts that depending on program offerings and visiting teacher ability sometimes dabbles in the different visual medias. So you think that all that considered, a program might come to SWGC Apparently not instead there a great program at the CNA campus in Stephenville. ,Don get me wrong, please. Nothing at all against CNA or Stephenville, and their program is producing some fine work, but why ,Whatever, not important. Nobody left destitute as a result of any of these decisions. We still have a healthy bid for filming things here on the east coast, exemplified by Outlander coming here a few years ago employing extras and a couple crew members, rowers as well. ,Employing, you say Yes, employing. There ARE plenty of jobs involved with the production of a film or tv show that employ laborers from various trade fields. If I can make a point, we got a lot of such wonderful professionals on the west coast who I sure would love to ply their trade on some kind of production if it came. We got plenty of actors and enthusiasts here who would love to get involved if a producer wanted to email me I could give him a lengthy list with contact information and why they be great. We got accommodations up the yinyang for people, and we a damn friendly bunch. So why doesn something big come to this end and make something, eh Give me a good argument, please. I love to hear why. This end of the island is primed and waiting for something to come to town that showcases it natural beauty along with the talents of locals. We got some of the most beautiful sights on the island within anywhere from 5min 45min, tops 1.5hr drive away from us. ,Lets get something started! Please ,Efforts are under way, I know, by a certain few individuals. I hoping to get involved with them soon Your support when the time comes would of course be greatly appreciated, but one thing I realized is that the whole might be made a lot easier if a certain recently produced and showcased CBC television show were to pack up a small crew and take the hour long flight into Deer Lake, as well as the .5 hr drive turn your cameras on along the way by might see a moose and come to Corner Brook. ,That show is good. It got respect across the island, it done wonders for the economy in St John as well as caught the attention of a nation because of it broadcast berth. ,So this is my polite request to Republic Of Doyle: Come on over, eh You help us and I can guarantee we will help you. We got the means, the talent, and earnest want to help, and we show you a damn good time in the after hours. May we treat you to Broadway ,And come on You went to St Pierre. Right ,I first wrote this for The Cornerbooker summer 2010 , and there are a few details to update. The season 2 premiere a few weeks ago had over a million viewers tune in, and even more went online the next day to watch the episode after the fact. Allan Hawco starting to rise in notoriety as well having recently sat down with George Stroumboulopoulos, PLUS earlier this fall it had a respectable number of Gemini nods. People are watching as they well should be, it is some great TV, and money going into the show as a result of all these factors I just mentioned. So why not come visitWhy Republicans might let their health care bill fail ,CNN President Donald Trump top campaign promise of repealing Obamacare remains unfinished as he heads into Washington sweltering summer months. ,With the Republican Party most pressing undertaking stuck in limbo, GOP senators and aides are beginning to wonder about one undesirable outcome: that the Senate takes a vote on a health care bill in the coming weeks knowing full well it could fail. ,Republicans are attempting to use the so called budget reconciliation process, which would allow them to avoid a Democratic filibuster. With only 52 Republicans in the Senate, however, there is no room for error as leaders struggle with the daunting task of finding consensus between their caucus moderate and conservative flanks on such a deeply divisive issue. ,Last week, it became clear that GOP leaders were seriously considering several moderate concessions on their health care bill, including keeping some of the Obamacare taxes and not allowing states to repeal what is known as community rating a key protection for people with pre existing conditions. ,The negotiations are hardly over, but the information that has trickled out from lawmakers have conservatives on and off Capitol Hill on edge and watching Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for clues. ,Bill text could go to the Congressional Budget Office early this week as well for its analysis. ,"It might be that McConnell knows he can get to 50 so he going as far left as possible to give moderates cover when they do vote for this bill," one conservative Senate aide said. ,So why vote on a bill that may not pass ,The issue could jeopardize other top ticket items on the GOP agenda, Utah former Republican Gov. Mike Leavitt told CNN. ,Trump has pressed Republicans in Congress to move ahead with other priorities, including tax reform and infrastructure. ,"There some skepticism as to whether they can get health care done. And they don want to waste the rest of the legislative year," said Leavitt, who served as Health and Human Services secretary under President George W. Bush. ,"There has to be a moment when you say, got to do something and this is the moment. . Either put up or stop," he added. ,Appealing to moderates ,If Senate Republicans bring up a bill designed to appease the more moderate members in its ranks, that strategy would mark a sharp departure from the path that House Republicans chose to take last month. ,As it struggled to get the votes needed for passage, House leaders made significant concessions to win over some of the conference most conservative lawmakers. ,One provision gave states the choice of opting out of the requirement that insurance companies cover so called 10 "essential health benefits," as is currently mandated under Obamacare. Another last minute add allowed insurers to charge people with pre existing conditions more if they let their coverage lapse. ,But in the Senate, GOP leaders appear more willing to craft a bill that soothes their more moderate colleagues at least for now. ,One of the key departures Senate leaders are eyeing is giving federal money to Medicaid expansion states for longer. Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, has proposed a seven year "glide path" that would more gradually phase out the federal match funds. ,Another option on the table would make the tax credits offered to help people buy insurance more generous for lower income Americans. Those tax credits already attracted the ire of some Senate Republicans, who dismissed them as little more than "Obamacare lite. ,There has been some concern fake fbi id fake id charge iowa drake fake love id

id online maker While conservatives may not be pleased with the changes on the table ,Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota said last week that it is important for the Senate to try to pass a bill in the next few weeks I still think in the end there is a huge reason why we have to get to 50 on this," said Thune, the third ranking GOP leader in the Senate. "Obviously, we going to have a vote on this one way or the other. But if we don pass something and we go into you know, it on us to try to get this fixed. ,Featured Slideshows None Ralph Freso/Getty Images ,Extreme heat breaks records in Southwest US A heat wave is bringing extreme heat across the the Southwest United States. Phoenix, On one street ,All this would have felt more fitting in the Soviet years. Each time Soviet athletes held up a gold medal newark fake id how easy worst fake id names fake university id cards uk best way to make a fake id

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